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Synopsis:  Like all of my other stories, this is fictional.  It is a fantasy of my wife taking me to a dungeon for a weekend of torture fun.  It contains many elements of my real life and I have discussed this in detail with my wife who approves.  It is just a fantasy, though.  Codes = F/m, torture, humiliation, consensual.



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Chapter 1: My Husband


My husband Ted is a kook.  That’s not what this story is about, though.  For 15 years we had a great marriage and he had to go spice it up.  Actually, I like the spice a whole lot and I wanted to spice it up even further.


BDSM.  I had never heard the term before but I knew what Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, and Masochism were and of course I’d heard the term S&M.  In fact, Ted seemed to be into S&M before we were married and we played from time to time.  I would tie him down from time to time and whip him lightly as he mock yelled “Anna please no more!”  It was fun but we stopped doing that years ago.  I am not sure why, I think we just lost interest.  Every now and then over the years we would still make comments about Ted being my slave or how I would whip him but it was only talk.


Then about a half year ago Ted starting talking more and more about BDSM, after he started reading fictional BDSM stories on the internet.  He was becoming reconnected with his BDSM fantasies and even began writing fictional stories of his own about guys (usually named Ted) being dominated and tortured in different ways.  Suddenly his creative energy transferred from his other interests into writing about BDSM and talking with me about it.  I enjoy reading many of his stories, although it is difficult to imagine Ted enjoying any of the more extreme things he writes about.


Soon after he began writing stories Ted asked me if I would be interested in BDSM and dominating him.  I figured that he would feel this way and gladly said yes, though my thoughts were that we would return to the times when I would tie him down and lightly whip him for a few minutes.  Little did I know at the time that Ted wanted more than just that.


In the months which followed I have learned about all sorts of different BDSM-related activities, from the mild to the wild to the gruesome or unsanitary.  It was quite a shock for me to read about some of the wild BDSM activities some people enjoy.  I worried that Ted would not be happy with my desire to avoid the more extreme activities and we had many discussions about it.  Over time, though, we have come to a good middle ground and Ted has assured me that most of the extreme activities are also beyond his limits.


As an example, there are people who enjoy having their genitals and nipples pierced through with needles.  I cannot imagine even watching such an activity let alone inflicting it on the man I love.  Even to type about this gives me shivers.  Fortunately, Ted and I agree on most of our limits and there is no need for either of us to push those limits.


However, even though Ted does not want extreme things done to him, he is interested in just about every variety of mild or moderate BDSM activity there is.  That includes torture such as with whipping, paddling, and cropping as well as electric shock, bondage of just about all types, and many types of humiliation.  He is also interested in just about every BDSM mindset he has seen including role-playing, victimization, pet play in which he would be made to act like a dog or cat, and probably many others I haven’t read about.


To be honest, it is scary because I am new to all of this but being the dominant I am expected to know about all of this.  I worry that I may not be up to the challenge.


Fortunately, Ted assures me often that he does not need me to be an expert and he does not want me to feel any pressure to learn any of this, that I should find what interests me and focus on that.  He reassures me frequently that he loves me for me, not for some fantasy dominatrix I could never become, and that always makes me feel better.


I think most women in my position would feel overwhelmed at first.  Ted even tells me that many women would just write off her husband’s fantasies as uninteresting and close themselves off to it.  Some women would go along with it and appease their husband.  Ted tells me that he is worried that I am just appeasing him and not actually enjoying it.


But that is not the case.  I have a devil in me which Ted sees from time to time but he forgets about until he feels the pain from my whip.  I love hurting Ted and making him scream in pain, now that this is something he has told me he enjoys.


Why would I enjoy hurting the man I love?  I have always been mischievous even as a child and was frequently told to be nice, even when I didn’t always want to be.  To be a good girl I had to fight off the devil inside me.  Even as an adult I have not had an outlet for the devil inside me and just figured that it was a negative part of me which I had to keep quiet.  But Ted has always embraced the entire me, including the devil inside of me, even before BDSM entered our lives.  For many years I figured that he was putting up with this part of me.  Now I realize that he was always probably secretly craving it, or maybe not.  Either way, he now craves the devil inside of me.


And my devil wants to come out and play … more than Ted knows, and that is the focus of this story.



Chapter 2: The Devil Inside


Ted and I have been increasing the amount of BDSM in our lives over time and have even begun a sort of Female Led Relationship (FLR) in which I make all the rules.  I do not want this sort of dynamic 24/7 as there are times when I need a break from being in charge but I greatly enjoy having the power to make him do what I want him to do, whether it is chores, sexual, or anything else.  Ted does what I say and I enjoy that.  I get a kick out of making him wear a French maid outfit I recently purchased for him as he crawls on the floor at my whim or just does the laundry.  He clearly enjoys being treated as a slave and we talk about our relationship frequently, especially when he gives me a long massage most days.  He still holds back equal power on some issues but I’ll work on those over time.  He’ll be mine and he will think it was all from his initiative.  I feel a bit evil and devious and I enjoy the feeling.  Ted loves it.


Ted and I would like to take my dominance over him further.  With all of the fun and amazing activities out there, I would like to really put the screws to him, so to speak, but I would want to make sure that it is all safe.  Even the devil inside of me would never ever want to injure Ted.


Ted frequently posts on a BDSM community web site and has online friends he corresponds with about BDSM and the dominance and submission lifestyle.  Some of them have contacted me and, although I am reserved and tend not to post much, I enjoy messaging with Ted’s friends.  It is liberating to be able to reveal the devil inside me without feeling any shame.


One of Ted’s friends sent me an e-mail which surprised and delighted me.  Mistress Sadie offered to host Ted and me in her dungeon about a 2-hour drive north of where we live in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.  At no cost Mistress Sadie would mentor me for an entire weekend in dominating Ted.  She said it was because she enjoyed all of the descriptions Ted wrote about our marriage in his stories and articles and that she would enjoy a weekend with us.


I viewed Mistress Sadie’s web site and was astounded.  She has a dungeon with several rooms stocked full of equipment and implements of torture and bondage and she and her staff regularly host individuals, couples, and groups who pay a huge amount of money for a day or more of consensual dominance and torture, from the mild to the wild and everything in between.  Mistress Sadie had an open weekend coming up in which her staff had been given time off and with amazing generosity offered to host Ted and me.


I sat at my PC and started typing an acceptance e-mail but stopped myself because of course this needed to be discussed with Ted.  He might be busy that weekend or maybe he would not want to go out of town and would prefer to stay at home to play his computer games.  I work from home during the day and decided to wait for Ted to get home from work himself to discuss this.


But then as I was drinking my early afternoon tea I changed my mind.  Who is in charge here?  Me!  I wrote Mistress Sadie letting her know how thankful I was and that we will be there at the time offered on a Friday night.  Just in case, I also wrote that I would give her a final confirmation tonight or tomorrow.  I am in charge in our marriage but Ted does have veto power.


When I told Ted of what we would be doing that weekend (and I was proud of myself for telling and not asking) Ted practically jumped for joy and was even more astonished than I was that Mistress Sadie would be willing to host at no charge.  As is usual for him, Ted was concerned whether or not I would be interested in this so I had to assure him that I was.  The devil inside me was scheming and plotting and I think it was time for it to be put in the spotlight.  I was looking forward to this as much as Ted was.


Ted blogged about our upcoming trip.  I enjoy reading his blog because he types things which he sometimes doesn’t feel comfortable talking about, even with me.  In his blog he wrote how excited he was that I am searching for all the enjoyment I would get because he would enjoy anything so my enjoyment is more important to him.


Before our trip Mistress Sadie asked me to refer to her as Sadie from now on.  She recommended that I maintain separate discussions with her by e-mail and not share those discussions with Ted.  In this way I would not be “tailoring” (her word) my enjoyment of BDSM based upon Ted’s fantasies and would instead focus on nurturing my inner sadist.  She said that, based upon her brief friendship with Ted, it was important for me as a dominant to take ownership of my own enjoyment and not rely on Ted.  Mistress Sadie clarified that of course Ted’s needs should be met and his wants should not be ignored but I should blaze my own trail within Ted’s outer limits and not just be playing in his playground.  I appreciated this insight.  It was very tough not to talk with Ted about the details of my correspondences with Mistress Sadie but I also felt empowered by it.


Take ownership of my own enjoyment.  And hopefully take more ownership of Ted.  He’s going to love it and hate it at the same time.  My inner devil was smiling.



Chapter 3: The Trip


I love going on trips, whether it’s a drive out of town or a flight most anywhere.  Ted doesn’t enjoy trips much so it was good to see him enthusiastic about this one.  Following Sadie’s advice I denied Ted orgasm for 7 days before the Friday night of our visit.  We don’t need a chastity device since Ted faithfully obeys my command from a couple of months ago disallowing him from ever pleasuring himself whatsoever unless I command it (which would only be for when I am out of town for a week and then only if I feel generous).


And of course just because Ted was denied does not mean that I was denied, quite the contrary.  That is one of the things I love about being dominant to Ted, I get so much more, shall we say, satisfaction than I ever did before.  In this case I also did not provide Ted even any teasing for the past week as Sadie’s plan was for him to be as attentive as he could be.  I know that some women don’t like when their chaste man begs but I rather like it.  Ted didn’t whine on the drive north, though, because he figured he would get great satisfaction once we arrived that evening.  Inside, my little devil laughed.


Sadie, or Mistress Sadie as Ted was required to address her, greeted us warmly and seemed genuinely glad to see us.  I was slightly surprised that she was not in any sort of dominatrix outfit and I already knew that she did not have the body of a model.  In just looking at her it would not be apparent that she would be the fulfillment of many men’s desire but her charisma and confidence were evident once she began to speak.  She has the personality and temperament of a leader and it felt natural to follow her mentorship.


Sadie showed us around the rooms on the ground floor and it was gorgeous.  On the outside and in the guest rooms it did not look like a dungeon at all, other than several decorative and ominous implements displayed on shelves and hanging on walls.  The ground floor was much like an upscale and impressive bed and breakfast with a menacing and closed double-door which we were told led to the underground dungeon below.


Once Ted and I settled into our room and unpacked, we were led into a spacious and luxurious common room and Sadie led Ted to the other side of the room to conduct separate interviews with each of us.  She told me that she would be back to talk with me and I was content to sip the fruit drink Sadie had brought me.  To my surprise, though, and without Ted’s attention she handed me a small electronic earpiece through which I could hear everything she said.  And everything Ted said.


I felt like a fly on the wall as I listened to their brief interview.  Sadie said “So Ted, I have read your blog and some of your stories but I would like to hear from you directly on your mindset on why you enjoy submitting to your wife.  Why are you here?”


Ted replied “I am here because I want my wife to obtain as much enjoyment as she can from dominating me.”  He seemed about to continue but Sadie interjected “Do you mean dominating you with a whip?”  Ted responded “No unless that is what she wants.”  Sadie persisted “So if she didn’t ever want to whip you then you would be okay with that?”  In his usual way, Ted thought for a moment before responding.  That kook Ted never is able to answer a yes or no question with a single word.  Fortunately, Sadie was as patient with Ted as I am.


