Slave S

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Sam is a 50-60 year old friend of mine through FetLife who recently began seeing Pro Dommes.  He has allowed me to post his detailed accounts of a few of his visits.  I have, at Sam’s request, modified or removed the names and initials of people and locations involved, to avoid revealing any personal information.



Session A


As some of you now know, I lost my BDSM virginity yesterday afternoon. It was without question the most unfuckingbelievable thing I’ve ever experienced! I barely even know where to begin. I did my session with Mistress Luanna who is the Head Mistress at The Dungeon. These people claim to have <detailed information removed> and boy did they ever live up to the hype!


I arrived exactly at 1:00 as per directed. I was greeted at the door by Master B who is the founder of The Dungeon and holder of the title <detailed information removed>. Trust me, I’ve read his book and the title is well earned. If I were to venture a guess I would say that he is without question among a very tiny group of people who make up world’s greatest sadists. He directed me to take off my shoes and led me down to their 1,250 square foot dungeon. I doubt you’ll find a dungeon anywhere that’s better equipped. He told me to take off all my clothes and kneel in the center of an oriental rug in the middle of the main chamber to await the arrival of Mistress Luanna. As he’s giving my instructions I kept responding “Okay” until he reminded me that once in the dungeon the only proper responses were “Yes Master or “Yes Mistress”. I quickly got the point!


Stripping down to complete nakedness with my middle-aged-far-as-you-can-get-from-Baywatch body wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. It was no worse than undressing for my doctor who happens to be female and I figure these guys have seen it all. I thought that having to look at me in that state might be more punishing for my Mistress than anything she to could dish out for me! ;) I was kept there kneeling for close to ten minutes before she strolled in dressed to the nines in her leather bustier, leather skirt and thigh high black plastic boots. She was pleased to find me in that position.


The first thing she did was collar me using a collar that was much wider in the front. She explained that it was specifically designed to help new slaves learn the proper posture: On your knees, legs apart, hands on your thighs, palms up, chin up and eyes down. I’m sure most subs here are familiar with this. The next thing she did was tie some rope around my junk, specifically, my nads. That got the old pulse racing pretty quick! Then she had me raise each hand up in succession as she strapped me in to some leather cuffs attached to overhead chains. Each side had a handle me to hold onto. (as in hold on for your dear fucking life!) Then she put a ball gag on me and last but not least, the blindfold. All the while I’m thinking “Holy fuck! I am SO in for it now!”


She circled around me as I stared into the blackness and would suddenly appear right next to me, pressing against me and whisper things I can’t even recall into my ears. Then I could hear her testing out some sort of implement, tool, weapon? I didn’t even know the terminology at this point. She told me afterward that she just calls them “toys”. Then I feel the flogger. It wasn’t bad at all. That’s because the one she chose was just a tease! Not so with the next one! I felt that across my bare ass again and again. Then on my back. Then she switched to another one and another and so on. The pain slowly escalated with each toy but it wasn’t too bad… yet! Oh, I forgot to mention, she told me once I was gagged that if any of it got to be too much I was to raise my right foot to stop her. So far so good, right? Then came the next “toy”. I think it was some sort of single tailed whip or something. It struck with a burning, searing sting that nearly took my breath away! I started gripping those handles so hard my arms were shaking! As I said in my brief post, I may have been able to take the punishment a little longer if she had only spaced out the blows a bit more. But because I was gagged, I couldn’t tell her that. Finally, when I couldn’t take anymore I raised my foot and it thankfully stopped.


Then came something I never could have imagined. I heard some sort of electrical buzzing sound and all I could think was “What the fuck is THAT?!” Then I felt a little electric shock and another and another all around my inners thighs. Then I felt it on “little sam” and his two buddies! Holy crap what a sensation! I brief, stinging pain that had a pinpoint accuracy! I jumped every time it hit me but I wasn’t going anywhere fast! Finally she relented. When she removed the gag and the blindfold I never got to see just what “toy” she had been using.


She then released me from that particular bondage and bent me over the sawhorse. “What fun” I thought in the way any completely deranged mind might think. She ordered me to take little sam in my hand and try to stiffen him up. This is where my biggest failing as a new slave occurred. Little sam was having NONE of it! No matter how hard I tried, it just wasn’t gonna happen. I think it was probably because I really wanted to avoid the sexual aspect of it all because I am after all, a married man. And at this point at least, my wife knew NOTHING of this little encounter. The whole thing WAS very arousing in my most important sex organ (the brain) but little sam was staying down for the count, period.


