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Synopsis:  While my wife is away a woman approaches me in a restaurant.  Codes = F/m, torture, non-consensual.



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Chapter 1 – Restaurant


“Hi, mind if I sit here?”


An attractive blond woman I had never met was now sitting across from me in a restaurant I go to every Friday night.  As is always my reaction when near an attractive woman I fingered my wedding ring to make sure it is on my finger because the last thing I would want is to risk hurting my wife whom I adore.  My hands were already on the table as I had just sat down so the ring was already on display.


I sort of did mind if she sat there because I didn’t want it to seem like I was open to an advance.  It is probably ridiculous for me to feel this way because I’m middle-aged and only average looking so the chances that an attractive woman would actually be attracted to me is close to nothing but better safe than sorry.


But my wife was out of town for a couple of weeks and I hadn’t talked to anyone for the past several days so I said “Not at all.”


She reached her hand across the table and we shook hands.  She introduced herself as Amanda and I said my name was Ted.  She seemed overly enthusiastic but maybe this was her standard way of dealing with people.  The restaurant was not crowded but I figured she just didn’t want to eat alone.


I noticed that she did not have a ring on her finger so I decided to be at the ready with the “stop-sign” if she started to say anything suggestive, even though the possibility of that seemed to be almost zero.


Amanda:  “What do you usually order here?”

Ted:  “Pretty much anything here is good, I sometimes get the stuffed chicken breast or the pork chops.”


The waitress arrived and after I ordered the pork chops with no extra butter on the vegetables and mashed potatoes, Amanda said she will have the same.  To just order exactly the same thing seemed strange but not suggestive so it didn’t trigger my stop-sign response.


For the next several minutes we had a conversation which seemed like she was getting to know me on a first date.  At first it was fun just having a casual conversation but I began to become worried.


Ted:  “Do you mind if I ask you a question?”

Amanda:  “Not at all, please!”

Ted:  “Why did you want to sit down and talk with me?”

Amanda:  “Because you seem like an interesting person and I didn’t want to eat alone.  Is that okay?”

Ted:  “Yes.  I am glad you sat down here, I just wasn’t sure why you did.”


We talked through dinner and kept the conversation friendly without being suggestive at all.  My stop-sign reaction was at the ready the whole time but I did not need it.  Once dinner was over and our separate checks were paid,


Amanda:  “Would you mind walking me to my car?  I don’t feel comfortable walking in the parking lot at night.”

Ted:  “No problem at all.”


She had parked in the far corner of the small parking lot for the restaurant and there was not much lighting nearby so I could see why she would be concerned.  She used her remote clicker to unlock the car and I opened the driver side door for her.


Amanda:  “Oh, do you mind if I ask you a favor?  My glove compartment door is stuck and I can’t seem to open it at all.  Do you mind seeing if you can force it open?”

Ted:  “Sure.”


We walked to the passenger side of the car and I reached in to try to open the glove compartment but it was stuck.  I did not want to get in the car because my stop-sign reaction was still in place but I needed to sit in order to get a good handle on the door of the glove compartment.  I leaned forward and tried pulling on the glove compartment door with both hands when my world changed forever.


Suddenly, Amanda grabbed the back of my head with her left hand and with her right hand pressed a cloth hard against my nose and mouth.  I was startled and did not react at first but then I started to push on her right arm with my hands.  Before I made any progress, though, I started to feel weak all over and after several seconds of struggling weakly I passed out completely.





Chapter 2 – Different


I woke up very groggy and I felt like I had cotton in my mouth.  A few seconds later it all hit me:  I was lying naked in a bed with no covers on, face up and tied spread-eagled, with a wad of some sort of cloth in my mouth and tape over my mouth.


I took a breath through my nose to try to calm down.  When I tried to move my legs they were stopped by restraints and I heard a small ringing sound from a small bell which was attached to my ankle.


After a moment the woman from the restaurant entered the room and looking into my eyes asked “How do you feel?”


All I could answer was “Mmmphhhh” so she asked “Are you in pain?” and when I shook my head no she said “Good.”


She sat back in a nearby chair and said “Okay, explanation.  In case it isn’t obvious, you are my prisoner.  You and I are going to go on wonderful adventures together to the highest mountains and the deepest deserts.  I’ll drive.”  She smiled and was obviously feeling good about capturing me.