Ted said “I have an internal conflict.  I want to be tortured by Anna but I want her to do whatever the heck she wants to do and I want to do whatever the heck she wants me to.  So if she didn’t want to torture me at all, then I would have a difficult time.”  Sadie added “Your needs wouldn’t be met.”  Ted paused just an instant and said “Yes that is probably true.”


Sadie said “Then you are in luck that your wife enjoys torturing you” and Ted said “Yes I am so lucky it is just unbelievable.  I always knew she had the devil inside of her but for her to enjoy giving me what I need is very lucky and … well, that is what I need because if she didn’t enjoy it then I wouldn’t enjoy it.”  Sadie said “You wouldn’t enjoy being whipped if your wife wouldn’t enjoy it?”


Ted took a breath to think a bit and answered “I might enjoy it a bit but I’m not sure.  I don’t think that I would get fulfillment from it and I don’t know if I would get my needs met, as you said earlier.”


Sadie said “Understood. Thank you for opening up with me.  You seem able to verbalize what you put in your writings.  I thought you said on your blog that you are shy and introverted?”  Ted replied “I am but I guess when it comes to BDSM I am not so introverted after all, probably because I enjoy talking about it so much.  I am still shy but not with you because we have already met online.”


Sadie said “So you are here to help Anna enjoy as much as she can out of dominating you.  What about when you are not in the bedroom?  How do you feel about times when you are not being tortured?”  Ted replied “Same thing.  I want her to do whatever she wants to do.”


Ted trailed off on the last word and I could almost hear the gears in his head turning.  He said “But you’re going to ask the same thing, what if she does not want to be dominant with me outside of the bedroom, right?”  Ted continued “Then I would be in the same dilemma.  I guess the question is how much is enough for my needs to be met?  The answer is that I really don’t know.  My needs are for my wife to enjoy it, though, so if Anna tries to just fulfill my needs without fulfilling her own desires at the same time, then that wouldn’t be enjoyable to me.”


Sadie was laughing a bit even though it didn’t seem like a good time for a laugh.  She said “I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this same exact situation.  And they always look at me with the hope that I can fix this issue for them by training their wife to do what they want, which is ridiculous because people aren’t trained to enjoy things, or not in that way.  But dear boy, in your case there is nothing to fix except maybe your own thinking.  Anna enjoys dominating you inside and out of the bedroom.”  I thought it strange that she would refer to a man almost 50 years old, probably almost a dozen years her senior, as dear boy.  And I hoped that her message would get through Ted’s thick skull, I know that I have been trying to say that for months but as I mentioned earlier, I am patient with him.  Actually, even if he doesn’t believe Sadie now I knew that he would be a believer by the end of the weekend.  There would be no doubt that I would be getting enjoyment.


Ted said “I am glad to hear you say that.  Anna tells me that she enjoys it and -“ Sadie interjected “- and you don’t believe her.”  Ted replied “I believe her but I have insecurities.”  With compassion in her voice Sadie said “Understood.”


Sadie paused briefly and ventured “You are needy” and Ted said “Yes, much needier than I have ever been in my life.”  Sadie reacted by saying “Good.  That will make you that much more compliant.”  She continued with more authority in her voice “Ted, you are going to be controlled maybe more than you might want.  Do you feel comfortable using your safe words with Anna?”  Ted replied without being rattled “Yes, I have used them a few times before, and I don’t think there is such a thing as Anna controlling me more than I might want.”


Sadie said “I have seen you indicate that in your blog several times.  Do you truly mean that?”  Ted paused a bit and replied “I admit that I am new to actual submission so what I say does not come from experience, but yes I truly want to submit to her as much as she will have me.”


It was a bit chilling to hear Ted say this out loud to another person.  He truly meant it.  I did not want what is called Total Power Exchange which seemed to be what Ted was referring to but to know that he would go even to that extreme was somewhat scary … and exciting.  I enjoyed the thrill of knowing that I could dictate how far he submits and when, with whom (me only of course), what, and where.  With some guidance on these issues I could be truly dangerous and I wondered if Ted would be able to go as far as he claims.


Sadie persisted “What if something is too painful and you need it to stop?  I’m not only referring to physical pain.”  Ted quickly replied “Then I would communicate with her and she would decide.  I would hope that we would continue to use a safe word and that she would be willing to listen to everything I have to say as she does now but if not then I’m not sure” and his voice trailed off with uncertainty.  Sadie said “That’s a good point.  What if she becomes very cold to you and treats you horribly, even going way past your limits?”


Ted replied without hesitation “Then I would do everything I could to stop her.”  Sadie asked “You would disobey your Princess?” and Ted replied “In a New York second.”


I was surprised when Sadie said “Good.”  I wouldn’t want Ted to follow my commands if I went insane or beyond his limits but it was still strange to hear her encourage disobedience.  She then asked “What if she wanted you to sleep and spend almost all of your free time in a cramped cage with nothing to do?”  Ted paused and said “I would hope that she would allow a slow ramp-up of something extreme like that, but I guess I would comply, if that is what would make her happy.”  Sadie said “I doubt it but you never know.”


Sadie then said “That’s all the questions I have for you now.  Do you have any questions for me?”  Ted responded “I am very grateful to you for this.  I mean it.  I think you know how amazingly fulfilling it can be to develop into the type of BDSM relationship someone has dreamed about for a long time.  Thank you.  If there is ever anything I can do for you please let me know.”  Sadie said “Ted, it is my pleasure, I am glad you and your wife are here.  We are going to have a lot of fun.”


Sadie walked to my section of the room and sat near me, saying “Normally my interviews last much longer than that but I practically knew Ted already from his writings and messages he sends me.  “So what did you think of his interview?”  I asked “Can he hear us?” and Sadie replied “No, I did not give him a receiver, that was only meant for the dominant.”


I told Sadie how Ted’s comments matched everything he has been telling me and I was glad that she asked the right questions.  She asked me “So Anna Underfoot, what do you want?”


I said “I knew you would ask me that.  I’m not 100% sure, to be honest.  I guess I just want to be the best dominant wife I can be to Ted and have as much fulfillment as I can.”  Sadie told me “That sounds like a good goal.  You know that you are by far the best wife Ted can have, right?  He gushes about you in his posts and he tells me that he talks with you about that.”


I said “Yes, and the great thing is that he has me believing it.  He makes me feel confident about who I am and that’s one thing also BDSM has helped me with, feeling confident.”


Sadie said “Good!  I hear that from time to time from those who are new to BDSM and I always enjoy hearing that.  Let’s talk about the enjoyment you get out of BDSM.”  She was about to continue but I interrupted her.


Sometimes I just feel the devil inside me bursting to be free and this was one of those times.  I smiled and said “I just love victimizing him and watching him squirm and yell.  What I really love is the look on his face when I command him to do something he really doesn’t want to do.”  I could tell that Sadie was enjoying how enthusiastic I was and I can’t help but feel enthusiasm when I think of poor Ted suffering from what I do to him.


I was laughing and it took me a moment to continue.  “He gets this look like a beaten dog when I give him a command to do something he doesn’t want to do.  Before BDSM he just hated to do some things, like chores or anything which took him away from his computer games.  He would do what I asked but he would not be good at hiding being grumpy.  He would get silent and … grumpy is the only word I can think of to describe it.


“Now when I tell him to do something which would make him grumpy before, right away his face gets a rebellious look but after like a nano-second he realizes that he is my slave and insolence is not going to help so his face quickly changes to his hang-dog look as if he is feeling sorry for himself.  Then, unless what I tell him to do is really bad, his face gets his pleasant obedient slave look and he hurries to complete the task.  I just laugh inside when I see him go through his reactions.  The best thing is that he does not get grumpy when I ask him to do things.


“Except that I no longer ask him to do anything.  I tell him.”  I had to pause a bit to let go of some laughter.  “That’s the confidence I was talking about earlier.  I tell him to do things and he jumps up and does them.  And I tell him to do a lot of things.  I’ll walk from one room to another and then tell him to go get the plastic water bottle I hadn’t brought with me, or I will just throw it on the floor when it is empty so that he has to get it and fetch me water.  Of course I’ll do that on purpose just to let him know who is in charge, otherwise I wouldn’t mind getting my own water.”


Sadie had seemed very interested in what I was saying but I stopped and said “Is that too much information?  I guess we should talk about BDSM since we’re here.”  Sadie said “No, Anna this is great and it is BDSM.  You have the power and exercise that power.  That you have him do things only to exhibit your authority is great.  I’ll bet it’s a power rush.”  I responded “Yes I love that.  I just want more of that, I guess, finding ways to have a power rush and also get what I want in other ways, without BDSM taking over my life.”


Sadie said “I hear that a lot, too.  You think that being Ted’s dominant or owner 24/7 means a whole lot more work for you, right?”  I nodded my head.  I couldn’t possibly give him orders and beat him 24/7, could I?  Sadie continued “I won’t mislead you into thinking that 24/7 is not challenging because of how you are used to things but you do not have to act dominant to be in charge.  If you ever don’t feel like making a decision, you don’t need to, you can tell Ted to make the decision.  You should feel comfortable delegating whatever tasks and decisions you want.  If you plan things, 24/7 D/s or M/s can be very unobtrusive for you and not negatively impact the other parts of your life.”


It wasn’t making sense to me.  It seemed like she was talking about turning off my dominance at times but then how is that 24/7?  I was unable to verbalize this at the time but Sadie sensed my confusion and said “I have a question.  What if you told Ted one night that you wanted to sit and read a book without him and he would need to sit in another room.  In other words, what if you told him that you didn’t want to give him any orders or have any play together for a day or two?”


I answered “He would probably be disappointed and ask me if something was wrong but ultimately he would honor my wishes.”  Sadie paused to let me think about what I said.


Then it hit me.  Ted would honor my wishes.  I said “So you’re saying that I would still be in charge because Ted would honor my wishes” and Sadie added “He would obey your will, yes.”  She asked “What would happen if he told you that he wanted to sit and play computer games all night without any interaction with you?”


I replied “I wouldn’t like that.”


Then it hit me again.  I added “You’re saying that with the agreement of our 24/7 dominance and submission, I would not have to honor his wishes” and Sadie added “Yes!”  I continued “If I wanted something I could get it even if it’s no dominance at all but if he wanted something I could deny it.  And we would agree ahead of time that he had to obey me because he’s my slave.”


Sadie was smiling.  She clearly has had this conversation before with others.  I needed a summary so I said “So 24/7 just means that what I say goes all of the time while what he says does not go unless I allow it.”  Sadie said “Yes, exactly.  D/s means basically whatever you and Ted want it to mean and if you both agree to what you just said, that what you say goes all of the time, then that seems like 24/7 to me.  Do you think Ted would agree to that?”


The way she asked that I could tell that she knew the answer already.  Ted is open on his blog about his feelings about BDSM and he is even more open to me.  I responded “Of course, though why he would trust me with all of that power is beyond me.”


Sadie said “Anna, I think you know the answer to that.”  She waited for me to respond but I wanted to hear it from an expert so she said “It’s because he loves you to death and has been waiting his entire adult life for the perfect woman like you to submit to.”


I felt foolish for waiting for her to say that, as if I had been fishing for a compliment, but it made me feel good inside to know that even people who knew Ted for only a short time could see the truth like that.


