The Machine



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Synopsis:† I am kidnapped and put into a torture machine.† Codes = /m, torture, non-consensual.



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Chapter 1: Sleep


I havenít been sleeping well lately.† During the day lately Iíve been feeling a bit on edge, a bit out of breath, and a bit paranoid about small things such as the look my boss gave me at work or reading between the lines of an e-mail from a friend of mine who said that I should try to get married again even though my wife divorced me only a year ago.† I think that a small lack of sleep might be feeding on itself making me a bit anxious or maybe there is something to it, something big might happen soon.


I tend to be a bit high strung anyway, not enough to mention to the doctor or try taking anything but enough that I go through some periods of time when I suffer from mild insomnia.† Lately it has felt different, though, but that could just be my natural paranoia talking.† I live alone and that seems to give someone a tendency to feel less comfortable at times, or at least for me.


When something big did happen, I wasnít surprised.† It seemed inevitable.


I woke up in the middle of the night and I thought I heard the front door of my house being carefully closed.† I quickly convinced myself that I was being silly and paranoid and determined to shut my eyes despite my anxiety.


A few seconds later I felt a hand pressed over my mouth and two people pinning me down trying to control my arms.† They rough-handled me, cuffed my wrists behind my back, and taped my mouth shut with at least two layers of tape.† Then my ankles were cuffed together.† The metal wrist and ankle cuffs were wide and not particularly uncomfortable, unlike stereotypical police handcuffs which are thinner metal.


One of the intruders told me, with a quiet male voice, to stop struggling but I didnít comply until he pinched my nose preventing me from breathing at which point I immediately went completely still.† He quickly let go of my nose and the two intruders picked me up and carried me out of the house and into the back of their van.† I noticed that they were both wearing black ninja garb, to blend in with the night, and since my house is in a cul de sac with only a couple of other neighbors, it did not surprise me that no-one nearby seemed alerted to my kidnapping.† I do not wear any clothes when I sleep but my nakedness was hidden in the darkness of night.


I was laid down on the floor of the van as the two sat on seats above me while the van drove off.† They were not rough with me and did not say a word during the ride.† I felt exposed in not having any clothes on but my fear of the situation outweighed my vanity.


I tried to think about what could be going on but couldnít fathom it.† I am a normal person without enemies that I know of and I do not get much in to politics or trouble with the law.† My ex-wife didnít hate me and I was sure that the parking ticket I paid a couple of weeks ago couldnít cause this.† My natural tendency to try to think of every possible detail was brought into play here but despite my efforts I didnít come up with anything which could have prompted this.


The van traveled for a while, maybe a half hour, and seemed to be go up a hill for the last several minutes.† Just before it stopped, a blindfold was put on me and the two ninjas carried me out of the van into the dark of night and then apparently into a house.† Once inside the house they carried me through a few rooms and then down a very long flight of stairs which had a few switchbacks, far too many stairs than just for one level of a house.


There was a third person during our trek downstairs and that third person helped the other two as they removed the cuffs from my wrists while still holding my wrists, placed my back against some sort of metal board at a 45 degree angle, pulled my arms wide apart and cuffed my wrists to either side of me, and removed the cuffs on my ankles to spread my legs apart and re-cuff my ankles.† I was cuffed down to a metal board spread-eagled, blindfolded, and stretched as far wide as I could be without causing pain or cutting circulation.† They pulled the tape off my mouth and quickly inserted a large solid ball into my mouth and fastened a strap around the back of my head to keep the ball in place so that I could barely make a sound.


None of the kidnappers said a word.† It was an ominous silence.


I was terrified during this.† I was afraid during the ride in the van and became more afraid as I was blindfolded and carried out of the van. †The fear turned to terror as I was shackled spread-eagled.† There is only one purpose I could think of to kidnap and restrain someone spread-eagled and that was for torture or maybe experimentation which was the same thing.† And being naked while shackled spread-eagled made me feel even more vulnerable.


I heard the sounds of soft footsteps away from me but I could tell that one person remained.† Once the others had left he said to me ďI just wanted to let you know that my voice will be the last one you hear for the rest of your life.† Have fun.Ē† He left and went upstairs with the others.


