Forward by Ted_Subby:  The following was sent to me by a BDSM consensual slave who I met through FetLife.  We have only corresponded by e-mail and have never met otherwise.  Her life 24/7 slavery appears to me, as a submissive, exciting and yet scary at the same time.  This was presented to me as the true story of her life.  It is not exciting or titillating, it is quite disturbing and fascinating at the same time.  There is very little BDSM in it until the end as much of this is non-consensual and not safe or particularly sane.  Also, whether or not you choose to believe any of this is up to you.  I have my reservations but I think I believe all of it, as difficult as some of it is to believe.  I have not modified a single letter or punctuation except that I have modified her name and also added paragraph separators (pressing enter when paragraphs would run on) for ease of reading.  If you have any comments please feel free to e-mail me at  To re-iterate and clarify, this is not a fictional story and I did not write it.





I was born on the 4th April 1973, in Ireland my mother had been sent there by her middle class catholic parents when she got pregnant at a young age to a local boy and they could not bear the shame, my mother was only a girl herself at 17 years old, the place we called home was one of a number of homes/laundries run by the catholic church  for what they called fallen woman,  it’s funny that there was never any of the same for boys although there were what they called catholic boarding school who I understand were just as bad


A film was made years ago called the Magdalene sisters about the homes and the scandal they caused, I spent the first few years there with my mother before she was forced to marry a farmer who had lost his wife to cancer leaving him with 2 boys to bring up they were a few years older than me and he was a lot older than my mother , I remember at first I was happy there but know my mother was not  the farmer was drinking a lot and it was not the first time I had heard my mother cry or carry bruises  the next morning. Plus the boys Thomas and Donald were growing and starting to get out of hand, being drunk a lot of the time the farmer did not seem to care and just said they are just energetic


After we had been there for about 3 years my mother took ill and was taken into hospital she died of kidney failure I was still only about 8 or 9 years old myself. Dates and time did not have much meaning in those days  and it was not until many years later I found out what date and where my mother was buried, I brought the plot and had a head stone put up, any way as far as I know my mother’s father and sister came to the funeral , being so young I never through to ask why I was there or why I could not go with them, but I ended up back at the home, because the farmer never adopted me and I was still under age,  a few months later I was told I would be going back to the farm as the farmer had agreed to become my guardian


this went completely over my head I was just glad to be going back to the farm not thinking about what would or could happen to me, I spent the next couple of years on the farm mostly doing all the hard work  I also learnt how to do housework in a fashion  I would not say the boys were lazy or drunks but it did not take much for them to get me to do things like feed the animals clean the place out  jobs they should have been doing the farmer(his name was  john Patrick o-Brian) but I never called him that always the farmer was still drinking heavy and not doing much of anything, it was about this time the boys started to take notice of me as a female a few words here and there a quick peek when I was in bath a touch here and there


I told the farmer he said don’t worry they are just  funning and growing up no harm done  little did I know my life was about to take a turn for the worse by now I was about 11or 12 years old and was taking a bath one night when the boys came into the bath room there was never any lock on anything, they had as usually been drinking they started to put their hands on my breasts and put hands between my legs laughing and making jokes like she’s just ripe for it. Crying I told them to leave me alone otherwise id tell their day they said and what do you think that drunken bastard will do given the chance he’ll pop you cherry for you why do you think he brought you back here and any way you open your mouth we will tell the priest you are lying.


I knew it was only a matter of time before they would carry out their threats so the next Sunday during confession I told the priest what had happened, and he pulled the farmer up after mass he said it did not happen and I was making it up for attention, I was given a lecture about heaven and hell and I should be grateful a good catholic family were willing to give me a home , after we got back to the farm the farmer gave the two brats a belting and told them they were fools he told me to stop being a pest and the boys were only funning  things did change for a few week but they were soon Back to the same tricks only worse, one day while in the fields I watch as Jody our male horse covered Judy the mare the boys saw me watching and said if I did not give them both a wank they would tell I was messing about with the horses, I told them to get knotted they told their dad who then had a go at me saying he was going to see the priest and get me taken away as I was leading his boys astray


this scared the daylight out of me  so I told the brats I would do as they wanted just this once what a fool I was talk about jumping from the frying pan to the fire, wanking lead to sucking, then finger fucking  right on to virginal and anal use.  About this time the farmer took ill and died of liver infection  I was about 16years old again I was taken back to the home although it was a different one this time and I was employed (not paid) in washing and ironing a local hospital laundry’s I was there a few months until I was told I would be going back to the farm I begged them not to send me back but could not say why I knew I would never be believed by anyone