I said “Thank you.  I love him to death, too.”  I changed the subject a bit by saying “Ted wouldn’t go for no limits, though, would that mean it is not 24/7?”


Sadie replied “I don’t think he’s quite ready for 24/7 yet, it might take some time to transition to it.  If you want 24/7 like we have talked about, then I recommend bringing it up to Ted and transitioning slowly.  You have the rest of your lives together, right?”  I replied “Good point.  But I mean even if we both agree to 24/7, would it really be 24/7 if he had limits?”  She said “Almost everyone has limits, and someone with no limits scares me anyway.  There can be limits in your agreement without stopping it from being 24/7.


“Unless you mean that he needs time off from the dynamic.  Are those the sort of limits you mean?”  I replied “Yes.  For example, he has told me that when he is at work is a limit so that’s many hours every workday when he wouldn’t be my slave or sub.”  Sadie asked “When he is at work do you want to cause him any disruption or risk getting him fired?” and I replied “Of course not.  He needs to make money to give to me hehe.”  Sadie joined in my little laugh and her look told me all I needed to know.  I said “I get it, my desire is being fulfilled so we can agree to 24/7 and I would not have any incentive to affect his work.”


Sadie said “It’s a bit more complicated than that.  Right now when he is at work he is not your slave or sub so if you wanted him to be then you would have to get him to give that up.  How do you do that?”  It didn’t take me long to come up with the answer which was consistent with our discussion.  I said “We discuss that and come to an agreement that he should obey me even at work.”  Sadie added “And you do not abuse that trust by causing him harm.”


She had hit on the most important part of this, trust.  Ted had already put himself in my hands and if we went 24/7 then it would be more so.  I had other limits of Ted’s that I wanted to bring up with Sadie but the conversation had gone on a long time and Ted was just sitting and waiting for us.  I figured that even with those other limits it would work the same way, I would not want to harm Ted by going past his limits so that can be included in a 24/7 agreement, if we chose to have that.  I said “I should have told Ted to go stand in the corner while we talked.  He would have enjoyed that rather than sitting there comfortably.”  Sadie said “I like that.”


I said “How about if we go down to the dungeon and play?  I want to make Ted really suffer.”  It felt good to be able to say that to Sadie without her thinking me strange.  I was pretty sure that she too wanted to make Ted suffer but she and I had agreed that she would mentor me without dominating Ted directly.  I am proud to show off Ted’s submission to me but I won’t share him with anyone.



Chapter 4: Playtime


As Sadie and I stood up I clapped my hands twice and Ted came running as always.  I thanked Sadie sincerely for the great advice and she said that she was pleased to have been such a help.


Ted stood near us with his hands clasped behind his back.  We never talked about that ever but we both know that when he holds his hands behind his back it is his sign that he is ready for submission.  I wondered if he had an inkling that this might be his stance 24/7?  Then I wondered if I would let him stand much at all going forward as I rather enjoy when he crawls.


I moved close to face Ted and grabbed the hair on the back of his head.  This sort of move used to cause Ted to flinch and I could still see fear in his eyes whenever I reach my hand out to him but he no longer flinches because I’ve told him many times that I don’t like flinching.  I like Ted to be the strong and supportive man he is, not some emotional weakling, as I beat him down physically or emotionally to a groveling mess only to build him up again.


Holding the back of his head I said “Slave, you will be respectful of me at all times this weekend while we enjoy Mistress Sadie’s hospitality.  Is that understood?”  Ted lowered his gaze a bit and said “Yes, Princess.”  We had an unspoken agreement about this going into this weekend anyway so I wasn’t commanding anything new.


I brought out his thin blue dog collar from my purse, the collar which I once made Ted wear as we walked in a beachside park for an hour, and put it around Ted’s neck and then I attached the leash.  Sadie led us to the double doors leading down to the dungeon and I held the leash tightly in my hand to keep Ted shuffling close behind me.  As we approached the doors I told Ted to strip and leave his clothes in the small wardrobe next to the door and to his credit he didn’t hesitate a bit to obey.


I believe this was the first time in over 15 years of our marriage that Ted was naked in front of anyone other than a doctor or me.  Ted doesn’t wear clothes when he is home unless the air is cool and he always tells me that he doesn’t care about his nakedness other than avoiding it in front of others in a non-consensual way and I guess he was right because he didn’t hesitate one bit.  I must admit to some excitement at this point when both Sadie and I were fully clothed while he was denied any covering, somehow that made Ted seem even more vulnerable.  As usual when Ted feels directly submissive to me, his physical reaction was evident and 7 days of chastity made his reaction even more pronounced.  I was tempted to slap it around but with Sadie right next to us I wanted to wait until we were in the dungeon.


Sadie opened the double-doors and we descended on carpeted stairs into the dungeon.  Sadie explained that the doors and stairs were wide to accommodate deliveries and once we arrived in the lobby area Ted and I could see plenty of equipment in adjoining rooms, some of which had ornately decorated doors.  I felt as though I was walking into a personal theme park of rides and attractions and I felt a rush of excitement as I thought of taking Ted through one thrill ride after another.  I almost felt sorry for him knowing how much pain and suffering he would need to endure.  Almost but not quite.


I was ready to begin and I sensed that Sadie accommodated my mood by skipping taking us on a tour of the dungeon.  We had plenty of time to savor the full experience without needing a tour.  I walked past Sadie with naked Ted in tow towards a Saint Andrew’s cross.  Ted and I do not have any BDSM equipment as I usually just restrain him on our bed or have him stand against a wall and a Saint Andrew’s cross piqued my interest from the first time I saw it as victims always seem so helpless when restrained to a cross.


Ted had been silent in our brief time so far in the dungeon but his face betrayed his fear and delight.  As I was fastening his wrists and ankles so that he was restrained while facing the cross, though, he told me quietly that he was scared.


One thing about Ted is that he almost never role-plays and the emotions and opinions he expresses during a scene are real.  A long time ago I used to envision S&M as sort of a role-play in which someone being whipped says no no no but really means yes yes yes.  I don’t know how it is with others but Ted had told me many times that his begging for me to stop, screaming, and crying are all real and I believe him, or else he needs to be nominated for an acting award.


So when he told me that he was scared even before feeling any pain I believed him.  In response, I smiled and said “You should be.”  I stole a brief look at his face before stepping behind him and relished the fear evident in his face.  I know that safe words are meant for subs who can’t take any more and I am glad that our yellow/red system gives Ted peace of mind but I feel that I benefit from the words even more.  With safe words in place, that gives my little devil completely free reign.  I like to let it reign supreme.


Sadie had me choose from dozens of impact implements to use on Ted and I had trouble picking one to begin with.  I felt like a little girl again picking out candy for a treat.  I enjoy using a hard paddle on Ted and Sadie encouraged me to start with that as a paddle can give a good warm-up.  I started whacking Ted with the hard wooden paddle I chose and Ted of course started groaning loud when Sadie signaled me to stop.


She said to me “Anna, we mentioned that I would mentor you, right?”  I could tell that she wanted to instruct me on something but was hesitant to be pushy so I assured her that I wanted absolutely any advice she could give me and to please feel free to stop me.  I could tell that this made her feel more comfortable.


Sadie said “I recommend giving your slave a good couple of minutes of warm-up.  If you start whacking away without warm-up, then the level of pain ramps up quickly and the scene quickly becomes unbearable for your victim.  That means less play.”  She was right, of course, and I knew that ahead of time but I just get so excited to hear Ted scream in pain that I almost can’t help myself.  Patience is not one of my strong points anyway but I realized that this weekend would be good for me to learn to relax and enjoy the anticipation of pain possibly as much as the pain itself.


I changed tactics, as Sadie advised, and spent a couple of minutes just lightly paddling Ted’s butt with a moderate whack in there from time to time.  Sadie gave me a thumbs up and then several seconds later gave me a signal to stop.  She whispered to me advice so that Ted would not hear, to feel free to tell Ted about how much I would enjoy torturing him beyond his endurance.  When Sadie stepped back I resumed the paddling and casually terrorized Ted verbally.  It seemed forced at first but then I began enjoying the verbal and casual threats in part because I could tell that Ted enjoyed them but also because I knew that they were true.  There was no need for me to give idle threats as the entire weekend was ahead of us.


Ted’s breathing became deeper with fear and then I began paddling him in earnest.  It does not take much paddling or any other beating to get Ted yelling in pain from some of the blows and soon he was dancing within the restraints and yelling.  My devil inside takes very little time to come out and play and whenever I paddle Ted I laugh and laugh.  That is one of the things I enjoy most of BDSM, I have never laughed this much.


Surprisingly, Sadie gave me a signal to stop, which interrupted the good flow I had just after only a handful of good whacks.  Once I stopped she walked next to Ted and said “Why are you yelling?”  Ted replied in a somewhat high-pitched voice “It hurts, Mistress Sadie!” and I enjoyed hearing the anguish in his voice.  Sadie said “But you’ve only felt a few blows.  You don’t need to act out by yelling.  There will be plenty of pain this weekend and you will have a chance to yell in earnest.”


Ted lowered the pitch of his voice to a normal level and said “I am not acting out.  It hurts and my reaction is from the pain.”  Sadie looked at me for confirmation so I nodded my head and said “He’s telling the truth.”


Sadie put her hand on Ted’s shoulder and said “Ted, do you realize how much of a wimp you are?”  Ted quickly and defensively replied “I can’t help it” and Sadie continued “How on earth are you going to be able to handle a few hours of torture this evening let alone an entire weekend?”


Ted paused and hung his head a bit, then said “I don’t know, Mistress Sadie.”  Sadie said “It doesn’t matter.  Your Princess has little mercy in store for you.  It is going to be a very difficult and very long weekend for you.”  I added “No mercy” and when Sadie stepped away I resumed the paddling.  Sadie’s little mind game on Ted had a noticeable effect as his groans and yells of pain had more of an element of fear in them and were even more pitiful than usual.  I almost did pity him.  Also, I sensed that Sadie was expressing legitimate concern about Ted’s pain endurance so I slightly reduced the impact of my blows.


Ted makes seemingly a million different types of sounds when I am torturing him and I believe that I am learning the meaning of many of them.  Once I resumed the paddling the sounds he was making with each blow gave me the impression of fear and begging rather than raw pain.  I enjoy these feelings more because they imply more of an emotional connection.  I played around with varying the pace and that brought some terror into play as Ted had time to feel more fear between some blows while other blows were rapid paced.


I stopped the paddling and let Ted catch his breath and his full balance.  He is not used to standing while I beat him, he is usually lying on our bed.  I had my eye on a specific crop nearby which seemed to be calling my name so I picked it up and felt a thrill of excitement as Ted reacted with a whine of fear when he saw the crop in my hand out of the corner of his eye.  Ted “hates” the crop.  I never know whether or not to put words like that in quotes because he hates almost every torture I inflict on him but he loves it much more than he hates it.  Kook that he is, he even wrote a blog post for the world to see about the two forces in him which hate and love being tortured.  We talk about it frequently and for me the bottom line is that unless he uses the safe word (which he does rarely), he loves it and I can let my sadism run free.


