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Synopsis:  I answered an advertisement for a BDSM submissive but was tricked and abused.  Codes = FF/m, torture, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, reluctant.



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Chapter 1: Advertisement


The advertisement seemed too good to be true but Ted answered it anyway.  The headline said “Attractive women looking for male BDSM submissives, free of charge” and in the description was a link to a web page which had an application form to fill out including a request to send a face and body picture.  There wasn’t much information on the web page except for a general description that the women are looking to have some fun and pictures of five somewhat attractive women.


There had to be some sort of a catch because a professional dominatrix costs typically hundreds of dollars per hour, from what Ted had previously researched.  Still, Ted figured what the heck so he filled out the detailed checklist of things he would be okay with and things he wouldn’t do or want done to him and put a nicely submissive statement in the comments section of the form.  Some of the activities which Ted listed on the checklist as off limits were rather extreme which was possibly why there would be no charge for time with these women.  As requested, Ted included a jpg picture of himself, which was okay with him as he is not bad looking for a 40-year-old guy.


With no expectations of receiving a response, Ted was surprised to receive an e-mail just one day later that his application was accepted and to respond one of three different 2-hour appointment times within the next few days.  Now that his visit seemed to be a reality, he sat and thought about what might occur and whether he would actually enjoy being dominated by women he didn’t know without being able to specify a list of activities he wanted.


Heck yeah.  If those women did any or all of the things on Ted’s okay checklist, Ted would be a happy man.  Shoot, even if they just talked to him that would be more than he normally gets at a singles bar where he is just too introverted and shy to put himself out on a limb and actually introduce himself to someone.


Ted was lucky 15 years ago.  A woman he had a crush on at work had pursued and captured his heart.  After 5 years of marriage to Meg, Ted’s submissive feelings awakened, thanks in part to all of the BDSM information he found on the internet, and after months of communication and counseling Meg decided that she could not be married to a man she could not emotionally and sexually satisfy.  Ted had wanted to continue to try to work through the marital problems, even trying to submerge his feelings for BDSM, but Meg decided that enough was enough and they divorced a year later.  It took another year for Ted’s emotions to agree with his therapist that he had to move on.


For the past 8 years Ted has been open to finding another woman but it is very difficult to find someone compatible.  Or rather, it is very difficult for Ted as he just does not feel comfortable opening up with someone about himself.  Ted has contemplated seeing a professional dominatrix but has not yet taken that step.  He is not sure why but the reality is that Ted has difficulties making decisions, especially ones which cost him a great deal of money for his meager hourly wage.


Consequently, Ted’s BDSM fantasies come true only through online videos.  There are plenty of pay sites with videos but Ted skips right to the free sites.  Four times a week Ted spends at least a half hour watching BDSM videos of men being dominated by beautiful women, and fantasizes about himself in the victim’s role.


Ted wouldn’t classify the women on the advertisement as beautiful but they were okay.  If they did what was implied on the checklist, Ted would be very happy.  He was still skeptical, though.


So when he showed up in the afternoon at the unmarked building in an upscale business district, sort of a Beverly Hills type area, Ted half expected no-one to be inside.  After looking around with a bit of paranoia to see if someone was watching him, he pressed the button to buzz the front entrance.


To Ted’s surprise one of the women on the web site pictures opened the door and said “Hello?”


Ted stammered “Hi, I’m Ted and I have an appointment.”


The woman opened the door wider and said in a somewhat naturally sultry voice “I’m Lisa.  Welcome.”  Lisa seemed friendly but somewhat intimidating, which is more or less what Ted expected.  Ted shook Lisa’s outstretched hand and noticed very smooth skin.  Ted walked in to a small well-lit reception area and Lisa led him through a door into a room with soft violet mood lighting and a comfortably padded reclining chair with another chair next to it.


Lisa liked what she saw of Ted.  He seemed happy to be here, although nervous, and she felt that he might be a good first subject for her.  Lisa directed Ted to sit in the reclining chair and then helped him get comfortable in an almost horizontal position as she sat down in the other chair which she had moved next to Ted’s head.  She asked Ted if he was comfortable.


Ted liked this.  There didn’t seem to be anything BDSM related in the room but it was very relaxing essentially lying down while a somewhat attractive woman spoke in his ear.  He replied to Lisa that he was very comfortable and listened as she began to speak again.


This was not the first time Lisa would put her hypnosis training to use but it was the first time for this purpose.  She took a deep breath and then began to help her subject relax through soft coaxing and focusing on relaxing one area of the body at a time.


Ted had never been hypnotized before but he had read about it and recognized what Lisa was doing.  He had not considered hypnosis to be part of BDSM until he marked it off as okay from the web page list of BDSM activities.  It could be interesting to be “made” to do something “against his will” although he knew from reading about hypnosis that he could not be made to do anything he wouldn’t want to do normally, just that his inhibitions could be lowered which seemed potentially exciting to him.


After a minute of helping Ted to begin to relax, Lisa noticed Ted’s erection through his corduroy pants and she smiled as things were going well.


Over the next 15 minutes Ted allowed himself to relax as much as possible while Lisa guided his thoughts through a pleasant garden into her inner sanctuary.  This was a very pleasurable experience for Ted.  Lisa’s voice was coaxing him into a wonderful feeling of an emotional cocoon of warmth and safety.  He had never felt this relaxed before and when the beautiful voice asked him questions he was glad to answer.


