Sep 6, 2013 – Techniques

My Princess and I have stumbled upon a couple of interesting techniques.

From time to time my Princess and I take a stroll around the neighborhood at night.  As soon as we get home she lies back on the bed while I remove her tennis shoes and socks, and press my cool face against her very warm bare feet to cool them off.  I can’t help but add a whole lot of kisses and licks.

Her feet would still be warm so about a month ago I decided to lick up and down each sole and then blow on it, and I was rewarded with a nice sigh of contentment from her and a comment about how much she enjoys that coolness.  So now that is part of the service I provide as her foot slave, licking her feet and giving her feet a “blow job”.  Woohoo!

A few nights ago my Princess tied my hands together and had me lie face down on the edge of the bed so that she could use a belt on me.  Damn that hurts.  Maybe I should start wearing some sort of clothing around the house.  I don’t know why it seems so surprising to me how much it hurts each time she whips me with the belt.  And I don’t get the whole building-up-until-eventually-groaning-in-a-bit-of-pain thing, I’m already usually past groaning after just a blow or two.

Anywho, a few nights ago I guess I was squirming away too much for her liking so she held and pushed my head into the bed with her left hand as she used the belt on me but this time she stopped that and climbed on top of me.  That’s a bit risky, like riding a bunking bronco, because I can’t stay sill (or silent) during a whipping or pretty much any other type of pain, and I pretty much always kick my feet up and down.  She straddled my lower thighs and then resumed whacking my back with the belt.

At first I was concerned that my lower legs might thrash upwards with my heels hitting her but it’s usually my entire leg which moves up and down in reaction to pain and I don’t really bend my knees too much, so there was no real danger.  She was not sitting full on my thighs so my legs did bounce around and that led to a curious reaction for her.

How should I put it.  She told me that feeling my legs moving underneath her with each blow was an interesting feeling for her, and at one point she whacked me a bunch of times very rapid paced eliciting a whole lot of my yelling and thrashing of my legs.  Ok I’ll say it, she said that it was starting to get her off.  (Sorry Princess, if that’s TMI let me know!)  My Princess has told me that she does not have a sexual reaction to torturing me (although my reactions to it have an effect), and I believe that I have stated in this blog and on FetLife that I do not have a strong sexual reaction to torture (I do at first but that usually reduces as the pain hits me).  Ok, it’s tough to type and blush at the same time, so I’m going to change the subject.

Unfortunately, the Baltimore Ravens football team lost last night.  That’s not as far off topic as it would seem.  For last year’s Super Bowl my Baltimore subby friend pedicure_steve and I made a bet on the Super Bowl with the loser having to suffer a mild FetLife-public humiliation.  My San Francisco 49ers lost the Super Bowl to Baltimore, which meant that I lost the bet, so this season I am hoping for revenge but to get that revenge both San Francisco and Baltimore will need to win enough games to make it back to the Super Bowl so I am going to be rooting for both teams.

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