Traffic Stop



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Synopsis:  I am pulled over by a female police officer who cuffs and kidnaps me.  Codes = F/m, torture, non-consensual.



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The lady police officer asked me if I knew what I had done.  I am generally terrified of police or anyone with a gun.  Even though I am a man in my mid-30s with a decent amount of strength, I am reduced to feeling like a little kid in the presence of police.  It makes me nervous to know that my entire existence could be over just by a thought and a shot.  So when I reached for my driving license and car registration my hands shook and when I responded to her questions I stammered.


I replied to her latest question that I guess I made a rolling stop.  “You guess?” she asked and I replied that I was sure.  She asked me if I preferred traffic school or paying a big fine and watching my insurance rate go up.  I frowned and said that I was not sure.  She asked if I would like to get out of the ticket and I said yes ma’am.


She told me that she would like to handcuff my hands behind my back for a few seconds as she had received a new set of handcuffs designed to be softer on the wrists and wanted to see how they worked on a live subject.  That explanation didn’t make much sense to me and she seemed to be making it up but when she re-affirmed that she would not write me a ticket if I went along with this, I agreed.  I really hate traffic school and she was an officer of the law.


The handcuffs had some sort of lining inside the loops and weren’t very uncomfortable, just as she said.


However, once my wrists were handcuffed behind my back the officer wrapped her arm around my neck, almost choking me, and told me that I was going in her squad car and I better not put up any fight.  I felt like a stupid idiot for falling for her trick but it was too late now for regrets.


I was scared out of my mind.  She didn’t need a gun to kill me now and she was very hostile and aggressive so in fear I did not offer any resistance as she had me lie down in the back seat of her squad car and she fastened my handcuffs to the seat belt so that I could not get free.


As she drove me to our destination, I thought about how ridiculous this is.  She couldn’t get away with kidnapping.  Didn’t they have cameras on squad cars or was that just in some cities?  Even without a camera, it’s not realistic to think that a police officer would just kidnap someone like this.  And yet it was happening.


When we arrived, her attitude was still aggressive as she firmly guided me to walk through a locked door into a small one story black building tucked away from busy streets.  It was dark inside until she turned on the lights and I could see that it was clearly a place to restrain and torture people.  I was terrified, this couldn’t be happening!


The officer’s aggressive attitude softened and she smiled at my predicament.  She said “It looks like you’re starting to regret rolling through that stop sign, huh?”


I had no choice but to try to appeal to her humanity, if she had any.  “Please ma’am, please don’t hurt me, please, I’ll do anything you say” and I almost started crying.


She laughed and said “How trite!  Of course you’ll do anything I say.”


I said “No, I really mean it, please listen.  I will enthusiastically be your slave.  I will do anything you want, anything at all, if you please just don’t hurt me.  Anything.”


She seemed to consider this and said “That would be interesting.  To not even hurt you a little bit and have you completely obey me in every way.  Hmmm.  Nah!!  Torture and then obedience is much more fun!”  She laughed again.


I almost panicked and ran even though the door was closed and my hands were cuffed behind my back.


She held my upper arm and said “Honey, don’t worry, I’m just going to have some fun with you.  You won’t even be harmed, just poked a little.”


She stepped back and removed her helmet and released a clip to let her long brown hair loose.  I was beginning to feel less terrified and I noticed that she had a nice shape although her face was not much to look at.  My terror returned and I flinched as she brought a knife towards me.


She said “Stop being such a baby!  I’m just going to cut your shirt off so I can take a good look at you.”  It was only a tee shirt so I didn’t care about it being destroyed but I was worried that she would cut me accidentally, although she was careful to pull the shirt away from my body as she cut it open.


Once my shirt was off she ran her fingers along my chest and touched the tips of both of my nipples which made them hard and made me feel very vulnerable.  I have never liked having my nipples touched because it sort of tickles, not tickles exactly but it’s just uncomfortable and I don’t like feeling vulnerable at someone’s touch.


Fortunately, she stopped touching me for the moment.  She then had me sit on a couch and lift my feet so that she could remove my shoes, socks, and pants.  I thought about refusing but if I went down that road of confrontation I would risk losing control of the situation.  If I obeyed her then she would hopefully remain calm and I would not be harmed.  I believed her when she said she would not harm me, it would not look good in a court of law to see photographs of marks on my body from police brutality.  So I decided to just play along and hope this ends quickly.


She had me stand up in my underwear and turn around a couple of times in different poses as she checked me out.  She said she liked my body.  I sort of felt bad for her that she needed to use her position to kidnap someone just to be with a man.  In reality, she had an attractive enough body that men would find her desirable so maybe she just likes to play with guys who can’t fight back.