As I ran the crop lightly along his bare butt I could feel the fear in the shivering of his entire body and the slight whine in his voice.  I don’t think Sadie’s presence changed the scene much but he did wait a bit longer than usual to start begging.  The paddling tends to break down his spirit and by the time I bring out the crop he is usually a begging mess but this time he wasn’t quite a mess.  Still, I enjoyed even his small amount of begging.


Sadie motioned to me and pointed to herself.  I didn’t know what she wanted but I nodded my head and she stepped up next to Ted and said “Ted, seriously, are you begging for mercy already?  Your wife has just started on you and here you are whimpering and begging like a complete wimp.  Tell me, what kind of sub do you think you are?”  Sadie was good, I certainly give her that.  At a time when Ted was vulnerable she cut right to the heart and made him feel very small.  If I didn’t know any better, I would think that Ted was truly hurt by this but I know that Ted is a humiliation slut and can’t get enough.


Ted replied with anguish in his voice “I know, I’m sorry, I’m weak but I want to be strong for my Princess.”  He stood up a bit straighter and stopped quivering.  I heard him take a few deep breaths.


Sadie smiled at me and walked by me to whisper in my ear “Now you can really break him,” giving me a wink.


I loved this.  Now I can really break him.  Such a simple thing as a crop can break down my strong Ted and I love every moment of it.  I took my time and whacked his bare butt with just mild force at first and then built up the strength of my blows.  Ted tried to be strong for me, tried not to cry out, tried not to thrash around in pain, tried but was ultimately unsuccessful.  And once he did begin to cry out, it came in waves.  With each whack he cried tears, yelled, begged incoherently, gurgled, laughed (I am not sure why he laughs but it is actually crying which sounds like laughing), sang, swore, sucked in air through clenched teeth, and screamed at the top of his lungs.  It sounded like I was using a different instrument or technique with each blow but all of the sounds were generated with just the simple crop on his butt.


And between blows I trash-talked him.  I said “You’re not strong, you are a weak little nothing.  Crying like a baby?  Maybe I should put a diaper on you.  Maybe we should take a video of you crying just from a few blows of a crop and put that on the internet.  Ted_subby can’t even take a few hits without blubbering and screaming.  Say ‘I am a baby’, say it!”


Ted did say it and more, whatever I told him to say.  Towards the end of the cropping Ted was crying continuously between his other noises when blows were delivered and as he just blubbered there I smiled at Sadie and then I walked up to Ted to say “I thought you were going to be strong for your Princess.  What’s the matter?  Mistress Sadie thought you were tough but you’re nothing, aren’t you?”  Between sobs Ted said “I’m sorry, Princess, I’m nothing, I’m sorry, I’m sorry” and then he was sobbing too much to continue.


I released the bonds on his ankles and wrists, taking a moment to check out the bright redness of his butt cheeks, and when he hugged me and laid his head on my breast I held him close and let him cry his tears out.  This was not aftercare, though.  I made sure that Sadie could hear when I told Ted in a condescending voice “You can’t take much pain can you?” and when he answered “No” I continued “That means you need to be as good of a slave to me as you can be, doesn’t it?  Do you hear me?”  Ted replied “Yes, I swear it, I will do whatever you want I swear it.”


I liked this because Ted was not in any sort of bondage and he could have just walked out and left.  Or he could have said no or tried to use logic.  But he was broken down.  He would have said these same submissive things even if he wasn’t broken down but I loved the state he was in.  I said “Swear it properly, in front of Mistress Sadie and everyone else who was watching on video so everyone on the internet can see the truth about Ted_subby.”  No-one was watching on video, of course, and Ted knew that but I like to spice things up.


Ted knew what I wanted from him and he got down on his hands and knees.  He kissed my shoes and said with sincerity “I swear to be your slave for the rest of my life, I swear it” and then he continued kissing my shoes until I walked away and left him there on his hands and knees.


I asked Sadie “So what is next?” and she asked “Would you like a break?” to which I replied “Heck no!  I’d like to torture him for hours!” with emphasis on the last word said in Ted’s direction.  Sadie smiled and said “Well, in this room alone you can see some good equipment or we can go to another –“  I interrupted and walked up to a whipping post, saying “There.  Let’s use that.”


Sadie said “Good choice.  Bring him along” and she motioned that I should grab Ted by the hair so I grabbed his hair and dragged him by force up to his feet and over to the whipping post.


Ted has told me that whipping on his back makes him feel particularly like a slave because that is a sort of stereotypical slave beating in his mind.  I had learned right away from reading online that hard implements are not safe to use on his back but his own leather belt and a beginner bullwhip I have work great.  The sounds he makes just from his own belt strapped against his back are great, different from the sounds he makes when his butt is being impacted.  Strapping his back seems to elicit reactions of not only pain of course but also astonishment, like how could this be happening.  Well, Teddy boy, it can happen and will happen, whenever and as often as I like!


I wanted to learn about floggers, though, so I asked Sadie for some advice.  I asked to start with a thuddy flogger and Sadie gave me a whip with a bunch of rather thick strands.  The flogger was heavy and I knew that I would get a good workout with it.  As Ted waited at the whipping post Sadie had me practice on a padded test dummy which was restrained to the wall.  I wasn’t going to be using any of the more advanced techniques so it only took a minute or two for Sadie to show me what I needed to know and to practice.


Ted’s exclamations of pain from the heavy flogger on his upper back were definitely different from any other sounds he had made before.  At first I think it just felt like a hard massage but it soon became obviously painful and his entire body seemed to be buffeted around with each blow.  With almost each blow he seemed to position his feet to brace for an earthquake and when the blow hit his reaction was an extended low-pitch gravelly groan.  I said “Old man, meet your maker!” one time between blows.


I couldn’t keep up the pace with the heavy flogger so I switched to a stinging flogger with lighter strands and just whipped it around and around so his back would be hit a bunch of times in rapid succession.  I think Ted appreciated the break from pain but soon the blows began to sting and he was whining again, though I could tell that he was trying to hold it in and be strong for his Princess.


I don’t know how it is with other dominants but when I hear my man whine, that just gets my blood going and I want to give him something to really cry about.  I took a deep breath, though, because I knew that it would be a long weekend and I remembered what Sadie had been trying to tell me earlier.  So I didn’t whip the hell out of Ted and instead just kept up the moderate stinging blows against his back as he writhed and moaned in pain and pleasure.  I added a few choice words such as “Yes, that’s my bitch, I’m going to torture you for the rest of your life.”


If I beat Ted long enough his groans, screams, and cries turn into moans of pleasure.  The first couple of times I heard this from him I thought it was just that the pain was getting to be too much but I think it’s the endorphins kicking in and he is getting a dose of pure pleasure.  I haven’t thought to ask him about it in detail but there’s no mistaking that he gets pleasure from this as the moaning does not stop and if he is face down as he usually is then while he is moaning he is clearly grinding his groin against the bed.


One of the things I was concerned with in meeting with Sadie is that I do not feel comfortable with directly sexual activities in front of anyone.  I am not a voyeur or an exhibitionist at all.  Torture and humiliation are not directly sexual to me and Ted’s arousal is not usually directly related to when he is being tortured.  But something in me today threw caution to the wind.  I think it was the way Sadie welcomed us into her dungeon and clearly wanted to help us.


Ted began to moan in pleasure from the pain and from the way I verbally humiliated him.  On a whim I stopped for a moment and reached in front of him to feel his somewhat hard erection.  I wrapped my hand around it and rubbed it up and down as Ted’s moan turned into a moan of pure pleasure.  After a few seconds, once Ted was as hard as he can get I said “That’s my boy, you love being whipped don’t you?” and he answered “Mmm hmmm.”  I rubbed more slowly and told him “Say it for the world to hear!” and he replied “I love being whipped!!” although his words were slurred from all of the sensations he was feeling.


I stepped back and resumed the whipping with the stingy flogger and every now and then Ted said “Yes, yes!”  After another minute or two his yes turned into a long moan or wail like he was screaming, only low-pitched.  I had only heard this a couple of times before and I loved it so I picked up the pace on the whipping but I saw Sadie motion to me to slow down a bit so I did.


I trusted Sadie.  Had it been someone else I probably would have just given in to my sadism and I think Ted would have been fine with that but Sadie knows a whole lot more about BDSM than I do and I appreciated her guidance.  Sadie later told me that from what she can tell Ted would not have been able to safe word at this point so care should be taken and when at the time we were discussing it later Ted did not agree or disagree, I knew that I had done the right thing in slowing down and then stopping shortly after that.  Ted continued to moan intermittently even after the whipping stopped.


I talked quietly with Sadie, asking if we could take a break and then resume later tonight and she said that was a good idea.  I was worried that if we stopped then we would have to stop for the night but Sadie assured me that extended breaks are okay and we should meet back here in a half hour.  She helped me release Ted’s restraints and then led me, with Ted in my arms and his head against my breast, to a comfortable couch in the lobby area where Ted began to laugh uncontrollably, trying to tell me how great of a time he was having but unable to put three words together.


I love aftercare.  I have always loved hugging Ted and the feeling is mutual and aftercare just gives us an excuse to hug each other for a long time, not that we have ever needed an excuse.  In this case I think Ted needed the aftercare as from what I read some subs who go through a lot of pain but don’t get aftercare might experience some emotional problems later.  Sometimes I don’t give Ted any aftercare and leave him in a state of victimization for the rest of the night but tonight I sensed that he needed it.  And I enjoyed it anyway, especially while looking at all of the pretty red streaks all over his upper back and feeling his tears on my breast.



Chapter 5: More Play


Ted and I hugged for probably 15 minutes, with him saying “Thank you” several times and both of us saying “I love you” several times.  He stopped crying and laughing after just a couple of minutes and I suspect that he only needed a few minutes of aftercare but he’s a very needy boy and I am a needy girl so we kept hugging long past aftercare.


I pulled his head back by the hair, which startled him, and I looked into his eyes and said “Slaveboy, you are going to need to take a lot more from me this weekend” and he said “Yes Princess, thank you.”  He always thanks me because from the heart he appreciates my participation.  Maybe sometime after this weekend he will fear me when being threatened.  The little devil inside me would like that.


Sadie returned from upstairs and called me over to talk with me privately.  She had a particular scene in mind based upon what she had read from Ted’s blog or stories and I agreed that it would be a very fun scene.  It involved sexuality and not just torture and my natural protective tendency had me wondering if Sadie were interested in Ted on more than just a mentor basis but I quickly put that thought aside as Sadie is a professional and is going to be helping me.  She has already helped me understand more about the pacing of a beating, though I still think sometimes it’s more fun just to whack away.


I grabbed Ted’s leash and maneuvered him to the floor.  I walked and led him on his hands and knees on the plush carpeting into a different room from the one we were in before.  This room had a piece of equipment which, once he was guided into it and restrained, Ted was set in a position on his hands and knees with his entire body lifted in the air somewhat and with his legs held apart at the knees and ankles.  To my questioning look Sadie assured me that Ted was comfortable, I always worry about his back when held in uncomfortable positions.  I didn’t catch the name Sadie gave to the apparatus but I knew that it would serve its purpose.


There was a small TV on the floor in front of Ted’s face and he couldn’t help but see it unless he closed his eyes.  The TV was off but it would join in the fun soon.


