My Wonderful Wife



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Synopsis:  My wife takes full control, inflicting pain and humiliation.  Codes = F/m, humiliation, torture, feet, non-consensual.



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Chapter 1 – My Wonderful Wife


After 15 years of marriage, my wife wanted to spice up our sex life.


My wife is a wonderful and beautiful woman, she is very loving to me and treats me better than I thought anyone ever would.  After 30 years of life my heart which had been dormant was brought to life when I met my wife and I fell in love almost right away.  Somehow, the same was true with her, she loves me and loves how I treat her.  I may question her taste in men but everything else about her is admirable and she helps me continue to grow as a person.  I am the luckiest guy in the world.


We had a very healthy and active sex life, not much out of the ordinary.  Occasionally she would treat me the way I especially liked to be treated by tying me to the bed and teasing me with a whip, to be followed quickly by particularly avid love-making in a few different positions.


So it was a surprise to me when my wife asked as we were sitting on our couch ready to watch TV if I would be willing to spice up our sex life.


I said “Of course, sweetie, what do you have in mind?”


She replied “I know that you enjoy our dominance and submission foreplay.  I think you enjoy it more than you let on.”  She paused and said “Honey, would it bother you to know that I looked at the browser history on your PC?”


I have nothing to hide in general and completely nothing to hide from my wonderful wife I love with all of my heart.  “No, that does not bother me at all.”


She continued “I have seen some of the web sites you look at when I am away, the thought of doing some of those things to you turns me on.”


I wondered exactly which things she was referring to.  When you browse the internet there is sometimes no telling what you will encounter, sometimes it is what you expect and sometimes it is so far in left field that you wonder if someone else has taken over your PC.


I smiled and said “Hopefully not all of it, even I don’t know where my PC has been.”


She responded “Well, I do, and I think it would be good for us.  Specifically, when a woman dominates a man.  How would you feel if I was more dominant?”


This was a surprise to me.  All this time I thought that the occasions when we had some dominance and submission foreplay was mostly for my benefit.  She was so respectful to me – we both were to each other in our wonderful marriage – that I did not even know if she was comfortable being dominant for foreplay but apparently she really did enjoy it and wanted more.


Before I could respond, my wife reached down to my shorts and felt my response growing there.


I asked “Does that answer your question?”


She said “Yes, I was thinking you would be receptive to this.  Let’s watch TV, I am going to think more about this and what I would like to propose.”


For the next couple of days I was excited to think about what my wife would propose.  When I would ask her about it she said she was not ready and she was still thinking about it.  I couldn’t wait to hear what she was thinking about.


That Friday night she made a soup which I did not recognize, the soup was hearty and was meant to be the entire meal after an opening course salad.  My wife is a very good cook and experiments with different dishes, almost all of them are delicious even though they mostly avoid unhealthy ingredients.  She usually mentions a new recipe before she makes it just in case it doesn’t seem appealing to me but not always, sometimes she just surprises me.


Did I mention that I was the luckiest guy in the world?  This is just one of many ways.


I asked my wife “What is this soup?” and she replied “I found the recipe on the internet, I’m sure you’ll like it.”


The soup was good, it had a taste which I could not put my finger on, maybe coriander or curry or something like that.  I finished the bowl and had seconds.


After dinner we usually watch some news on TV.  I had a stressful day at work, Fridays are always tough because I am tired from working all week and that is the day for my project deadlines.  Today I was not able to deliver a project on time and I had people calling me for status, I hate having to give people bad news but I just couldn’t get it done by the deadline this afternoon despite pushing myself.  Now, watching the bad news being reported on TV I began not to feel so good, I was getting a headache but I figured it was due to the stress and would pass and didn’t want to mention it or get an aspirin to worry my wife.


But I was getting drowsy.  I do not nap right after dinner, it is usually an hour or two later when I get somewhat sleepy and eat an apple or grapes to keep myself alert.  I adjusted myself on the couch to lean my head a bit more against a pillow and then my stomach started to hurt a bit while at the same time my head was feeling heavier.


I said “I don’t feel so great” and tried to get up to get an aspirin but I was so tired that my body wasn’t immediately cooperating so I decided just to rest my head on the pillow and watch the end of the news.




Chapter 2 – Awake


I suddenly awoke and was surprised that I had fallen asleep.  But I was not where I had been, I was not on the couch at all.  I was lying on my stomach on our bed with the side of my face against a pillow and I was completely naked.  I could not move my arms much, they were pulled away from my body and I could not move them more than an inch or two.  I was still groggy so I figured that maybe I just needed to push myself up to regain some strength but my wrists were restrained in some sort of fur-covered shackles and my movement rattled the chains attaching the shackles to the bed.  I was shackled spread-eagled to the bed and my ankles were similarly pulled apart and restrained.


“You are awake,” my wife said.


What on earth.  Was this her idea of spicing up our sex life?  Without even talking it over with me?  Or was something else going on?


My wife is not presumptuous at all.  Even making a purchase for our home or any other decision which affects both of us she would always ask me what I thought, and would not go for it without discussing it with me and getting my approval.  It wasn’t an approval issue really, she just did not want to hurt me at all by making a decision which I did not like.  And the reverse was true, too, I hated the idea of making a decision affecting her without discussing it with her first.  We would always talk things through.  She liked surprises but even then I would incorporate what would say to me previously so that I already knew she would like the surprise.


But here I was shackled spread-eagled without any discussion, and apparently she had drugged me to do it!


She asked “How are you feeling?”


I did not want her to feel bad for taking initiative, and besides I was beginning to feel an excited physical reaction about this so I said “I feel good” and started squirming my body against the sheets to let her know that I was turned on by this.


She then lifted my head up by pulling on my hair and stuffed a sock in my mouth to my muffled surprise.  She cut off some duct tape and taped my mouth shut with the sock inside!


Fortunately, it was not a large sock and I had no trouble breathing through my nose but it was uncomfortable and not exactly my idea of foreplay.  But it was on some of those web sites I would read, it turned me on somewhat to read things like that but having it done to me was uncomfortable to say the least.


She said “You are at my mercy now, you won’t be able to tell me your feelings so I can take you wherever I want.”  I was getting more turned on with this.


She went to her dresser drawer and when she came back to the bed she caressed my bare back with her whip.  I took a deep breath and since I had no input, I decided to just enjoy this.


She lightly whipped my back and it was only a few seconds before I was hard, even pressed against the bed.  She increased the force of each whip stroke and I felt very helpless, it was a great feeling to not worry about anything at all and just experience the submission to my wonderful wife.  I was so ready to be un-shackled, turned over, and make love but my wife continued the foreplay with moderate whip strokes on my back, my butt, and my thighs.


The strokes were hurting which was not the case during our normal foreplay but it felt good, just like I would read on those internet sites.


As my wife stroked the whip again on my upper back, the pain started to become more than I could tolerate.  I tried to exclaim and groan through the sock and tape on my mouth but I could not communicate anything, it sounded the same as my groans of pleasure seconds ago.  The next several strokes landed again in the middle of my upper back and the pain was too much, I had enough and it was time to stop.


But my wife did not stop.  She kept whipping my back.


Oh shit.  She is going to hurt me and then feel terrible about it.  I hated hated hated when my wife felt terrible about anything, whatever it was which hurt her hurt me just as much, I loved her so much.  Please stop, please don’t feel terrible.


