Sep 6, 2012 — Sleeping on the floor

With my wife out of town (just a couple more days yay!! … I better clean the pizza off the ceiling! lol) I haven’t been able to blog about any experiences but I am remembering one which happened a couple of months ago and which I did not blog about.  In a way it was too painful at the time to blog about in detail.

A few months ago my wife read about and implemented a rule in which I have to beg on my knees every night to get in bed with her.  I figured it as play, I mean everyone loves to beg, right?  (lol no but I sure do)  She wouldn’t dream of having me sleep elsewhere because we love to cuddle and she feels secure next to me.  We had fun with the begging for a few weeks.

Then one night she said no and I would have to sleep on the floor.  I knew that she was playing mind games on me but regardless of that, I am an obedient slave so I went down to lie on a throw rug we have on the floor and grabbed my pillow and a blanket per her instructions.  We said goodnight and I lay there for a minute, waiting for her to tell me to get on the bed.

It wasn’t a game of chicken as if who would blink first.  I knew my place was not to beg any further and just to wait for her whim.

Another minute passed and I could hear the slight change in breathing indicating that she was asleep.  I remember thinking that she really did it and I’m either going to have to disobey her or else sleep on the floor.

I slept on the floor.

I seriously thought about disobeying as a sort of silent safe word (not to wake her up) because when I don’t get a decent night’s sleep grumpy doesn’t even begin to describe my next day.  Being 49 years old I really can’t sleep on the floor, it literally hurts after a while.

But I so much want her to exert sadistic power over me and I don’t want to hurt her confidence that I complied.  I won’t say that I slept on the floor because I just tossed and turned to try to minimize the pain in my hips (if I was on my side), my lower back (on my back), and a few other places.  6 hours.  6 long hours.

At 6:00am when she woke up she told me to get on the bed and it was the most luxurious feeling in the world.  I felt that I was in a million dollar resort and slept for a few hours.

I don’t know the effect of not sleeping much that night because as it turned out that late the next morning a toothache which had been building (due to a hairline fracture in the tooth) and which I had been wondering how to handle raged and I had one of my worst weekends ever, in pain from the toothache.  I had the tooth pulled on that Monday and then I was fine.  I think I blogged about having the tooth pulled because I tried to make it a BDSM experience but failed; although I made it through with only local anasthaesia which was an accomplishment for wimpy me.

Toothache aside, I have a great experience to remember and a story to tell of how I literally had to sleep on the floor.  Woe is me!  I even had a friend through FetLife tell me that she envied me lol.  And now when I beg my wife to get into bed my begging is real because I know that she has the authority to say no.

My wife has made me do some other things I truly didn’t want to do such as eat a Kleenex and take a very cold shower (I blogged about those) but I love the victimization I feel from those things so much (when it is all initiated from my wife) that I would go through even worse and enjoy it.