After a little flogging on the sawhorse she led me by the collar over to a couch nearby. She had me kneel in my slave posture in front of her. She asked me if I was a good kisser. At this point she could have been speaking fucking Swahili for all I could tell. I mumbled some sort of response. She then told me that she wanted me to kiss her big, black plastic boot but only from the toe to the heel. I obliged her as she urged me on. Ever try to make out with a plastic boot before? Me neither but I did what I was told. Then she told me I could continue up as far as her knee but no further. Again, I did as I was told while she continued to urge me on. Then she asked me it I wanted to kiss her bare thigh. And what the fuck was I supposed to say, “Oh no thanks, I’m good.” Fuck no! This was the first time in the whole session that she wasn’t inflicting pain on me! As I moved to her bare thigh I then realized she had begun stimulating herself through her thong and she REALLY appeared to be into it! I would have done ANYTHING she asked at that moment! So I kissed and I kissed and I kissed some more, totally making out with her inner thigh as she urged me on in breathless fashion. Then I made a mistake. I did something I wasn’t supposed to do. In the heat of the moment I did something I’ve often done when kissing someone passionately. I used my teeth a little. I nibbled. How was I supposed to NOT do that? The next thing I know she telling me that she hadn’t given me permission to do that so I had to stop. She also told me she wasn’t pleased at having to make me stop because she was almost ready to come. Shit! My bad.


So you guessed it, time for some more pain, oh boy! She had me move over to a table that was suspended from chains so it could swing freely. She had me lay on my back and bound my feet with leather cuffs. She then attached another rope to little sam and his two buddies and ran it through A hook up above and put some tension on it. Oh what fun THAT was! When I tried to eased the tension a bit but raising my butt off the table she quickly ordered me to put it back down. She then had me raise my hands and hold them together. She bound them tightly with rope and ran that rope through another hook above the table so that my arms were completely outstretched. Even though I was no longer blinded folded I couldn’t see what she was doing down by my feet. But I soon felt the flogger on them AND on my now suspended junk! The there was some more zapping, and a lot more squirming on the table. Then she landed a blow squarely on little sam’s two buddies. (I didn’t know it at the time but she used a paddle for that!) At that point I had to beg her to stop exactly as she had instructed me at the outset: “Please Mistress! Have mercy on your slave!” And the pain came to an end. She undid all the bondage (What a relief!) and had me kneel in front of her while she sat on the couch again. Remember how I said that I felt the arousal even though little sam was down for the count? Well as I knelt in front of her again she noticed that little sam was starting drip a little pre-cum. She told me not to drip on her rug so I quickly caught and wiped in on my bare thigh. I mean what the fuck was I supposed to do? Ask for a tissue? She told me that she thought I had been to closed off during the entire session and of course she was completely correct. She said I needed to let myself go more and embrace the sexual aspect of the whole thing - also correct. Then she told me I could get dressed and she would meet me upstairs to answer any questions I might have. Oh sure, no problem, I’m supposed to interview her now that I couldn’t even form a complete sentence and I was even sure of my own name?? I had brought along a little gift of tribute for the Mistress because I read somewhere that Mistresses and masters like that sort of thing. It a little pair of silver earrings that had handcuffs dangling from them. She LOVED them! I think that may have helped make up for my nibbling faux pas. After chatted for a bit we went back into the dungeon and was nice enough to explain all the various toys she had used and set them down one by one so I could photograph them.


Oh and I almost forgot the best part. Talk about going all in your first time. You know that expression that goes “Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it?” Well in some of my correspondence with the Mistress leading up to yesterday’s historic event I had expressed a keen interest in getting to meet the person who has been on site periodically for more than a year to film a documentary. Well guess what boys and girls, she was there from the first moment and filmed the entire fucking session! I signed a release form afterward and only asked that my face not be shown. So maybe some day soon coming to a theater near you…. Jeezus, I shudder at the thought!


I chatted with the Mistress for a while afterward and with the sociologist filming the documentary who was nice enough to give me her contact information. I even got to give her my thoughts on and even more intense scene I’d like to do for her documentary. I’ll give you a hint: That one involves spilling some of my blood in the name of art. Am I off my fucking middle-aged rocker or what??


I left more than two and a half hours after I had arrived yet the time flew by in a blur. I simply could not calm down. The adrenaline and the endorphins where still spiking off the charts. I went to a local diner for a light dinner and tossed back two vodka and tonics but then I was not only wired but slightly hammered (I’m a wus when it comes to drinking because I do it so rarely). Luckily I made it back to <detailed information removed> where I was spending the night with an adorable older couple. Talk about a juxtaposition! If they only knew what I had been up to just hours before! I took a very brisk two-mile walk then grabbed a shower. I was still strung tighter than a violin. I then joined my hosts in a very expensive bottle of Bordeaux that I had originally purchased for Master B but ended up not giving him. After the wine I was still wired. Took my regular nighttime meds one of which is for my aging prostate the other is designed to help me sleep more deeply. I even knocked back three of the muscle relaxers that my doctor had recently prescribed for my sore back. I’m not supposed to mix them with alcohol but at this point I was like, fuck it! I finally managed about four hours sleep. I was concerned because I was faced with a three hour drive to get home and I was really worried about dozing off behind the wheel. But as it so happens, I still couldn’t get the whole thing out of my mind this morning and the adrenaline spike started all over again. I found myself driving <detailed information removed> at nearly 80 mph and I was STILL so wired from yesterday that I actually started to hyperventilate. I felt like I was going to faint and could actually feel tunnel vision setting in! I forced myself to do some slow, deep breathing to keep it under control and I eventually succeeded but had to do it a couple more times on the ride home. But this time the spike was augmented by the fact that I knew I had to tell my wife ALL ABOUT IT when I got home. That will be another long story that I’d like to post in one of the groups if the moderators approve of the idea. Until then just call me…


