Jan 31, 2013 — Super Bowl humiliation bet, and punishment

Another sub guy and I have made a bet on the upcoming Super Bowl this weekend.  pedicuresub from FetLife does a great job giving free pedicures to ladies in the Baltimore area (pictures from some of the pedicures he gives are on his FetLife profile https://fetlife.com/users/106214) and in his hasty foolishness has bet that my San Francisco 49ers will bow to his Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl.  It’s football so anything can happen but this will be a whipping and humiliation in favor of the 49ers so the risk level for me is low.

Here is a thread where I describe the bet and my Princess has a few interest things to say:  https://fetlife.com/users/1261175/posts/1384115.

Here is the bet:

When my San Francisco 49ers win he will need to paint his toenails scarlet (or red) and gold and take a somewhat close-up picture of his feet including all of his toes with a sign “Lost a Super Bowl bet to ted_subby.”  That will be his profile picture for one week after which it will just be one of his pictures.

On the almost astronomically improbable chance that his Baltimore Ravens win then I would wear a pair of my dominant wife Princess’ purple panties to work for one week (5 business days since sometimes I take a day off work) with the Ravens winning score written clearly on my left butt cheek and the 49ers losing score written clearly on my right butt cheek.  My Princess would then take a picture of my butt showing both cheeks with the writing and showing the purple panties.  I would post that with my other pictures and I would caption it “Lost a Super Bowl bet to pedicuresub.”

So to avoid inflicting a picture of my behind to the world, let’s all root for the 49ers and check out pedicuresub’s painted toenails!  And to my foot fetish friends, you’re welcome in advance lol.

On a separate topic, I have written many times that my Princess and I do not have a punishment dynamic.  I’m beginning to think that’s in the past tense.

Most every morning in which I go to work, my Princess tells me “Go make me money!” in a FinDom Princess sort of tone of voice, it’s funny.  A few mornings ago she said that and also reminded me of my morning task of turning on the stove to boil water for her coffee and adding a spoonful of coffee to one of her cups.  I got out of bed and went into the kitchen, and then veered towards the bathroom.  As I was shaving, my Princess burst open the bathroom door and my heart fell to the floor.  How on earth could I forget to start the stove for her coffee?  I started to run past her to the kitchen but she said that she had already started the water.

She and I basically never get angry, and the rare times we do it isn’t anger at each other.  We really don’t even get frustrated at each other, though it’s not never.  I’ll go farther to say that if one of us does something the other isn’t crazy about, we rarely even give it a second thought because we love each other so much that we don’t sweat the small stuff.  If it isn’t small then we talk about it calmly with no negative feelings associated.  This isn’t how marriage is supposed to be — according to all of my pre-marriage years of hearing men and women complain about their spouses — but really it is how my Princess and I need it to be because we hate drama or even negative feelings.  We are extremely compatible.

The reason I bring that up here is that my Princess was not angry or frustrated, but I could immediately see something in her, a quality I couldn’t quite identify.  It had some disappointment but something else, too.  A bit later, as I left for work she made a comment about my being a bad slave, and I don’t remember if she said it or if I just read between the lines that there would be a reckoning at some point for my transgression.

When I got home from work in the late afternoon my Princess had an even more pronounced whatever-that-was look on her face and I knew it’d be an interesting afternoon.  She told me to strip and get on my belly to kiss her feet, something which is basically a nice ritual for us most days, and then she picked up my belt.

The belt hurts and if you have read my blog before you probably know that I do not like pain.  I love pain she inflicts but I don’t like it.  I go into that earlier this month with the paradox.  Anyway, I was excited about the whipping as I always am and after just a few blows she had me turn over on my back.  She started whipping my groin, something she rarely does.  She had a different sort of sadistic smile on her face, seeing that I was suffering and trying to cover myself, and she told me to lock my fingers behind my head.  She looked very satisfied that I was suffering, not the usual enjoyment at my suffering, more like a satisfaction of justice.  I couldn’t take much of that and rolled around until she stopped whipping me, after probably 45 seconds.  I was lucky that she didn’t restrain me.

So that was my funishment.  Or so I thought.  It was play and we don’t have a punishment dynamic.  Or so I thought.  When I stood up she told me that for the rest of the evening I was not allowed on FetLife and not allowed to access any BDSM on the internet whatsoever including my nrjb2 account, this blog, posts from my friends I’ve met on FetLife, nothing.

At that moment I identified what I had seen in her earlier.  Determination.  She was going to discipline me, and she went through with it.

I am not sure if she was surprised by my reaction but I took the punishment without whining even one bit.  I think I even avoided having any nanosecond of negative facial reaction.  I wanted to be a good boy for my Princess and take my punishment, giving a clear message that I 100% respect her authority because I do.

It felt like I was in prison of sorts.  I was being treated like a punished little boy, controlled, and I had no recourse.  I browsed a few sports sites or whatever but I did not disobey.

I believe that my Princess felt particularly empowered by doing this because she was very demanding for most of the night.  There was a quality in her of something, I’m not sure if I could describe it except to say a quality of dominance.  She always knows that I will obey but that night she seemed to flaunt it and enjoy it even more than usual.  I felt more like a slave that night than most any other night, not because of the punishment (which didn’t have that much effect considering how much I was attending to her whims) but because of my Princess’ attitude and enjoyment of her dominance.

In other words, it was a wonderful night.

The next morning I ridiculously transgressed again.  I forgot to make the bed as I got up.  My Princess added more time to my BDSM internet denial punishment.  And that late afternoon I transgressed again, forgetting to let her smell me right after my shower and lotion, so she banned me again from accessing my BDSM information for an additional 2 hours that night.

I’m going to cut myself some slack (i.e. not beat myself up) that I am new to this, especially new to the level of dominance in which transgressions are punished.

I thanked my Princess a few times for guiding me to be the slave she wants me to be, and I hope to improve over time.

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