Once he closed the upstairs door so that there was total silence I felt terror down to my bones.† My body felt cold and I was shivering even though the air was not cool.† I probably could not have put two words together due to my terror.† After a short period of time I started breathing more normally again, albeit still only through my nose since my mouth was gagged.


Last voice I will hear for the rest of my life.† Remembering that pushed me into panic territory again for a while.† I guess that means they will experiment on me and then kill me.† The death part of that didnít seem so bad compared to the likely pain beforehand.† At this point I wished I was dead.


I willed myself to calm down.† Nothing was certain about this situation.† Maybe they would just do something to me and it wouldnít be so bad and maybe he was just trying to scare me with his comment.† In fact, they may just be trying to see the effects of scaring someone with a horrifying situation.† If that was their experiment, they completely succeeded.


By the time the latch keeping the ball gag in place was released from the back of my head with a click, I was relatively calm.† Without knowing how the latch was released I was grateful to be able to push the ball out of my mouth and hear it fall against the table and down to the floor, rolling for a few seconds before the sound went away.


I said ďHello?Ē and repeated it louder but there was no response.† There might be someone here but if so they would reveal to me only what they wanted to reveal so I did not say another word.


I was still blindfolded but I could sense that nothing had changed in the room since I arrived and I pictured myself on a metal table in some sort of operating room.† My arms were at just slightly less than a 90 degree angle to my body a bit lower than my shoulders, not above my head, so I did not have circulation problems despite the tight bondage allowing me almost no room to move.


I lay there for a while, maybe 30 or 45 minutes, contemplating my potential fate and then the bed started moving.† With a low volume continuous buzzing mechanical sound the metal bed shifted so that my body was vertical with my head pointing upwards.† I then felt something on my lips and a firm plastic tube slightly penetrated my lips to stop just inside of my mouth.† I felt a small spritz of cool liquid from the tube onto my teeth and it seemed like water so I opened my mouth.† I was thirsty but there wasnít another spritz so after a dozen seconds or so I tried wrapping my lips around the tube and sucking.† I was rewarded with a flow of what seemed like water.† I drank only a bit because I didnít even want to think what would happen if I had to go to the bathroom during the experiment.† Once I was done sucking, several seconds later the tube was removed from my mouth.


I thought about how just the simple act of drinking was a big production due to the blindfold and restraints.† I tried saying hello a couple of more times but did not expect or receive an answer.


The bed moved again with the buzzing mechanical sound and this time my body was moved to be horizontal with the floor with my body face up again.† The entire bed then moved slowly backwards for 15 or 30 seconds and after a click the entire bed moved sideways to my right for several seconds until a click.


I heard some more mechanical sounds as if something was going on above me and I started to panic again.† This time my panic was immediately justified.


A drop of liquid fell on my upper stomach and it was hot, very hot.† I yelped in surprise and then I yelled louder in pain.† Fortunately, the pain was quickly gone but then another drop fell nearby on my stomach and I yelled again.† The drops kept falling on different parts of my stomach and at first there was time for me to recover between drops but the interval between drops became smaller and smaller and I was screaming at the top of my lungs in pain.


After maybe 20 or 30 drops they stopped falling although some of the pain lingered for a few minutes.† The pain had been enough for me to scream but not nearly as bad as it could have been and I began to fear for what would come next.† I didnít even bother to beg for release, I was sure that my screaming was getting across the message that this was no day in the park.


The next thing I felt was a strap whipping the sole of my right foot accompanied by a buzzing machine sound controlling the strap.† My foot jerked back but could not move that way as in addition to the ankle restraint there was some sort of restraint over the top of my foot preventing it from flexing backwards. †The strap whipped again and again and the pain quickly became intense.† I pivoted my foot to the left and right but I could not flex it away from the whip which hit different parts of the sole of my foot as I pivoted.† I tried to pivot my foot to distribute the pain but that increased the overall area of impact and my entire foot was burning in excruciating pain.† I screamed for a while and then the pain caused me to lose the awareness to be able to pivot my foot.


The next thing I remember the whipping had stopped as apparently I had passed out, though not nearly as soon as I wished.† I expected the whipping to be repeated on my left foot and combining that with the still strong pain of my right foot I began to whimper.† I knew deep inside that begging would not work but I begged for mercy with everything I had.† I pictured one of the ninjas standing over me while I would be on my knees begging and whimpering.