slave s



Session B


I just wanted to share with you regarding my most recent visit to The Dungeon. This was my first time doing an overnight stay as my Mistress' personal slave. I got there at 5:00 PM on the dot as per her instructions. She showed me to their guest room which is a nicely appointed room with its own large private bath. The room is all tricked out with kink toys! She had me leave my bag there. I then presented her with a little token of tribute in the form of a cute little handcuff bracelet designed to match the handcuff earrings I gave her on my very first visit. She had the earrings on and LOVED the bracelet which she had me put on for her. She then told me to get naked and head down to the dungeon to wait for her in slave posture. I also brought along my own slave collar (which I accidentally left behind in the room!) as well as a new braided leather flogger (black and blue of course!) which I DIDN'T forget to bring to the dungeon. She loved that as well!


She put one of her own collars on me (the one in the picture) tied my junk with some cotton rope (as per usual) and then bound my hands together to a chain up above. She then put on some ankle cuffs and a spreader bar. (This is the part that was uncanny! I don't know if it was ESP or what but I had been thinking about asking her to suspend my hands above me head AND use a spreader! Is that crazy coincidence or what?) That was followed by a blindfold. Then there was some whipping, flogging etc. all of which was great. Eventually she released my hands, removed the blindfold and bent me over a sawhorse. Then I heard a squirting sound (lube) and I knew what was coming! You guessed it, a butt plug! Oh boy! (She found out that I like it when she hits my "p-spot" the last time I was there and she had me on an inverted St. Andrew's Cross!) First one plug and then a slightly bigger plug. She pressed her pelvis against the plug and did some thrusting. that was pretty cool, then more flogging etc. After that it was time to go upstairs for dinner.


I helped set the table as per her instructions and laid towels on the floor for myself and another male slave who was joining us. (She told me that their slaves aren't allowed on the furniture.) Then we ate an awesome stir fry that the Master had whipped up. I have to say that I was amazed that he was able to use <detailed information removed>! The man knows how to cook! the Mistress, the Master and I ate with chopsticks and the other slave used a fork. I was also allowed to have some of the 2009 Bordeaux the Master had selected only mine came in a little bowl! LOL! Eh, when in Rome right? After that I washed all the dishes including the ones left over from earlier in the day and then it was back down to the dungeon for round two!


First she had me stand with my hands against a support column and she broke out a cane for the first time. That was all pretty cool and not too painful. But of course she was just getting warmed up! Then she had me lie face down on a table that's completely suspended by chains. She shackled my ankles and my hands which were placed in some kind of mitts that resembled oven mitts. Not sure what that was about but I wasn't about to complain. She then dimmed the lights and lit a bunch of candles. (But get this, the candles were a bunch little votive candles in one of those stands that you see in almost every Catholic church! <detailed information removed>. It just gave everything a kinkier feel!)


Then she got down to business with the cane. She started off slowly with light taps but when she kept hitting the same spot over and over it began to string. She went up and down over the back of my thighs, my butt and my back. She slowly began to increase the force of the blows and started to work out a rhythm that was something like: tap, tap, tap, tap... etc. then she would lay it still on my body and follow that with a nice whack! Every time she would stop and lay the cane on me I would brace myself for that stinging whack!. The more force she used, the louder I moaned and he was clearly loving it! I was so proud of myself because I REALLY tried to hang in there and kept resisting the urge to beg for mercy. I lasted MUCH longer under the stinging blows than in past sessions. It wasn't long until my whole body became a trembling mass! Eventually I caved and had to ask for mercy. She had completely demolished me by then. I was shaking from head to toe! She undid the restraints as I laid there still trembling and she put a blanket over me because it was a tad cold in the dungeon to begin with. I told her didn't think I had been a good slave at all (once again, for the forth time, "little sam" was as dead as a doornail no matter how hard I tried to wake him up!) but SHE told me I had been a good slave and then I couldn't fight back the tears. They had nothing to do with anything she had done with her toys. I just can't handle being complimented in that way because of my own self-loathing. I know that sounds fucked up but that's how it is for me.