My wife eventually aimed the whip strokes lower onto my butt and kept them there for a while.  Those strokes stung but less than the strokes to the back which was still in a lot of pain.  But she kept whipping the same spot on my butt and the stinging turned to strong pain and then to agony.


I lost it, I tried to scream but it was muffled.  I flailed away at the restraints but there was no escape.  She had to know that this wasn’t even remotely pleasant or a turn on for me, this was way too much pain and I was screaming and flailing.


My wife paused and moved to the other side of the bed while keeping the whip pressed against my butt and I cried into the pillow.  I wanted to beg her to stop but my mouth was taped shut.


She then whipped the other side of my butt over and over again and I just screamed and flailed without any control.  I screamed from deep in my soul and balled into the pillow.


Finally she stopped.  I had trouble breathing through the pain and the tears and I felt like I would pass out but I remained alert enough to hear her talk.


She sat down on the bed next to me and caressed my back but it hurt because of the whipping so I flinched several times.  She said “That is the first of many whippings, my love.  You have always told me how much you like me to be happy and I have never been happier than I am now.


“In the past couple of days I have been getting professional advice on this and have a plan for you to be my full-time slave from now on.”


As I listened to my wife talk it was almost like it was a different woman, this totally dominant woman was inside of her.  A part of me was turned on by this but this was way too much pain, we would need to talk about this and establish some parameters.


She was obviously playing the role talking about a slave from now on.  I didn’t mind that, it would have been a turn on except for the pain I was in and not being able to move.


She continued “You will see what I mean.  For now I will just handcuff you and keep your mouth taped shut.”


She unshackled my wrists and brought them together behind my back, she handcuffed them together with the same fur-lined shackles she had used on the bed.  I tried to struggle but I had no leverage and was worn out from all of the struggling during the whipping.  She said “Stop struggling, slave.”


How the hell far is she taking this?  This needs to stop now, she is really going to regret this because I am getting very angry and I’m not going to sugar-coat this when we talk about it later.  She is a very smart woman, how could she think that I would even remotely enjoy that severe whipping and she is continuing on with the games?  I didn’t have a choice now, I was her captive slave, but later we would have a good talk about this.


Once my hands were shackled behind my back my “wonderful” wife shackled my ankles together.  I had stopped struggling because I could tell that she was really into this and wasn’t going to stop just because of some struggling.


She rolled my body onto mostly my back although I was still somewhat on my side due to my hands being behind my back.  I tried to make eye contact with her to give her a nasty look but she was not looking at my face.  She was changed, the wife I knew was concerned for my feelings every moment of the day, it seemed like, but my wife now didn’t even seem to care about my feelings.  She seemed drunk with power.


She caressed my penis and was able to get it to stand at attention so she turned her back and pulled me into her doggy style.  We didn’t really have sex, I did not feel like much of a participant, but she climaxed with me inside of her at least twice and was really into it.


This may not have been very sexy to me but I did get some pleasure for it.  I love my wife deeply and if she was getting so much pleasure out of this then at least that is good.  The pain had mostly receded so I guess at this point I was okay with her using me like this.


Maybe if she hadn’t given me such a ridiculous amount of pain I would enjoy this treatment.  Actually, I am sure I would enjoy this treatment.  Being under her complete control would be great if only there was much less pain, or none at all.  Maybe when we talked I would try to suppress expressing how angry I was, I did not want to shoot down this extra spice, just tone it down.


I tried to stay at attention but still feeling pain I was not able to and my wife seemed satisfied anyway so she rolled over on her back and lay against me.




Chapter 3 – Love


She said “I loved that so much, that was the most turned on I have ever been.”


I gathered that we were done but my hands were still shackled together as were my ankles and a soggy sock was taped in my mouth.  It was very strange not being able to communicate.  I loved the communication level in our marriage but I couldn’t do anything now to let her know that I needed to be unshackled.


After a minute or so of just lying there during her afterglow, I started to roll over so that I could get off the bed and maybe crawl or shimmy on the floor.  I didn’t know where I wanted to go but I wanted to give her the message that enough was enough.


She pressed down on me so that I was stuck on my stomach again and she held me down which didn’t take much force at all.  She said “I’ll bet you’re probably angry at me.  I have never seen you angry at me and it will probably be good for you to allow yourself that emotion.  But before I let you off the bed we need to talk.”


She didn’t seem to notice the irony in her statement that “we” needed to talk while my mouth was taped shut.


Being held down on my stomach, my face was pressed against the pillow and there was nothing close to any eye contact between us.  I am sure that she did that on purpose.  If she could see the anger in my face I’ll bet she would let me go and apologize over and over.


She continued “You probably already figured out that I was not doing this for your pleasure.  We have always been very considerate of each other and that has been great but beginning today that is going to change.  I know that you always tell me we should talk things through but this time I am going to do the talking and you are going to do the listening.


“Remember I said earlier that you are going to be my full-time slave from now on?  You probably thought that I was playing or teasing with you.  I wasn’t.  This is real.”


This couldn’t be real.  This was getting silly.  She had to be just continuing her role of dominance to apparently puff up her own ego or for fun since there was no way that she could make me her real slave forever.  She could not keep me shackled up forever, it just wasn’t physically possible and that was obvious so I knew she didn’t mean what she was saying.  I guess this charade would keep going until she got tired of it or allowed me to use the restroom or whatever.


I sucked it up and just let her have her fun, I didn’t have a choice anyway.


She went on “My advisor showed me a tool dominants use to keep their slaves in line.  It was hella expensive but I’m sure you won’t complain.”  She left the bed to go into the living room.  I turned over on my side so I could see her when she returned, I didn’t try to get off the bed but I was determined to make eye contact when she returned so I braced myself.  My back still felt like it was burning and my butt was stinging but I couldn’t do anything about it.


She returned with a solid metal hoop and as she approached the bed I could see that it was a collar.


She set the collar down on the bed and pushed me back onto my stomach, not making eye contact with me at all.  She spent a few seconds adjusting something on the collar which turned out to be a locking mechanism to open the collar.  She placed the collar around my neck and I just laid there and took it.  I so much wanted to tell her that this was not acceptable but I was helpless to do anything.  A collar would probably be fun if it would be consensual but after all that pain this was definitely not consensual and I just waited for it to end.


She locked the collar around my neck and continued to hold me down so that I was on my stomach.  She adjusted the locking mechanism a bit and then sat back.  The collar was heavy, maybe a couple of pounds, and it would take some effort just to walk around with it.  It was very sturdy and it was snug around my neck, not at all choking me but I could not escape from it without opening the lock.


She said “I am going to tell you the details of how this will work.  It is going to seem natural to eventually want to fight back against it, or against me, but hopefully if you understand how futile that is you will avoid the unnecessary stress.  Your life is going to be easy from now on, just obey me completely.”


Fuck this.


She continued “I’m sure you won’t believe this now but hear me now and believe me later, eventually you are going to enjoy your new life and we will be happy together, happier than we have ever been.”


Fuck that.  If she wasn’t just playing a role and meant to truly make me her slave, it would be a cold day in hell when I would be happy like that.


My anger was not at a maximum because I still felt that she must just be continuing playing her game at my expense.  As I thought about it a bit, this was a pretty good mind game putting an expensive-looking collar on me.  She really knew how to play me.  Golf-clap, well done.  Let’s end this now.