I slipped into the strap-on harness which Sadie had prepared for me and grabbed the attached dildo, getting used to controlling it.  The dildo seemed to be the same length and width of the largest dildo I have used on Ted but I knew there was more than met the eye.  I signaled to Sadie that I was ready and she used her remote control to power on the TV.  Ted watched as a muscular man in only his underwear was shown.  I started to laugh but I kept quiet so Ted wouldn’t hear me.


The man started taking off his underwear and just as he was being revealed I stepped in front and pushed my dildo up against Ted’s mouth and said “Suck my dick, slaveboy.”


I realize now that showing a man on screen is not a standard tactic used by professional dominants but Sadie had cooked this up at my request and we had worked out the details via e-mail.  With Ted’s back and butt still showing those pretty marks I think he appreciated the respite from pain.  Once he started sucking my dick I could tell that he was into it but I wondered how he would take the surprise.  I tried not to thrust too hard because I did not want to gag him but I think I did connect with the back of his throat once.  Ted kept sucking and licking my dildo and then I started acting as though I was having an orgasm.


This was very difficult for me, especially in front of someone, but I kept at it and then built to a climax.  I pressed the button and Ted’s mouth was filled with a creamy white substance coming from the dildo.  He was frozen in surprise as I pulled the dildo out of his mouth and squirted the rest of the substance all over his face.


I broke out laughing and couldn’t stop for at least a minute.  The humiliated or disgusted look on Ted’s face was just about the most priceless thing I have ever seen.  He quickly realized what was going on but even then it was very embarrassing not only because I was making him think about a man, or “forced bi” as it’s called, but also doing this in front of someone.  I think he was legitimately humiliated.


I made Ted lick up all of the excess from the dildo and then I used a finger to wipe it off from his face and made him lick my finger.  Then I told him to swallow and watched as he made a difficult effort to force it down.  We both knew that it was some sort of harmless yogurt or something, or at least that is what Sadie told me, but even the simulation of the act was a lot of fun.


Then I went to Ted’s rear and fucked him from behind.  The TV was showing Ted a somewhat wide shot of the front of that naked man as I used a whole lot of lube Sadie gave me.  I then very slowly began inserting the dildo into Ted who gasped and groaned until it was inside him with a yelp and then a sigh of relief when it was fully inside of him and no longer painful.  I fucked him as he watched a naked man and hopefully had some feeling that he was being made to enjoy forced bi.  As is usual, Ted whined for most of the few minutes I fucked him and it always makes me feel good to thrust inside of him even though I don’t get any direct physical feeling from it.  I enjoy controlling every whine and gasp of breath from Ted’s mouth and to have him watch a naked man made me laugh.  I enjoy laughing at my husband’s humiliation.


Sadie seemed to be having a lot of fun, too, as she was laughing along with me and egging me on but when I focused on her I became a bit self-conscious.  I slowly pulled the dildo out of Ted to his big sigh of relief once it was out.  Sadie turned off the TV and I removed the dildo out of the harness and brought it into a nearby bathroom to soak in warm soapy water, as Sadie instructed me.


I decided that Ted and I had enough for the evening, although I could sense that Sadie was ready to show us more, and Ted and I politely said good night to her.  I pulled Ted along by his leash, walking upright this time, up the stairs and through the dungeon door to end up in our bedroom.  I will not go into any detail about the rest of the evening but I will say that Ted told me this was about the best experience he has been through, other than our wedding, and he thanked me again and again.  I too had a great time and felt great about sharing such an experience with him.  I looked forward to things Ted didn’t know were in his future and the little devil in me smiled.



Chapter 6: A Long Weekend


I have asked Ted to write this chapter.  I wanted to write on my own (with his help proofreading) about the entire weekend but this chapter would be best from his perspective.


I am itching to write about the entire weekend but I will just focus on Saturday.  After being wiped out by the previous night’s activity (I wrote an article about this called “BDSM Cure For Insomnia” which is posted on my web page) I slept like a log.


I was still asleep when they came into our room at around 5:00am.  I must have heard something because I woke up just a moment before I was grabbed while in bed but I did not react maybe because of the cobwebs I felt at just waking up.  There were at least two people, one put tape over my mouth followed by a blindfold over my eyes while the other was putting me in a hogtie with expert hands.  I quickly realized that this must be part of the weekend of fun and didn’t struggle.  The truth is that I am not much of a fighter anyway and if I wanted to struggle I was certain that it would be futile.  So I just let them do what they wanted to do.


Once my mouth was taped and I was hogtied and blindfolded, the two people lifted me and carried me out of the room.  I don’t wear anything while I sleep so I wondered if clothes would be put on me but I had no such luck.  They were very good at being careful enough not to injure or even hurt me while not allowing me any ability to struggle out of it.  As I was being lifted I heard my wife Anna say “I’m sorry Ted, this is going to help me in the future” before her voice trailed away as I was taken out of the room.


Anna’s voice helped solidify my knowledge that this was part of the plans for this weekend and I had already begun to enjoy this.  I don’t know why but the idea of being lifted and carried is quite exciting to me.  It’s sort of the ultimate lack of control, not even being able to have any say in the destination of my body.  And abduction fantasies are fairly common, I believe.  I know that I have certainly fantasized about it myself.


And here I was, being put into some sort of vehicle outside, probably a van or pickup truck, and gently laid into a very large box of some sort which was closed above me.  I could not move due to the hogtie other than to shift a bit to alleviate some of the pressure on my back and I tried to keep wiggling my hands and feet to keep my circulation going.  The vehicle started moving and I tried to get some sort of sense of direction but I quickly realized that it was futile and I just surrendered myself to the enjoyment of being abducted.  I figured that I would be driven around a bit and returned to Sadie’s dungeon, or at least I hoped so because any scene without the direct involvement of my wife just wouldn’t seem like any fun.  In case Anna was not going to be directly involved I tried to think of this as being sent to a spa for a day of treatment but even that would feel strange because I want my Anna.


Also, one of the main reasons for this weekend was about mentoring Anna and I didn’t think that a kidnap scene would help with that.


That said, it was fun to be blindfolded and hogtied while being transported somewhere.  It was a somewhat long drive, maybe 20-30 minutes, and then once we stopped the two men (I must have heard a grunt or two or some other sound letting me know that they were men) lifted and carried me inside somewhere.


I tried to focus on where I might be.  I knew the layout of Sadie’s dungeon and while I wouldn’t be able to determine much in my present state, I could definitely figure out if we were going downstairs into her basement dungeon.  I remembered that the double-door entry to her basement dungeon was wide enough for equipment deliveries so even while hogtied I could fit through those doors.


I was able to fit through whatever doors I may have been carried through but there were no stairs.  I was set on the ground which was a hard though somewhat flexible surface which I couldn’t figure out.  I was untied but hands held my arms and lifted me up to a standing position while my wrists were restrained apart from each other in front of me.  I sensed that I was being restrained at another whipping post.


I began to realize that my wife would not be in on this unless she too traveled at least a dozen miles to where we were.  This clearly was not Sadie’s dungeon as the flooring and the lack of stairs ruled that out.  I tried to listen for clues but could only hear the two men who were manhandling me without saying a word.


Finally, one of the guys said something as he brushed his hand along my back.  I didn’t like being touched that way by anyone but my wife and I worried that the touching may become even more intrusive over time.  He said “If it’s any consolation, your wife is going to enjoy the $2000 for the fun we are going to have with you this weekend.”


I didn’t believe it for a second.  There is no way in the world Anna would rent me out without talking with me.  There is no way she would rent me out period, or at least not for less than a million dollars (just to pick a number).  I just hoped that she didn’t intend for this ruse to be dragged out to the point of these guys doing inappropriate things to me.


Still, I admit that I was enjoying this despite my worry.  The entire morning so far was completely out of my hands as I was gagged and not able to struggle away.  It was like being strapped into an amusement park ride and just trusting it will be fun, except that I didn’t choose to be on this ride.  I felt very submissive, if that is a word which applies here.  I guess relaxed is a better word for what I was feeling.


Then my mood changed completely.  I heard the clear crack of a bullwhip near me.


I blog from time to time about a bullwhip my wife uses on me.  She just giggles uncontrollably as I yell and squirm around while she whips me with it as I stand and place my hands in front of me against a wall in our bedroom.  It hurts but it is an inexpensive and thin bullwhip which I am sure is made for beginners.  I know that a real bullwhip as I see in BDSM videos or on sites which sell custom BDSM bullwhips would hurt a whole lot more.  I had doubts that I could even take the pain of a real BDSM bullwhip and it didn’t matter because those were out of our price range anyway, not to mention that we don’t have the space required in our house for a real bullwhip.


I listened to a few more cracks of the bullwhip on the ground and it was clearly a thick and real bullwhip, not a thin beginner’s whip.  I squirmed around as I stood and I inadvertently whined as a response to one particularly loud crack and I was rewarded with a chuckle from one of the guys in the room.


They wouldn’t whip me with a real bullwhip.  They just wouldn’t.  My wife would never let anyone else whip me and especially not with something as extreme as a real bullwhip.  This had to be a recording of a whip or they were just threatening.  Come to think of it, though, my wife would not want me naked in front of others.


One guy said “Time for your whipping now, boy!”  He couldn’t.  It just won’t happen.  I felt confident that I would feel a feather or some other joke.  Still, I braced myself just in case.


Then I felt a thick bullwhip stroke across my back.  It felt like absolute fire and I was stunned.  My breath was taken away.  My knees almost buckled but somehow I had enough awareness to stay upright, although a short fall to the flexible ground would not have hurt me that much if the restraints would have even let me down which was questionable.  I heard both of the guys laugh briefly as if it was just a good time to them.


After just one stroke of the bullwhip I didn’t know how much of this I could take and I hoped the pain wouldn’t become so much that I couldn’t enjoy it at all.  I was still confident that this was all a setup because a professional dominatrix such as Sadie wouldn’t risk her career just to set up a $2000 weekend and my wife would never go along with it anyway.


The first stroke did not have much crack to it but the second stroke did, and the increase in pain was beyond what I could take.  I screamed uncontrollably through the gag and my entire body thrashed around.  Somehow I remained upright and I felt a hand under my upper arm helping me keep stable.  The whipping was paused and the guy holding my arm told me “You’re going to be whipped for a half hour, do you think you can take it?”  I sensed some compassion and for the first time all morning I felt that I had some input into my fate.


I shook my head no and said in a high-pitched begging voice “No, please no more I can’t take it” but it was completely unintelligible into the gag.  The man said “It doesn’t matter, boy, you’re our slave for the weekend and you have no choice.”  He punctuated this with an open hand hard slap on my naked butt and then stepped back to resume the whipping.


I started whining through the gag but that didn’t stop the next whip stroke which hit my butt with some wrap-around to the front, just missing my genitals.  The next stroke also hit my butt although I was spared feeling the wrap-around.  Both strokes hurt but not as bad as the first two strokes and I was not in too much pain.  One of the guys said “Wait” and there was some movement behind me before he asked “Which one?” and the other guy replied “Probably the S, I think that would be easier to take.”


My brain immediately started thinking what “the S” could be and I worked myself up over snake, sandpaper, and strap while I heard something being put into place on the floor near and behind me.  One of the guys said just behind me “Boy, we’ve got a nice branding iron for you” and I felt a finger trace the letter S on my butt.