She removed my underwear and then started caressing my dick.  It felt good and it made me hard but seeing the restraint equipment nearby I knew that I was in for a difficult time.  She pulled me by my dick to the middle of the room and lowered a chain which looped through an eye bolt in the ceiling, fastened the chain to the handcuffs behind my back, and pulled on the other end of the chain to lift my hands toward the ceiling.  This caused my head to bow towards the floor with my arms lifted uncomfortably behind me while my feet were still on the ground.  With the lining inside the handcuffs my wrists weren’t in pain but the position was uncomfortable for most of my body.


She briefly pulled my head up by my hair for me to see a riding crop she was holding and as she walked behind my very exposed butt I became even more frightened.  I begged “Please don’t use that on me, please, please.”


She said “With sugar on top?”


I replied “Yes with sugar on top, please.”


She laughed and whacked my bare butt with the crop despite my begging.  Just one flick of her wrist sent me into agony and I let out a scream of pain.  I was shaking in fear waiting for the next blow but she walked in front of me and pulled my head up by the hair again, this time she leaned down and kissed me, invading my mouth with her tongue.


Maybe this situation is a sexual turn-on for some guys being chained up naked and sexually taken advantage of by a woman police office but for me it was an ordeal to get through.  My girlfriend and I have enough fun together and besides I hate being made vulnerable not to mention that it was against my will.  Also, I really hate pain.


Several cracks of the crop on my butt elicited screams of agony from me and I almost passed out even just from a handful of blows.  Then she gave me a very momentary break from pain as she picked up a flogger, showed it to me, and whipped my butt with it.  At first the pain of that was much less than from the crop but the pain increased with each blow until I was again screaming and thrashing about just trying to move my butt slightly out of harm’s way.


She then aimed the cat under my hands to strike my upper back between the shoulder blades.  Because of the aiming, the blows were not that strong but after several strokes the pain began to get unbearable and a few more after that I was yet again screaming in agony.  At this point I felt as though I would literally agree to anything to make the pain stop but I was in too much pain to put together a coherent sentence.


She finally stopped whipping me.  Maybe it wasn’t a long session and probably there are guys who would just love her to wail away on them for much longer but I was in a hell of pain and my head was in a fog.


Next, she lowered the chain from the ceiling so that my wrists would lower and I was able to stand upright with my hands still cuffed behind my back.  She told me to lie down on my stomach and I wanted to do everything I could to avoid angering her so I quickly obeyed.  My butt and back felt like acid had been poured on me.


My ankles were then tied together with thick rope and lifted somewhat off the ground.  Lying on my stomach with my bare feet somewhat in the air behind me I wondered what was going to happen because it didn’t seem like a normal torture position, not that I would know.  She put a pillow under my face so that my head was not resting on the ground.


I couldn’t see what she was doing but I felt some fabric being wrapped around my big toes and the rest of my toes as a group.  The fabric was then tied to my lower leg so that my feet were pulled back somewhat and immobile, though not in a particularly uncomfortable way.  This gave clear access to the soles of my feet and I began to feel some relief since I figured she was going to tickle my feet and I am not ticklish.


However, tickling wasn’t on the agenda.  The riding crop whacked against the soles of my feet and I let out a loud yelp of pain.  She hit my soles again and oh my gosh it hurt like I can’t even describe.  With my hands cuffed behind my back and my feet tied together behind me and raised in the air somewhat, I could only flop around a bit like a fish but I was every bit the fish struggling to get back in the water.  I think it was after the fourth whack of the crop on my feet that I began a constant scream through the next blows.  I screamed into the pillow and turned my head to breathe and scream.


Looking back now it was probably only a minute of feet whipping but the pain was so intense that it seemed to last 15 minutes.


She gave me a break and sat on the floor next to my head.  She said “Honey, I love your scream.”  My feet were burning in pain.


I was still trying to catch my breath but felt like I had to say something so she wouldn’t continue to torture me.  I would say and do anything.  I had the wits enough only to say “Please stop hurting me.  I will do anything you say.  Please.”


She calmly said “I don’t want you to do anything, just suffer.”  Even though I couldn’t see her I could hear the smile in her voice as if she was very content.


I couldn’t think of anything to say so I just shut up and almost cried.  Internally I begged with all of my heart for mercy, hoping that the message would somehow reach into whatever shred of compassion she may have.


Break time was over and she was ready for more.  I wasn’t ready but I had no choice, of course.


She then reached into a drawer against a wall of the torture chamber and brought out a handheld rod which had a purple glass bulb at the end.  As she brought it closer I could see that it had a power cord which she had plugged into an electrical outlet in the wall.


Holy shit.  She was going to electrocute me.