In my thoughts I tried to poke holes in her logic.  How could a collar make me a permanent slave?  I guess the collar could be attached to a chain so that I could not escape but I would need my hands free at some point to go to the bathroom plus she has always loved the touch of my hands on her body so I couldn’t imagine being handcuffed behind my back all of the time.  And then once my hands were free I could attack her or whatever.  It just didn’t add up.


She was smart so she knew all of this, so this had to be just a continuation of her game.  She was trying to mess with my head so I needed to just stay calm.


She had paused, probably trying to let her last statement sink in.  She said “The collar is very sturdy and locks with a combination which you can’t see because it is on your neck, when you have the correct combination you press the small button next to the numbers and that releases the collar.  You could probably try every combination and after 10000 tries hit the correct one but there is a reason why that won’t work.


“The collar is electrified meaning that it is looking for a circuit.  When the button is pressed, it either opens the collar or if the wrong code is input the collar completes the circuit and sends a shock through the collar into your neck.  I am told that it is excruciating when this occurs and usually the slave passes out from the pain.  I have seen a video of a demonstration of this.  The feeling is supposed to be similar to a taser but the technology is not quite the same and it is more painful.”


I guess in her little game this collar is going to stay on my forever.  It seemed as though she believed she had an answer for everything, even if she had to make up stuff about electricity.  I was thinking that she was really getting off on playing these head games and probably thought all of this through for the past few days.  I didn’t think she would ever talk to someone else about our personal life so I figured she must have cooked up this fantasy of hers all on her own or maybe read some of it on the internet.


I sure wished this would end and she would un-shackle and hug me.  I missed the love she used to give me every day.


She continued “That is not the only feature of this collar.”  She showed me a small device in her hand, it looked like a small garage door opener or an alarm trigger for a bank teller.  “This is a remote control for the collar, whenever I press this button a certain way, the shock is sent through the collar.”  She paused as this was her coup-de-grace, her end game on this little fantasy of hers messing with my mind.


I had to give her props for her imagination.  Maybe she saw this in a movie or something but she thought it through and it was a good performance.  If she could send this painful shock through me at any time she could just keep her distance when my hands were free and be ready to press the button, and then when she wanted to get close to me or shackle me up she could just tell me to get in the handcuffs or shackles and I would have to do it or else be shocked and pass out anyway.


A shiver went through my body on how realistic this seemed.  I was confident that there was no such collar as what she was describing – it was silly and dangerous, no company would make something like that and the government wouldn’t allow something dangerous like that – but after the whipping I received and the good performance she gave, it was a scary situation, like watching a well-made scary movie and feeling dread when the stalker approached the victim.


She wasn’t done explaining, though.  “The next step in my explanation is not a pleasant one.  I don’t want to do this but I am going to need to activate the collar at least once so you can see that I am not joking and probably several times so you can really get it through your thick skull.”


A part of me braced for the shock, if there really was going to be a shock like she described, it would be horrible, I was scared of electricity but I guess everyone was when there was a possibility of it going through their body.  I was sweating with my partial fear.  I was thinking that this is what she wanted with her head games but I didn’t have enough control to stop my fear totally.  It was similar to when you are in a dark room with someone telling a ghost story, when the ghost is about to come out there is just a bit of fear even though you know there is no ghost.


There wasn’t going to be a shock so maybe this charade would end once she pushed the button.  I prepared myself to fake feeling a shock so that I could play along and maybe that would help end this farce.


She asked “Are you ready?” as if I had any way of responding, I couldn’t even shake my head because the side of my face was pressed against the pillow.


She said “Here goes.  I love you honey.”




Chapter 4 – Shock


The collar zapped as she said it would and I felt immediate and huge pain all through my upper body.  My entire body convulsed repeatedly and then I passed out.


I awoke as she was gently caressing the back of my head.  She was looking at the side of my face and when my eyes opened she said “I am going to let you rest, you have been through a lot.”


I was shocked in more ways than one.  It couldn’t be true but it was true, she really attached to my neck a shock collar and she activated it to torture me and teach me a lesson.


She continued “I am going to tie you to the bed so I can leave you to sleep.  I am going to stay up for awhile and I will join you in bed later.”  She tied my arms and legs, still in their shackles, to the bed so that I could barely move, she placed a bed cover over me and turned out the lights, leaving me alone in the dark to presumably try to sleep.


This couldn’t be happening. Wives don’t torture their husbands or if they do then the husband can go to the police.  You can’t just enslave someone with a collar.  Someone will notice and let me free.


My mind was numb.  I couldn’t think clearly and had only these sorts of random meaningless thoughts.  I calmed myself somewhat and then tried to think the situation through.


Did my previously wonderful wife go insane due to some event or some sort of pressure?  She didn’t seem insane but what she was doing to me wasn’t just careless or reckless.  This level of head game wasn’t just some fun at my expense, it was evil.


My wife was evil.


I used to read science fiction and fantasy novels about good versus evil or sometimes a person was possessed and became a horrible evil monster, not unlike what my wife had become for the past hour, but this was not a novel, this was really happening.  It couldn’t be happening.  Maybe I was kidnapped and put into some alternate reality machine or, I’m not making sense again, I needed to focus.


At least the pain from electricity didn’t last long, I could still feel a burning sensation in parts of my neck but I did not feel any of that in the rest of my body, except of course the different type of burning sensations lingering on my back and butt from the long whipping session.


I needed to take stock in my situation and look for anything positive.  I could not fathom life as her torture victim so there had to be some other possibility.


I still felt that she was playing head games with me, she spent I don’t know how many hundreds or even thousands of dollars on this collar just to mess with me.  She must be on cloud nine right now thinking of how terrified I am of her.  I don’t know how she could have been driven to such evil but she clearly was, at least tonight.


Let’s assume for argument’s sake that she is not still just playing head games.  What then?  I looked into different possibilities but none of them ended well for me, they all had me being tortured regularly unless maybe she was just going to use torture to train me to be her slave, and once I was obedient she would stop torturing me.  That could be a very quick process, I could not take much torture so I would be obedient if it came to that.


Fuck.  Life as an obedient slave didn’t seem like something to look forward to.  But let’s take it farther.  Maybe she was still the same loving wife who decided that she wanted me to be an obedient slave, never mind that this is contradictory but just for argument’s sake.  Maybe she just wanted more affection from me or for me to quit my job and spend more time with her.  Maybe she wanted me to do all the chores at home while she worked, that wouldn’t be so bad, I only work because of the money, I don’t know that we could live off her salary alone but that was just a detail.  So I would stay at home, do all of the chores, give her attention and affection all of the time she demanded it, and maybe get whipped a little whenever she felt like it.


That best-case scenario, assuming she was not still just playing head games now, was not so terrible, not my idea of a good life but at least it wasn’t much torture.  It didn’t seem realistic but neither did any of the other scenarios in which she tortured me or whatever.  I guess if she really needed our lives to be this best-case scenario I was dreaming up, she could not just discuss it with me because I would have definitely said no.


But as I thought about it, going to the ridiculous extreme of enslaving your husband just doesn’t mesh with any sort of loving scenario.  This best-case scenario was not the situation.  Even if she did want to enslave but not torture me, it was not from any love, despite her saying that she loved me right before shocking me.


She was clearly capable of causing me extreme agony, not just physically capable but she actually did it twice with the whipping and with the shock from the collar.  That meant she was capable of anything.  Love didn’t seem like it could be part of the equation unless she meant love like a crazy person means when they torture a victim.