There was no way that they would brand me.  It just wouldn’t happen.  Even if my wife had been paid $2000 for the weekend a brand would be way out of the question.  I knew this for 100% certainty, or at least 99.99% … but I cried anyway.  And I started whimpering through the gag.  Because I felt so helpless to do anything to stop these men.  Then the guy said in my ear “Don’t worry, the pain will only last a few seconds then it will be over.  Don’t cry little boy.”  He stepped back and it sounded like things were in place as there was a pause.


I then heard a brief sizzle from the ground near me.  Where I felt sad and afraid a few seconds earlier, I now felt panic.  I had to get out of there.  I pulled my hands to my sides and started running and I was going to keep running until I got home.  Except that I was restrained and hadn’t moved an inch.  I think I stopped breathing and I remember feeling a hot flash throughout my body as though I would faint.


I heard a brief chuckle of the man just behind me and then it happened.  I felt a searing pain in my butt and at the same time heard a truly sickening sizzle of flesh being burned.  I felt my entire life change in that split second.


Except that the pain in my behind was freezing cold and was not nearly as painful as I originally thought it was.  The sizzling sound continued but it was not my flesh being burned at all, it was from something on the floor.  I breathed again and the cold thing was removed from my butt which was no longer in pain.


The guys burst out laughing.  It was just a ruse.  I felt immense relief and then a bit of humiliation in being so used like that, but then I felt lightheaded from the emotional stress.  While the guys laughed it out of their systems I fought off fainting and managed to hold on by concentrating on the restraints around my wrists and ankles.  By the time the guys were done laughing I was in charge of my senses again and breathing normally, though still somewhat emotionally shaken.


Then I was whipped on my upper back with a belt.  One of the guys had apparently decided that it was time for physical pain and he just laid into me over and over between my shoulder blades.  It hurts like hell when my wife does this to me but I love it anyway because it makes me feel like her victim.  I didn’t want to feel like anyone else’s victim so the pain I felt at this guy’s hands was just bad pain.  I tried to concentrate on my breathing and even tried to hum a song to distract myself but those things didn’t work and I felt every damned crack of the strap against my back.  Can’t he move around where he straps me?  No, five blows, ten, twenty, I lost count, all between my shoulder blades.  There was time between blows as none of them were rapid fire but every one of them was agony.


I was crying, screaming, yelling, and everything in between and I felt like I couldn’t take any more without going insane.  I would have safe worded after just about ten blows but it didn’t matter because my mouth was taped shut.  I don’t know how I got enough oxygen through only my nose but to my dismay I wasn’t close to passing out.


Finally, the whipping stopped and my back felt like it was on fire.  It took me at least 30 seconds to catch up on breathing while the guys were commenting how great it was to have a whipping boy for the entire weekend.  I was miserable and wondered how I got into such a helpless and horrifying situation, although I realized that the strapping was nothing my wife hasn’t given me many times at home in our bed.


I then felt hands on my butt cheeks and the hands started caressing around to my hips and then up along my sides to my chest where fingers then gently played with my nipples.  Now not only would I be tortured all weekend but I would be molested.


When my wife gently plays with my nipples like this it always gets me aroused but I didn’t want this from someone else so I shook my head and made “no no” sounds through the gag.  It had been over a week, though, since I had been allowed an orgasm and I could not stop my erection.  After another 30 seconds or so I stopped resisting because after the excruciating pain from the bullwhip and the strap this teasing and touching felt so good.  With one hand still caressing my nipple, the other hand moved down to grab my erection and I heard the other guy behind me laugh.


I felt a clothed body against my back and the nipple tease stopped although the other hand was still grabbing my erection.  Lips kissed the side of my neck and I heard in my ear “I love you.”  That was Anna’s voice!


I knew it all along.  There was never a time when I feared that I was really being abducted or rented out.  My wife just wouldn’t let that happen.  I admit that in the heat of some moments I felt real fear and victimization but when I had my senses I knew that the situation was too far out there to be real.  It was an interesting experience – scary and fun at the same time – although I learned my limitations with a strap and I gained even more respect for a real bullwhip.  I don’t think that we will be purchasing a bullwhip anytime soon!



Chapter 7: More Instruction


I wish I could say that Ted was lying or covering up his being fooled but I knew going in that he is basically impossible to fool so I believe him.  He didn’t realize, though, that I was the one with the bullwhip and the one touching him all along, to the laughter of the guys and Sadie watching us.  I explained that while Ted was being driven around, I was receiving hands on instruction from Sadie on how to use a real bullwhip.


I loved cracking that whip.  I really loved it.  Until Sadie started telling me about it, I hadn’t realized how dangerous it could be to use a bullwhip and I must say that I was very nervous but Sadie showed me an easy stroke to use on Ted.  She tried to tell me that Ted might not be able to take more than a couple of strokes but I didn’t believe her until I saw his body’s reaction and we decided to stop the whipping after only a few blows.  I used his belt on him like I do probably more than once a week so I figured it would be safe but in reading his account just now I hadn’t realized that the experience was so severe for him, due to the abduction scenario.


I also read in the previous chapter where Ted said we would not be purchasing a bullwhip anytime soon but he and I will talk about that and I guarantee that his mind will change.  I will sign up for a class or something to learn how not to hit so hard at first and he will be fine.


I also liked that he noticed the difference in the layout of Sadie’s dungeon.  Ted tends to think in black and white and just didn’t think about the idea that Sadie’s dungeon can accept deliveries in two places, down the stairway or in a back door into the basement.  And I knew that he would be confused by the temporary flooring we put down around the whipping post.  So we didn’t fool him completely but we did put some fear in his mind!


Anyway, that was fun but I wanted to learn about almost everything else in Sadie’s dungeon so I told Ted to go take a shower and I talked with Sadie about what’s next.  I thanked the guys before they left and they told me that they had a lot of fun and one of them offered to take it farther next time.  I said thanks but I think I’ve had enough of that sort of fun.


Ted has always fantasized about impact, especially whipping, so Sadie and I agreed in our e-mail planning to focus on that Friday night but for some reason I particularly enjoy CBT which is cock-and-ball torture, even though Ted never brought that up as a fantasy of his.  This is equipment I don’t have and I love just torturing and playing with Ted.  It seems so out of bounds.  Who on earth would want to hurt someone there?  Me, that’s who.  And Ted’s reactions are fun to watch as he always seems to be incredulous that he is having to suffer in such a sensitive and vulnerable spot.


I get a bit squeamish about Ted’s balls, though, as that seems to be particularly vulnerable to damage.  I’ve read about so-called ballbusting and I have even seen videos of woman kicking a guy there but I just don’t see how that can be done safely and I don’t want to risk it.  Still, I am fascinated by it and couldn’t resist when Sadie offered to show me a technique which seemed interesting to me.


In one of the dungeon rooms I used equipment to keep Ted immobile.  With Ted’s calves and thighs in large solid metal restraints so that he could not do anything but stand in place, and his wrists tightly restrained to a strong leather collar around his neck, I applied the ball crusher which Sadie had shown me how to use while Ted was taking his shower.


Ted recognized the equipment right away and his eyes widened in fear.  It’s a simple device, really, just put the balls between the two ends of the clamp and twist at the mechanism slowly closing the ends together with the balls crushed in between.


As I was putting his balls in place Ted said “Princess, I don’t think I can take any of that” and his anxiety was clear in his voice.  I replied “And what are your choices?”


I love running circles around his logic.  I just love it.  He is very logical and rational, helping me with issues in my career, family, and everywhere else.  He is logical sometimes to a fault.  But in truth I love that about him.  That is why I love when I can shove his logic in his face and trap him with it.  He understood the logic of my simple question.  He had no choice but to take whatever I gave him.  Oh we both knew he could safe word but I wouldn’t let it get that far.  I should point out that with the gag in place during his abduction Ted could not safe word but Sadie assured me that if he had seemed in trouble such as grunting excessively or some other reaction, the guys knew what they were doing.  In reading Ted’s account in the last chapter I am not sure of that but what’s done is done.


Once the ball crusher was in place Ted started to grunt a bit in fear, even before I started turning the crank.  He stared at that crank like it was a bomb about to go off.  I touched the crank and he said “Please!”  I started to turn the crank and Ted whined “Pleeeease!”  I turned the crank a bit more and he hissed an intake of breath.  He was on pins and needles and looked like he would cry, even though he was not in any pain yet.


On the next small turn of the crank he let out a quick whine and I could tell that the pain had begun.  I stepped back and said to Sadie “Okay, your turn!” and Sadie said “Good, I’m going to show you how to make him scream his lungs out!”  Sadie stepped up to Ted who looked somewhat white with fear.


We stopped the scene, as planned, and Ted let out a huge sigh of relief as I removed the ball crusher.  Like I said, I just don’t like to risk anything with his balls.  But a little fear is fun, or a lot.


Our next activity included fear and also a lot of pain.  I enjoy using a neon wand on Ted’s groin as I just crank it up to the maximum setting and have at it.  Ted completely screams and jerks his body as much as he can every time.  He can’t handle even one zap there without screaming.  I love it because it gets such a reaction from him and he can’t believe how ballsy I am, so to speak.


Sadie recommended a different approach and, since I wanted to learn as much as I could, I was game.  She offered me a violet wand but I stuck with what I knew which was the neon wand.  At Sadie’s request I used the mildest of the four attachments this time and I could tell that this made Ted more relaxed than usual, although that could have also been from relief at not having his balls crushed a few minutes earlier.


I used a low power setting and started off zapping Ted’s stomach.  Ted did not react so I knew that the effect was minimal, if he even felt it at all.  I then moved the wand down to Ted’s groin and sensed him tense up slightly but when I applied the wand to his shaft he gave just a very slight reaction.  This is what Sadie had suggested, going easy on Ted at first and ramping things up.  It was a theme in several of our e-mails over the previous week.


It was a good suggestion here because it allowed me to spend a long time painting Ted’s body with different power levels of the wand and slowly building up the intensity.  Sadie described it as processing the pain and that fit as I saw Ted use different breathing and whining techniques to deal with the zaps as they hit the tender spots of his groin.  I am certain that Ted enjoyed the much longer neon wand session and all of the fear and victimization from it while I got my sadistic enjoyment building to the ending and then delivering with the full force zaps on the head of his penis.  He screamed his lungs out and I giggled as usual.


Once I was done with the neon wand I wanted to go on to the next torture but Sadie recommended another break for Ted.  I don’t know how he thinks he could go through hours of uninterrupted torture but I’m getting the impression that this includes plenty of breaks.


Sadie recommended breakfast so I put the collar on Ted and led him by the leash up the stairs and into the dining room where I guided him down onto his hands and knees next to my chair where he was allowed to drink water from a dog bowl while I slipped off my shoes and rested my bare feet on his back.  Several minutes later Sadie brought in a good brunch of quiche, a mixed fruit salad, and a muffin for both Ted and me.  Ted is a slow eater in general and I knew that having to eat all of his breakfast from a plate on the floor without using his hands would take forever so once I was done with breakfast I moved his plate and bowl onto a towel laid in front of a couch in the living room.  I lay back to close my eyes for several minutes while resting my feet on Ted’s back as he finished his breakfast.