I didnít even receive the satisfaction of someone telling me that my begging was useless.† I didnít even know if anyone was watching me.† Eventually I just stopped whimpering.


My terror panic returned again.† This was a nightmare beyond anything I would have ever dreamed of.† Everyone has nightmares and things they are either specifically afraid of such as heights or open spaces.† Most everyone is afraid of such things as being assaulted in a dark alley and of nuclear war.† But I would never have thought of being tortured by machines with no one to even hear my pleas for mercy.


Why am I here?† Wonít someone at least tell me what this is for?† I cried into the blindfold which prevented me from even shedding tears.


Maybe I was being tortured to get me to agree to something.† I would agree to absolutely anything.† I decided that maybe talking is the right approach in case someone is waiting for me to submit.† I remembered that I had just finished begging.† I had to do something, though.


I said ďIs anyone there?† Please, is there anyone?† I swear Iíll do anything you say.† Please just tell me what you want me to do and Iíll do it.† Please!† Anything!Ē† I started sobbing and didnít regain control of myself for a while.


Before I stopped sobbing I felt a pulse of electricity from the restraint in the middle of my right wrist followed by one in the same spot on my left wrist.† The pulses repeated and alternated back and forth and increased in intensity after every few pulses.† The pain grew and then the electricity pulsed repeatedly in both wrist restraints.† As I struggled with my entire body against the restraints I once again screamed my lungs out and found that my voice was getting hoarse.


Suddenly the electrical pulses stopped and I was panting to catch my breath.† The lingering pain from the electricity was shooting into my palms and a bit up my lower arms in addition to my wrists.† The only extremity which did not feel pain was my left foot so I emotionally braced myself for it to be targeted next.


Instead, though, I felt something cushiony push between my head and the metal bed and I lifted my head up slightly as a soft pillow was placed under my head.† I rested my head on the pillow, grateful for that small amount of comfort.† Next, I felt a blanket being draped over my body including my spread-eagled hands and feet.


I guessed that it was sleep time so I tried to allow myself to sleep as a form of escape from the pain.† I was physically and emotionally exhausted which helped me overcome the pain of my extremities and I was able to fall asleep.



Chapter 2: Tormentors


To my surprise I awoke naturally, without being tortured awake.† It seemed like I had slept for a long time but I was still blindfolded and had no way to determine time.† I didnít want to give an indication to my tormentors that I was awake, in case they were watching me and ready to press the button to start more torture, but I had to flex my hands and feet as they were feeling very stiff.† Flexing didnít help much at all.


I was still feeling some sting in my right foot from the whipping but the pain in my hands was mostly gone.† The biggest pain I was feeling was in several parts of my body due to stiffness from being tightly restrained.† I wanted desperately to curl up into a ball and hug myself but I couldnít move.


I could do nothing but lie with my head on the pillow and wait for whatever was in store for me.† Nothing happened and some of the slow burn of terror I was feeling was replaced by boredom.† Boredom with terror and lingering pain and stiffness was much better than agony but it was still very difficult to suffer through.


I felt very sorry for myself.† I had already played the only card I had, if I had any card at all, which was to beg and promise that I would do anything my captors said.† I had nothing left.† I spent some of the time quietly crying my tears into the blindfold, some of the time concentrating on my breathing, and some of the time just terribly bored.


This lasted for several hours and I was starting to get hungry.† Also, I had to go to the bathroom but held it in for hours until finally something happened.


I heard a mechanical movement nearby and then felt the middle of the table sort of expand as apparently sections of the table parted in the middle which somewhat spread my butt cheeks apart.† Something cool was then slowly and relentlessly inserted into my butt as I tried to squirm.† My discomfort turned to pain as my butt was invaded further and then filled with liquid.


Later, once the enema process was completed and my insides were clean, the bed I was on turned slowly upside down so that I was horizontal and facing the floor.† I felt a wide tube enclose my groin including my penis and I heard the sound of a small stream of water.† It sounded like someone was peeing and I got the impression that via recording it was being communicated to me that this is what I should do so I allowed myself to pee into the tube.