She approached me and powered on the device so that it started to make a buzzing sound.  I was so petrified that I couldn’t move or speak.


She used her booted foot to push me over to my side and held me down with her boot, although my ankles were still tied together and slightly lifted from the floor.


She said “Honey, you need to breathe.”  I looked at her and started breathing again, and I also started whimpering uncontrollably.


She brought the violet bulb next to my thigh and I closed my eyes and absolutely dreaded what was about to occur.  I felt sparks on my thigh and while it was painful, it was not extremely painful.  I relaxed a bit as she moved the bulb slowly down each leg one at a time but it was painful enough that I couldn’t help but groan and struggle in vain to move away from the bulb.


She said “It tickles, doesn’t it?”  I was still recovering from the terror I was feeling when seeing the device for the first time but I managed to say “It hurts!”


She said “Oh come on, this is one of the lowest settings.  Here, let me show you what hurts.”


She adjusted something on the rod and the buzzing sound became a bit louder.  She moved the bulb towards my thigh again and, being restrained, I couldn’t even move away one bit.  I would give anything just to be able to move away but I was helpless.


I felt an intense burning or cutting sensation.  I screamed for what seemed like the umpteenth time today.  She moved the bulb down each leg one at a time and it felt as though my legs were being slowly burned off as I screamed and thrashed while the buzzing sound of electricity seemed to resonate through my head.


I woke up still restrained in the same position but with her leaning over me and applying a small piece of ice to my lips to wake me up.  She said “I guess that was too much, sorry about that.  You’ll be fine, though, soon enough.”  How could she be so casual about horrific torture?


I felt like my body was completely abused and I would never be the same.  She turned me back on my stomach, leaving the pillow under my face, and lowered my ankles to the floor.  Then she untied my ankles and attached them to a spreader bar which kept my ankles far apart and my legs spread at a slightly uncomfortable angle.


She said “I have a special toy for you” and showed me a large ridged dildo.  I lowered my head to the pillow in fear and resignation.  Please don’t do this.  Please.  I can’t take that thing up my ass, please.  I don’t know if I said anything out loud.  I started to cry.


At least she didn’t ram the thing hard into my butt.  She applied lube to the dildo and slowly pushed it inside of my backside.  I tried not to struggle or clench but I couldn’t help myself as it was painful and humiliating to have this forced inside of me, albeit very slowly.  I let out dozens of groans as I felt my insides being completely violated.


And then it suddenly got worse.  She turned a small knob at the outside end of the dildo and it started vibrating inside of me.  That was it, I felt like I was being killed from the inside.  It wasn’t a large amount of pain but it felt like the end of the world for me.  It seemed like all I could concentrate on was the thing vibrating inside of me.  The world could have exploded and I wouldn’t even have realized.


And then something happened.  I suddenly realized that there was almost no pain, now that the dildo was fully inside of me.  The experience was emasculating and degrading but not particularly painful.


And somehow I was starting to have a sexual reaction, the vibrations almost felt like I feel just before I have an orgasm.  I relaxed to try to focus on the feeling and found that it was enjoyable, wild, like out of control wild sex.  After maybe 30 seconds of this I felt that I was on the verge of orgasm and thrust my hard penis against the softly carpeted floor.


I moaned a few times and had a great orgasm despite all of the pain from the previous tortures.  I would never in a million years imagine that I could have any enjoyment, let alone orgasm, from something inside my butt.


I think that she had just been watching me and once my orgasm was over she laughed and removed the dildo.  She said “I love it when they do that!” and laughed some more.


She untied my ankles and put my underwear and pants on me as well as my socks and shoes.  She then helped me to my feet with my hands still cuffed behind me and told me that she was done.  My body hurt all over and it was difficult for me to walk or sit.  She led me back into her car and drove me back to my car which was still parked on the side of the road.


As she was about to release me from the cuffs and let me go she said “So, are you going to try reporting me?”


I hadn’t thought about it until she asked, and figured that she would probably deny everything and it would be my word against hers.  When I didn’t answer right away she said “If you do, you know that it won’t get you anywhere.”


I said “Yes, I know.  I won’t report you.”


She said “Would you really have done anything to avoid more pain?”


I replied “Yes, I think so.”


She smiled and kissed me on the cheek.  Then she let me go and the nightmare was finally over.


Later in the week I tried some internet searches of being pulled over by the police and tortured to see if there was a support group or something but mostly what I found were fictional fantasies of this happening from guys who enjoy this sort of thing.  For me, though, it was a traumatic nightmare and despite my greatest efforts I believe that I will never forget any of the painful things she did to me.


I now always make a full stop at stop signs and never ever drive past the speed limit.




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