the local priest told me I was being ungrateful and would go to hell I told him I was already there and he was part of it I got a beating with the cane by the nuns , it seemed Thomas was now 18 and could become my legal guardian, I can only say the next couple of years were some of the worse times of my life I was abused regularly by both in all ways they stopped going to church so I could not see the or talk to anyone.  I was tied up and abused made to swallow their cum  I also did all the housework cooking cleaning and help around the farm  If I had to be left on my own I had a chain padlocked on my ankle and  locked in the barn


I fell asleep once and woke up with one of the farm dogs licking my legs  that was when I discovered I had started my periods although I did not know at the time what it was the two brats told me I was now ready for breeding and they were going to breed me with the dogs so they could sell the pups   the two male dogs followed me around like two love sick puppies so at that time I believed them , every time I started a period,  the brats made a few comment like it’s now time to give me to the dogs  and  get pregnant by having sex with them  I tried to run away twice but did not get far, then one day john who was a regular visitor to the farm during the summer turned up while I was tied up in the barn


I told him what was going on and ask him to help me run away he said he was going to London in a few days he would take me with him if I became his girlfriend I think I was about 17 then he was at least 30 years old he was what people in Ireland called a land tramp going from place to place a few days work here and there then moving on  I was not too sure what a girlfriend was my education and schooling was next to nothing, but I said ok, he said he would arrange it in a few days sure enough a few days later he said be ready about 10pm tonight I’m leaving this afternoon and  the two of them are going to the pub as there was a darts match on, so as usually I was tied and left in the barn and john came and got me


we walked all night and most of the next day  we slept in a shed then walked all the next day I had to give john a blow job on the way as he said that’s what girlfriends did  I not sure how long it took but we got a ferry and ended up in London about 10 days later in  a one bedroom basement flat, that stank of staleness and damp, it did not take me long to realise I was not much better off  tom was selling me to friends for blowjobs and sex when I said no I was beaten up and had black eyes  I was taken to Holland one weekend where I was given drugs in drinks and I woke up one morning aching like hell and with pain between my legs only to find out I had a steel ring there I had been pierced only the job was botched and I got an infection and had to go to hospital where I was told my clit had been damaged the ring was removed and I stayed in hospital for 4 days given pills before being  discharge john was waiting for me as I left the ward full of apologies’ and saying it would not happen again it is very easy to say I should have told him to get lost and got on with my life but truth be told I was  very much hooked on drugs and he was very much in control so I went back with him it did not take long for me life to take another backward step. .


It was just after my 18th birthday as far as I can remember. When not for the first time I awoke from a drug/drink stupor to find myself tied to the bed  and a big black dog licking me between my legs which were pulled over my head and tied down  I struggled and screamed only to discover that john was  so drugged and drunk the roof could have fallen on him and he would not have know about it  a face appeared in front of me telling me to shut it  I continued to scream   when someone  put a lighted cigarette to my nipples again telling me to keep quite or next time it would be my pussy  crying and sniffling I stopped screaming  where as the dog was encouraged to continue  I was raped 3 times by two different dogs that night and god knows how many men I gave blowjobs to  it was only days later I found out john had planned it all charging each £10 for a dog show and blowjob, I was kept tied to the bed for two days with very little food or drink getting released just for the toilet and to prepare food for john and another man who I never did know to this day I of course never knew who owned the dogs   about the third day I knew I was in trouble when I was in pain having a pee and my urine was pink,  after going to the toilet that day  I told john I needed to see a doctor he said tomorrow as he was too busy then I offered to cook some food and was allowed in the kitchen my mind racing


I look into the living room to see john sitting down with his back to me head in his hands  picked up the rolling pin rushed out and smashed it across his head before running out the door,  I tried two local doctors but they would not see me without an appointment so decided to go to the hospital that had an emergency unit attached to it, not knowing  where there was one I spent  the  night in a park under the band stand I got arrested the next day for  stealing food from a shop the police doctor sent me to hospital for examination  after I told him what happened they found I had what they called a non human genital infection plus a human std in my mouth and throat  I was also told that john was in hospital with a cracked skull(not the same hospital I found out) I was also charge with grievous bodily harm  with intent to endanger .


