Sep 27, 2012 — Slave training and a Pro Domme

This blog post covers three topics.

The first topic I want to mention is that I have posted on my main site the beginning of the life story of female slave Selkie (or you may click on Selkie at the top of this blog page).  Yes I know, my male submission web site now has two articles about female slaves but Selkie’s story is so wonderful not only with the strong love she and her male Owner have, but also with the amazing way her Owner treats her. Omg, it’s fantastic!  And Selkie’s attitude displayed in her writings is great.  I believe that theirs could be a model for other Owner/property relationships, albeit a rather extreme one in terms of the amount of control or authority, even for BDSM.  Please take a look at her story.  It is a lot of fun to read.

The second topic is:  I have visions of a male slave standing on tiptoes with wrists shackled to the ceiling and ankles in a spreader bar.  His Mistress has been whipping him literally from just below his neck in every spot down to his ankles for over an hour, “striping” him.  I didn’t make up this image, it is in the book I just read “Owning and Training a Male Slave, A Guide For Dominant Women” by Ingrid Bellemare.  Well, okay I probably have made up this image in my head a dozen (or a hundred) times over the past dozens of years but it is also in the book.  Is it getting warm in here?

“Owning and Training a Male Slave” is a how-to for women who want a non-consensual male slave.  Yes, non-consensual, sort of.

It is a book for experienced dominant women and it is advised for men to never read this book (I glossed over that part).  The first few chapters deal with whether or not the woman actually wants what the book calls a real slave who does not have any choice but to obey, or just a play partner or make-believe (the book’s terms, not mine!).  Do you want to care about the well-being of your slave?  Then this book is not for you.  Do you want your slave to serve you to the upmost of his ability despite (or because of) his suffering?  Then we’re on the right track.

It is a somewhat short book (though maybe I am just comparing it to the very long book Sexual Power For Women which I commented about in a recent blog post) and I don’t want to spill all of its core techniques but basically it starts when a woman finds a submissive man.  The book does not advocate trying this out on a man who is not already submissive and by submissive the author means that he genuinely wants to please his Mistress, not only live out a fantasy of activities, and he is not a do me sub.  Middle-aged men are the target for these techniques.  Dominant women who have a submissive husband may also use these techniques but it is more difficult because the wife would need to unlearn all of the love-based practices and instead of thinking of him as a husband she must think of him as a slave.  If a man is not treated fully as a slave at all times, how can you expect him to obey you whenever you command?

Did I indicate non-consensual?  I will not detail the part of the book about how a consensual sub is turned into a non-consensual but I will say that it involves blackmail.  This is by far the dodgiest part of the book, especially for an existing marriage where love is involved, but let’s go with it because the rest of the book is hot.  The non-consensual part is very important because the point of this whole thing is that the slave is not meant to enjoy it and whenever finding something the slave enjoys the Mistress is supposed to avoid it completely.  If the slavery was fully consensual then he would surely leave the relationship.

So now that you have a non-consensual slave you may treat him as horribly as you want.  In fact, you must treat him horribly in specific ways outlined in the book or he will not understand his role and not provide complete slavery.  The poor slave will become confused unless you treat him as the non-consensual slave he is.  You must not be concerned whatsoever with limits although you must make sure not to damage your slave just as you would not damage any valuable property.  The idea is that the slave is taken way beyond what he would normally consent to but he has no choice and so he suffers for his Mistress.  Mistress Scarlet’s blog which I referenced in a recent blog post from a few weeks ago seems to fit this philosophy and she even seems to quote from this book.

In the book there are sections on strict chastity including a requirement for the slave to be pierced to provide full security to the chastity device (because his pleasure is completely and 100% irrelevant and should be denied), branding the slave (ouch!!!), methods and philosophies of punishment including some rather explicit and exciting details, and specific services you may have your slave perform such as frequent oral sex, massages, and foot worship.  Electro-torture is a good method to train obedience.