Thinking all of this through helped calm my nerves.  I decided that she was messing with me for whatever reason, and later tonight or tomorrow she would free me and we could discuss this.  Clearly she is disturbed or angered about something and hopefully we could discuss it and make her pain go away.




Chapter 5 – Sleep


Later, my wife returned to the bedroom and went into the bathroom for her nightly make-up removal ritual, brushing her teeth, and so on.  She didn’t say anything as she walked past the bed, maybe she thought I was asleep.


Once she was done she climbed into bed next to me.  I made a muffled sound through the tape over my mouth to let her know that I was awake and she said “Good night honey, sweet dreams” and that was it.


I needed to use the restroom but she had already made it clear that wasn’t going to happen tonight.  There was no way I could sleep restrained with my hands behind my back and unable to move.  My shoulders were hurting due to the pressure of my arms being behind my back, my back and butt were still stinging, my neck still had a slight burning sensation, and my neck was generally uncomfortable from having the heavy collar around it.  Was she really going to leave me like this all night, without any sleep?


I made another muffled sound, I was determined to somehow communicate that I couldn’t stay like this all night.


She sat up and whacked me hard on my back right where she had whipped me earlier.  It hurt like hell, not from the force of the blow but due to the sensitivity of my whipped skin.  She commanded “Be quiet!”


I guess that was that.


This was like another torture session, not nearly as much pain but having to spend 7 or 8 hours bound up like this and in lingering pain, not being able to sleep or even watch TV was another form of torture.  So now she has tortured me 3 times, with the whipping, the shock, and this.


I was beginning to believe that these weren’t just head games.  How could our marriage ever be normal again after tonight?  Maybe she could explain an incident which occurred or convince me how sorry she was, but I would never forget the pain and suffering of this night, I only hoped that I could forgive.


Or maybe she had gone off the deep end and was going to try to make me her permanent slave.  That thought again sent shivers up and down my body even though I was not cold under the cover.


The next several hours were emotional torture.  This couldn’t be happening was a recurring theme and later I kept coming to the conclusion that no matter what I would need to beg with all of my heart for mercy or relief.  If this was a head game she had won and I would give her the complete begging or whatever she wanted, if this was not a head game then I was truly at her mercy and I would be her bitch as much as she wanted, anything to avoid yet another session of torture.


Eventually, I did fall asleep.  My wife shook me awake as she was untying the knots which had bound me to the bed, although she did not loosen the shackles on my wrists and ankles.  My body was stiff and I felt pain in my back muscles as well as my shoulder and hips, the skin pains seemed to be gone, though.  My head felt as though it had been pounded on with not much sleep after a night of enduring torture.


My wife sat up next to me, still without making eye contact as she held me down on my stomach, and said “Today will begin your slave training.”


Oh great.


“This is going to be very difficult for you and you probably won’t think you could make it through but you will be fine.  It is going to take probably weeks and maybe months for me to finally break you, but it will happen and once it does then you could begin to learn to enjoy your situation.  In the meantime, just focus on what you could do to cope with your situation and that should help you through.  Also, I will try to help you through it, I want you to be happy and you eventually will be but it will be a long road.


“The immediate issue, though, is that I am going to undo your shackles so you could walk to the bathroom.  We need to discuss that.”


She turned me over on my side and guided me to a sitting position.  I could finally clearly see her face and it was still the face of my wonderful wife, there was no evil look on her face or anything like that.  I missed her, I loved my wife dearly and now she was replaced with someone who was apparently just insane.


When she was done making sure that I was upright, she finally made eye contact with me.  Apparently, it wasn’t as much of a momentous occasion to her as it was with me since she just continued talking.  I tried to plead to her with my eyes but I was not getting through.  She just wanted to see my face to make sure that I understood what she was saying.  My mouth was still taped with a sock in it.


“Here is what is going to happen.  You are going to be back on your stomach and I will unshackle your wrists and ankles.  Then you will get off the bed and go to the bathroom.  At NO time will you un-tape your mouth, if I hear one word you will regret it.  You will have 15 minutes to use the restroom and take a quick shower.  I will let you know when there is 1 minute left and then when time is up, don’t come out of the bathroom until time is up.  When time is up come back into the bedroom and lay face down on the bed, I will shackle your wrists and ankles again.


“I will be waiting for you the entire time with my remote control so don’t try anything.  Or here is a more reasonable request, if you do try something make sure that you brace yourself for a fall, if I need to press the shock button I don’t want you being injured by a fall.


“Do you understand?”


I had tried to look wounded, pleading with my eyes during her explanation, and now was my chance to actually communicate something.  I shook my head no.


She smiled.  “I’m not asking if you understand the entire situation, I just want to make sure that you don’t get hurt when you go to the bathroom.  Do you understand or should we have another session of torture first?”


That got me nodding my head yes vigorously, anything but torture please.


She said “You nodded your head yes that you do want another session of torture now?” so I shook my head no over and over and she laughed and said “I was just joking, don’t worry, there will be plenty of time for that later.”


My word, she was so evil now.  She had me completely at her mercy and still tormented me with threats and promises of torture?  How could she have become like this?


She asked “Will you comply with everything I said about your trip to the bathroom?” and I quickly nodded my head yes.




Chapter 5 – Trip


Immediately after she unshackled my ankles and wrists I curled up into a ball and hugged myself.  My arms had been restrained behind my back for so long that it was a huge relief just to be able to bring them into my chest and I just wanted to savor the relief.  My wife said “Get going” so I carefully went to the bathroom as she watched with her remote control at the ready.


While using the restroom and taking a shower I tried to muster all of my intelligence to think of a way out of this.  There was no window for me to escape through so I tried to think of any other means of escape.


She was probably watching the bathroom door during these 15 minutes so it was probably out of the question to open it silently and try to sneak into the bedroom to attack her by surprise or run out of the house, the door squeaks anyway so she would hear it open even if she was not looking at it.  I could try pulling it open quickly and bull-rushing her, running towards her and tackling her quickly before she could press the shock-me button which was really the fuck-me button.  But that would take way too much time, I wouldn’t even get out of the bathroom before she could fuck me up with that button.


I could open the door at the expected time and then quickly throw a small pair of scissors at her like throwing a dagger a character would do in one of the video games I play, but the scissors in the bathroom were too small and would probably not even do any damage from any distance and there was nothing sharp and substantial I could find to use as a throwing weapon.


I could try hiding scissors in my hand and then when I got close to her stabbing her with those.  That would take a lot of build up for me, stabbing my wife is the farthest thing I would ever want to do and I wondered even in these extreme circumstances whether I could even do this.  It was a moot point, though, since she would probably not let me get close anyway, she would keep her distance and threaten me with the remote control as I got back on the bed.


“One minute left” she shouted through the door.


Shit.  What was I going to do?  I couldn’t do nothing, I just couldn’t go another day being tortured.  This had to stop but how?  Could I throw this potted plant at her?  That wouldn’t do anything either.  I almost panicked, I had to do something, if I ripped off my tape and screamed would anyone hear me?  We lived too far away from the next house.  What if I un-taped my mouth and started telling her how wrong this is?  She probably expected something like that and I felt certain that she was ready to just press the button as soon as she heard any word.  I couldn’t suffer that damn button again.


