Feb 21, 2012 — Spanked for the first time

I received my first proper spanking tonight.  How on earth could I have gone my entire life without being spanked?  (he said with wonder at how he could have been missing something so wonderful)

I recently happened upon a domestic discipline web site [http://learningdd.blogspot.com/2011/05/punishment-5…] which really turned me on, with me as the submissive and my wife as the dominant.  I asked my wife to go through these procedures exactly and even bullet pointed them so she wouldn’t have to memorize them.  I never want to top from the bottom like this but this was a special request to duplicate what is on that web site.

My wife used a heavy wooden spoon and went to town, following the guidelines from that site.  I was surprised at how much it hurt after the blows had been raining down at 3/4 strength for a while, I don’t know why I get surprised at that (when feeling the crop or whip) but I guess it’s because it doesn’t hurt much at first.

She spanked a lot more than what was indicated because during breaks I commented when she asked me that it wasn’t feeling too bad once the blows were done (I didn’t want to continue to top from the bottom like this but she asked me and I really did want more, this was our first time with this and she wanted guidance).

Anyway, even after more whacks and even a few whacks from the crop the stinging seemed to go mostly away just a minute or two after it was all done.

But wait there’s more.  A few minutes later when I tried to sit down at my PC I could feel a deeper pain in my butt which it turns out is slightly bruised.  Even now hours later my butt is hurting somewhat.

It’s the gift which keeps on giving.  (update:  the bruises didn’t fully go away until 6 days later!)

In reading from that DD blog my wife had me purchase some capsaicin which she is going to apply to my butt some other night.  I imagine that I will be feeling the sting for a couple of hours from what I read on the site.  (update:  kind of disappointing the first time but maybe we’ll try again later)

I know that most of y’all are advanced in BDSM way beyond your first spanking and I don’t know why it took so long for me to experience this.  I guess I hadn’t asked because I didn’t think it would be much different from a whipping or cropping but it is different.

Thank you for reading.  Please feel free to comment or message me, I enjoy hearing from others!

Feb 11, 2012 — Caned for the first time

This morning my dominant wife walked into the room where I was viewing FetLife and told me to get dressed so we could take a walk.  We walked outside around the neighborhood for 45 minutes in the nice cool (not cold) weather we are having and when we returned she told me to strip and lie on the bed face down.  She went into the backyard to retrieve a bamboo stick which she uses for her plants.  Like all of my journal entries, this is a true story (unlike my fictional stories which are on the other portion of my web site).

My wife is new to BDSM so there was no concept of warm up (we hadn’t talked about caning before) and she just started whacking my bare butt hard with the stick.  The stick has some thickness so it probably doesn’t hurt as much as a real cane which if I understand correctly localizes the pain in a very small area but I had never felt a stick used on my butt before and it hurt a lot.  After I think 3 blows I was yelling in pain, which is more-or-less usual for me when getting cropped etc. (I’m a wimp when it comes to pain), and after another couple of blows I was yelling louder and begging for mercy.  I asked if my butt was red (one of my subspace manipulative ways of begging for mercy) and she said no, which surprised me, and negated my begging.  I turned my head to watch as she kept hitting me despite my thrashing and screaming into the pillow.  Finally she stopped.  It was probably only about 10 or 12 whacks and, just between you and me, I could have taken more but it hurt like heck.

When she was done she had me remove her shoes, smell her socked feet after our walk, and then cool her very warm bare soles on my cool face.  Then she had me get up and she saw the red stripes on my butt.  She asked me if that was okay (she was done dominating me for the moment) and I assured her yes that it was very good.

That’s what I call a good morning!

Feb 4, 2012 — I was a bad boy

I was a bad boy.

Not really, but sort of.

Tonight when my wife tied me spread eagled to the bed face up and applied the neon wand to me a whole bunch of times and whacked my thighs and chest a bunch of times with the crop I was rather loud.  Later in the evening she said that I screamed too loud and made me stand in the corner facing the walls.  I had never done that before and had to leave a bit of room between the walls and my lower body (if you know what I mean).  It was humiliating (in a good way) and she made me stay there for a few minutes while she watched TV in the same room, I dread having to do that sometime for a long time (she doesn’t read this site).

I need to incorporate that into one of the fiction stories on my web site.  Maybe it doesn’t read as all that exciting but I sure felt controlled, humiliated, and victimized even only for a few minutes.

After I was beaten with the crop my wife untied me and had me service her so we came up with a phrase, instead of a meet-and-greet tonight we had a beat-and-eat.

Jan 30, 2012 — Neon Wand

After yesterday morning’s amazing scene described in the previous journal entry, I thought I’d get some rest from being victimized but no such luck (and I am glad about that).