Lisa was aware that this would be the trickiest part as her subject may not be willing to answer every question so she began with easy questions such as name and date of birth.  Lisa did not rush the questions as there was plenty of time and she wanted her subject to remain as relaxed as possible.  Ted indicated his birth place, his favorite color, his childhood pet’s name, his mother’s maiden name, his top 5 favorite songs, and even his favorite BDSM activity.  Lisa was glad that this was going very well.


Ted loved the attention of having a beautiful woman express an interest in his personal life.  Even in his relaxed and receptive state he sensed that Lisa was being careful with the questions she asked but he would love to tell her absolutely everything about himself and almost craved the experience of revealing all to this mesmerizing woman.  Ted was very glad that he listed hypnosis as something he was okay with.


Lisa and her colleagues had come up with a generic list of questions leading up to the important questions Lisa was getting close to.  The other two men who had gone through a session as a result of the online advertisement had resisted during their hypnosis and ultimately were not useful or enjoyable but Lisa was not present for those and it was her turn now.


Ted was asked his car license plate and driver’s license numbers but he didn’t remember the license number so he hesitated and was gently told that it was okay to look in his wallet for the card.  It broke the mood a bit to lean to the side to get his wallet out of his pocket but there is the card and he read off the number while quickly getting fully relaxed again.  A few seconds after he let his hand holding the wallet rest to his side he almost fell asleep but Lisa said something in the flow of her words to gently keep him awake.


Lisa was ready to finish off the most difficult part of the process as she told Ted to relax his hand and she would set his wallet aside.  Ted complied beautifully.  And now to lead to the final question Lisa asked Ted questions about numbers such as his favorite number and what he thought about specific numbers such as 6543 and 5678, and he remained very relaxed.


Ted always liked numbers.  As a small child he used to devour mathematics books from school testing his arithmetic skills and then advancing to algebra and in high school to calculus.  He even enjoyed geometry, even though somehow that didn’t seem as numbers-based as he liked.  And now with this beautiful voice probing his thoughts about numbers he was having the time of his life, so relaxed and peaceful with numbers floating around his head like puffy clouds in the garden she had created in his mind.


Lisa went ahead with the most important question.  Lisa asked for Ted’s bank ATM password number.


Without hesitation or a hint of a problem Ted told her the number, 4599.  “Yes,” Lisa thought, “I did it!”  She went ahead and asked more questions about numbers and a half minute later when the door to the room opened she slid handed Ted’s wallet to her colleague Kari.  When the door did not open again within the next minute she knew that their plan was a-okay so she continued to ask Ted about different numbers.


Lisa changed the topic to try to implant subtle thoughts of happiness with the garden he was visiting in his mind as she waited for Kari to return.


Kari listened through the microphones in the room as Lisa had worked with Ted and heard her queue.  Lisa has a somewhat different style from Kari who was unsuccessful with the man she had chosen from the web site.  That man seemed resistant from the start, trying to make a game of the control she was trying to exert, and she never even got to the point of asking for his bank ATM password number since when she suggested checking his wallet for his driver’s license number he actually scoffed out loud.  Anyway, this guy Ted is much more compliant and Kari felt almost as giddy as Lisa.


Ted had only $23 in his wallet so Kari did not take any of it.  Kari quickly checked the internet for the maximum ATM withdrawal and then Kari drove to the nearest ATM for Ted’s bank and easily withdrew $1000.  It was exhilarating holding that much of someone else’s cash in her hand!  She drove back to the office and quietly opened the door to hand Lisa the wallet.


Lisa had a tough time during the 15 minutes Kari was gone as she was very anxious for Kari to finish her work.  Once Kari returned the wallet Lisa began to bring Ted slowly out of his hypnotized state and after another few minutes when she snapped her finger Ted was fully awake.  The next few minutes would be the most nerve-wracking to see if he brings up why she asked for his bank ATM password number.


Ted had never felt such peace in his life.  Ted enjoys a good mid-day nap from time to time but to be mesmerized by an attractive woman and led down a garden path, well, it was just wonderful.  In the back of his mind he wondered what on earth this had to do with BDSM but it was not a problem at all and in fact he preferred this.


When Lisa asked how he felt Ted responded that he felt wonderful and thanked Lisa.  Ted was ready to call it a day even though his watch told him that it had been only 45 minutes of the scheduled 2 hours, but Lisa had Ted stay in the comfortable chair which had been adjusted to sit upright.


Lisa asked Ted if he remembered the questionnaire he had filled out on the web page.  She asked Ted what his response was to the question of full body encasement and breath control.  Ted replied that his response was that he was not okay with this as it would freak him out.  Lisa smiled and confirmed that this was Ted’s response.


Kari entered the room and introduced herself, standing a bit behind Lisa.  Lisa then asked Ted “Do you remember how you read your driver’s license number?” to which Ted replied “Yes, I read it from the license.”


Lisa said “Where was your wallet after you removed it from your pocket?”  Ted’s eyes widened just a bit as he realized that he did not have his wallet but Lisa quickly presented his wallet to Ted.  Before putting the wallet in his pocket, Ted felt his wallet on the outside a bit to confirm that it was still as thick as it was when he got dressed, not that he had much money to begin with.


