May 24, 2012 — Nine days ended

Following up on my previous post about chastity without a device, the experience was not the same to me as with a device on.  I did not feel particularly different but once the 9 days ended I made up for lost time 3 times within the next 3 days.

Not much else to post here, though.  My work/career has been impinging on BDSM to some degree and it has even been difficult lately for me to even work on the next fictional story up until today.

I came up with an idea for a fictional story about a female-dominated society in which all males are slaves (not an original concept for a story, of course) but it was too impersonal of a story for me as I like to focus on individual feelings.  I then started writing a story about a female dominant who owns a whole bunch of male slaves and treats them horribly but again not personal enough from a sub’s point of view.

I have come up with what I think will be a good story, much more personal and fitting for what I usually focus on but going with a topic which has been in many of my fantasies but for some reason none of my stories as of yet:  blackmail.  Is it consensual if you do something “willingly” because you would rather avoid the consequences of disobedience?  Not really but I’m still going to label the story “reluctant” because my male protagonist can escape any time he wants (but he won’t want to).

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