 I was not allowed bail and after 6 days in hospital I was sent to a woman’s prison hospital to await trial I was there for about 5 month before my trail came up and to be honest I was happy it was hard coming off the drugs and drinking and I had a few bad days


But by the trial I was cleaned up and given a dress and coat john had all his friends write statements to say I agreed to what happened to get money for my drug habit and he found himself a good solicitor   I don’t think they believed him entirely as I only got two years in jail I was told normally for GBH with intend you got 8/10 years my life was about to take another turn. the jail I was sent to was in Scotland and had a nasty reputation I was only there for 48 hours working in the kitchen when I was attacked and forced to give two female  inmates tongue jobs while a homemade  wooden dildo was used on my pussy and I was advised to keep my mouth shut or else I was young and fresh meat


two days later the same thing happened again only this time the dildo was rammed up my anal and I was damaged and bleeding  and I ended up in the sick bay, that was where I met a female who was to change my life forever , one of the helpers was a tall very muscular female who obviously knew how to look after herself she told me it would happen again until I choose who I wanted to belong to  I ask her what she meant she told me  two gang leaders where fighting over me both wanting me for their bitch  she explained what a bitch was  and I asked her if I should report what had happened she said you’re in here they already know but will not do anything unless you open your mouth and then I would really be in trouble  she said there is a way out I said how she said be my bitch my last one left last month   I am not in the gangs and they will not piss with me  plus you would be my bitch not anyone  else’s


I asked her what I would have to do she said keep the cell clean sloop out make the beds  and keep me happy sexually I said I’d never been with a woman before she said you’ll soon learn  I was not even in the same wing as her but when I left the sick bay I was in her cell along with two others and my bit and things were already there I think my education started there  it was not long before I was on my knees my face pushed right into her thighs tongue inside her or on my back as she pushed a wooden strap-on into my pussy or rear, over the next few months I did upset her and for punishment she gave me to her two cell mates  rose and Blondie


I never did find out her true name  Beverly   or Mistress Beverly as I had to call her was serving 3 years for stabbing a man who was ill treating his kids  rose and Blondie were doing 4  years each after being caught smuggling drugs. I will not say it was the happiest time of my life but close to it I was drug free safe warm somewhere to sleep fed etc I did get black looks and a few comments every now and them from others but I soon found out Ms Beverly was not someone you messed with either in jail or outside I also found out she owned a couple of shops selling adult toys and clothes and had contracts both in England Holland and Germany.  She was also a lesbian and chose her friends very carefully.


My life continued along for over 14 months before I was told I was being considered for parole this was 7 month before the end of my sentence  Mistress had just finished using my rear and I was still on my knees when she said have you thought about what you’re going to do when you get out. I said no  I know I must have family somewhere around I might try and find them she said  wake up if they had wanted to know you they would have let you know by now  they abandoned your mother before she had you they are not going to let you into their lives now. I going to be looking for a new slave when I get out I am giving you first refusal  do you fancy the role,


I had never heard the term like that before so said what’s a slave do then she said  pretty much what you’re doing now only there will be much more you will look after my  house model some of my clothes  I will have complete control over your life you will be mine to mould and do as I wish in return I will look after you set up a small trust fund   that I might or might not put into each month  I will have your nipples and clit pierced Properly this time  you will be punished for transgressions to my rules  the only choice you will have is to walk out on me but if you do you will never get back  think about it let me know in a day or so  I know she was due for parole about 3 month after me I said where will I stay until you come out she said let me worry about that  I told her yes 16 hours later.


On the day I was paroled I walked out the gate to find a car with two females waiting one asked you Gail I said yes, I was slapped around the face YES MISTRESS I was told   rubbing my face but with murder in my eyes I mumbled yes Mistress, get in I was told we arrived in London about 6 hours later I was taken to a house taken down to the basement told to strip and shower, 

A new chapter in my life was about to start,



Part two

After I had showered I was told to stand still hands on my head while I was inspected I was prodded and poked  words like a bit on heavy side,  that will have to go, came across  at one time both females were behind me so I turned around  but was told who told you to move,  right come with us I was told I was taken up and into a kitchen,  the table was laid for two  there was also a small table on the side with no cloth or anything else on it  you have your meal on that  after you have finished serving us and cleaned up starting from tomorrow you will be doing all the cooking cleaning and other household duties if you don’t know how to do something ask  doing or failure to do something with get you punished we have  about 10 weeks to turn you into something resembling a slave .