Ted saw that Lisa and Kari were smiling and it seemed to his intuition that the women were hiding something so he said “Did something happen to my wallet?”


Lisa replied, “Yes, remember when I asked for your bank ATM password?”


Ted gulped and slowly said “Yes, why?”


Lisa said “Kari removed $1000 from your bank account.”


Ted said “No shit?!” and started to panic a bit.  Ted needed that money for his rent check due in a few days.  That is a very large sum of money!


Lisa made a motion for Ted to remain seated and said “Calm down, you are going to get your money back, but only if you do something for us.”


Ted paused and said “I’m not going through encasement and breath control, if that’s what you mean.”


Kari stepped forward a bit and said “Yes you are” and Lisa nodded her head.


Ted blinked a few times, feeling caught between a rock and a hard place.  He said “I need to think for a moment” and Lisa said “That’s fine.  Just think of the fun you will have under our loving control.”  Lisa smiled and stood up and both she and Kari went back into the reception area to wait for Ted’s decision, leaving the door to the darker room open.


Ted thought about his options.  They weren’t good.  Ted checked his wallet and confirmed that his ATM card and other items were still there.  He could go to the police and tell them the whole story, hoping that there were cameras at the ATM site to avoid the whole he-said-they-said problem.  Except that even if there were ATM cameras, Ted figured that a search warrant would be needed and there might not be probable cause for that and he would probably lose out anyway.


An approach which involved violence or theft from Ted was out of the question.  What else could he do?  He was at a loss to think of anything else.  So it was either go to the police or let the women do what they wanted.


Ted chose to play their game … to an extent.  Ted walked into the reception area and said to Lisa and Kari “I agree as long we agree on some terms.  One:  my wallet will stay in my hands at all times.”  Lisa and Kari indulged Ted his illusion of control and let him continue.  “Two:  you will put into writing that I will not be permanently injured and I will get all of my money back.  Three:  you will honor a safe word to release me as soon as I say it.”


It was uncertain if Ted would be continuing with his conditions but Kari was done with those.  Kari said “No safe word, no release until we say.  We agree to your other conditions, though.”


This was a bizarre negotiation session to Ted.  Everything he had read about BDSM involved caring negotiation of an upcoming session in which all participants’ needs are met but this seemed like a dictatorship.  It should have at least been a bargaining session but Ted had already given away the house in his mind deciding that going to the police was not much of an option at all and now just had to cling to whatever morsels of mercy he was given.  He just couldn’t afford to lose $1000!


A different thought came into Ted’s head and he asked “Did you say that you have the $1000 with you?” and Kari said “Yes, here it is” and briefly showed and opened the small bag holding the set of 20-dollar bills.  That ended Ted’s thought that they were just joking.  The money might not have been his but that would be taking a joke much farther than he figured would be reasonable.


Actually, Ted was beginning to get excited at the thought of being under the complete control of these women.  In general Ted thought of himself as a BDSM submissive but deep down he knew that it was too scary to actually submit and he just wanted a limited form of the sensations he would feel under a woman’s control, specific activities such as whipping of his back and butt.  Ted had been told on web forums that he wasn’t a real submissive, that he was just a fake submissive because he wanted to retain control to dictate the activities done to him.  But this negotiation was a chance for Ted to try his hand at real submission and in a way he wanted to be up to the task to at least show himself that he was not a fake submissive.


With all of these factors in play, Ted decided to go through with it.  He said “Just so I have an idea, what sort of timeframe would I be able to go home?”


Kari said “When we say you can go home” and Lisa added “tonight.”


If the women wanted more of his money, his condition of keeping his wallet in his hand probably wouldn’t be very effective as they could just immobilize him and steal it from him.  And putting anything in writing didn’t make sense as the women could just rip up the document.


It was time for Ted to step out of the safety of his usual emotional cocoon.  He felt an urge to run screaming in fear but became proud at his ability to stand up to his fear.


Ted said “Let’s do this” and gulped.


Chapter 2: Action


Ted half expected the women to jump out of their chairs and seize him but instead they initially leaned back a bit and smiled.  Lisa said “Ted, you are going to enjoy this” and Kari added “Yeah, so will we!”  They stood up and guided Ted into a large room which had what looked like a large suspension bondage apparatus.


Lisa was loving how this was turning out.  She had always wanted to financially dominate someone but had no idea how to turn that into a reality without it being viewed as a way to get paid.  She enjoyed the domination aspect of the situation although to actually get paid for domination is not what she wanted since that would defeat her enjoyment of it.  Clearly, Ted did not want to submit but with money hanging over his head he did not have much choice.


Lisa and her friend Kari had been approached by a mutual acquaintance Tanya about this scheme in which there would eventually be no money transferred and if the subject left then they would just give him his money back despite the threats.  It was a dangerous game but it was worth the risk and seeing Ted compliant despite his fears was a real turn-on.


Lisa put her hand on Ted’s shoulder when he gave her a worried look as he saw the large suspension bondage setup.  She could see gratitude in Ted’s eyes as he accepted her unspoken empathy.  The door closed behind the three as they moved closer to the apparatus.


In nervousness Ted asked “Did you go through all of that hypnosis just to get me to agree to submit myself to this?” and Lisa said “Yep” while Kari chuckled.