With just 10 or 20 seconds left I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, the answer would definitely come to me if I let it, it was probably obvious and right in front of me if I could only think.


“Time is up, come out now!”


Nothing.  I had nothing.  I opened the bathroom door and walked slowly into the bedroom.  And then it came to me, I had to do nothing.  I had to make her hurt me, maybe it would get through to her that she would need to hurt me and maybe that would touch a spot inside of her to realize that what she was doing to me was wrong.  I would be tortured but maybe I could get through to her.  I didn’t think I could take another press of the fuck-me button but this was maybe my last chance.


It was all I had.


So in my last act of defiance I stopped walking toward the bed and just glared at her.


She said “Keep moving” but I did not.  She said “Oh I see, you’re going to try passive resistance” and she giggled as if it was ridiculous for me to do this.  She continued “That isn’t going to work because I could just press this button and when you don’t obey again I could just press it again.  You don’t think you could go on like that, do you?”


I was proud of myself that I did not give in.  I was absolutely terrified of that shock and I knew she would press the button but I did not give in.


She shrugged and said “Okay, here we go” and pressed the button.


The pain was even more than I had remembered.  I reached up to my neck but my legs gave out and I slumped to the carpet writhing in agony after the 1 or 2 second shock had stopped.  I didn’t pass out entirely.


She waited for me to regain my senses and then said “Get up and get on the bed.”


There was no way I could take another shock, at least not now, so I obeyed as quickly as I could.  It felt good at least to finally have a sort of voice for a moment and to finally communicate my disapproval.


Lying on my stomach on the bed, I was shackled again spread-eagled so apparently it was time for another whipping.  I was very scared of this and started whimpering through the tape over my mouth so she said “Calm down, we are going to talk first.”


Once I was restrained she said “I am going to remove the tape for your mouth but first we need to go over the rules.  It is very important for you to obey my rules because if you don’t then I will need to increase the amount of torture I use.  Also, I might need to resort to a different type of torture and you won’t want that.


“Once I remove your tape you need to focus on not saying anything which is not subservient.  You are my slave and you need to completely act that way in what you do and in what you say.  If you say anything which is confrontational or angers me, you will feel my response in your flesh and you will regret it.


“I have always enjoyed listening to your very distinctive voice so I don’t want to stifle it, you will use it to express your obedience and slavishness, if that is a word.


“I want you to see what will happen if you are not able to follow these rules.”  She opened a nearby dresser drawer and removed something white or beige.  Looking sideways at it from my position pressed against the pillow I could not tell what it was.  She held it closer to my eye and I saw that it was a dildo.


I audibly gasped.


Oh my, oh my, no, no, no.  No this can’t.  She would, she is evil enough to do this, she can’t she can’t.  I began to cry and buried my face in the pillow.  I sobbed.


She was petting the back of my head, trying to calm me or maybe sympathizing with me, but I was oblivious to that.  I only thought about the pain and humiliation I would feel if she actually used that dildo.


I knew that she would use it, too.  She had only said that she would use it if I disobeyed but I knew that she was going to use it and I would have no choice but to take it, as often as she wanted.


At that moment I felt like I had broken.  This is what she wanted and that is what she had, a completely broken and whimpering slave.




Chapter 6 – Broken


She said “I’m not going to use this unless you disobey” but I did not stop sobbing into the pillow.


Eventually, my crying jag ended and I turned my face to see what she was doing.  She had sat back so that she was not petting my head any more and she was looking at my face.  She was smiling at my emotional pain.


When she saw me look in her direction she said “Are you ready for me to remove the tape?”  I was able to nod my head yes against the pillow so she reached over and pulled the tape off.


This hurt like hell, too, as the tape had really stuck to my stubble but my scream of pain was muffled by the sock and the pain did not last long at all.  She removed the sock from my mouth.  I was extremely thirsty and my mouth was very dry, I probably could not talk if I wanted to.


She said “I am going to get you some water” and went into the bathroom.  She returned with a large cup of water and loosened the chain of one of my wrist restraints, she helped me to my side and held my head up a bit so that I would not choke on the water she was going to feed me.  It took a minute of small sips of water but eventually the cup was empty and I was no longer thirsty.  She returned the wrist restraint chain to its original position to spread-eagle me again on the bed.


I was afraid to talk, it was hard to know what would be acceptable to say.  I would do anything to avoid that other torture.  Anything at all.


She said “So, here is your chance to tell me how you feel, I know that you have saved up a lot to tell me.  Just remember, say it with respect because you are talking to your Master.”


I no longer had any thought of anger, analyzing the situation, analyzing her motives, trying to escape, or anything other than avoiding that other torture or any torture at all.  My entire life was reduced at this moment to the attempt at avoiding torture.  All of my attention was focused on trying to increase the amount of mercy my Master would give me.


For the first time in this entire ordeal I was able to say something.  I said in a hushed respectful tone “I will do anything you say, Master.”


She laughed out loud with glee.


She said “Well, that was not what I expected at all!  This is great.  No complaining or trying to run circles around my logic?  No explaining how our relationship was good before and you would never be happy this way?  You can say those things if you want, I give you permission as long as you are respectful.”


I thought carefully about what could elicit the most sympathy, the most mercy.  If she just wanted to break me and not really torture me then she had that and I should just let her see all of that so she would not hurt me any more, she could go ahead and rub it in my face all she wanted.  If she wanted to continue to hurt me then I guess all I could hope for is some mercy.  Either way, my best approach seemed to be as much submission as possible.


I said “Master, I promise I will do anything you say, anything at all.”


She responded “That is great, I like that a whole lot.  But we need to have this discussion so our relationship can progress so I command you to tell me how you feel about this situation.  Take your time if you are all shook up and need to gather your thoughts.”


I was all shook up.  My only thoughts were of submission and mercy but she wanted me to recall my earlier thoughts of the situation.  I guess she knew that being broken didn’t mean that the other emotions were gone, they were just buried, and she apparently wanted them out in the open now.


What my Master wanted my Master got so I obeyed to the best of my ability.




Chapter 7 – Feelings


I started “I have difficulty with all of the pain” and waited for a response or a smack.  After a moment she just said “Go on” so I said “It hurts so much when I am being whipped or shocked, I feel like I am going to keep passing out each time.”  This was sort of a nonsense or obvious statement, the shock was meant to make me pass out.  I was trying to let her know that I couldn’t take it any more without saying such a non-subservient statement.


She understood.  She asked “That seems like a good incentive to obey me, doesn’t it?”


I quickly responded “Yes, I will do anything you say, I swear it.”


She said “Ok, that is good.  Tell me more about how you feel about the situation.  What is your reaction when I tell you that you will eventually love being treated this way?  You can tell me how you really feel, I give you permission.”


I replied carefully “I don’t know.  I have never felt such pain and can’t say for certain the affect it will have on me.”


She said “I am not talking about the pain, I am talking about being my slave, at this moment could you see ever enjoying being my slave?”


To me being a slave and the pain were basically the same thing.  Or was she trying to tell me that if I were her slave that she would not give me pain?  Or, to correct that question, now that I am her slave, if I were to enjoy that would she stop giving me pain?


That shifted my viewpoint somewhat.  I answered “Yes, I could enjoy being your slave.”  If I agreed to be her slave and she would stop hurting me, that would seem to be the best I could hope for the rest of my life so my answer was the truth.