For tonight there is some chicken and salad in the fridge get something to eat? Then we will show you where you will sleep. 40 mins later I was taken back to the basement  where I was shown a small room I had not seen before it had a bed in with a small table with an alarm clock on it a lamp and a chest of drawers,   right get yourself to bed set the alarm for 7am when you get up shower then clean the bathroom make your bed   call us both at 8am with tea, I said yes Mistress what clothes am I to put on  I was told when you need to wear any you will be given some, and with that I was left alone. I sat on the bed and wondered what I had let myself in for but at the same time my mind said at least you have somewhere to sleep you’re going to get fed  your safe, its more than I had before I went to jail.


The alarm woke me at 7am and as told I showered then looked and found cleaning materials and a bucket and I washed down the tiles and cleaned the bathroom made my bed then sat until time to call the Mistresses. I waited in the kitchen until they came down and I was  shown around the house before being told to do breakfast  after I had cleaned up I was allowed to eat my own,  it was about 10 am when I was told to go to the basement where I found a long table set up in the middle of the floor I was told to lay down face up my wrist were tied down and my legs lifted over my shoulders and tied to my wrists I was then shaved of all my body hair  apart from my head and was told I would in future be checked weekly and shaved as required,


I was then asked loads of questions about my life it was noted I had a scar between my legs and was asked how it got there I told them about the piercing and infection I had got,  one of then used her finger to open me wide then started to rub and play with my clit, after about 5 mins not getting a response she said you have lost some nerves there I told her the doctor also told me that as well  she said can you orgasm with clit play I said yes but it takes some time she said does your Mistress know that I said yes I told her, and was told she’s going to have some fun with you


I was untied and given a top and slacks and my own shoes get them on I said what about panties and bra you don’t need them. Dressed I was taken in the car to soho  down some steps and into a shop  inside a girl was standing  naked up  top  and she was having her nipples pierced  by a female  she said to my  guardians’ ( I never did find out their names) this Bev’s new one then they said yes  by the time I came out about 2hrs later I had stainless steel rings in my nipples and clit (hood) and apart from a little bit of discomfort and their weight I never had any trouble with them, during the next few weeks I was taught what my life would be like  yes I was punished a few time the cane crop whip but never to excess and blood was never drawn


I never know how hard housework could be when done properly  I was taught basic cooking I was told I would be sent to a cooking school to learn how to do bread pastries cakes etc. I was taught how to lay a table how to serve meals and wine  I was taught how I was to stand when Mistress (Beverly) was in the room  my piercings were starting to heal up  and were not sore any more,  every now and then I had to service  the two females  and a strap-on was used on my pussy and rear  but always with lube  and once or twice I had an orgasm,


one day I was told to go to the basement   where ropes and cord were used to stretch my arms above my head a n anal plug was inserted and a dildo pushed into my pussy  a belt was put around my middle and strips of cord used between my legs to keep the plug and dildo in me   a leather full face/head hood was used so I could not see  something was put around my neck  and I was left alone for what seemed like hours before I heard footsteps  coming down the stairs , they stopped in front of me and I started to feels finger touching and pulling my nipple rings  finger went between my legs  pushing on the plug and dildo before  whatever was around my neck was taken off and the face mask hood was taken off and I look into the eyes of my new Mistress , she said hello slave are you ready to start your life with me


I said yes Mistress  she untied me  and said come on I started to undo the strips between my legs she said leave them and I followed her up stairs to the lounge where she found not only my two guardians but a few other friends waiting for her  I spent the rest of the day serving drinks and snacks  my slavery started the next day with Mistress Beverly, she was hard but fair expected and got perfection obedience in all things and it was not the first time I went to bed with a sore rear and marked from the cane crop or whip and I soon learnt what was expected of me, true to her word I was sent back to school my reading and writing skills were not very good neither were my maths, so to night school I went I also went to cooking classes and was tested by Mistress  I was also when possible taken with Mistress to see clients and model clothes I remember one time I model a bra and panties set only the bra had the nipple holes cut out it was also fill of pins and two sizes too small for me the panties also had a cushion of pins going around and under the crotch


she also used to tie my wrists behind my back with ties at the elbows then lead me around by a dog lead attached to mostly my clit ring at private parties she used to keep my by her side like this unless I was required to serve then the lead was put through the nipple rings threaded through itself and clipped to clit  I was always naked whenever possible if I was sent out anywhere I was to undress as soon as I came in the door regardless if anyone else was in  Mistress did not have any vanilla friends  and most of her clients were in the lifestyle about  60% clients were male and 40% female  Mistress had a huge sexual appetite  and  most days was used in some way, in the five years I was with Mistress I was only lent  out a few times usually if or when I pissed her off  one of the men I was lent to was a painter and decorator who did some work in one of her shops he had the largest penis I have ever seen  more about him later I met her mother once and the first thing she said to me was are you her latest slave then, I felt it best to say yes Madam she said she will soon  whip you into shape ,