She let me be for a while to gather myself as she went upstairs for a few minutes. When she came back down asked for some tissues and directed to me to where they were kept. Once I pulled myself together a bit she had me kneel in front of her in posture as she sat on a nearby couch. She forbid me from judging myself saying that was her job and hers alone and that mine was to simply comply with her wishes as she made all the judgments for me. She insisted that I convey my understanding of that which I did. She also forbid me to do anything that could be considered self abuse because again, that was HER job and hers alone. Finally she had me get up and told me she would show me where I would be sleeping. Then she took me to the adjoining room where underneath the basement stairs there was a restraint table of some sort and under THAT was a cage about 30 inches wide and five feet long. THAT was where I was going to sleep! (Because remember, the slaves aren't allowed on the furniture and a bed is a piece of furniture!) She got me a flashlight so could find my way to the bathroom upstairs (the cage was going to stay open) and got me settled in for the night. I didn't a whole lot of sleeping! Shortly after midnight I was awake and then awake again at about 3:00 AM. I wasn't too pleased about the sleeping arrangements ESPECIALLY because this visit WASN'T cheap! I even thought about getting up and bolting in the middle of the night but I just hung in there instead.


She came to get me when it was time for breakfast at about 8:00 AM. When we got upstairs she said "You probably thought you were going to be sleeping in that bed, huh?" And I was like "Well yeah, kinda..." Then she reminded me about no slaves on the furniture. She then asked if I liked eggs as a sat on my towel next to the table. The master brought me some coffee and soon she came in with a plate full of scrambled eggs sans fork. I probably could have asked for one but I just ate them with my bare hands. After that I washed all the breakfast dishes and she had me kneel in posture in the dining area again. The master had made some <detailed meal information removed> and she had me open my mouth as she fed three pieces to me then she let me feed the last one to myself. Before long I was all dressed and ready to go. She gave me a big hug, we said our goodbyes and I was out the door at 10:00 AM.


I concluded that it was all good except perhaps for the sleeping arrangements. I may return as a party slave next time but I'll have to be sure to ask how the sleeping arrangements work for THAT!



Session C


Her name is Lady B and she's much closer to home than my first Mistress. She lives in a neatly manicured apartment building that give no clue as to what lies inside. I show up exactly at the appointed time and call her from the back parking lot as per her instructions. When I ring her apartment number she buzzed me in. Lady B is as tall as I am in bare feet but in her stiletto heels she easily towers over me. She offers me her hand which I kiss and then she graciously accepts the bottle of chardonnay that I brought. She instructs me to sit in the living area adjacent to the small kitchen and I do as I'm told. We make some small talk and before long she directs me to a nearby bathroom and tell me to strip naked which I do. When I emerge she orders me to kneel before her. Again, I oblige. After some more small talk she orders me to my feet and leads me to an adjoining room. It's fairly small but well equipped. In the corner over to the left is a chair resembling a barber chair covered in what appears to be black leather. In the corner to the right is a table that's blue in color that looks very much like my doctor's examination table. In the back left corner there's a padded sawhorse with kneelers on each side. In the center of the left wall is a St Andrews Cross that made of metal. It has metal fasteners with rings one them at the end of each rail that are able to slide up and down. There's a full length mirror on the wall just behind it.


As I stand in front of her in the center of the room she places a little leather strap around my junk. To that she attaches a small weight. She then sits in the chair in the left hand corner and orders me to kneel before her with my hands behind my back. She then tells me to hold out my left hand which I do. She straps on a leather cuff and then does the same with my right hand. She orders me to sit and raise first my left foot and then my right and she puts leather cuffs around each ankle. Again she orders me to stand before her and she fastens a leather collar around my neck. She then orders me to turn around and face the cross. I do exactly as I'm told. She tells me to stretch each arm out on the cross and to extend them as far as possible. She then attaches each wrist cuff to the fasteners at the top of the cross and slides them as far out as my arms can reach and secures them. She does the same thing with the ankle cuffs at the bottom of the cross. She then tells me to relax because I'm not going anywhere. And then it starts...


First she teases me a bit with a fairly soft flogger, but in no time at all she gets down to business and I begin to feel the sting on my back and my ass. Then she escalates to a heavier flogger. I had told her before the session that I was interested in something that had a more "thuddy" impact and she clearly took that to heart. then she moved on to something that looked like a leather strap about two inches wide that was split into four fingers at the end. She told me that those produce more a sting and she wasn't kidding! She told me that she was going to strike me ten times and she wanted me to count out the blows. She said that if I didn't she might lose count and have to start over. With the first blistering sting I wasn't about to lose count. I could barely spit out the word "ten" by the time we got there. It hurt like a mother fucker but she was barely getting started. She moved onto something thicker and heavier. She held each implement up so that I could see them in the mirror but it was all a blur. Each blow across my ass felt like burning sting and made me gasp for air. Sometimes she made me ask for me between blows. After a couple more implements and counting out the blows for each one I was crying "RED"! That brought my time on the cross, about twenty minutes in all, to a merciful end. She detached both of the wrist cuffs and both of the ankle cuffs. Both of my hands were numb and it hurt to bring my right arm down after it had been extended well above my head. I was suddenly aware of the injury to my right should that I suffered during a beach volley ball game the previous summer. She looked at my ass and was pleased that it was already starting to bruise.


