Nov 10, 2012 — Washing the kitchen floor

Yes, doesn’t that title get you all hot and bothered?  I mean, everyone is turned on by that, right?

Never having done that in my life, my dominant wife-Princess told me that after I started the laundry and finished vacuuming the kitchen and her bathroom, I needed to put on my French maid outfit and I would be getting on my hands and knees with a washcloth to wash every square of the kitchen floor.

I know I know, you are thinking like I thought, what on earth??!!!!  She couldn’t be serious, I mean hands and knees?!!

Where is my agent?!  What about the union representative?!!!

My Princess patiently showed me how to do it, so that I would make sure to rub each square carefully, and she even prepared a folded up towel for me to kneel on so I wouldn’t hurt my knees.

This old 49 year old body got down on the floor, yes I know you feel bad for me but what can I do?  I am a slave so I even had to do this.  I washed each square while on my hands and knees, getting up after every few squares to rinse and wring the washcloth.

Ok, I think y’all know I’m joking about my tone of writing.  I had never done this in my life but when Princess says jump I jump with a smile on my face and all of the complaining above is only for fun.  I’m sure that she was worried that this would make me grumpy or something so I repeatedly thanked her for letting me serve her and I meant every word.

And by joking around I mean no disrespect to anyone who does this sort of thing for a living or just as part of standard chores, or sissy maids who enjoy these sorts of activities.  It’s silly to make a big deal out of it, I am just making fun of my own naivete in this post.

It wasn’t so bad.  Yes it was difficult just crawling around and standing up a few dozen times, not to mention having to pay close attention to what I was doing, but my body could handle it.

I had an interesting thought process during it (well, interesting to me I mean).  As a slave I do not have (or want) a choice on what slave work I do.  However, every second there are choices related to how well I want to do the work.  That’s true for most every chore, right?  I mean, I could spend a half hour just making the bed if I wanted to get absolutely everything perfect about it.  I could have spent 5 hours washing the kitchen floor.  But of course extremes are not helpful to anyone (or not usually) so as a slave I choose how good of a job to do.  I always want to do at least what my Princess would want me to do but sometimes I do not fully live up to that.

In any case, I asked myself during the process how well I wanted to wash the kitchen floor.  As a non-consensual slave (that’s my fantasy, not reality, so it’s sort of a role-play I have in my mind sometimes) I would want to do as little as possible a) to save myself trouble and b) so my Princess would not want me to do this again.  Do a poor job and “they” don’t want you to do it again.  But there is another non-consensual factor, c) if I am caught in any way slacking off or missing a spot I’d get punished bigtime.  None of this has anything to do with the price of tea in China but it was a bit of a game I played in my head.  We do not even have a punishment dynamic so thoughts of that are purely role-play.

In reality, though, did I just want to do a minimal job?  I mean, this is my first time and if I miss some spots it’s not the end of the world and I could get back to playing computer games (or start, really, it’s been a busy day!).  But then a new thought occurred to me, if I did a poor job or even if I grunted and groaned (as is my usual wont when doing physical chores) then my Princess might take some pity on me and not have me do this again.

So I did the best job I reasonably could, though not taking more than an hour.

What?  I want to do that again?  I’m not a sissy maid.  Actually, I really enjoy seeing accounts from sissy maids because they just seem so happy doing their Mistress’ bidding in their cute French maid outfits and feather dusters.  However, that’s not me.  Or is it?  After all, I did a good job today and was very pleased when I received a couple of “good boy!” comments from my Princess.

I like to think of myself as no archetype sub such as sissy maid, but a combination of many.  Whenever I see a mindset or activity within BDSM it draws me to it.  Hmmm, I was going to say like a moth to a flame but that would mean I would burn.  So I will just say that I am emotionally drawn to most everything BDSM I see.  That is why my motto is “Whatever my Princess wants,” because I don’t have specific subby needs.  For clarification, I do have a lot of subby needs but they aren’t specific to one or a few archetypes or activities.

What about my Princess’ needs and desires?  I spend a whole lot of time referring to my own needs and desires but that’s very sub-centric when in reality my Princess’ needs and desires are just as if not more important than my own.  I tend to refer to my Princess’ feelings obliquely because it is not fair or my place to say how she feels and I don’t feel very comfortable representing anyone else’s views.

If I say that she very much enjoys what we do then that could seem like I’m delusional.  I certainly hope that I am not delusional and when I see the look on her face as, for example, just now as I was typing this she clapped her hands from the other room so I ran and she told me to fetch her blanket as she was lying on the couch, I just loved the look on her face as I put the blanket over her.  I sincerely thanked her for letting me serve her and she thanked me.  I do not have any reason to believe that I am delusional in thinking that she very much enjoys having me as a slave, and I have no reason to disbelieve her when she tells me that.

That is what makes me enjoy washing the kitchen floors.  Thank you Princess for letting me serve you.

Late afternoon addendum:  a nice afternoon capped off by “Sissy Love”!

3 thoughts on “Nov 10, 2012 — Washing the kitchen floor

  1. Very interesting account of washing the floor since I do all the cleaning around here. I am not ordered to clean by Sir as that is outside our dynamic. But I fight with that question of good enough also. Sometimes I pretend that Sir is looking over my shoulder and boy do I change my attitude! Its all in the mindset as I have said, lol. I just finished reading the Academy in the Marketplace series where there was an interesting account of cleaning with a toothbrush. Just imagine that!

  2. bonimiss, my Princess at first told me to get a toothbrush! But we both knew that she was just joking. I am not at all used to cleaning and I think my Princess is being purposefully and thankfully very patient with me. I am not one to do a half-hearted job on things but it is a learning process on details of accomplishing new tasks.

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