I was with Mistress Beverly for about 5 years when we both knew we had taken our relationship as far as it could go, although I was still her slave I had become a friend I knew what she wanted before she did and I was no longer a challenge to her, one night while I was on my knees she said I think it’s about time I got rid of you what do you think I said are you chucking me out then she said no I was thinking more like selling you. You must be worth something to someone I said you’ll be lucky nobody will want me I was by now about 25/26 years old she said as a matter of fact I have a buyer if you interested amazed I said who she said Tom that painter I gave you to last year his slave is leaving him going back to Canada I said the one with the huge penis yes I was a bit pissed that I had been discussed in this way but at the same time was curious about it,


Mistress said he’s offered me £500 to take you off my hands plus he promises to continue your trust fund,( Mistress put me on her company books and got me a national insurance number  I was not paid but she put a small amount into a trust fund she had set up for me it cannot be touched until I reach 60 years of age should I not reach 60 it goes to a kids charity) any way to cut a long story short  four weeks later I had a new Master, and I had to start all over again learning apart for once or twice I had never had sex with a man for over 7 years  as I said Master Toms cock was over or about 29cm or 11.5 inches and contrary to what I had heard it could get rock hard  but over time the most I ever got down my throat was 8 inches as much as he tried to get more  in my pussy was about 9 inches and rear was about the same  like Mistress he was firm but fair was not a fussy eater or dresses mostly casual  he took a few idea from Mistress  in keeping me naked and introduced me to 3 little bells he clipped to my nipples and clit so every time I moved they rang, after a while he started to take me on jobs at first just helping to clean the brushes paste and cut paper in the end  he taught me to burn paint off ( a lot of paint in them days had lead in it so you had to be carful plus some walls were full of asbestos) again you had to be careful ofcouse


I would never be as good as Master Tom but in four years I was pretty good  and then my world fell apart when master had been complaining of pains for a while before we went and saw his doctor He had cancer of the liver,  I will not and could not go into all the detail but although I was not a nurse and never will be I along with a few friends plus Mistress Beverly we looked after him until he died 7 month later, all sorts of so called relations came out the woodwork most I had never seen or heard of and they took over and had him cremated although I know that was not what he wanted  I had to move out his house and I went to live with Mistress and her new slave until something could be sorted out, it was a month later I got a letter from a solicitor asking me to make an appointment  Mistress came with me it seems Master had left a will and had left 30% of all saleable  property including his house to me  20% of the fund was to go into the trust fund the rest was to get me started in a new life,  his family said they would contest the will  ( they lost

) it seemed a new chapter was about to start in my life.




Part 3,

Mistress helped me find a small one bedroom flat, and furniture for it, I also found a job with a small decorating firm, (it think this was the first time I had ever earn any money) and for a while I was happy, but having my own money and making my own decisions soon started to tell, I acquired the wrong kind of friends most of the friends I had before I rarely saw they moved in a life I was no longer a part of I started drinking too much I lost my job due to bad timekeeping and bad work, this lead to more drinking and then on to drugs, I cannot even remember how many times I woke up in a man’s bed  and had no idea who he was or how I met him,


Mistress took me in hand  and after getting me cleaned up got me a job with an escort agency  it was while I was with this agency I met a man who kept asking for me,  and I got quite friendly with him to the extend I told him about my life  he told me I could make a lot more money if I wanted to by joining a club he was a member of, it seemed the club was a private sex club it was built into the basement of a large holiday hotel, and the girls only came recomembered   by a member,( I am forbidden by my Owners to say where the club was ) all I can say is in this country oil was the main revenue  the club should not have been there and the main clients should not have been members  or visiting it and money was no object  I spoke to Mistress Beverly about this and she told me to go for it as it would keep me out of trouble and off the drink and drugs,(little did I know ) anyway I said ok


a couple of weeks later after having blood tests  at a clinic  I was on a private jet flying off to a new life,