Several seconds after I was done peeing, the wide tube moved away and the bed rotated until I was vertical and sudden jets of warm liquid shot into all parts of my body except my face.† After 30 or 60 seconds the water turned cool and after another 30 or 60 seconds stopped.† The bed moved while keeping me vertical and I felt a warm wind drying me, with extra warmth for my hair.† The warmth became quite uncomfortable.† When the shower and drying was done my hair was still somewhat wet but not dripping and the bed was moved and then rotated slowly so that I was lying horizontally with the weight on my back again.


After the very unpleasant enema and the shower I feared that the fact I wasnít even being allowed to take care of basic necessities meant that I would remain restrained for a long period of time.† This was a chilling thought.


I was just left lying horizontally for probably an hour.† My mind wandered to many topics with all of them unfortunately reinforcing the terror I was feeling.† I figured that I would be fed at some point.† I also figured that I would be here at least for days or probably longer, someone went through all of the expense of building this machine so they must mean it to keep me for a long time or maybe they use it for many people for a short time each.† Maybe I would be killed after a few days to be replaced by someone else.


It occurred to me that they could release me alive back to my own home without worrying about being reported to the police since my descriptions couldnít give any clues about my attackers or my whereabouts.† Thinking of this gave me hope.† I was sure that I wouldnít be released soon but I could be released without risk to my attackers.† All I had to do was get through this ordeal and one day I would put all of this behind me.


I also expected to hear someone talk to me at some point.† To study the results of the experiment they would need to talk to the subject to get the state of mind.† I imagined sitting in a chair being interviewed by a voice over the intercom.† Or if this is just torture there had to be someone who would want to gloat over me to hear the begging or crying.


The bed suddenly slowly rotated so that I was vertical and then I was fed.† I first felt a plastic tube touch my lips and accepted the drink of what seemed like a bad tasting protein shake.† Then I was fed what I was certain were grapes.† The last course of this gourmet meal seemed to be a drink of water.


I guess that was it, the entire pleasure for my stay in this hotel.† I guess I would be losing weight during my stay.† At least the grapes were good so some human must have loaded the machine with those recently.† Unless the machine had its own automation for that, too.


The bed was rotated to a horizontal position again and I was getting tired and, despite not having a pillow, I closed my eyes.† However, I heard the soft whirring motor sound just above me and I became very afraid again.† I felt two small plastic flexible membranes on my chest covering each nipple.† Each of these moved around a bit and tickled my nipples.† This only lasted for a few seconds and then the sensations stopped as the membranes were lifted.


I had no idea what this was for until what happened next after another minute or two.† The membranes were calibrating exact locations.


After again barely hearing the whirring sound just above me, I felt a sudden burning right on the tip of each nipple as something hot was touching each nipple.† I yelped in surprise and that quickly turned into screaming as the burning of these sensitive areas was agony.† I tried to struggle and pull in my chest out of the way but I could not move and could only scream continuously from the excruciating pain.


The burning sensation stopped and I had to gasp to catch my breath while my nipples still felt like they were burning.† I felt the table move under my shoulder blades as plates separated slightly to create a gap in the back of the table and then I felt a sudden icy cold sensation in a fist-sized area of the middle of my back.† It was freezing cold against the middle of my back and I screamed continuously at a higher pitch than from the burning sensation.


After a minute or two the cold sensation stopped and the plates went back into place.† I kept groaning from the pain in my nipples and some lingering pain in my back.† It was difficult to catch my breath and I longed to pull my arms in to be able to rub the pain away with my hands.


As I was still recovering from the hot and cold, I felt something brushing against the sole of my left foot.† I couldnít tell what it was at first but then I realized that some sort of soft instrument was tickling my foot.† I was very thankful that my feet are not ticklish because it kept tickling my left foot and then moved over to tickle my right foot.† I guess this was designed as another method of torture and I felt sorry for someone ticklish who would be restrained here unable to avoid it.† In my case I welcomed the period of time in which I wasnít feeling pain.† Maybe I should pretend to be ticklish but it was too late for this, it had already been going on for a while before I thought of this.


I was surprised that the tickling lasted a long time, at least 10 minutes.† If someone were at the controls watching me they would have probably just stopped the machine.† That thought sent a chill through me.


This machine currently obviously had no-one at the controls.


This also reinforced my belief that this machine was here either to experiment on my emotions or to flat out torture me, since tickling isnít just an experiment in physical skin reactions.† Either way, I was certain that at some point a person would want to interrogate me in some way, maybe days from now.