Kari and Lisa stepped back a bit and Kari said “Strip” without a hint of Lisa’s empathy.  Kari loved seeing Ted gulp again and enjoyed that Ted didn’t try to hide his fear behind false machismo.  Kari likes to see tough men break but she also likes to see weak men pushed even farther than their fears.  Clearly, Ted seemed like a weak wannabe submissive who couldn’t take much more than a light whipping.  Today Ted would take a lot more than that, a whole lot more.  Kari was getting excited at the thought of it and not much due to Ted getting naked in front of her.  Still, Ted did have a nice body although there was not much muscle on it.  Weak weak weak.  Kari knew that this boy would be a broken man tonight but he would be fine eventually.


When Tanya had presented this idea of coaxing submissive men beyond their limits, Kari jumped at the idea.  She had thought that Lisa would need to be persuaded but to Kari’s surprise Lisa seemed eager to join in with this venture.  This is going to be fun.


Ted was trying to hide his fear but he wasn’t doing a good job of it.  He almost had tears in his eyes but the reassuring touch and look from Lisa helped.  When that tough woman Kari told him to strip, his fear was replaced with something else.  He now felt as though his actions were not his own, like a puppet.


It was a strange feeling.  Ted felt victimized as his free will seemed to be stripped along with all of his clothing.  But he also felt something else.  He couldn’t identify this other feeling and it confused him.  It made him feel free or something.  He rejected that thought because being stripped of free will does not make a person feel free.


Ted didn’t have time to sort through his emotions.  He was naked in front of two strangers, albeit somewhat attractive strangers.  This was the first time he was naked in front of a woman other than his ex-wife but he didn’t mind that, it was the other confusing feeling which occupied his thoughts.


Lisa and Kari brought towards Ted a black full body latex suit and Lisa told Ted to step into it.  The suit had some cling to his arms as he slipped his arms through the sleeves and he had a bit of difficulty pushing his hands through the final opening at the wrists.  At this point Ted was already feeling encased.  Ted does not suffer from claustrophobia and the thought of being encased was not particularly scary in itself but being encased while under the control of someone else, especially the obviously sadistic Kari, was somewhat terrifying and Ted remembered that breath control would be part of the fun the women would have with him.  Ted had read about breath control and … well, he tried not to even think about it now.


His bare feet also had some difficulty pushing through the opening at the ankles but by pointing his toes downward it was not much of a problem.  Ted noticed that it was not quite a full body suit as his feet and hands were free and also, to his chagrin, his private parts were also completely exposed due to a hole in the suit in that area.  Fortunately, his head was free although he knew that would not be for long.


Lisa wasn’t sure how she would feel about encasing a man but figured that it would at least be okay.  To her delight she was enjoying this experience a whole lot.  It was not a stretch to say that she was attracted to Ted and seeing him as vulnerable as he was already was a real turn-on.  Before Kari had a chance to take care of it, Lisa zipped up the back of the suit and made sure that it was snug around Ted’s neck as she attached and locked the padlock making it virtually impossible for Ted to get out of the suit without the key.


Kari would take the sound of that key in the lock over feeling sexual penetration any day.  That’s not saying much, though, as Kari’s view of penetration is only if she wants to allow her man any relief.  Contrary to how it may seem, Kari doesn’t hate men.  She just loves controlling and torturing the hell out of them, consensually although this was a bit of a different situation.  Kari figured that Ted would end up loving the experience so the questionable consent was okay in this case for Kari.


Ted was not feeling the love.  He felt encased already and his skin squirmed to be free but he knew that this was only the beginning of his torment.  Kari had Ted lift one leg and she put a strange boot on his foot.  She had Ted push his foot against the floor as she latched three straps around his lower leg securing the boot and he noticed that if he pressed too hard against the floor the unusual shape of the sole of the boot would twist his ankle and cause him to lose balance.  After Kari put a padlock around one of the boot’s buckles, Lisa guided Ted to sit on the floor as he watched Kari slide an identical boot over his other foot and padlock one of the three straps securing the boot to Ted’s lower leg.


With the boots on Ted was unable to stand or walk on his own at all and he could not remove the boots without the key.  Even without the latex suit over almost his entire body, Ted would feel very helpless just due to the boots and his resulting dependency on the two women for his well-being.  He supposed he could crawl if he had to get somewhere.


The other feeling he had noticed earlier became amplified.  Ted did not have any legitimate choice of what is being done to him and that gave him a sort of warm feeling of strange comfort.  Ted still had a very difficult time understanding the feeling and likened it to the feeling of being taken care of such as being in a hospital with kind nurses as had happened many years ago once when he had broken his ankle from a fall.  Lisa and Kari were not kind nurses, though, and Ted wondered why he would have a warm and comfortable feeling in the presence of these two manipulative and sadistic women but perhaps he was feeling something he had read about some others experiencing.


Perhaps Ted was feeling true submission.


Chapter 3: More Action


Kari and Lisa put gloves on Ted’s hands but the gloves were closed in a ball at the end with no fingers.  Ted had to make his hands into fists to fit inside the ends of the gloves.  The women wrapped attached straps around his lower arms to keep the gloves firmly in place.  One strap on each arm was locked with a padlock.  Now he was locked in a full body suit, locked in boots with no ability to stand, and locked in gloves with no fingers.


But Ted didn’t mind.  He was feeling true submission.