When we arrived at the hotel the car I was in had blacked out windows I could see out no one could see in, the car went down a ramp and I was taken with my friend into the door  I arrived in what I can only describe as like a hotel reception  of the 4* kind.  My friend signed a book and we sat down and waited, about 15 mins later a female came to fetch me. My friend was not allowed to come along. I was taken to an office given coffee   another female came in and introduced herself as the senior house mother, she ask me what I had been told about where I was and if I had come of my own accord she told me until I signed a contract I was able to leave any time I liked I then had to sign a couple of forms to the effect I was there voluntary  and I knew  why I was there, I was then told the rules of the club (and given a copy ) she said the club was a private club that provided sexual entertainment to its members


I would work 5 days a week  and could  volunteer for a sixth day after 6 month service,   each day would be  between 12 and 15 hours depending on how busy the club was and demand, while in service I would be blindfolded ,( i was told this was to protect the identity of the members and also myself)  I would be either a mouth slave(this was the first time she had said the word slave to me ) or a rear slave or a pussy slave  what this meant was that whatever slave you were only that part of you could be used that shift after 6 months  you were given a red status meaning you were available for a one to one night with a member at no time could any member punish you  or harm you .


there were a lot more rules there were also girls there who were for hire for SM parties,    all food and board were provided I would also get $500 each week plus $200 for each time I was used that was a lot of money  you got more the longer you were there also each contract was for 2years, if you decided to leave before your contract was up you lost all the money as it was banked for you until then  I was given a credit card to use for every days things but could only use it in the hotel shops up stairs, whatever I spent would be taken from the money banked for me,  in all I think the interview lasted  about 5 hours before I was asked to sign  the contract I thought I knew all there was to know about the sex slave business but I was not even in the running compared to that place


I was then taken  to where I was to live  I had a very small  room with ensuite bathroom  I was shown  the dinning room where i was to eat there was also a lounge with books tv music I could use,   while I was sorting out my clothes a middle age woman came in said she was my maid/house mother,  and would look after me she like most of the staff were Chinese ,  I was not required to work the first night so I took the time to meet some of the other girls there were Russian, Danish  American Japanese and Polish girls  they all made me ashamed to say they could all mostly speak English   and like me were there solely for the money,  and the main complaint was the lack of things to do when not working as we were not allowed out side on our own, we had use of the hotel gym swimming pool beauty parlour we were not allowed to form friendships with the hotel guests or staff


It was at midday the next day I reported for my first day s work. Another of the house mothers ( there were about 20 of them) told me  I was mouth slave, I was lead to a room it had a wash basin table and towels it had a small round blue carpet with the rest of the floor wood   on the table there was a large box of condoms the mother told me to undress  and put on the pr of leather panties she then buckled the belt on and put a padlock on so they could not be taken off  my wrists were tied behind my back and a blindfold but on. All around me I could hear voices giggles and the clinking of glasses I found out after the rooms 12 of them were arranged around a circular lounge and bar for members when a room or slave was being used a red light was on green if free there was also a sign stating what each room girl was.


I was then sat down on the chair and left on my own  it was about 20 mins before I heard someone open my door,  and I heard someone start to remove their clothes ,   I was then pulled up off the chair and told to kneel  it was at this time I remembered what the house mother had told me  and I said please wash Sir  it was then I started to learn exactly what I had let myself in for,  my face was slapped and I was told to shut up and remember who i was  he then pushed his cock into my mouth held my hair and pulled me onto him  he was not very large but quite thick (the other girls told me you always remember your first one and any big ones) he continued to use my mouth  letting go of my hair he took hold of my nipple rings and used them to pull me into his mouth  he came very quickly  pulling out to shoot over my breasts, before I heard the tap turn on and he had a pee in the sink dressed and left, the house mother came in cleaned my breasts gave me a mouth wash to rinse my mouth  then sat me on the chair to await my next customer.,


in all that first time I was used 13 times  cock of different sizes  some required licking other sucking  about 6 came while fully in my mouth and I had no choice but to swallow 2 used condoms  to be honest I felt degraded and lousy at the end of it and was happy when I finished and joined a few of the girls in the lounge for drinks  little did I know there was worst to come in the following  months



Part 4.