I wondered whether it would be better to be tortured forever by a person or by a machine with no-one behind the controls.† The latter seemed like just a fantasy even at this point, no-one would create a machine to torture someone without ever gloating over the victim, would they?


Although the tickling was not uncomfortable, not having moved my arms or legs for many hours was very uncomfortable.† It felt as though my arms were going dead, they were never tingling but I wondered if the restraints were lifted now would I even be able to move my arms?


The tickling stopped and then I became afraid of what the next torment would be.


It came quickly.† I felt the pain of small drops of very hot liquid on my lower legs, one drop at a time in with a couple of seconds between each drop.† My voice was already somewhat hoarse so my screams of pain were mostly croaks which hurt my throat.


Not knowing where the next drop would fall intensified my distress over each drop.† It was like a bully threatening to hit me with his fist so I flinch and he does that a few times before he actually throws the punch.† I was a quivering emotional mess in addition to feeling the physical pain.


The drop points moved slowly up my leg to my thigh which hurt even more and I realized that this torture would last a very long time.† The drop points moved up towards my groin and I panicked when they started to drop on my sensitive balls.† I screamed and croaked continuously and as loud as I could.† I lost awareness of anything other than the agony of the very hot drops of liquid on my balls and penis.† I must have passed out because I awakened as the drops were falling, still one at a time, on my upper chest.† I was having trouble breathing.


I turned my face to the left and right to try to avoid the drops but the impact field of drops was wide and I could not avoid all or even a majority of them.† One drop landed on my upper lip which made my entire body jerk from the pain so I puckered my lips into my mouth to protect them.† I could no longer scream as my voice was gone from all of the screaming.† My eyes were covered by the blindfold so I was protected there.


Once the drops were done I lay there trying to catch my breath while feeling hundreds of tiny points of pain all over my body.


I thought to myself is there anything I would not agree to do now to make this stop?† Would I chop off my own arm?† Yes.† Would I kill myself?† Yes.† Would I kill someone else?† Yes.† Would I torture someone else?† ÖYes.† Would I torture a close family member?† ÖÖYes.† Would I destroy the earth?† Yes.


I wanted to beg someone for mercy, even if they denied me mercy please let me beg.† Please.


I was denied even the privilege of begging.


I was in a haze of torment when I felt a pillow pushed under my head.† It took me a long time due to the pain but eventually I fell asleep.



Chapter 3: Torture


I woke up and was again surprised not to be awakened by torture.† Hopefully that would be the standard.† The pain from the hot drops of liquid was gone and the only pain I felt was from the stiffness of my body from the long-term and tight bondage.† Can the human body even survive being restrained immobile like this for a long time?† In movies sometimes you see a prisoner chained to the wall for days or even weeks but somehow that seemed like poetic license.† Then again, there are people who have injuries or handicaps preventing movement so it must be possible.


The fact that I could survive this way for a long time was not comforting.† I guess I was fishing for a way out of this torture and death seemed to be the most likely way.


Maybe this was a test of my faith.† Did they want me to pray to God?† I donít have strong feelings about religion one way or the other but there is nothing I wouldnít do to get out of this so I said as loud as I could ďI pray to you God to please release me.Ē† My throat hurt from all of the screaming before but it was stronger than a croak after having slept for a while.† I repeated my prayer a few times with different wording but my prayers were not answered.


I was still blindfolded and wondered if I would ever be allowed to see again.† Maybe they were torturing me so that I would be blind the rest of my life.† Or maybe they were conditioning me to kill the President.† My mind was grasping at straws and not making much sense.† I was desperate.


The bed moved up to a vertical position and I was given a drink from the sturdy plastic straw.† Since I would probably be given an opportunity to pee and since I was very thirsty from my sore throat, I drank as much as I could and was thankful that the straw did not pull back until several seconds after I had stopped pulling water from it.† I realized that I wasnít sure it was water but I didnít care what it was, if it was poison or some sort of hypnotizing drug I was all too glad to cooperate.† I was hungry but I figured I would be given the protein drink and hopefully more grapes at some point and it was out of my control, as was everything else.


The bed was slowly tipped upside down again so I was horizontal and facing the floor and I was allowed to pee.† I was then returned to the standard position of lying horizontally on my back.