She had me stand in the center of the room then kneel before her once more. She told me to kiss her left foot and to kiss my way all the way up her thigh and then back down from the top of her right thigh and back down to her right foot. Then ordered me to my feet again and had me back up to make room for the sawhorse. She had me climb onto the sawhorse and straddle it with my knees on the kneelers on each side. She moved onto a heavy leather strap and again I had to count out each stinging blow. Before she moved onto a light wooden paddle and after that, a much heavier one. The pain was no excruciating. Again I counted out the blows in a horse, desperate whisper. Finally it stopped but we weren't quite done. She told me she was going to give me ten more blows and that I could pick two implements of my choosing form the array of weapons she had arranged neatly hanging on the wall by the door. I had no idea what to choose so I hesitated and it cost me. She told me I had taken too long that she would choose them herself and it would be twenty blows instead. She ordered my back onto the sawhorse and delivered the first ten as I counted. At that point she told me to try and slow my breathing and relax because we were almost done. Somehow I managed to make it through those last ten blows. I don't know what implements she was using. I only know that I had never in my life felt such pain. When it was over she had me stand while she removed the wrist cuffs. Then she had me sit on the floor and put my feet up on the doctor's table so she could remove the ankle cuffs. She had me stand once more so she could remove the collar and then finally the weighted leather strap she had placed on my junk. She then stood in front of the barber's chair and had me kneel in front her. She told me to give a hug and I wrapped my arms around her. My whole body was trembling and I could not hold back tears. She gently stroked my hair. I told her I didn't think I handled it well at all but she said I did and that made it even harder not to cry. (I'm not a good slave, I'm not a good sub, I'm not a good bottom, I'm not a good person, I'm not a good anything.) Eventually she had me get up and we exited the room. I asked if I could put my clothes back on and she said yes. Then came went back into the living area and she sat in the same chair and I sat opposite her where I had been sitting before. I could not stop trembling. I was overwhelmed and completely drained. Sensing this she moved closer and sat in the adjacent chair and told me to sit on the floor right next her and put my head on her lap. She stroked my hair gently as the tears flowed once again. She told me I handled it well but I was having none of it. She said that I had absorbed about two hundred blows, but it could have been two thousand or twenty thousand for all I knew. I was more concerned about the fact that I had a doctor's appointment in another three days and I had no idea how I was going to explain the bruises. She told me that she wanted me to reflect on the session and write her an e-mail about it. I agreed. Eventually she had me get up and asked her for some more Kleenex. She told me to help myself which I did. She gave me one last hug and I was on my way, a different person than when I had arrived...



Session D


Added May 1, 2013


Hurting Me Softly...


I was told to arrive between 12:30 and 1:00 PM. After anxiously killing some time I arrive at just about 12:45. She greets me at the front door with a big smile, wet hair and a coffee mug in hand. She was still having "morning" coffee after a party the previous night that ran until about 4:00 AM. She offers me a cup and I accept. After a bit more java she excuses herself to finish getting dressed while another one of her subs and I continue the post party cleanup. He washes dishes while I pick up a broom and go to work.


A short while later she returns dressed to kill in a short black mini dress.


She purrs: "I'm ready whenever you are."


The words send a shiver down my spine. She starts downstairs to the dungeon and I follow, my pulse quickening all the way. Once inside I remove my clothes as she sits patiently on a small black couch. She asks if I'm looking for anything in particular, I explain to her that I sometimes get into conflict with other lifestyle Dommes who tell me that when working with a pro Domme it's all about me, meaning the client, whereas with a lifestyle Domme it's all above giving them what they want. I tell her that I want her to do whatever is fun for her and offer nothing in the way of hard or soft limits. I simply tell her that for whatever she wants to do, I prefer to be restrained somehow because I need to know that I can't escape. She nods her approval and smiles wickedly.


She rises to her feet and retrieves some leather cuffs from her wall of various toys and implements. She places the cuffs on my wrists and instructs me to kneel facing the same couch where she had just been sitting. I do as I'm told. She collars me and then uses the cuffs to bind my wrists behind my black with rope. She attaches the other end of the rope to a table across the room. She then has me bend forward to expose my back. As I do this she retrieves a flogger and begins to go to work.