The next night I was a Pussy slave   and I was used about 15 times one of the girls told me it was because I was new and they all wanted to try me but I found out for myself between 10 and 15 times was normal more if it was a holiday   I also found out that night although I was supposed to be a pussy slave there was nothing to stop anyone using my rear although I had a hood face mask on to stop anyone using my mouth my rear was used twice that night, after I ask one of the girls why they don’t just let them decide how they wanted to use us she said it had something to do with their religion and  different  tribes, some considered the female rear to be the entrance to the devil or some such thing, but that did not stop others as the next night I was a rear slave and its funny that no one tried to use my pussy that night, I was beginning to learn also  that some would not use a condom some washed themselves before and after  some used lube other did not and although quite happy to have sex and use us we were considered of low class.


I had been there about a month when I was getting friendly with some of the other girls and a drinking party started every night when we were finished there was also drugs although I am not sure who got them or where they came from but they were not free and everything was brought with the card ,  we were only allowed up stairs to the shops at certain times  and on your day off you could join others and be escorted into the town  but for 4 hours only, and your head had to be covered, I soon realised although I had been a slave and in the lifestyle for about 1o years    I was still a novice ,


I also started to  accepted invitations to private parties outside the club we were picked up and driven to wherever the party was and driven back after   and it soon became very clear that the men  who paid to use us in the club also did not like us mixing with locals  the Chinese housemothers all stayed together everyone in their own little group  new girls came and other left after their time was up one girl I met it was her 4th contract  she said she was saving all her money to buy a boat so she could sail around the world. My life continued in this vain for about 9 months  I became a very heavy drinker and was using drugs a lot, but funny I was never a smoker,


I started to work on my days off just for the money as we got a statement of our accounts every month and although I was earning the money I was also spending too much,  it was about this time  the senior house mother asked me if I wanted to go to a private party   on my next day off the fee was very high and I said yes I had already learnt you did not ask for names  I was told I would be picked up and taken and returned I did not really think much about it as it had happened before what I had not though out was none of the others had mentioned it   usually there were 4/5 girls each time I was about to make the biggest mistake of my life .


I was picked up about 6pm the car was not a limousine as is normal but a 4X4 with blacked out windows and I was blindfolded as soon as we left the club it took about an hour to arrive where ever it was  so I know it was not in the local city/town  the blindfold was not removed until I was in the house it was large with an outside pool (not uncommon here) a female took charge of me and said  I was to stay in the house and not go outside at all,  I also noticed there were no other women there and when I ask her about this was told don’t worry  they will be here their car has broken down and a replacement has been sent, I should have got out of there as fast as  I could , I know I only had a couple of glasses  of wine  but I was soon feeling ill  and must have fainted  because I came around  I was again blindfolded and tied to what seemed like a table


I was also naked  hands were all over my body finger pushing and poking everywhere   people were talking but I could not understand a word what was being said. I struggled and screamed  but was told by the same female voice to stop it or I will be whipped ,  I do not remember how many times I was raped that night in all ways, what I do remember was the next bit  I am not sure if I fainted again but I became aware that something was licking my pussy  and I screamed and struggled as I know it was not human  someone used a cane across my breasts  a few times and the female said you were warned , I struggled to stop crying as the licking again continued,


I was untied from the table and retied down  in a different position  my legs were lifted  over my head and  a cane was used on my rear  the licking continued for a while until before I knew it what I now knew to be a dog was trying to impale me  it was not having any luck as I was clenching my muscles to stop it . I was hit again by the cane and  someone used lube on my pussy and rear  this enabled the dog to fully impale me


I remember thinking why me this the second time this has happened to me(what is it about men females and dogs)  as the person holding my legs above my head tried to put his penis in my mouth   the dog was pounding away at me  and I soon felt its hot cum flood me  to cheers and claps from all around me ,with photo flashes going off  I was untied and retied on my back and the female told me you lick dog cock you  suck cock you bite your loose teeth and get whipped


I was then made to suck the dog  until it came  in my mouth and I was sick all over the place  someone gave me an injection and I was out  I came to tied to the table again I was groggy and unable to focus properly I could hear talking and the clinking of glasses, I do not know how long I was left like that but I must have either fainted or gone out again because the next thing I knew  another dog was thrusting into my rear  after a while it was stopped and made to go into my pussy where  it again thrust into me before it suddenly stopped inside me and I started to feel its penis swell  it continued to grow as I screamed the female told me to shut up  the dog stayed coupled to me for about 10 minutes before I felt it start to cum and its knot started to go down, again photos were taken . And I was left along again after that I was forced to give a number of blow jobs at one stage one of the dogs started to lick my pussy but it was taken away. Again I was given an injection and the next thing I knew I awake in a hospital