It wasn’t quite true to indicate that he didn’t mind.  He felt terror about what was happening to him as the discomfort he felt at being encased up to his neck with a tight suit and tight boots, gloves, and collar from the suit was only going to get worse, much worse once the women addressed his uncovered head.  But the terror was secondary to the submission he was feeling.


Ted felt as though the two forces were pulling him in opposite directions, the terror was making him feel as though he should run screaming to the door, although the boots would completely prevent that, while the warm feeling of submission was comforting Ted into wanting to just shut his eyes and enjoy the feeling of being taken care of.


Once the boots and gloves were in place Kari noticed that Ted was crying.  She thought about comforting him as this must be very tough for him but that sympathy lasted just one second and instead she said to Ted “Poor baby crying already.  It must be tough for you going through life crying at every little thing.  We haven’t even started doing anything to you.  We’ll give you something to cry about.”


Lisa hadn’t noticed Ted’s tears until Kari started talking about it.  Lisa, too, thought about comforting Ted but she was getting hot seeing the humiliated look on his face from Kari’s trash talk.  Lisa added “It’s okay Ted, we have plenty of tissues for you to cry into” and she and Kari shared a smile and a brief laugh with each other, enjoying Ted’s emotional pain.


Ted wasn’t particularly in emotional pain, though, and he didn’t know why tears were falling from his eyes.  He actually enjoyed Kari’s and Lisa’s demeaning comments as somehow they increased his warm submissive feeling.  Instinctively, he brought one hand up to wipe the tears off his face but then realized that his fist was tightly wrapped in the glove with no fingers, making it tough to wipe his own tears.  He also realized that he had no opposable thumbs and this severely limited his ability to do much of anything at all with his hands.


Ted thought “I am so far under these women’s control that I can’t do much of anything without them helping me.”  This thought further increased both his internal terror and his stronger warm submissive feeling.  When Kari brought a thick and heavy-looking black full head and face helmet, Ted felt that he was emotionally ready for it.  This is what he dreaded most but he knew that there was nothing he could do about it other than try his hardest not to freak out completely.


Ted took a deep breath as the helmet was being lowered over his face and he heard Kari say “Bye Ted” while Lisa said “Have fun”.  It felt as though he was going to hell, never to return.


The darkness was complete as there was padding pressing against his eyelids, shutting his eyes tight.  The silence was also complete as padding was adjusted to press tightly against his ears.


He had noticed small nose holes for air but after the ear padding was adjusted he felt a solid rubber or plastic ball being pushed into his mouth.  When he tried to push against the tasteless ball with his tongue there was no movement.  Fortunately, it was not a huge ball gag and it did not prevent his ability to swallow from time to time but with the gag and the hood covering his mouth and no ability to give hand signals there was no way for him to communicate with the outside world.


From Ted’s standpoint, there was no outside world.  Sight, sound, and taste were all gone and the only thing he could smell was the leather of the hood.  Ted counted the senses and realized that there was one remaining.  He thought about the fact that his groin was left uncovered and became scared of the remaining sense.  Touch is the sense in which one feels pain.  Or agony.


With this realization, Ted’s level of terror rose up and he wanted to scream.  His eyes tried to open wide in terror but they were forced shut by the padding.  This feeling lasted only a couple of seconds until the warm feeling of submission washed over his feeling of terror and he started to relax again.  He wished he could hear Lisa’s voice hypnotizing him again.


Lisa was a bit alarmed at the extreme tensing of Ted’s body which she could feel through the latex and see in the slight tremor of his arms.  It lasted only a moment, though, and then she felt him relax.  Lisa had never been part of an encasing before and wondered how those in control would know whether or not the subject or victim could be passed out or even dead but she was not ready to question Kari about this, or not yet at least.  Perhaps the state of the victim is sensed by feeling the reactions of the victim’s body.


Lisa felt a bit of apprehension and terror of her own.  If someone encased her as she and Kari had encased Ted, Lisa was confident that it would freak her out.  Lisa had never been subjected to any sort of torture or domination, though, so probably for those who enjoy submitting the enjoyment of the transfer of control inherent in an encasing would make up for the terror.  She guessed correctly that this is what helped Ted relax after his moment of initial tension.


Kari enjoyed this part in which her encasing victim is almost prepared for the sacrifice, metaphorically speaking, and she was just about to bind him up.  Kari guided Ted to lean backwards to lie on his back.  She attached the different shackle points to several parts of Ted’s body to balance his weight as she talked a bit with Lisa about the importance of being careful with this.  With Ted unable to hear, Kari and Lisa talked freely about the logistics and safety aspects of suspension bondage of someone who is unable to see, hear, or say anything.  “Up you go, bitch”, Kari thought, but that’s the one problem with sensory deprivation, trash-talking is rendered meaningless.  Oh well, can’t have everything.


Ted felt some sort of binding placed around different portions of his arms, legs, and torso and figured that suspension was next on the agenda.  He was not surprised when his body rose off the ground and his head must have had an attachment which lifted his head.  His body remained in balance as it rose above the floor.


Ted had never been lifted off the ground before, or at least not to his memory.  Even when he broke his ankle he was not lifted and only given help and crutches but being lifted is different.  He knew that he must have been lifted as a baby but he had always wondered how it would feel to actually be lifted off the ground now that he could enjoy it.  On the website checklist Ted chose suspension bondage as an activity he would enjoy and at this moment he did find it enjoyable, despite the sensory deprivation helmet and general fear.