She starts off very lightly with a soft flogger. It doesn't hurt at all. It actually feels rather soothing and as it moves through the air it has a cooling effect. She then switches to one with more weight and a heavier leather. The firmer impact is immediately noticeable as the falls now produce much more in the way of a sting. But I know she's only getting warmed up. After a bit more flogging she instructs to stand. Again, I do as I'm told. She ties some sort of cord around my balls and gives it a little yank. I let out a quick gasp more out of terror than pain. She then lays a mat down on the floor, has me turn toward the adjoining dungeon wall and kneel on it. She places the spanking bench in front of me and that immediately gets my attention but she'll be using for a different purpose.


My hands are still bound behind my back, but now the other end of the rope is attached to her St. Andrews cross. She sidles up behind me with her legs pressed against my back and she runs her hand gently, soothingly across my chest. She then grabs my left nipple and pulls hard. (Shit! That HURTS!!) She rubs it gently again before repeating the process with my right nipple. Again the pain is biting and causes me to wince. She coos seductively in response. She then slaps them both really hard. I let out another wincing gasp and she coos some more. She repeats the process of yanking, massaging and slapping until they're quite firm and more that a bit sore. Throughout all of this and as with pretty much all of my sessions my eyes are closed as a try to focus on absorbing the pain and controlling my breathing. I'm barely able to do so.


As I continue to kneel I peek enough to see her move the spanking bench so that one end is facing is facing me. She then takes the cord attached to my balls and ties the other end to the bench. Then very slowly and deliberately she attaches a clothes pin to each of my already sensitive nipples. I wince with pain as she sighs contentedly in reply. Each pin has a cord attached to it and she connects the ends of each one to the spanking bench. Every now and then with my eyes still closed I hear the sound of her taking a picture. My nipples and balls are now attached to the spanking bench and my wrists are still bound to the cross behind my back. No matter which way I move I risk increasing the pain so I focus all my efforts one remaining as still as possible despite the fact that I can feel the muscles in my legs beginning to tremble.


I remain in that position for what seems like forever as she moves about the dungeon gathering up some other supplies. (What the devil is she up to now??) Again I open my eyes to steal another peek just in time to see her slowly placing two lead eights on the cord attached to my balls. I feel the increase in tension and pray that she won't be attaching any more. Luckily for me, she does not. But she has something else in mind. I feel the tension on both nipples slowly beginning to increase. I peek again to find her pulling the cords toward each other and clipping them with clothes pins. She attaches an artificial red rose to each one showing how creative and artistically painful kink can be. I can't help but be impressed despite the slowly increasing pain. She used about a half dozen pins in all. I then hear her circling about me like some predator as she admires her handiwork and documents it with the camera. When she's done she finally and mercifully releases me from her bondage and leads me over to the couch and has me sit. I gladly oblige savoring my release from bondage, but it wouldn't last for long.


As I sit patiently on the couch awaiting what she has in store for me next, she saunters over and gently places a blindfold over my eyes. My pulse quickens immediately as I'm now plunged into total darkness. There will be no more sneaking peeks now! She instructs me to stand which I immediately do and she then slowly leads me into the adjoining room. I'm now completely at her "mercy". She leads me to what appears to be a large ottoman and has me lie down on it face up. Then she slowly and deliberately binds me down with rope. Although I'm blindfolded I find out later that it's all being recorded on video. I don't know it at the time but I'll soon find out that directly above me is a chandelier lit with glowing candles. She tortures my nipples some more and responds to my painful gasps with a sadistic chuckle. She alternately caresses and slaps them. She then stands on the edges of the ottoman and grasps them with her toes yanking them. Her feet feel cool from being on the dungeon floor. She then reaches for one of the candles and very slowly and deliberately drips the hot wax on one nipple and then the other. The sensation is one of strange, painful, masochistic pleasure that elicits a gasp from me and another pleased coo from her.


The next thing I know she's ever so gently and slowly dragging the falls of a flogger across my chest. The sensation is intoxicating and ripe with anticipation. Now wearing shoes, she places one stilettoed heel on my chest as she continues to drag the flogger across it. She then moves her shoe to my left leg just above the knee and slowly drags it up my thigh while continuing her flogger "massage". Then I feel the falls land on my genitals. She does this gently but the sensation elicits a sudden gasp from me. Again, she drags the flogger gently across my chest. Then I feel it strike my genitals again only harder this time. My gasp is met with another satisfied coo. She then pokes alternately at my nipples with her stiletto heels. I next feel a small length of what seems like rope lashing across my body but it's light in weight and produces only a mind sting. It dawns on me that she's not really torturing my body now but rather, my mind. She's being a seductive little bitch circling me like some predator and I'm her willing prey! I remind myself to breath as slowly and steadily as possible which is easier said than done. She now lashes at me with her rope repeatedly and a little harder, then stops and drags it slowly across my body. And before I know what's happening she's formed it into a slip not which she places around my genitals again eliciting a nervous gasp from me a pleasing moan from her. This continues as she complete her rope work. Never have I felt so vulnerable than I do at this moment! When she's done she gently slaps at my balls as if she owns them and at that moment, she does!