I was out of control.† Not even being able to drink or pee when I wanted to or move an inch seemed almost as bad as the torture itself.† It wouldnít take much more of this for me to feel like I could never feel human again.† I wonder if anyone who goes through long-term torture ever heals emotionally?† Then I realized that I had only been here for probably a day and what I felt now was probably nothing compared to what I would feel long-term.


At this realization my body felt that some of its remaining energy had been drained.† I had no control of any part of my life any more.† What possible reason would I have to want to continue to live?† I couldnít think of any.† But I didnít have a choice.


In a way it was good when the next torture began.† It pulled my emotions away from the abyss.


I heard the low volume machine whirring sound above me and then felt what seemed like a wooden board pressing on my legs and groin.† There seemed to be cold spots on the board and when I felt small electrical pulses I realized that there were dozens of electrodes being pressed to my skin.† At least two of the electrodes were on my penis and even the very mild pulses caused these sensitive spots a lot of pain.


The pulses didnít remain mild for long.† They were on for a second then off for a second, repeating this pattern, and getting stronger every couple of minutes.† The pain on my groin was intense and I felt like my eyes would pop out of my head from my involuntary reactions.† I would have pulled hard enough to rip my legs off my body if it would get me away from the pain.† The worst part was I never even passed out.† I had to endure this horrific torture for probably dozens of minutes before it was finally over.


Once the pulses stopped and the wooden board was lifted off me I was in shock and not aware of my surroundings.† I was vaguely aware that I was vertical again and being offered the straw to drink from but I did not react and the straw went away and I was horizontal again.


I was still feeling emotional shock when the next torture began.† Without warning a pin pricked the skin of my stomach.† It hurt somewhat but didnít last as the pin was gone as quickly as it came.† One or two seconds later it pricked me again on another part of my stomach and then again on my right bicep.† The pain only lasted a fraction of a second but it stung and made me feel the fear of anticipation for where it would hit next.† The pricking sensation kept occurring every one or two seconds all over my body with a prick on my left calf, one on my left ankle, one on my chest over my heart which startled me, one on my face just above my upper lip, and one on the head of my penis which caused me to yelp in pain.† I instinctively wanted to use my hands to protect my groin but I couldnít move.


This torture kept going on for several minutes with hundreds of drops of the pin on my skin.† Each pin prick was not bad in itself, except for the handful of times it hit my penis and a few which hit my nipples, but the relentless onslaught of tiny pricks of pain put me once again into a haze of pain.† Finally, it stopped and I was gasping to catch my breath.


I was exhausted from all of the groaning and squirming in pain.† I started to doze off despite the lingering skin pain I was feeling all over my body but the bed was slowly rotated to a vertical position and I was allowed to drink from the straw.† I realized that I was thirsty and drank a good amount.† The straw was removed and the bed was rotated horizontal again.


I figured that it had to be time for sleep although there was no pillow.† I started to doze off anyway but the next torture began.


A flexible mat was lowered to cover my entire body.† I wondered if this was meant to smother me but it wasnít very heavy.† I tried to turn my head to breath but I had difficulty as adhesive on the mat stuck to my lips and face.† I managed to turn my head but I became afraid that there was adhesive on the rest of the mat and it would pull the hair on my chest and legs once the mat was removed.


My fear turned into a nightmare.† The mat was very slowly lifted and hair was agonizingly being ripped from every part of my body.† My lower legs were the first to feel the pull and tears quickly welled up into my eyes and into the blindfold.† The part of my arms which were facing upwards into the mat didnít have much hair but even the small amount was painful when pulled.† My stomach was next.


I was breathing in gasps from the pain and there was not much oxygen under the mat although it did not totally enclose my face. †I could feel my pubic hairs being pulled and knew that I would have to deal with that pain.† Those are longer than most of the other hair on my body so it took longer to start feeling the pain but once it started it dominated all of my attention until pain from my chest joined the symphony of agony with my screams as the lead singer.† Several strands of hair from my head were pulled but I barely noticed it.


Finally, after several minutes, it was over and the mat had been lifted away.† I instinctively looked down my body to see how much of my body hair remained but I was blindfolded and could see only darkness.


Can the human body survive this much pain?† I hoped not.† I regretted not trying to smother myself with the mat.