Or perhaps his enjoyment of suspension was helped by not having any other senses or freedom of choice.  He was floating, flying without a care in the world.


Ted sometimes has dreams in which he is flying.  It feels wonderful in a dream to soar above the cities and into the clouds, leaving all of his worries back on the ground and just feeling good and free.  He realized that feeling free at this moment was strange considering his situation but he didn’t mind the seeming contradiction.  Perhaps being under someone else’s control meant being free.  Free from the obligations of responsibilities, free from everything harmful.  Free to feel good.


Ted was crying with joy, although the tears were initially blocked by the padding over his eyes.


Kari felt Ted crying from the slight quivering in his shoulders.  She hoped that Lisa didn’t notice it because Lisa might become concerned.  Crying is a good thing in a victim, it means that they are strongly affected and Kari has a great time when her victim is strongly affected.  Kari has been admonished before about using the word victim because a BDSM submissive is not a victim since they want what is being done to them, but Kari internally thought of her submissives and bottoms as victims because she enjoyed the fantasy of non-consent.  In this case, there was no full consent and Kari felt some guilt at that but the guilt was overcome by her joy in sadism and the thought that Ted would come out of this experience with a positive feeling about it.  From a physical standpoint, Ted did consent to this but Kari knew that this was sophistry and the consent was not truly there.


Lisa was lightly grasping one of Ted’s arms and touching one of his thighs and from what she could sense, Ted was as relaxed as he could be once he was lifted off the ground.  Some intuition told her that he was okay at the moment.


Ted was much better than okay.  He thought “Please let me just stay like this all night and I will be a happy man.  You can keep my money.  Please.”  He re-thought the comment about money because he simply couldn’t afford to lose $1000.


When the gentle touches he had felt on his lower arm, thigh, and shoulder went away he figured that the women were going to grant his silent wish to leave him alone like this.  After all, this was torture since severe bondage with padding pressed up against one’s eyes and ears and shoving a ball gag in someone’s mouth is torture.  Blissful torture in this case.


Ted was right, the women did let him enjoy the experience for at least 15 minutes before they returned.


Kari stepped back and indicated to Lisa to let Ted get acclimated to the feelings he is experiencing in his first time with this situation, probably including slight discomfort which in Kari’s experience is mostly inevitable in this sort of tight bondage and suspension situation, strong anxiety at being bound up from head to toe, worry about being dropped on his head, humiliation at the loss of control of any part of his own body, emotional agony from being completely shut off from outside senses, and sheer terror in general at his situation.  She did not include in her list to Lisa the feeling of utter joy which was the only thing in Ted’s thoughts at the moment.


After about 2 minutes Kari decided that Ted had enough time to get used to his situation.


It did not seem like 2 minutes later to Ted, more like 15 minutes or maybe 24 hours as he was in a fog of heaven.  That fog was broken when he felt a sudden painful zap of electricity on the tip of his limp dick.


The difference between the pleasure he was feeling and the pain of the zap on his dick was the biggest contrast he could imagine.  He couldn’t even react to it.  The pain stunned him.  He felt the zap again and this time Ted reacted.  His body flailed and he screamed at the top of his lungs.  Except that his body couldn’t flail more than just an inch in the tight suspension bondage and his scream was muffled by the ball gag, although the scream was still loud within his own head.  The pain was very brief and not particularly intense but it freaked Ted out and he continued to non-flail and non-scream.  It was difficult to breathe with the constricted air in the hood and only being able to breathe through his nose.


“This is so hot”, Kari said to Lisa.  “He’s still trying to scream seconds afterwards and it was only on setting 2 out of 10.”


Lisa said “Poor guy” and laughed along with Kari who brought the violet wand close to Ted’s dick again.  She decided to go through the action of painting slowly with the wand starting at the tip of Ted’s cock down the shaft and circling over each of his balls.  If one zap put Ted into a frenzy of screaming, a couple of dozen seconds of continuous electricity would practically destroy him.  To help allay Lisa’s potential concern, Kari said “He did check it off as something he is okay with” without mentioning that the checklist indicated mild electric shocks without specifying the area of the body.


Lisa agreed that this was probably fine although Ted’s reactions seemed extreme just based upon the quivering of his body.  Lisa wished that she could see Ted’s face to judge his reactions as this was her standard method for determining when her bottom is reaching his limit.  She wondered whether Kari even would have respected Ted’s limit if she knew he was reaching it.  It was a small concern, though, Lisa had played with Kari many times in the past and knows that below the extremely sadistic exterior is an extremely sadistic person … wrapped around someone who fully understands and respects the consensual nature of BDSM.


Consent was unfortunately not part of this scene and that worried Lisa from the start but Lisa was nevertheless turned on by Ted’s predicament.  “Writhe and scream some more,” Lisa thought.


Chapter 4: Coping


Ted felt pulled apart from inside.  Every part of his body and emotions wanted desperately to pull away from the searing agony of fire arcing against his dick and balls and his screams turned into a pitiful wail which apparently only he would hear, but he could not move or truly scream.  The sensations he felt just seconds earlier turned against him:  not being able to see exactly where the electrical pain would strike next, not being able to hear any non-verbal hint of sound from the women for when the pain might move or stop, not being able to see or hear anything else to get his mind off the pain, and not being able to release his pent-up energy in a primal scream all conspired to put Ted in a state of absolute hell.  He tried to scream “Get me out of here!  Help!!!” but there was no escape.