I hear her moving the video camera so that it's now pointed directly at my vulnerable, completely exposed crotch. Again, my pulse quickens. She sits on the adjoining couch and once again picks up the flogger. I feel the falls land in stinging fashion on first one nipple and then the other. In between blows she teases the area by gently brushing those same falls across it. She then resumes her flogging, first one side and then the other. As she continues that she then grabs the small length of rope she tied around my balls and begins to add tension. As she does so I struggle to maintain my steady breathing but it's getting ever more difficult to do so. Some sort of new wave version of the song "Ques Sera Sera" plays in the background. In a brief moment of clarity my think to myself how appropriate! I then hear her moving about in her stilettos and I struggle to decipher what she's up to now. She has moved the video camera for a side angle and again, I feel the flogger on my chest. She then stands between my legs and repeatedly strikes my genitals with the flogger but only just hard enough to let me know that if she really wanted to she could do it a LOT harder. The thought terrifies me which is exactly what she wants! She gently brushes the falls against my chest in a soothing manner knowing that she is in complete control. But before long she lashing at my chest with the flogger again, only a little harder now. Again, a let out a little gasp with each blow as she occasionally coos her approval. She then straddles my body and starts teasing at my now very sensitive nipples. She alternately slaps at them, first slowly and deliberately and then very fast and then slowly again. It's exquisite torture. She then caresses my entire body with the falls of the flogger. I marvel at how one implement can be capable of producing such extremes of pain and pleasure when wielded by an experienced Domme. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, she slowly releases me once more from her bondage. She snaps her fingers and orders me to my feet. I do as I'm told while wondering what she has planned next.


She leads me back into the adjoining dungeon and directs me "assume the position" on the cross. I do as I'm told and she secures my wrists to it using the leather cuffs. She slinks up behind me and gently caresses me with her hands. She then picks up two floggers and swings them in an underhand motion against my ass and back. She then switches to one of those overhand twirling motions that all experienced Dommes seem to be very good at. The blows rain down but the pain is mild. She then switches to a single flogger and increases the intensity. She swings harder and begins striking me mainly with the tips of the falls and the sting becomes more apparent. It cause me to wince and moan a bit. She switches to a heavier flogger and the pain begins to amp up. I try to stay focused on my breathing. Occasionally she swings them fast without making contact which provides a cool breeze that feels welcome. But it doesn't last long. Soon she's making full contact again. Every now and then she pauses and gently rubs her hand over the areas feeling their warmth. She then drops her flogger and gives my ass a rather vigorous spanking with her hands. I don't realize it at the time but she's just warming me up for what's next. Again she pauses to rub her hands gently all up and down my body followed by some more vigorous slapping. She returns to the flogger and rains down some more convincing blows now. Her technique is flawless as only the tips of the stinging falls repeatedly find their mark. She coos in approval of her work thus far as she adds some more gentle caresses followed by more slaps. The swinging back and forth of this pendulum of pain mesmerizes me.


After an eternal pause she once again announces her Dominant presence by striking me squarely on the ass with a heavy leather taws. I gasp and wince under each stinging blow as my pain is taken to another level. Before each blow she places it against my ass as if to warn of what's coming, but that only adds to the anxiety I feel. I wince with each blow but she simply pauses and gently drags the taws across my ass she moves across to continue her work from the other side. She begins a sadistic rhythm, three light taps followed by a hard swat. It's an exquisite form of torture. She then gives my ass a brief rest as she rains down a series of lighter blows across my back. But before long she's slapping away at my ass again and seemingly loving every minute of it. She vogues for the ever present video camera all the while as though she's auditioning for a role she's already been playing for a long time. As I gasp for air she gently rubs the taws over me then follows that with a succession of sharp blows that cause me to lift one foot knowing full well that there as no escape. I try as hard as possible to fight back tears that are beginning to well in my eyes but I'm only partially successful. Ignoring my apparent distress she simply tosses aside the taws and calmly begins to release me from the cross. My breathing is now heavy and somewhat labored as I'm still trying to process the pain. She gently rubs her hand over my body as she moves to the other side of the cross to release that restraint.


As I lean against the cross trying to catch my breath I hear her moving something behind me. She comes up behind me, presses her body against mine and runs her hand up my sides and up my arms to my wrists. She then grasps them in her hands and slower lowers my arms to my sides. She leans her head against one shoulder and caresses them both while offering some words or encouragement. But I'm now too deep into subspace to understand what she's saying. She turns me around and leads me over to the spanking bench. I am powerless to raise any objections. Resistance is futile. She directs me into position on the bench and begins to secure me with the restraints. The music continues to play in the background as she instructs me to lay my head down on the padded bench as if she were tucking a small child in for the night. But this will be far from a night of gentle sleep! She moves the video camera into position once again and completes the securing of all the restraints. She tell me to get "nice and comfortable" as she gently rubs my back and by ass before giving it s swat with her hand.