The hospital was for foreign persons with no locals there, I was told I had been found in the street half naked and drugged, the following day the senior house mother came to see me, she told me not to say anything and I would be well rewarded I ask her if she know what was going to happen and she said no there was supposed to be 6 girls at the party but someone cancelled at the last minute. To be honest I did not believe her but could not prove it I had a visit from someone from the local embassy asking questions but when told   I was a regular user of drugs, so we’re not really interested in finding who had done it,


I got an apology not signed by anyone saying how very sorry something like this had happened to a visitor to their country and hopped it would not stop me visiting again, so at first I assumed I was going to be sent home or deported but after a week in hospital I discovered my bills had been paid, I was discharged  and found the house mother waiting for me at the entrance to the ward to take me back to the club, where I was given a few days rest before going back to work, it was also about this time I came to realise just what I had gotten myself into  these people were very dangerous and would do anything to protect themselves  and I reasoned the reason we were always blindfolded was to stop us identifying  anyone


I also found some of the girls  stopped  talking and drinking with me  it seemed that money could and did buy you anything you wanted   it was only about 5 years later I discovered that my lifestyle  had  rendered me unable to have  children ( not that I wanted any at the time or since)  it was about 6/7 months later  I was  being used in the rear and the man said to me I understand  your not happy in your work  I was blindfolded and gagged (the gag was something that could happen if the client requested it) I mumbled something  while dribbling like who are you  but he  just continued enjoying himself  before leaving he said we will talk again,


over the next few months  I was used often by this man who told me he was  English and had a female partner who was lesbian they were in business together, and were relocating to the uk in a few months, where they proposed to find a slave willing to give them total power exchange and life control to them . and live  as far as possible as a owned slave  it took a few more months before I was told that the next time I was visited they required an answer, it was not hard for me to say yes, and a month later I signed a paper given them control of my finances  and a week later I was on a plane to the uk with some money and instructions on where to go ,I arrived at my new Owners home two days later where I met my Mistress for the first time, the first few months were spent in a cage while I was weaned off drugs and drink not easy or a pretty sight as I found out later when I watched some of the video they took.


It took very little time to work out the agreement between us basically  they took complete control of me and my life  they would not tolerate drugs I was never to drink again no toilet games or animals  I was to do as I was told instantly at all times  there were penalties  for all 3 of us should we wish to end the agreement  it was about 4 months before I was one day taken to basement told to strip naked and kneel  I was far from being fit and well at the time I was given a piece of paper to read out that said  I Gail Johnson  accept the rules discussed and agree to become the slave of the persons known as Master Norman and Mistress Georgina (NG1) I accept I have one month’s grace before the rules of punishment will apply I also agree to any piercings or brandings they wish to give me as well as being trained as a pony at a later date, I accept the agreement is for ten tears, so started my life of slavery again,


I will not say it has been easy either for my Owners or myself, and at times have tried their patience to the limits, but in all things they have been Constant the rules made 8 years ago still stand today as well as the punishments I have never taken or used drugs again or ever had a drink any prescription drugs given to me by a doctor  are given to me by my Owners (if they are home) each year at new years day the agreement is reviewed and updated and changed as required  although it was agreed they could brand me if required they have not done so  it was removed last year


Also due to the down turn of the building industry here in the uk my owners have struggled to get work contracts in the uk but have been able to get work in Germany and Holland, they have not been able to take me with them so the agreement was changed to state they can loan me out to a Master or Mistress  know to both them and myself it was for this reason I was loaned to a Master in Scotland for about 5 months last year and to a Mistress for 2 months, there is also the possibility I will be loaned out later this year  for  2 months, as yet persons unknown to me ,


I make no excuses for my life as my owners have told me I was given many chances to change and a lot of things happened to me due to my own stupidity  and I have to live with them. If I have just one regret it’s the nerve loss in my clitoris, my Owners use this against me at times , I am forbidden to play with myself or give myself an orgasm unless ordered to this means they can take me to the basement and use me without me orgasming

Which leaves me wound up, wet and frustrated  

As always the spelling and grammar mistakes are all mine