She continued “You will feel a whole lot of pleasure and a whole lot of pain.  I don’t know if you’ve had an exciting life or a boring one but it will be a huge roller-coaster of experiences with me.  And we won’t even leave this room.”


I was really not liking the sound of this.  She didn’t seem insane or maniacal, just a woman about to have a good time, but I knew that her good time would be completely at my expense and I only hoped to end up sane and in one piece.


She moved closer to me and said “I’m going to let you talk before we begin our adventure.  Are you going to be a good boy and talk like a reasonable person?”  I nodded my head so she removed the tape over my mouth and pulled out a white sock from my mouth.


She said “Tell me how it feels to be tied up like that.”


This wasn’t the first time I had been tied up, far from it.  My wife and I enjoy some bondage play from time to time and I enjoy giving up some control, but only to my wife, not to someone I don’t know or trust.  And even if this was going to be some sort of standard dominatrix session I didn’t want that at all because I didn’t want to appear to be in any way unfaithful to my wonderful wife.


Ted:  “I want you to untie me right away.”

Amanda:  “C’mon, you know that isn’t going to happen.  Aren’t you excited about the adventures we will have together?”

Ted:  “No.”

Amanda:  “What if I told you that you would have the most sexual pleasure you would ever have in your life?  That I could take you to the height of pleasure.”

Ted:  “No.”

Amanda:  “Why would you say no to that?  Am I unattractive?”

Ted:  “I am a very happily married man.  I enjoy being with my wife and there is no reason for me to be with anyone else.”

Amanda:  “But you are here and you are not leaving until I have had my fun.  Why not try to have fun yourself since you have no choice?”

Ted:  “Fun isn’t the issue.  I love my wife and want her to be happy.  It would not make her happy for me to have fun here.”

Amanda:  “What on earth are you talking about?  What does your fun here have anything to do with your wife?”

Ted:  “Because she would feel hurt if I had fun here.”

Amanda:  “I wouldn’t tell her.”

Ted:  “But I would.”

Amanda:  “Why?  Just have fun and don’t tell her.”

Ted:  “You don’t understand.  I love her.”


Amanda grabbed my exposed crotch and started fondling me.


Ted:  “No please, please stop.”

Amanda:  “Enjoy it!”

Ted:  “No, you don’t understand, this would kill my marriage.”

Amanda:  “Ok, you are not making any sense and honestly I don’t give a damn.  You and I are going on adventures together and if you don’t want to, it doesn’t matter because you are.”

Ted:  “Please stop.”

Amanda:  “I’ll give you something to beg about.”


She stopped touching me and brandished a riding crop which had been under the bed.


I have a very low tolerance for pain and I was terrified of this crop.  I looked at Amanda and begged “Please don’t use that, please, I really can’t stand pain.  I will be a good boy, please please” and there were tears in my eyes.


Amanda:  “I know you will be a good boy.  Kiss my hand to show obedience.  That’s a good boy, I’ll put the crop down.”

Ted:  “Thank you.”


I started breathing again.


She then picked up the crop again and started whacking my thigh with it.  The crop hurt like hell right away and I yelled in pain.  She kept hitting the same spot on my thigh as I yelled and struggled against my restraints.  I thought my thigh would burst but then she suddenly stopped.  I was gasping for breath.


A moment later she caressed the spot she had been hitting and her touch hurt but also felt soothing at the same time.  She moved her gentle caresses up to my crotch and brought me to attention and then stopped.


She brought a cup which had a long straw bent in a couple of different places and allowed me to sip water.


Amanda:  “Our first adventure together.  Was it as good for you as it was for me?”

Ted:  “I don’t know how much adventure I could take.”

Amanda:  “You will take it all.  You may surprise yourself.”


For our next adventure Amanda brought out a small knife and made small cuts in my arm.  I felt that I was under the control of a lunatic but I had no choice except to go where she led me.  The cuts hurt a bit but the real point of this was the solution she applied to each cut with a bit of cotton.


The solution stung at first and after just a couple of seconds felt like acid on my open cuts.  I screamed and tried to pull away but I could barely move so I screamed and screamed for several minutes until my throat hurt and the pain had receded somewhat.  I realized then that Amanda was fondling my crotch again and bringing me to attention.


Having my crotch caressed helped me relax from the painful ordeal I was going through.  I didn’t want to be touched by her but I was glad for the ability to take my mind off the pain.