The time in hell lasted forever, Ted was sure that it was at least several minutes before he could regain even some of his awareness beyond the excruciating pain.  In reality, it lasted 25 seconds with an additional 15 seconds of recovery time but it was the longest minute of his life.


Once Ted became somewhat aware again of his situation and mostly caught up on breathing he tried to rub away the pain with his hands but realized that he could not move and his hands had restrictive gloves on anyway.  Ted thought about what he could possibly do to prevent the agony from happening again but after just a few seconds realized that there wasn’t a single thing.


That submissive feeling returned.  Except this time it wasn’t warm, it felt cold as ice.  Ted thought “Here I am available for these sadistic women to torture me anyway they want and I can’t even give a tiny bit of communication to them about it.  I could die and they wouldn’t even be aware of it.”  Ted knew that he wouldn’t die, though, and that he would be well on his way to recovery tomorrow.  That helped him find comfort and he tried to focus on getting back the good part of the submissive feeling, despite the emotional coldness he felt.  Ted was beginning to have some success when he felt something again.  He flinched a bit but it was not painful at first.


Lisa wanted to take a more hands on approach than she had so far so she applied the first clothespin to Ted’s scrotum and then the second.  After six she took a bit of a break to let the sensation build and she could see Ted’s groin somewhat tense up in pain as he tried to squirm.  Lisa had never done before what she was about to do and she looked up to Kari who gave her an approving look in return, so Lisa clipped a clothespin to the tip of Ted’s limp dick and watched as Ted’s groin tensed up and his body tried to writhe against the suspension restraints.


Ted’s feeling of submission amplified as the pain in his scrotum grew.  Cock and ball torture (CBT) was not something he listed as okay on the website questionnaire so apparently anything was fair play in their book.  Then there was sudden excruciating pain on the tip of his dick and his entire body stiffened and quivered.  His breathing was erratic and he felt like he wasn’t getting enough air.


The pain was not as much as the pain from electricity and after a minute or so the pain became manageable and Ted was able to begin to breathe normally again.  He was determined to survive this.  Not survive as in making it through alive because that was a given, but survive as in getting through this without feeling any long-term emotional horror.  One thing is for certain, Ted gained tremendous respect for those who can go through this and tolerate or actually enjoy it.


Then the real fun began.  Kari watched Lisa repeat Kari’s performance with the violet wand on Ted’s dick and balls but extended it to almost a full minute of severe torture.  Kari couldn’t help herself and put her hand on Ted’s shoulder to feel the quivering and jerking of his skin in agony.  She was tempted to begin the breath control now but knew that it was too dangerous as Ted was already having difficulty breathing through the agony.


Kari was in love.  In love with the adrenaline rush of sadism and the feeling of complete dominance over the suffering of another human being.  And Ted was a good subject of her sadism, as weak and pliable as he was even before the torture began.


Lisa was in love, too, but she didn’t consider it to be love.  She was having a great time with this, despite her initial reservations and her small concern that Ted might not be remotely okay after this.  The love she felt was for Ted as she pictured him in her mind begging for mercy and promising to literally do anything she wanted.


Ted did not have the capacity in his mind to beg and could not speak in any case.  Once the severe agony was over and the lingering sensation reduced to strong pain, he felt not only physically exhausted but mentally and emotionally finished.  He had a wild thought “Stick a fork in me, I’m done” and internally laughed at his mental image of being cooked for the slaughter.  He thought he might be going insane.


But then the clothespin was removed from the tip of his dick and the strong pain amplified for a moment before being reduced significantly.  The clothespins on the scrotum were also removed and the only sensation he felt was the lingering pain from everything which had been done to his most sensitive area.  “CBT, it was as bad as I feared it would be,” Ted thought.


It was time for a long rest.  Ted tried to pass out and internally kicked himself for not thinking of that earlier.  He tried to regain the submissive feelings he had earlier, either warm or cold, and did manage to begin to get in touch with the warm feeling but then there was sudden pressure on his nostrils and he was unable to breathe.


Ted could not breathe at all.


“So this is how it ends,” Ted thought, “allowing myself to be manipulated into suffering the agony of my own torture death.  It serves me right.  My life has been worth nothing anyway.  No-one loves me or will ever love me.  I’ll never be able to retire from work.”


During dark emotional times Ted sometimes gets down on himself like this and, as harmful as it seems, it actually helps him get through it to go through his “litany of shame” as he likes to call it, of how he deserves to feel bad or to suffer whatever he is going through at the moment.


At this moment, though, he was done with his litany yet still unable to breathe.  Ted panicked and wondered if he was dead already since he couldn’t see or hear.  The helmet was caving in and crushing his head.  The ball gag was pressing against his tongue.  The collar of the suit was strangling him.  Even his hands and feet felt as though they were being crushed.


Suddenly, Ted was able to breathe again as the nose clamps were loosened to their original position.  Ted breathed in as deeply as the constricted air would allow and began to get light-headed.  He saw colors in front of his eyes even though his eyes were shut tight.  The colors swirled like a kaleidoscope and his body was limp.  Ted knew that at this moment he could not move a muscle even if he were not in any sort of bondage.