I had my eyes on a violet wand ever since starting to look at toy sites for the past several months but they are way too expensive for us, especially having such little experience with electrostim.  My Wife/Master and I tried a basic Fetish Fantasy electrostim kit and it is good for what it is but requires some setup time and does not have the immediacy of zap here, zap there, whereas a violet wand seems more like what my Wife would enjoy.

Then I saw a neon wand at a much lower price point and my Wife seemed to like it.  It arrived today.

She sure got a kick out of zapping me with it, although at a somewhat low setting of somewhere near 3 (I couldn’t tell for sure since she is at the controls) because I’m a wimp.  It stings at that setting and she didn’t hesitate to zap my nipples and thighs and even my balls and penis which hurt enough to make me yell loud.  She tried out each of the 4 attachments on me and was practically giggling with glee.  I had never seen her so sadistic.  It was great!

She zapped me probably 100 times, not that I was counting.  There was little or no break between zaps except 30 seconds to change out the attachments.  I was glad that I wasn’t blindfolded, having electricity on my penis was enough of a freak-out!

I have a feeling that I’ll be feeling that zap a whole lot.  I hope so.

Jan 29, 2012 — BDSM fun

Yesterday my wife and I went to a park and unfortunately my hand received a small splinter when we sat on a bench.  It hurt a bit at first but then there wasn’t much pain.  I couldn’t get it out, though, it was really stuck in the side of my hand.  With my okay, my wife tried squeazing the skin to get the splinter to pop out but no luck.  These attempts hurt a bit but not so much to make me yell out.  I get somewhat freaked out by cutting etc. and even though there was no blood, I started to feel a bit light-headed and needed to blast the car air conditioning for a few minutes.  In short, I was a big baby.  After a half hour or so I calmed down and realized that it wasn’t bad, there didn’t appear to be any infection.  I have washed it with soap several times and even though the splinter is still in today, it’s okay and I’m sure it will come out eventually.  There is no pain.  Not a problem today or late yesterday.

Today my Wife/Master blindfolded me and tied me naked face down spread eagled to the bed and put a butt plug in me with a harness keeping it in.  She inflated and deflated the plug several times making me very uncomfortable (in a good way; everything today is in a good way).  Then she started whacking my bare butt with a new crop.  Geez that hurts.  I don’t know how some people can just take that without making a sound but I was yelping almost right away and yelling after a few blows.  She took her time with it, which is good as we had discussed that recently, instead of just whacking away.  She also whacked my thighs, calves, and soles though not much.  Some of those blows hurt like hell (in a good way) and I was yelling into the pillow with every one, even screaming loud on a few.  While I was tied up she took a break from whipping me and said “You cry like a baby with just a splinter but you can take all of this whipping?!”  I replied “I’m crying now, Master.”

Then Master went into another room and brought back an ice pack to apply to my red skin and one welt on my back (she was worried about the welt but I wasn’t as it wasn’t nearly the most painful part of my body).  She proceeded to apply the ice pack all over my butt (which felt fine), thighs (which hurt from the ice), and back (which hurt like hell).  I screamed some more.  How on earth can anyone remain silent with such pain?  I know, I’m a baby, but I’m fine with that.

I begged but she was merciless.  I tried to squirm away but I was tied down.  She even applied the ice pack to my side just above my hip and that too hurt like hell.

She then left me to go into another room for several minutes.  I was tied up and unable to move other than a bit of squirming.

Next she came back and whipped me some more.  I was begging and yelling but she kept at it, fortunately not too much or too fast but I was pushed deeper into sub-space.  As she walked around me I was terrified with every sound, the feeling I really like most in BDSM.

She untied me and had me pleasure her orally.  Wow it was great, for both of us.  She even pressed the inflation on the butt plug as I was doing this.

Then she tied my wrists down again spread-eagled face down and left me as she apparently made some breakfast for herself.

When she returned several minutes later she had a paper plate of some cut up breakfast pastry and pulled my head up by my hair, telling me to eat it like the doggy I am.  In my state of terror this didn’t phase me but it did deepen my humiliation.

When I was done she made sure I licked the plate clean and then she untied me and had me sit up on my hands and knees for her to remove the harness and butt plug.  She whipped me on the butt several more times, saying that she couldn’t resist.

I normally write this sort of stuff in fiction.  It’s much better in person!  Probably most in BDSM consider this sort of scene par for the course and maybe skim-reading this with yadayadyada been there done that a million times but it’s new to me since my wife is new to this.  Later, we talked about it and I told her how amazingly wonderful it was and I never approached safe wording.  She told me that she was worried about the one minor welt and the amount of pain in general but she could see it’s fine and I assured her that I didn’t even think twice about it.