She was surprised and said “Really?  It’s so soon.  I’ve been told that it usually takes weeks to break a new slave of this type and months for the slave to eventually enjoy it.  That’s only talking about sexual slaves, there are plenty of slaves in the world who aren’t meant to enjoy it at all, I’m just talking about your situation being a slave to your loving wife.”


I did not react to the loving wife comment and instead ventured “May I ask a question, Master?”


She responded “Yes, you may ask me a question any time you want, I love hearing your distinctive and submissive voice.”


I asked “Will we be able to avoid torture now that I will do anything you say?”  I was begging.  Please, my entire life depends on the answer to this question, please please help me through this, the answer has to be yes it just has to be.


She gave a one word reply which would determine the fate of the rest of my life.  My life re-began or ended with this one word.




My heart sank and my face pressed harder against the pillow.  That was it.  That was it.  I was devastated.  I didn’t know how I could go on.  She will continue to torture me for the fun of it.


I had passed out and my wife, my Master was gently shaking me awake.  Once I opened my eyes she said “You passed out.  That topic was pretty important to you, wasn’t it?”


I responded weakly, “Yes, it was everything to me.”


She said “Then you won’t believe me when I tell you that you will enjoy that eventually, too.  You will look forward to our torture sessions.”


That was out of the question.  Dominance and submission foreplay was one thing, pain under torture was something else entirely.


She continued “Do you see now any possibility for that being the case?”


She had commanded me to be honest so I replied “I just can’t take the pain” and started crying again into the pillow.


She added “You will.”


She got up and said “I am going to let you rest some more.  Get in touch with your feelings about whether or not you will truly obey every command I give.  Intellectually you might think you will because of the threat of pain but your ego will need to be gone before you really accept slavery.”  She left me to my despair.


I kept crying for a long time.  I guess I had been fooling myself into believing that she would not want to torture me any more or that this was just a game.  I probably couldn’t enjoy being her non-tortured slave anyway but it didn’t matter, what I wanted or enjoyed was completely irrelevant now and I could only think of what my Master wanted at all times.


My only thought was to make her happy – a savage twist on our marriage in which we used to both make each other happy – and any thought I had for myself was just to retain the ability to make her happy.  I felt submission and obedience in every pore of my body.




Chapter 8 – Free


Despite being restrained spread-eagled, I was eventually able to cry myself to sleep.  I woke up and was mercifully free of the agonizing thoughts about my situation, I just laid there and waited for my Master’s pleasure without being forced by my own mind to analyze anything.


In a way it felt peaceful.  There was nothing for me to think about because there was no action or decision for me to consider.  Literally the only choices I had were negligible such as how to slightly adjust my body or limbs to reduce the discomfort of being restrained, whether to turn my head to the left or right, and whether to breathe through my nose or mouth.  These decisions were not worthy of any thought at all so my mind was quiet for once and it felt peaceful.


I have never tried drugs or alcohol.  I wonder if people use those to escape their racing thoughts, I am sure that I am not the only one in the world whose thoughts race all of the time.  I always considered my racing thoughts a good way to fill time during boring or unpleasant moments but now, with those thoughts stalled or stopped completely, it felt good to just experience the peace of existence without having to think about decisions.


My mind momentarily snapped out of its stupor and I questioned what I was experiencing.  Was I feeling good with this peace or was I deluding myself?  But even that thought dissipated away as it didn’t make any bit of difference, nothing I would think about could lead me to any decision to be made and I returned to the peace and quiet of just lying there waiting for my Master.


I guess there were decisions to be made when she asked me a question for how I would respond.  But I could not accurately guess what she would ask and I had no control over my feelings of what she would want to hear, I knew that I wanted to please my Master as much as possible and would say and do anything at that moment to achieve that goal.


My life was reduced down to simplicity, obey and submit, and in a way that made me free of having to make any decisions whatsoever.




Chapter 9 – Food


Later, my wonderful wife returned to the bedroom.  I was on pins and needles wondering what was next, hoping for something not painful as she sat herself on the bed.


She asked “Are you hungry?”  I had not even thought about my hunger this day until she mentioned it, I guess I was so wrapped up in everything else.  I said “Yes, Master” and she patted my leg.  She told me that she would be back in a few minutes.


She made breakfast for me and unshackled my wrists so that I could sit up and eat without allowing my arms to swing near her on the off chance that I might rebel.  Rebellion was not even a consideration for me.  I guess if a true opportunity presented itself maybe I would recognize it and maybe I would be able to attack her to get the lock’s combination and escape, and I guess if Santa Claus came down the chimney at this moment I would be able to smile and say hello.


I said “Thank you for unshackling me and thank you very much for breakfast.”  Pitiful submission but it’s all I had.


She said “You’re welcome” and watched me eat.  I had not seen her watching me eat before so I wondered if there was something in the food again but that was ridiculous because I was already her willing slave so there was no need to poison me.  If she did poison me, then that would be fine, it couldn’t be any worse than the torture she had put me to.  And bottom line, as with all of these thoughts I might have, it really didn’t matter because I had 100% no choice anyway.


I enjoyed the food.  It was good to almost feel like a human being again after having caught up on some of the lost sleep from last night.


As I was finishing the last few bites my wife said “I have dessert for you, too.”  Breakfast is not usually followed by dessert so I became suspicious that she meant something other than ice cream or cake.


When I was done with breakfast she took the tray away and, sitting down on the bed, she asked me “Remember the time I told you that I like my feet to receive attention?  What was your comment back then?”


I tried to remember, I think it was several months ago.  I had never given much attention to her feet but I did not avoid them.  I guess she has nice feet but I never gave them much thought.  I responded “I am not sure, what did I say?”


She replied “You said that you would give my feet attention, but you never did.”


I said “I am sorry, you are right, I was an idiot, I am really sorry.”


Thankfully, she said “It is okay, you will be giving my feet attention from now on so you will make up for it.


“You have probably been wondering what I would have you doing as my slave.  I obviously can’t have you going to the store for groceries or working somewhere to make me money, or even taking care of the gardening in our yard.  And there are only a few chores to do inside the house.  Maybe you thought I would torture you all day?”  She paused for a response so with my heart beating more rapidly I carefully said “I don’t know” and hoped that she would say that she would not torture me but I knew that would not be the case.


“You are going to spend most of our time together giving attention to my feet, worshipping the feet of your Master.”


That was better than torture, much better.  I could live with that, I think.


She continued “That will be our happy life together, you will worship my feet for hours every day, you will look forward to the whippings and other torture I give you, and you will savor our life together as will I.”


I just let this ridiculous statement go.  After a pause I asked “Is it okay if I ask a question?”


She said “I have changed my mind on what I said earlier.  I like when you ask me if you may ask a question, it conveys submission and it really turns me on when you say that with your distinctive voice.  So if you have a question to ask me you must first ask me if you may ask it.  You may ask a question now.”


I said “I will do whatever you say, of course, and try to enjoy as much of this as possible but what happens on the off chance that I am not able to enjoy all of this?”


She was puzzled, “What do you mean what happens?


I said “Well, if I am understanding correctly you are indicating that we will be happy together with our new situation.  If that is not the case, would that cause any change in our situation?”


She chuckled and said “You are so good with euphemisms and saying things in a roundabout way, it is like a logic puzzle sometimes just trying to figure out what you are saying.  It’s a good thing, don’t worry.