After brunch it was naptime for Ted.  His body needed some time to digest the brunch so Sadie and I led him back down to the dungeon and put him into sensory deprivation bondage.  Ted was shackled spread-eagled to an upright heavy metal frame with enough supports for his body so that he was comfortable and secure.  The look on his face was priceless as he was clearly afraid of being completely immobile within the rigid frame.  Once locked in, Ted had movement only in his face, fingers, and toes.


Then Sadie put one of those sensory deprivation helmets on Ted.  I get uncomfortable seeing how tightly constricting they can be and I had hoped I could put a helmet on him by myself but I had to step back and turn my head away as Sadie took care of it.  I caught a glimpse of Ted’s terrified face as the helmet was pulled over his head and I felt a strong pang of sympathy.  If I were ever put into a helmet like that … well, I just shudder to think about it.


The helmet had heavy padded earmuffs, a large ball gag, heavy blinders, and just two nose holes for breathing.  I made sure that Sadie used the helmet she had with the biggest air holes so that Ted wouldn’t hyperventilate.


We didn’t tell Ted, of course, that this was a rest for him so his body remained tense and quivering in fear or anticipation from time to time.  But we didn’t bother him, although we stayed nearby to watch him just in case something happened.  I doubt that it was relaxing at all for him but at least it let his food digest.  Sadie had assured me that if Ted were truly in trouble he would either wiggle his fingers rapidly or we could detect a problem such as panic or breathing problems.  These helmets were safe, though, even though I was uneasy about it.


I enjoyed talking with Sadie for the next hour.  Her life is fascinating, completely immersed in BDSM from her career, her boyfriends, and even her slaves.  To have a bunch of slaves at her whim was amazing to me.  Even so, I was glad not to have all of that responsibility, one slave is enough effort!  After 15 minutes or so my slight discomfort at what Ted was going through transformed into enjoyment.  Either he was enjoying his temporary separation from the universe or else he was suffering because I made him suffer.  Both of these possibilities gave me a warm feeling of taking care of my slave.


When the hour was up I reluctantly agreed to release Ted.  Sadie told me that some people stay in sensory deprivation bondage for hours but for Ted’s first time an hour is a good amount.  She had actually tried to get me to agree to 15 or 30 minutes but I felt that an hour would be fine for Ted.


I no longer felt uncomfortable at all about the helmet but I did have some trepidation when I started removing all of its straps and fasteners.  Would Ted’s face be white as a ghost and barely able to breathe?  Would there be tears running down his face?  I kind of hoped for tears.


After I had released all of the straps and began to pull the helmet off his head, I saw that Ted was smiling and once his face was free of the helmet he said quietly “I love you, Sweetie.”  I didn’t care that Sadie was there watching, I said “I love you, too” and gave Ted a long kiss.


Once I stepped back, helmet in hand, I saw that Ted had dried tears on his face so I asked him tentatively “Are you okay?” and he replied “Yes, wonderful, my Princess.”  Had I known that he would get all sappy just from being immobile and unable to see or hear for an hour, I would have done this a long time ago!


Feeling at this moment especially the strong love that we have for each other, I wanted to hear him scream in agony.  Did I just type that?  Well, it’s true.  Seeing so many others on web site communities who enjoy BDSM, I am coming to terms with my sadistic desires for Ted.


I asked Sadie for more CBT toys while Ted was still completely immobilized and she was happy to oblige.  I thought about putting the helmet back on him but I like to see his face and hear him scream when I torture him.  I hadn’t really fathomed that a man’s scrotum could handle a dozen wooden clothespins but Sadie knows best and the fear and pain Ted expressed, not to mention all of his anxious and heartfelt begging, really pushed my happy buttons.  I also put clothespins on Ted’s nipples and one on each of his lips which interrupted his begging but not his yelling in pain.  Then I put a clothespin on the tip of his penis and his groaning and whining in pain stopped as he tried to process the new pain.  Sadie and I shared a smile as we watched Ted concentrate on breathing regularly.


For the first time in the weekend, Sadie urged me to continue torture as I had wanted to start removing clothespins after just a minute or two.  It wasn’t until Ted’s tears were streaming quickly down his face, maybe after 10 minutes of this torture, that I started removing clothespins, to Ted’s yelp with most every clothespin removed.


Sadie and I carefully released Ted from the metal frame bondage and I helped him down to the carpeted floor as his body was very weak from over an hour of complete immobility and 10 minutes of torture.  I slipped my shoes off and allowed Ted to kiss my bare feet for a few minutes as I knew that would calm him down.  Even after a few minutes he was still a bit agitated but I couldn’t help myself and I asked Sadie to give me a sharp pin which I used to poke Ted’s bare butt a bunch of times, not hard enough to draw blood but enough to get Ted whining again in pain.


I led Ted by his leash to a spanking bench where I used a hard paddle on his butt.  It wasn’t an intense spanking but I enjoyed the exercise.  I took it easy on him because he was looking worn out from the CBT.


Next was a nice wax and ice session with Ted tied face down to a massage table covered by a towel.  I feel confident on my own with this but I let Sadie guide me to what I probably would have done anyway.  Ted screamed, laughed, and gurgled, he had a great time.  I guess he wasn’t actually laughing but sometimes the sounds of pain he makes sound like a laugh.


I won’t go into detail what Ted and I did for the next couple of hours during a private afternoon break and snack in our room, but I will say that our bodies were almost never out of close contact and while Ted’s “denial” extended past his current 8 days, there was no denial for me.  I know that dominant women depicted in porn videos and stereotypes depict someone cold, cruel, and uncaring but I love my man and don’t fit any of that stereotype.  Well, cruel maybe.  Definitely.


After all of the more sensual torture today, I wanted some more good old fashioned impact.  There is nothing like the feeling of beating Ted and making him scream and cry from my direct efforts.  Sadie showed me a padded spanking bench which I restrained Ted to and then I had at him with a variety of different straps, all of them thicker than Ted’s belt which I use on him regularly.  It was astounding how many implements of impact Sadie had and it was fun to experiment, with Ted giving a different type of yell of pain from each implement.


I strapped his butt, of course, and also his upper back.  I loved the sound of especially the wider straps on his skin and the resulting sound of his yelling in pain, which started quickly after just a few blows.  I particularly enjoy delivering a good loud blow to the middle of his upper back, over and over, aiming for the same spot as with the strapping I gave him the previous morning when he thought he was being whipped by a man.  I tried to slow down as much as I could to give Ted a break but I don’t think I was very successful as he was yelling with just about every stroke of a strap.  Poor Ted seemed to almost try to pull his wrists and ankles out of their sockets to try to get away but he was secured tightly.


Sadie and I had discussed bastinado so she helped me tie Ted’s two big toes together and then tie his big toes back to the spanking bench so that his soles were exposed and could not move.  I have beat Ted’s soles with a stick several times before but I always worry about causing him injury.  Sadie helped me through e-mail and during this scene in getting confidence that as long as I use a thin and flexible stick she showed me and as long as I focus on the arches, I would not cause any damage and could continue beyond Ted’s screaming point, which I like because screaming is not a safe word.


After all of the yelling from the different straps against his butt and back, I thought Ted would be too fatigued to do much screaming but I was definitely wrong about that.  After just a few hits on the soles of his feet, Ted was yelling in pain again.  A few more whacks and he was yelling loud with each blow.  A few more and he was literally screaming continuously.  Sadie motioned for me to slow down but my little devil was out in full force and besides Ted could safe word whenever he wanted, if he could stop screaming enough.


After a half minute or so of beating his feet hard and fast I got tired of hearing so much screaming and I paused.  I gave Ted a few seconds of rest but before he caught his breath I started whacking again.  Just before his screaming began again I heard him say “Yellow ahhhh!!” so I stopped.  This time his scream lasted only a few seconds as I was caressing his hair to calm him down.  I should have listened to Sadie and slowed down so I guess that is a learning experience for me.


Ted began sobbing and begging to be released from the spanking bench.  At first I wanted to simply torture him some more while he begged but I quickly remembered that we were in safe mode as he had just a half minute ago said the safe word.  I removed his restraints and helped him to his feet before he slowly collapsed to the floor to hug my legs and cry his eyes out.  I crouched down and caressed his head and arms as he sobbed and then calmed down after a few minutes.


Once Ted was mostly calm again I helped him up and we hugged for a couple of minutes before going upstairs to the dining room for dinner.  He seems to go through such trauma when I torture the hell out of him but he always manages to smile or give me some other caress or signal to let me know that he is truly enjoying himself, and I marvel at how he can enjoy such pain but he has told me that he has never not enjoyed anything I have done to him and he has convinced me to believe him.


Dinner was great except that I forgot now what we ate.  I think that it was a chicken casserole.  I was so busy talking with Sadie that I don’t remember much about the meal itself, other than Ted having to eat on his hands and knees from a dish and drinking from a dog bowl on the floor.  Ted’s slow eating again worked out well because it gave Sadie and me more time to talk about the D/s lifestyle in general, including several interesting stories of her experiences.  Every now and then I glimpsed a smile from Ted when we talked about something I seemed to be interested in which would be very humiliating for him.


And that is one of the things on this trip which I learned about Ted and about myself.  While giving pain and torture are fun, that does not comprise anything close to a majority of our time together and it is easy to implement frequent subtle or not-so-subtle humiliations to continue to make Ted feel like the slave he aspires to be.  Ted has always told me that he is not a pain slut and only enjoys the pain I give him for the intense victimization it makes him feel.  With the application of plenty of demeaning tasks and mindsets, I can keep Ted in his place as much as I wanted, even 24/7, without any sort of elaborate scene of pain.


Still, I enjoy a good scene of pain and Sadie was a great Mistress for that.



Chapter 8: Makeup


Ted was exhausted from all of the pain today and I think he hoped for a break after dinner because when I told him it was time for more fun he groaned.  From time to time Ted likes to act the victim as if he doesn’t want to be tortured even before we start a scene but this time I could sense that he had enough pain for now.  That didn’t affect my plans, though.


Sadie and I led Ted back down into the dungeon and into a room with an extravagant makeup and wardrobe station.  The look on Ted’s face was priceless and I could see the wheels moving behind his eyes about how he would have to wear full makeup, a dress, and probably jewelry.


One time recently I did put almost full makeup on Ted’s face.  It was a lot of fun making him look in the mirror and taking pictures of girly trampy Tedwina but in all honesty he did not make a good looking strumpet and I am not a fan of forced feminization.  I enjoy making Ted wear panties underneath his clothes when he goes to work or a French maid outfit when he vacuums our house but I would not want anything much more than that.


So I startled Ted by telling him that the makeup station was not for him but for me.  Sadie would help me teach Ted how to put on my makeup.


This didn’t turn out to be a good idea.  I washed my face in a nearby sink and then started showing Ted how to put on my makeup but I felt uncomfortable having him near my eyes as clumsy as he sometimes gets and it wasn’t fun anyway so we stopped and I just finished putting on a simple version of my usual routine.  Sadie was bored and wanted to put some eye shadow and lipstick on Ted so I let her do that.