A few minutes later I was just lying there trying to deal with the lingering pain which fortunately mostly subsided.† My skin felt like I had been burned all over from the last few tortures but somehow it was not unbearable.


I was not tired any more.† I was dreading the next torture, anticipating that it would occur at any moment.† However, nothing happened for the next 30 or 60 minutes, or maybe it was 2 hours.† Spending time with nothing at all to do except try to set aside pain was another form of torture.


Finally, the bed moved so that I was vertical and I was fed what seemed like that protein drink and then several grapes.


As I ate the grapes I was in a bizarre euphoric state.† It felt like I had won the lottery, I was so happy.† I cried uncontrollably in joy.


A minute or so later I felt ridiculous for having felt any joy in this situation and my despair returned.† The large tube returned and I was allowed to pee.


The bed was slowly rotated horizontally again and the pillow pushed beneath my head told me that it was sleep time.† I had some difficulty falling asleep due to all of the horror of my situation and the pity I was feeling for myself.


I woke up and only a minute later was rotated vertically to drink some water and pee before I was rotated to lie on my back.


A drop of liquid fell on my upper stomach and it was hot, very hot.† I yelped in surprise and then I yelled louder in pain.† Fortunately, the pain was quickly gone but another drop fell nearby on my stomach and I yelled again.† The drops kept falling on different parts of my stomach and at first there was time for me to recover between drops but the interval between drops became smaller and smaller and I was screaming at the top of my lungs in pain.


After maybe 20 or 30 drops they stopped falling although some of the pain lingered for a few minutes.† The pain had been enough for me to scream but not nearly as bad as it could have been and I began to fear for what would come next.† I didnít even bother to beg for release, I was sure that my screaming was getting across the message that this was no day in the park.


The next thing I felt was a strap whipping the sole of my right foot accompanied by a buzzing machine sound controlling the strap.† My foot jerked back but could not move that way as in addition to the ankle restraint there was some sort of restraint over the top of my foot preventing it from flexing backwards.† The strap whipped again and again and the pain quickly became intense.† I pivoted my foot to the left and right but I could not flex it away from the whip which hit different parts of the sole of my foot as I pivoted.† I tried to pivot my foot to distribute the pain but that increased the overall area of impact and my entire foot was burning in excruciating pain.† I screamed for a while and then lost the awareness to be able to pivot my foot.


The next thing I remember the whipping had stopped as apparently I had passed out, though not nearly as soon as I wished.


I realized that these were the same tortures which occurred in succession when I first arrived here.† Sure enough, as expected, the electric shocks on my wrist restraints repeated their previous appearance.


Everything I had been through was repeated exactly, even down to the timing of when I was fed and given an enema, and even the euphoria I felt when eating a few grapes.


And when the long cycle of agony was over, it repeated again.† And again.


My predominant emotion became horror.† I no longer thought about what might happen once my captors were done torturing me, I no longer had a thought about captors at all.† The machine was my entire life.


Initially my begging had been aimed at the humans who had put me here but with the realization that the machine itself was my master, my begging was to the machine to please have mercy.† It was irrational to attribute the possibility of mercy to a machine but begging it for mercy is all I had.


The cycle of torture kept repeating itself and I was in pain, either direct or lingering, every second of the time.† My screaming became less and less frequent as torture became a constant part of my existence.† Eventually, I stopped begging from within my continuous haze of agony.† I no longer thought of myself as alive.† I no longer thought at all.



Chapter 4: Later


I have no idea how long I was in the machine but the routine never changed one bit in all of the time.† It may have been weeks, months, or years.† Eventually, I died.


Later, I looked down from above and in a control room next to the machine I saw a few men in police uniforms inspecting the facility for the first time.† I heard one man say to another ďThere is someone in the machine.† His body looks like heís been dead for a while, though.† His face below the blindfold seems barely human, very wrinkled especially around the mouth.Ē† After several minutes of checking through a filing drawer he pulled out a file folder and said ďHere he is, Smith.† Poor guy.† Apparently, that filthy rich bastard Jennings put Smith into this machine just before Jennings was arrested a few years ago for kidnapping and torture in Asia.Ē


He walked closer to the glass and watched in horror as the machine prepared and inflicted the next torture on my dead body.




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