May 13, 2013 – Computer games and the sounds of a beating

The first half of this is not much about BDSM.

Yesterday I was hoping for a relaxing Sunday playing computer games.  But my Princess had other ideas.  She prohibited me from accessing my PC and instead made me sit on the couch and watch her play my computer games for much of the day.  It’s the truth.  She’s so mean!

Obviously, I’m misleading as usual.  When I’m complaining that’s when you know things are going well.

My Princess enjoys playing the better computer games after I finish them, as I watch her play and try to help when she wants advice.  Now that she has finished the 2-part Batman Arkham series (the games with tons of references to torture) she has moved on to the recent Tomb Raider game.  She usually plays for an hour or so at a time but playing as Lara Croft my Princess seems to be very much into this game, even more so than as Catwoman in the Batman games, because we played for a total of I think 4-5 hours in 2 sessions yesterday.  I like that a lot because it’s something we both enjoy together.

I know that Lara Croft has a stereotype of being eye candy for guys, but at least in the most recent Tomb Raider game her physical image is “classier,” and as a computer game character she is quite strong and kick-ass.  She is put into very difficult survival situations and finds creative ways to overcome them, with plenty of variety of gameplay, unlike the game Bioshock Infinite which I mentioned in this blog a few weeks ago.  In Tomb Raider there are areas of exploration, third-person shooting combat (at times about as much shooting as a Call of Duty game … “please take cover Princess!”), large-scale environment puzzles, fast action movie-type sequences in which you must press particular keys when prompted, very nice outdoor environments, RPG-type statistics (going up levels and choosing perks), humorous and dramatic conversations, and treasure finding.  Years ago the computer game industry shied away from having multiple play styles within a game because many people were set in their ways and not flexible in what they enjoyed, but nowadays variety like this is often a big selling point.

For example, I watched my Princess figure out a difficult environment puzzle (one which required me to cheat when I played the game a couple of months ago by looking up the solution on the internet) and she took a deep breath of satisfaction, but immediately the game put Lara into a fast and loud action sequence falling and trying to hold on for survival, only to end up in a shooting combat with a bunch of bad guys.  My Princess had to pause the game and take a bit of a break after that.  Many computer games nowadays are sometimes like amusement park rides except interactive and lasting dozens of hours, and that’s true for many different types of action-oriented games.

The Tomb Raider game actually had some mainstream controversy before it was released several months ago due to an in-game scene showing a threatened sexual assault on Lara.  At one point in a game’s cut scene Lara is backed up against a wall and a guy holding a gun caresses her shoulder, with an implication that he will be sexually assaulting her soon.  If the player presses the correct key when prompted, then Lara kicks the guy where it counts and fights and eventually is forced to kill the guy in order to survive.  This implication of sexual assault apparently offended some people but it turns out that once the game was released we all see that if the player does not press the correct key when prompted, the guy does not sexually assault her at all, he violently kills her.  Apparently, this was okay to critics.  Regardless, my Princess received good satisfaction from giving the guy what he deserved.  She only wishes that she had Catwoman’s whip to take care of him.

Speaking of which (you know that I can’t pass up a chance to talk about BDSM when someone mentions whip!), my Princess has been commenting lately that she thinks she does not hit me hard enough which is why my body shows no marks lasting more than maybe 15 minutes.  She saw a picture of a sub guy on FetLife who is not a masochist and does not enjoy pain but suffers for his female Owner, and he had marks all up and down his bare back and on his behind.  Ouch that must’ve hurt like hell.  I claim that my body, as happens with some people, just doesn’t mark much at all and my yelling in agony is not because I’m a wimp.  Well, okay I am a wimp but it hurts!

Speaking of which, I listened to a very enjoyable “Men Submit” podcast at  I do not listen to this podcast regularly, and they mentioned that the episode before the most recent one was about housekeeping – wow sign me up to listen to that!  Not!  No offense meant, of course, to those who enjoy housekeeping or listening to a show about housekeeping in a D/s dynamic, to each their own.

In this episode, though, they discussed the details of giving and receiving a spanking including safety, implements, psychology, etc.  The last 15 minutes of the over hour-long episode was the Domme giving her sub husband a sound spanking with various implements.  I am not much at all for watching F/m porn and this didn’t even have any video.  But it wasn’t porn at all, it was actually very informative in my view, portraying the dynamics and details of an actual spanking.  My Princess and I do not go to any BDSM events and we have no real idea how others play, which is fine because there is no right way to play of course, but it was interesting nonetheless to learn about how these two podcast hosts play.

The sub guy explained that due to technical issues the microphone made his voice sound particularly wimpy as he yelled in pain.  Those darn technical issues lol.  He explained that he, like some sub/masochist guys, does not enjoy the pain itself.  For some guys each blow is pleasure but for the sub guy host and also for myself, we don’t enjoy the pain, we enjoy the psychology and emotions caused by the pain, and in our case we both use the word humiliation to describe our emotions of being tortured by our dominant sadist.  The sub guy host sounded exactly like I would sound (except that he has an Australian accent) if I were describing the feelings, including the comments about being wimpy and being embarrassed or humiliated about the amount of yelling and begging from the pain.  He lived up to his word as during the clearly painful beating he yelled “Owww!!!” and begged plenty.  He also couldn’t help but curse on some of the louder blows.  I pretty much never curse … except when I’m being tortured by my Princess in which case sometimes I’m surprised at the words which come out of my mouth.  Early on my Princess used to gasp in surprise at my language.  And I never beg or yell! … okay that’s an outright lie to the nth degree.

And the sub guy host’s dominant wife laughed a whole lot, especially when her suffering sub was yelling and begging.  Her reactions were very close to my Princess’ reactions.  Hahaha it’s so funny to see a poor suffering slave-boy suffer hahaha, that’s my own take on the laughter.  That is mean!  My Princess was listening to the beating portion of the podcast with me and she even laughed a few times while I was cringing and feeling sympathy for the poor suffering victim.  What’s so funny? a poor guy is being tortured!!

During the beating the hosts reminded us of ourselves, so if you want to hear what my Princess and I sound like when she beats me check out the last 15 minutes of that podcast.  As always, I need to be honest, though, the sub guy on the podcast didn’t whimper and I pretty much always whimper immediately before a beating and in between blows.  It hurts!!!

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  1. It is so good feeling to play computer games on Sunday. I read your full article.and You enjoyed with your princess.These are so memorable monuments.thanks for sharing such wonderful article with us.

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