What that was done we went into a room with a massage table which doubles as a torture table and, to Ted’s surprise again, we had another learning session.  Sadie is a licensed massage therapist and was very gracious in offering to me for Ted to learn how to give several different types of enjoyable massages, with specific lessons for each part of my body.  I provided him pen and paper so he can take notes because his memory is otherwise poor.  Ted thanked me.  That is one thing I enjoy, when Ted thanks me for the pleasure of serving me.


I am sure that massage is not what Ted was thinking about when I told him that we were spending a weekend in Sadie’s dungeon but for me this was this was the highlight of the weekend, not only to receive long and wonderful massages to every part of my body but also for Ted to learn how to massage me properly just the way I like it.  It is good to be the Princess.


Sadie had Ted start massaging my feet and he needed very little instruction there, with all of the experience he has had with my feet.  At Sadie’s instruction Ted then moved on to my calves and then my thighs, with different types of massage on each and depending upon the exact area.  Sadie made sure that Ted did not rush and just massaging my legs took him an hour.  A wonderful hour and it was just the beginning.  I will not detail the entire 2-and-a-half hours but suffice to say that I was in bliss the entire time.  When it was done Ted’s arms and fingers were clearly hurting from all of the activity and yet he got on his knees and kissed my feet to sincerely thank me for allowing him to serve me.


I felt guilty for putting Sadie through this.  It is much more exciting for her to participate or even watch an S&M scene and this must have bored her to tears but she was very patient and accommodating by reading her e-book reader at times and I knew that I would want to make it up to her somehow.


I thanked Ted with words and the look in my eyes.  And later in bed, I treated him to a nice long session of tease and denial, bringing him to the edge several times.  He tells me that he loves this even if it is a type of torture.  Also, after over a week without an orgasm and now being such a good boy learning how to give me hours of massage, I am certain that he expected a happy ending.  But poor Ted, he had to wait a bit longer, and instead I allowed him to bring me to a happy ending before we snuggled and went to sleep.



Chapter 9: The Future


Sunday morning Ted was almost overflowing with sexual energy and need.  I could have told him to stop pushing himself against me but I love when he does that and would never want him to stop, even though I tease him about it.


Speaking of teasing, I couldn’t resist giving him more of that.  His moans are somewhat similar to his groans of pain when I am torturing him.  As I was stroking him I told Ted the way things are going to be.  He was rather compliant for some reason.


I said “Ted, you’ve told me that you wanted me to take 24/7 control of you, right?”  He replied “Yes, Princess, mmm.”  I continued “From now on I am going to take that control.  You are my slave.  Do you understand and agree?”  Ted replied with enthusiasm beyond just the physical sensations he was feeling “Yes, Princess, I agree 100%, thank you!”


I said “I will listen to everything you have to say but ultimately anything I say goes.  If you want to do something but I want you to do something different, what will you do?”  He replied “I will obey completely, Princess, I promise.  Mmmm ohhh.”  He almost went over the edge at this point, his emotional pleasure matching the physical.  I managed to stop any contact in time, before resuming a minute later.  I continued “If you want to spend any money whatsoever beyond $15, other than on gas for your car, you must get on your knees and beg me to allow it.  Do you understand and agree?”


Ted responded again “Yes, Princess, I understand and agree fully.”  I started to feel a bit guilty at coercing his agreement to all of these things but I knew that I wouldn’t hold him to any of this until we discussed it in detail when we got home.  For now, I enjoyed the feeling of submission I felt flowing from him, in anticipation of something else flowing from him soon.  Ted continued “I swear to be your complete slave.  I swear it.  Please let me inside you.  Please.”


His plea almost got to me.  It did get to me but I managed to stay on point and avoid the temptation of getting on top of him right at the moment.  I had more on the agenda and said “Be patient, you’ve waited this long, you can wait longer.  Maybe I’ll have you wait until next weekend.  That would be fun, wouldn’t it?”


Ted’s head shot up off the bed and he looked at me with a combination of desperation and surprise, which turned to almost crying begging.  I said “You better be a good boy” and he laid his head back down and practically whined as he said “I swear it, I will do anything you say, I swear it.”


In reality, I don’t want to turn Ted into what I would consider a slave.  I want him to be the same loving man I married and I don’t want him to truly suffer.  I have learned, though, that having 24/7 control has a lot of appeal.  For times when I just want my loving Ted I treat him that way and for times I want groveling, obedient, or suffering Ted, I can get what I want anytime.  Also, I want him to remain strong and I have learned that by allowing Ted to serve me and be victimized by me, he feels more fulfilled which has a positive influence on him as a whole.  I have been thinking about this ever since beginning to message with Sadie about it and 24/7 definitely fits what I would like and I am sure that Ted will agree, even without any immediate physical incentive.


I rather enjoyed the physical incentive, though, and kept up the pressure as I said “Whenever you or I enter each other’s presence at home alone, you must get on the floor and kiss my feet.  No exceptions unless I tell you otherwise.  Do you hear me?”  Ted replied “I hear and obey, Princess, I promise.”  I continued “When you are home you will always wear your collar except when getting into bed or when I tell you not to.  Got it?”  Ted responded “Yes, Princess.  Please let me inside of you.  Please?”  He was practically crying.  I said “Also, at all times when you are home you need to wear either your French maid outfit, the flowery housecoat which has slave written on it, or nothing.  Do you hear and obey?”  He said “I hear and obey Master, Mistr-, I mean Princess.”  Poor guy I think had enough and needed relief, which would have to wait a bit longer.


I said “We will work out more details for you later.  Now get down by my feet and kiss all the way up my legs….”  Around a half hour later Ted finally had his relief inside me, although it was with the pain of clothespins on his nipples and me reaching around to whack his butt repeatedly with a crop.  I absolutely love his explosion inside of me and denying him that for several days denies me also, but it’s worth it to keep him on an emotional high for several days whenever I feel like it.  Also, I enjoy hearing him whimper uncontrollably as he explodes inside of me.


The weekend wasn’t over, though, although I think Ted was emotionally exhausted and would have been fine with just driving home at this point.  We showered and later enjoyed breakfast with Sadie.  Ted was happy to be able to sit at the breakfast table like a human being and for the first time all weekend I felt awkward about Ted being naked in front of Sadie, because I didn’t have him in slave mode.


After breakfast we sat and talked with Sadie while on his own initiative Ted sat on the floor and rubbed my feet.  A half hour later we went down to the dungeon to take a sort of hands on tour of the rest of the dungeon.  Sadie showed us the toilet play room as Ted and I were thankful that Sadie was sensitive in the descriptions she had of the activities there, to avoid grossing us out.  Maybe someday I could see humiliating Ted by urinating on him but I don’t know because it seems too much for me.  I don’t think the humiliation would be too much and I even wonder if there is too much, it’s just that golden showers seem undesirable to me from a physical standpoint.


We moved on to the medical room which had all sorts of small instruments with which I could torture Ted.  Ted has a real fear of medical or dental situations and I think it would be too intense for him to be able to handle from a BDSM standpoint.  But then I thought that this would make it ideal for me to explore since he was in an environment which he knew would not harm him and he could safe word at any time.  On a whim I decided to go for it and had Ted sit in the dental chair, where I strapped him in so that he could barely move at all.


Sadie and I went into another room to discuss safety concerns in detail and what I should do to Ted.  When we returned Ted was clearly agitated but seemed determined to take his medicine, so to speak, like a trooper.  I used a mouth guard to keep his mouth open and moved the sharp pointy dental instrument into his mouth.  At this point I could almost literally feel the waves of terror emanating from his body and he whined softly every now and then, but he did not try to safe word even when I started poking specific sensitive areas on his gums.  He whined when I poked his gums and after several pokes he started crying in fear but he never safe worded.  My pokes were very small and I wouldn’t even have thought that they were painful but Ted is a baby when it comes to anything medical.


I removed the mouth guard and Ted breathed “Thank you, Princess.”  Then I picked up a classical medical needed used to give a shot and started moving it towards Ted’s arm.  He lost it, first begging and then babbling please not to hurt him.  I held the end of the needle enclosure against his arm and he tensed up even further.  I commanded him to watch as I made a visible effort to push my thumb down on the other side of the enclosure to push the needle out of the other end and into his arm.  His crying turned to a solid whine and his breathing was very erratic as he expected the needle to puncture his skin but he still did not safe word.  It was just a fake needle, of course, I figured that Ted would know that I wouldn’t puncture him but apparently he had some doubt.


He was sobbing even after realizing that it was a fake needle so I removed the straps and told him to stand up so that I could hug and caress his tears away.  Despite the hell I put him through sometimes, he always manages to repeat “I love you, Princess” over and over.


Ted and I toured a few other rooms but I held off on putting him through anything intense.  The medieval torture room was very interesting and I put Ted in each of the devices but I didn’t seriously threaten him with any of the agony, even though I couldn’t help but tease him with the thumbscrews and put him in the stock for 15 minutes.  I don’t think they did much of this in medieval times but, after I asked Sadie to look away, while Ted was in the stock I fondled him and was not surprised when his physical reaction was strong.  He has always fantasized about being in a stock and I even made him get into stocks at medieval type fairs and a Las Vegas hotel in front of others so that I could humiliate him in public, and that was all even before we were into BDSM.


Sadie had plans in the afternoon so I knew that we had to leave at noon.  Ted didn’t know that, though, and to my surprise he was genuinely disappointed when I said it was time to go, even though he was exhausted.  He didn’t say anything but after more than 15 years of marriage I usually know what he is thinking just from the expression on his face.


Ted got dressed and it seemed very strange to see him with any clothes on.  We thanked Sadie profusely and told her to call on us if she ever needed anything or if she was in our neighborhood.  When we got home we sent Sadie a registration for a full day treatment in a spa as I knew that she would enjoy that.


I drove us home because Ted was so exhausted.  He looked like a baby as he was curled up asleep in the passenger seat.  I realized that there were some activities we did not touch on such as age play (but I would have him in a diaper and pacifier a few days later) and animal play (though a few days later I bought a dog mask and locking fingerless mitts for his hands as well as a puppy tail butt plug) but it was a wonderful weekend and Ted and I learned a whole lot.


In the week since that weekend with Sadie, Ted and I have been discussing more about how 24/7 D/s will work for us and we will implement it soon.  One thing the weekend with Sadie helped me with is my confidence in asking for what I want from Ted.  But it isn’t even asking, it is telling.  I tell Ted what to do and he does it.  I have power over Ted.  The feeling is intoxicating and the reality is wonderful, although I am not so naive that I do not realize that there will be ups and downs as well as issues to work through.  I don’t understand how or why Ted could be okay with giving me this power over him but I am glad that he does because I could not imagine enjoying it without his full 100% support, encouragement, enjoyment, and fulfillment.


Ted and I will not need a contract but I do want a collaring ceremony once we feel comfortable with our 24/7 dynamic.  Sadie has agreed to allow us to rent her place one Saturday where she will perform the ceremony.  I am considering telling a few of my friends and family but I don’t know if I will be able to go through with that.


I have to admit that my favorite part of the weekend with Sadie was not the weekend itself but the later effects of the instruction she gave to Ted on how to give good massages.  I enjoy all of the other things and feel that it helped our relationship but there is something about getting a skillful and loving massage almost every day for the rest of my life which gives me goose bumps of joy and excitement just to think about it.  Ted and I went to Sadie’s for me to be mentored but in my view the greatest gift of learning went to Ted.




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