“No, even if you hate your new life and dread every moment you will still be my slave and I will not change what we are doing.  I have not made you my slave for your pleasure.  I have spent all of my life dreaming of having a slave some day and building to this weekend.  When I encountered information weeks ago on making you my slave it immediately struck a note in my heart, this was the key to my happiness and it would not just be a small amount of happiness, I would be in heaven.


“I am in heaven, it is everything I knew it would be.


“In researching this, I found that most husbands have ended up enjoying their new slavery although in most cases it would take months.  Sometimes the husband would never enjoy or even really accept the slavery but that did not reduce the pleasure of the Master.  There is quite a bit of research on this issue if you know how to find it.”


I was ready to play my Ace.  I had not realized that I had an Ace until now but I found it in my sleeve at this moment and had to play it now while it was hot.


I said “May I ask another question please?” and she responded “Yes.”


I stated “I was wondering if you have considered the possibility that all of the research you have read and the advice you have received was from the Master’s point of view and may be slanted or even completely untrue.”  I continued even though I was afraid of angering her with logic.  “I wonder if actually many of the situations end up very badly for both the husband and the wife, that marriages and lives are completely ruined by this but no-one would publish that for fear of the consequences either from the dominant or from the humiliation of revealing such information.”  I still continued without pausing.


“I wonder if our lives will be completely ruined by this.”


I stopped and held my breath waiting for her response.  My heart was beating loud and fast as this was a crucial moment for me, maybe my last chance to get through to the loving wife I knew.


But in the next instance before her response, I dreaded it.  It seemed certain that, just as she did before, she would crush my Ace with a casual attitude and that would be my last chance for any sort of end to this nightmare.


Predictably, she said “No.  That might make sense from a logical standpoint but I am listening to my heart which is absolutely singing.  When I read about this my heart jumped for joy and as I prepared and planned, my heart was just dancing in ecstasy.  And now that you are my slave, my heart is on cloud nine and I could not imagine another day without you as my slave.


“This is the right thing to do.  Maybe the research and testimonials from wives and husbands are wrong or fake and maybe you will never enjoy this but I will enjoy it forever.  Once you get that through your thick skull, I think you will have a better time accepting the situation.  It is okay, I know that it will take you time, maybe a long time.  There is no rush, you are my slave for the rest of our lives.”


I felt that it was already through my thick skull.  I was ready to completely obey and not question.  With this collar on my neck I was her slave.  But I had to try this last chance in case there was any remorse in her.  Unfortunately, I failed.




Chapter 10 – Something Different


She said “It’s time for more torture,” playfully, as if this was something fun.


While I was restrained spread-eagled and lying on my stomach, I endured more whipping on my back but this time she also used a ping pong paddle on my butt.  I was helpless and humiliated that there was nothing I could do to stop the intense pain.


She did not tape my mouth closed this time but she did put a pillow over my head so that my screams were muffled.  I screamed and begged but received no mercy as she whipped me up and down my body and then kept that paddle whacking over and over on my bare butt.  I cried through the end of the session and when it was over my Master rubbed the back of my head apparently to try to soothe me.


She left the room as I continued to writhe in pain and eventually the pain receded enough for me to stop struggling, I was worn out from the exertion.  Once my wits returned, my mind went into that same blank peaceful emptiness as it had earlier, I could think of nothing but being ready to please my Master with whatever she wanted me to do.  Another benefit of my mind not racing is that I did not have to dwell on all of the different facets of the situation, there were only two facets and those were obedience and submission.  My entire being was obedience and submission.


I fell asleep again or passed out.


My Master returned to the bedroom and woke me up as she unshackled my wrists and re-shackled them behind me, then she unshackled my ankles and unshackled my wrists again as she backed away at the ready with the fuck-me remote control.  She said “Time to go to the bathroom, you have 5 minutes” so I got up unthreateningly and went into the bathroom.


Contrary to last time, I did not even try to think of a way to escape.  I did not think of a way to defuse the situation.  I had no hope, just obedience and submission.


When time was up I returned to the bed and lay face up and spread-eagled as my Master commanded, enduring the lingering whipping pain I was feeling on my back, butt, and legs.  She shackled my ankles apart on the bed and shackled one arm to the corner of the bed but she left my other arm free.  Then she lay on the bed on her back facing in the opposite direction and put her bare foot right on my face as if her foot was meant to be there.


She said “I want you to rub my foot all over your face and lips to give me a foot massage.  Use your hand to move my foot up and down on your face.”




I was determined to give her a good foot massage so I pressed my lips against the sole of her foot and used my hand to push her foot against my face as I moved her foot forward and back.  I also rubbed the sole of her foot against my chin.  Her feet were somewhat dirty having walked around the house barefoot this morning.


My Master said “Mmmmm, that feels very good, slave, keep it up” so I did, of course.  I wished she had told me during our 15 years of marriage that she wanted this done, I would not have minded so much.  I probably would have tried to talk her out of having me do this but if she expressed how much she wanted it I would have done it.  As it is now I felt humiliated at being forced to do this but this was infinitely better than being whipped.


After several minutes she swapped feet and I massaged her other foot with my face and lips.


After another several minutes of this she told me “Stick out your tongue so you can lick my foot.”


I would never have agreed to lick her dirty foot previously during our marriage but now, even though I was disgusted at the thought of it, I did not protest or hesitate and I licked her foot.  Enough whipping, I was all obedience and submission.


She did not want a brief lick on her foot.  My Master had me lick every inch of her dirty bare foot from the heel to the toes until every part of her foot was clean.  The taste was almost unbearable, not so much the dirt because there wasn’t that much of that, but it just tasted like foot and it was very humiliating.  The foot licking lasted probably 15 minutes but it felt like forever and then I had to clean the other foot with my tongue for another 15 minutes.  After a while it seemed like I had been licking her feet my whole life and my mouth was full of the taste of her feet.


Once both of her feet seemed clean my Master stuck a couple of her toes in my mouth and told me “Suck my toes until I tell you to stop” so I did.  Trying to maximize her pleasure I sucked her toes and pushed my tongue between her toes.  I repeated that for each pair of toes and again later after she had swapped feet.  I don’t know how long this lasted, my eyes were closed tight from the humiliation and the hope that I would not be too traumatized by just the foot licking.


I tried not to think about it as her toes were in my mouth but it was similar to the whipping, I could not escape it, I could not retreat into my thoughts to avoid the humiliation.


This first experience of giving my Master’s feet attention was not as bad as torture, but it was a form of torture and made me feel even lower than I had already felt.


When the foot ordeal was finally over, my Master shackled my free wrist to the corner of the bed and then glowered over me.  She was looking into my face and just savoring the humiliation I was clearly feeling.  I started crying again and that made her even happier.  She kissed my cheek briefly and then left the room.





Chapter 11 – Later


After she left the bedroom I could not fall asleep or pass out again, I was not tired.  So I just lay there and suffered through the humiliation I was feeling.


I guessed that I would get more used to licking her feet than the torture, maybe I would sink so low that licking her feet would be natural for me and would not be as humiliating.  She had said that I would be experiencing both probably every day for the rest of my life so whether I got used to it or not, whether I enjoyed anything or not, I had no choice.


For every situation it always boiled down to that, I had no choice so it didn’t matter what I thought.