Chapter 3 – Pattern


This became a pattern:  A different type of torture each time, screaming and struggling against the restraints, and then relaxing and exciting touching.  She was apparently trying to brainwash me into enjoying her touch but I wasn’t going to let that happen.  After a few more of these adventures she asked:


Amanda:  “Are you doing okay with all of the pain?”

Ted:  “I don’t have a choice.”

Amanda:  “True but you are still sane and unharmed.  You told me earlier that you can’t stand pain but here you are.”

Ted:  “I would not have thought that I could stand this much pain so I guess you were right, I did surprise myself.”


That seemed to be the answer she wanted.  She sat next to me on the bed.


Amanda:  “Now that you realize have a tolerance for pain, does that change anything in your eyes?”

Ted:  “I am not sure I would say I have much tolerance for pain, I just –”

Amanda:  “You have taken a great deal of pain in a short time and you are not just a whimpering pile of flesh.  In fact, I would say that you aren’t even close to being tortured into submission.  Am I right?”

Ted:  “I … I wouldn’t want to contradict you or make you angry.”

Amanda:  “What have you told your wife when she asked about your tolerance for pain?”

Ted:  “What?  What are you talking about?”

Amanda:  “Answer my question.”


I thought about this and remembered that my wife had asked me a couple of times whether it was okay to whip me just a little during our bedtime bondage sessions but Amanda would have no way of knowing about that.


Ted:  “I’m sorry, I don’t remember my wife asking about my tolerance for pain.”

Amanda:  “You will need to remember and tell me what you said.  I will find all sorts of fun ways to help you remember.”


She reached under the bed and brought out a dildo, holding it up to me knowing that she completely had my number.


Ted:  “I will talk.  You don’t need that.  I told my wife that I had a low tolerance for pain.”

Amanda:  “Does your wife ever do things for you?”

Ted:  “Of course.”

Amanda:  “Important things?  Things which make you ecstatic that she is your wife?”

Ted:  “Yes.  A lot of things.  I am very happy with my wife.”

Amanda:  “Then will you suffer pain for her now that you know you have some tolerance for it?”

Ted:  “Yes, I would suffer pain for my wife, even if I had no tolerance.”

Amanda:  “Then why did you tell her that you wouldn’t?  Would you like to change that answer?”


I did not have an answer for this.  How had Amanda know what my wife had asked me?  She had to be guessing but this was a very strange thing to guess.  After I had paused,


Amanda:  “I am going to tell you what is really going on here.  Your wife Sandy and I are friends from college and we still talk from time to time.  I told her that I was a professional dominatrix and Sandy mentioned to me that you told her that you couldn’t take pain but you did let her have some control in the bedroom.  I could tell from the discussions with Sandy that putting you into torture sessions would put Sandy in heaven so I decided to kidnap you and teach you a lesson about yourself.  Have you learned the lesson or do I need to spell it out?”

Ted:  “You are asking me to believe that you kidnapped me, violated me, and tortured me just to make your friend happy?”

Amanda:  “Yes.  It was easy, and fun.  Have you learned the lesson?”

Ted:  “You want me to tell Sandy that I would like her to torture me from time to time?”

Amanda:  “Yes!  And what would you get out of that?”

Ted:  “A happy wife.  That is what I want.”


It turns out that Amanda had been telling the truth.


Several days later, when I told Sandy that I was open to being tortured while tied up she was ecstatic.


Sandy:  “Are you sure?  I thought you couldn’t take pain?”

Ted:  “I want to take pain for you, my love, and I will enjoy it.”

Sandy:  “Oh sweetie, I love you so much and I promise not to give too much pain.  It will just be a little at a time and you can use a safe word to tell me to stop at any time.”

Ted:  “I will not need a safe word but I guess it is a good idea.”


Sandy never found out about my ordeal.  She accepted my willingness to accept her torture in the way it was intended, with great love.


Our torture sessions always ended with the most intense lovemaking of our marriage and every week I looked forward to more torture.


After waking up in Amanda’s control my life could have taken many different turns, where Amanda could lead it.  My life could have been filled with horrible agony, unwanted pleasure, painful divorce, or many other unpleasant things.


Instead, my marriage became stronger and more pleasurable.  And that was the best adventure I could think of.




Word Count = 2,800


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