Here is something very well done about this book.  A Mistress might read about these techniques and think to herself how difficult life would be having to train and punish a slave.  My wife sometimes comments about how tough it would be to be a fulltime micromanaging owner.  But the author takes great care to convince the reader that while the initial training periods are a lot of work, it is well worth it because as long as training was severe and comprehensive enough (and she gives several specific examples), the slave does all of the work while the Mistress may sit back and enjoy.  And if punishment is required, the slave may be conditioned to set up his own punishment with minimal effort by the Mistress.  The author keeps stressing this point of minimal effort by the Mistress and I think she does a good job of it.  After all, what good is a slave if it means more work for the Mistress?  Obviously.  She gives specific examples of ways in which a slave should do tasks automatically.

She almost makes me want to be a dominant Mistress in her regime! lol

Also, since lifestyle dominant women are of course sadists in her view, there is a nice detailed chapter on torture, including the “striping” I mentioned earlier in this blog post with and also very detailed descriptions of predicament bondage which requires very minimal effort by the Mistress – just set it and, while reading or otherwise relaxing, watch the slave in slow building agony, what fun!  Torture is not a requirement because it is up to the Mistress what she wants, but without torture what is the point.  That last comment is my own point of view but I am not the intended target of the book.

Or am I?  Isn’t this just male fantasy material?  I don’t know.  Certainly yes to some degree and maybe I am just gullible but I believe the author is sincere in her quest for females to rule gullible submissive males in this extreme way.  She claims to have a group of over a dozen local female friends who live this lifestyle and to be in contact with many others throughout the world.  Maybe I believe it because I want to believe it.

So wait, Ted are you saying you want this lifestyle as a slave?  Ok Babwa Wawa, stop asking the tough questions!  It’s not actually tough, there is no way I could live like that.  4 hours of chores every day while Mistress is working, being in chains literally 24/7, crawling with nose brushing the ground all of the time, never receiving any pleasure of any kind, being forced to live as a footrest or other furniture when not being used, and being whipped everywhere for over an hour … well, okay that last one sounds great lol, and I like the chains, and of course I like the footrest part, and the non-consensual part, well maybe not that.  In my mind I could take all of that but not in my body.

Also, this would be a life without love, and the love of my wife is something I wouldn’t trade for anything (literally).  Even regardless of that, alas the lifestyle seems too extreme even for me.

Still, I admit that it did keep me awake last night lol.  What I most enjoyed about the book was the naked sadism of the author and the glee with which she writes about these awful/wonderful things.

The third topic is that a male friend I met on FetLife has sent me his writings from a few of his visits to a Pro Domme and I have posted these on my main web site.  It is my understanding that he had never experienced any BDSM before recently when he visited a Pro Domme.  I enjoy reading his rather detailed comments and emotional responses.  Also, for those of us who have never been to a Pro Domme, it is informative on what goes on there, or at least what went on in his sessions.

3 thoughts on “Sep 27, 2012 — Slave training and a Pro Domme

  1. Nice post Teddy about the Ingrid Bellemare book and your reactions and thoughts and excitement while reading it, parallel my own also…….was she and her lifestyle over there really real?….same question i had in my mind or was she just tickling male sub fantasies?…..guess we will never know for sure as she supposedly passed away a few years ago…..though there is some skepticism re her whole approach especially the blackmail angle which presumably exposes the exposing wife to the same bad publicity as she was using against her slave husband if married, so there seems to be some loose threads to her MO though agree it does contain quite a thoroughness of philosophy and technique for sure!….a British Domme opined via FL a while ago that in her pretty experienced view, Ingrid was made up by a sub gent over there who eventually tired of keeping up the whole ruse and finally laid her to rest….??…but a good read for sure:)

  2. The book is wonderful. Times have changed and threat of \”revealing photos\” would probably not hold a male slave. A Mistress, Lady or Domme must seek out a natural slave! They do exist! There are males who desire to serve and pleasure a Lady. I found my slave at a friend who had trained him. I discovered the subbie had never set ANY conditions to his training and subsequent servitude.
    The Dominatrix at a certain point told the trainee that he was surrendering all his rights and would become a slave in a non-consensual lifestyle! The slave agreed.
    The slave enjoys most of the lifestyle except heavy punishments. They are not meant to pleasure. After being loaned to a very Famous Dominatrix, for a period of time, the slave no longer used the prefix \”i\” or \”me\” but as slave or it.
    The slave is always naked in My service, whether I am alone or with adult friends. Training is easy if One finds the right subject.

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