I began feeling the same effect as I had earlier, with no choice or decision to be made, and not even any uncertainty, my mind did not race at all and I felt at peace, albeit a painful peace.  This was now my life, in total servitude to my Master, and there was no more stress or wondering how to work through situations.  My life was stripped down to the simplicity of obedience and submission.


A couple of days later, on Monday morning after a weekend of a dozen foot licking sessions mixed with a couple more torture sessions, I wondered if she would go through with making me quit my job and stay naked at home all of the time.  She did.  She called my boss whom we have had over for dinner a few times and she told her that I had to quit and that was that.


During the day she would shackle me spread-eagled face up on the bed and turn on the bedroom TV for me to watch while she left for her work.  As soon as she would return from work she would kick off her shoes and socks and put her sweaty bare feet in my face to lick.  The return from work foot licking sessions always lasted the longest of all of our sessions each night, she made sure that I had licked all of the sweat off her feet and between her toes before ending each of these sessions.  And after each return from work foot licking session, she would caress my penis to get it hard and she would get on top of me to climax usually two or three times before I became limp again.


There was usually only one session of torture each weekday and on average two each weekend.  My Master experimented with several different torture techniques including hot wax, clothespins on the nipples, and bastinado smacking of my bare soles with a stick just to name a few, and all of it was excruciating but I had to bear the pain because I had no choice.


I made sure to be a good boy all of the time so she never did use the dildo on me and never had to shock me again.  It seems maybe pathetic for me to completely submit and all she had to do was shock me twice that first weekend and just threaten me with the dildo but I was very glad not to suffer those things.


Between torture or foot licking sessions we would talk or eat dinner together almost like normal people.  My ankles would still be shackled together and of course the collar was on me but my hands would be free to eat and enjoy her good cooking.  She did not seem as cruel as she was the first weekend taunting me and humiliating me with her words.  She would tell me all about her day and I would find something to talk about in the TV shows which I had watched.


Twice a week later in the evening while her foot was in my face to be licked, my Master would caress my penis and allow me to orgasm.  The first time she did this it was very difficult for me with to achieve orgasm being spread-eagled with her toes in my mouth but after the first few times it became easier for me.


I felt emotionally numb for the first few weeks.  With only two thoughts in life, obedience and submission, I felt completely empty as if I was a robot whose feelings had been removed, except the feelings of pain and humiliation.  I felt that I would die of emptiness.


Then after time I realized that the worst times were during the day, when there was nothing happening except lying on the bed restrained spread-eagled and watching TV.  Sometimes I wish I would just die and end the boredom.  I would get so bored that I started to look forward to when my wife would come home, even though it meant licking her sweaty feet.


Eventually, over time, the boredom got so bad during the day that I started really looking forward to the taste of her feet since I associated that taste with my wife coming home to end the boredom.  I fought this feeling but after a month of captivity I acknowledged to myself that I looked forward to tasting her feet so that the boredom could end.  When my wife got on top of me after I had licked the sweat off her feet, one time I achieved orgasm at the same time she did and she liked that so I tried to let that happen more often.  I could only achieve orgasm in this situation every other day or so but the sex felt good even when I did not achieve orgasm.


I believe that my wife had studied information on brainwashing because she had manipulated me into enjoying licking her feet after a hard days work.  I felt that my emotions were completely beaten into submission and there was nothing I could do about it.  I even started to enjoy licking her feet later in the evening at first because it was better than the torture but then I realized that it didn’t matter why I enjoyed it, I just did.


The peace I felt at not having to make any more decisions in life grew within me over the first days and weeks of my slavery.  After a couple of months the only bad times were the torture sessions and the boredom during the day of waiting for my wife to come home from work.  At this point when I would hear my wife open the front door I would get excited and be already at attention by the time she got on the bed and put her feet in my face so that when she got on top of me we had great sex.


I no longer looked back at my prior life before slavery.  Instead, I looked forward to a time when maybe my Master would allow me more freedom during the day to do something other than watch TV.  I did not even think about hoping for the torture sessions to stop, she obviously enjoyed them a whole lot so I knew for sure that there was no chance those would stop.  And they weren’t really so bad after a while, they were still excruciating but they helped make my wife happy and that was what I needed to keep my fear of her to a manageable level.




Chapter 12 – Dinner


It was 3 months after that first weekend when, during a dinner conversation, my wife asked how I felt and I gave an answer which was different from my usual answer of being okay.


I said “I feel good” and my wife noticed the difference in the word I used.


She focused more of her attention on me and said “Do you really?”


I thought about it and said “Yes” and blushed from the embarrassment of the admission.


She said “You have seemed much perkier lately and you have been better in bed after work, too, if you know what I mean.  Tell me what about this situation you have been enjoying to make you feel good now?”


She was clearly setting up an I told you so moment and I let her enjoy it.  I said “I enjoy licking your feet, especially after I have been stuck on the bed for hours just watching TV.”


I was about to go on but she asked “What if I let you roam the house freely during the day, would you still enjoy licking the sweat from my feet when I got home?”


I recognized that I had to be careful how I answered.  If was insincere and said yes, then she would know that it was meant to get her to agree to let me roam freely and she might punish me for trying to manipulate her.  If I said no, then it would blunt her I told you so moment and she would not like that.  Fortunately, the answer which would most please her was the truth.


I said “Yes, I would enjoy licking your feet even if I was not bored during the day” and I blushed again.  “I enjoy licking your feet at night, too.”


She smiled.  She did not need to say I told you so.


She asked “What about work, do you miss work or going out of the house?”


I hadn’t thought of those things for weeks, I didn’t miss that at all.  I said “Life before was so stressful before and difficult, now life as a slave is simple and it took time but I have learned to enjoy it even with its ups and downs.  Even the ups and downs are out of my control so there is no stress, just peace.”  I hadn’t told her any of these things yet, I could tell now that she was glad I was enjoying life.  I gathered my courage and said “The most difficult parts are the boredom during the day and the torture sessions, but I am okay even with those it is not any sort of problem.”


She said “Honey, it’s okay, you do not need to enjoy everything.  I am glad that you are overall enjoying being my slave.  I must admit to some uncertainty during these past few months on whether I did the right thing but the happiness I have felt has been so great it completely makes up for any small regret I would feel.


“I love you,” she said for the first time in the past few months.


“I love you too,” I responded.


She teared up and used a napkin to wipe the sides of her eyes.  My heart felt warm in seeing my loving wife again.


After that conversation our life became happier.  She told me later that she no longer felt that she had to tame me so she lightened up during the torture sessions and that helped me enjoy life more, I was able to enjoy those because they brought her happiness.  She brought my computer into the bedroom and after she attached a sturdy chain to my collar and to a hook installed in the wall above the bed, she allowed my hands to remain unshackled during the day so that I could play computer games, the computer did not have any internet access but she loaded on it games I enjoyed.  There were no more downs in my life, it was all ups.


I no longer felt empty at all.  Instead, my emptiness was filled with her love and her dominance and I could no longer tell where one ended and another began.  If she had a sudden change and decided for our life to revert back to the way it was I would be very sad but there was no risk of that, we were both too happy to allow that.


I am typing this journal on my computer with the knowledge that no-one will see it.  I marvel at how my good life turned into a horrible nightmare which slowly transformed over weeks and months into deep happiness.  Even with the pain I went through, I would not change a thing.


My wife has promised that I would be her slave for the rest of my life.  With all of my heart I hope that is true.



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