She pauses the music and then gives my ass a series of warming slaps in preparation for what is to come. I wait anxiously in my exposed position desperately trying to control my breathing in anticipation. She starts the music again and proceeds to alternatively caress my back and slap my ass. My brain begins to go into overload at these confusing sensations. She picks up a flogger and begins using it on my ass again. It almost feels gentle compared to the taws. She pauses to once again gently let the falls caress my body then resumes striking my ass with renewed vigor that causes me to moan with each blow. She continues on my back for a short while and then there's a pause. At this moment I open my eyes for another peek just in time to see her pick up a cane. (Oh FUCK!! Not the CANE!!) I immediately begin to regret not having set any limits at the outset and brace myself for the pain that I sense is now imminent.


She rubs the cane across my back and slowly begins tapping it on my ass. She maintains a steady rhythm that involves slowly increasing the intensity of the blows then decreasing them only to increase them again. I can do nothing but pull on the restraints and try to absorb each blow. Controlling my breathing is now quickly becoming nearly impossible as genuine panic begins to set in. She slowly circles to the other side, rubbing the cane against my ass and back as she goes then delivers a quick, sharper blow that causes me to gasp louder than before. She pauses to hold the cane against my ass. And then it happens. For just the briefest of moments I heard the sound, the terrible noise that a cane makes when it's being swung hard enough to produce a whooshing sound as it moves through air. It's followed immediately by a sharp, white hot, searing pain that surges through my ass calling me to cry out. She slowly circles to the other side again and delivers two quick strikes to hold my attention. She pauses to rub the cane gently over my ass a couple of times and delivers two more. Again I moan as I hang onto the bench for dear life. She circles back and repeats this. I wince with each blow as my moans become more desperate. She pauses then delivers a steady series of short blows, about ten or twelve in all. Then it happens again, that terrifying sadistic whooshing sound followed by another jolt of searing, electric pain. I cry out more loudly abandoning all thoughts of remaining stoic. I'm gasping for breath now as I'm still trying to process all the pain. She delivers another series of small taps then stings me again with another swift blow. My breathing is now heavier and more labored than ever as I exhale and moan as the same time. As I try to keep up she begins a series rapid mini blows by rattling the cane back and forth against her hand up and down my ass. Then she delivers series of about thirty blows that start out as medium intensity then trail off to the light tap and end with her dragging the tip of the cane down my back and across my ass.


I don't see her do it but I can tell from the sound that she has just retrieved a different cane. She uses it to pepper another series of light but stinging blows across my ass. She then pauses to hold it there for a second or two before that god awful sound announces the next blow! I can do nothing but cry out and pull even harder on the restraints now. As a do so every muscle in my body begins to tremble. I'm in desperate straits. My chest is heaving as she delivers another rapid set of small blows, pauses and then produces that horrific sound followed by that biting sting once more. She repeats this yet again before circling back to the other side gently placing her hand on my ass as she goes as if to say "we're not done yet bitch, soon, but not yet". Another devastating blow lands, and another. I can hold on no longer. I beg for mercy and tell her I can't take any more. She chuckles saying that she had been pushing me. She stands next to me cane still in hand encouraging me to try and take nice deep breathes, but they're still little more than heaving gasps. She runs her hand across and down my back and proceeds to tap gently on my ass with a riding crop she has picked up. She continues to do this as I struggle to regain composure. She then reaches for the flogger and begins dragging the falls ever so gently back and forth across my back starting at my shoulders and working her way down across my ass and the backs of my thighs. She then begins caressing my back all over with her hands. At this point I say something that elicits a chuckle from her but I have no idea what I said. The tears now begin to flow as the catharsis begins. I'm disappointed in myself at having to stop her. I tell her that I'm sure she's given other much worse than what she just finished giving me. She assured me that what I had just endured was pretty much "on the tougher side" and that "most people can't even handle that" but I don't believe her, convinced that she's just trying to spare my feelings and assure me that I'm not the wussie boy I think I am.


She leaves the dungeon for a moment and goes into the other room. She returns with a velvet blanket of some sort and drapes it over me as I still cling to the spanking bench like some shipwrecked castaway fearful of letting go of some log that kept him from drowning. She continues to rub her hands all over my body through the soft blanket and the feeling is exquisite. Her touch, once so sadistically painful is now incredibly soft. The pain quickly begins to fade as my breathing slowly begins to return to normal. I weep softly as she continues her gentle caresses. My whole body continues to tremble. After a while I'm able to summon the strength to rise from the bench and she has me sit on the couch still wrapped in that soft velvet blanket to continue my recovery. Eventually I slowly drift back out of subspace with a sense of accomplishment that I had survived to submit another day...