Lisa was scared for Ted as both she and Kari caressed a dead-seeming arm through the latex suit.  Kari indicated that she was not concerned as this was standard in her experience for a bit of recovery time.  Sure enough, Ted’s body felt alive again with small movements after another minute.


Ted was happy.  He did not know how he got there but he was there.  He had survived and knew that he would not suffer any long- or medium-term harm.  If he were released right now he felt that he would be fine.  Much more than that, he had a strong feeling of submissive warmth wash over his entire body so that his being limp from trauma recovery quickly transformed into relaxation from submissive happiness.  His skin seemed alive in loving response to the caressing he was receiving in his arms through the latex suit and he was moaning out loud in the glow of his submissive warmth.


Kari and Lisa heard the strong moans of pleasure through the nose holes in Ted’s helmet and smiled at each other, glad to assuage their guilt.  They let go of Ted’s arms and let him float in the glow of his pleasure.  Kari went into another room and had a great session with her vibrator before checking her e-mail and website forum postings as Lisa just sat and watched Ted’s encased body float with no sound or movement.


Lisa fantasized about keeping Ted prisoner within encasement forever with brief breaks only to see his smiling face during meal times.  She would hook up a system to take care of his bodily needs automatically and Ted would be released only once a week for exercise to keep his body from deteriorating too much.  Lisa would torture Ted frequently and he would thank her every week for the pleasure of being taken care of.


Ted floated for an hour or for a year, he couldn’t tell which.  He wanted it to last forever.


An hour later Kari and Lisa lowered Ted slowly to the ground and removed his restraints.  They helped Ted sit up though he had a tough time supporting his own weight to sit up so Lisa helped him stay upright.  The women then unlocked and un-wrapped the straps which bound the sensory deprivation helmet to his head.


Ted was still lost in a haze of floating heaven, even after an hour with no activity whatsoever.  When the heavily padded helmet was finally lifted off his head he felt a rush of unwanted light and fresh air.  It was like being slapped in the face out of a wonderful dream.  It was just a momentary slap, though, as Ted quickly returned to nirvana as he saw the beautiful women who had encased him in their love.  He heard one of them ask him something and he answered “Wonderful” even though he didn’t hear the question.  Someone hugged his head to her breast and he just hummed in joy.  Then he had an uncontrollable urge and started laughing.  He was so happy that he could not contain himself and laughed for a few minutes before just nestling quietly against the breast of the woman hugging his head, hoping that she would hold him forever.


At Lisa’s request, Kari left Lisa alone again with Ted.  Lisa could feel the joy emanating from Ted and joined his laugh.  Once he settled down and nestled further into her breast, Lisa watched Kari leave and then Lisa allowed herself the indulgence of shedding a few tears of joy as she pressed her lips to the top of Ted’s head.


Lisa lost track of time.  After almost 15 minutes Ted started to stir and Lisa loosened her grip on his head.  Lisa watched as Ted moved back a bit and looked up into her eyes.  Ted had a very euphoric look on his face, as if he were looking into the face of an angel, and Lisa almost started to cry in joy again.  Ted said “Thank you” and Lisa smiled and said “Thank you.”


As Kari and Lisa had agreed earlier, Lisa did not remove the suit, boots, or mitts Ted was still wearing and she instead attached a leash to the collar of his suit and told him that he would need to crawl.  Ted seemed very content to just look down at the floor with a goofy smile on his face as without a word he crawled, led by Lisa’s leash, on his hands and knees towards the reception area.  Lisa didn’t mean this to be pet play but Ted seemed to be enjoying it like a puppy, bouncing around a bit as he crawled.


Kari was working on the computer in the reception area when she saw Lisa and Ted enter the room.  She announced “The freakin’ Queen and her loyal pet in blissful freakin’ heaven” but smiled to let Lisa know that it was said in jest.  Pet play and loving dominance are not Kari’s forte to say the least but if it works for Lisa then good for her.  Kari continued “So good of you to grace me with your presence, your Highness.”


Lisa attempted a royal accent to say “Fluffy will have his dinner now, where is his bowl?” and she laughed, unable to keep it up.  Ted gave a happy puppy bark.


Ted had never considered pet play and it wasn’t even on the website questionnaire he had filled out but at this point he felt very submissive and would happily do whatever he was told to do.  In the back of his mind he was a bit worried for his own safety as these women had already shown that consent was not always on their agenda and he couldn’t get out of the boots and mitts if he wanted to.  But he didn’t care about it.  All he cared about is hoping that he would be allowed to stay here for hours longer.


But Lisa and Kari were done with him.  As they started to unlock and remove his restrictive boots he tried a puppy whine but that just received a sympathetic look from Lisa who didn’t stop unbuckling his boot.  After the women removed his restrictive mitts they had him stand up and they unzipped and removed his suit.


It felt very strange to Ted to be without his latex suit.  When the suit had first made contact with his skin he felt that he might not be able to take spending much time in it but now with his skin open to the air he felt uncomfortably naked and cold despite the moderate temperature in the room.  He had felt emotionally warm inside the suit as if it was a natural skin and now, naked, he felt very cold in comparison.


To Lisa, poor Ted looked even more like a lost dog than when he was crawling around on the floor.  He had such a sad-dog look on his face that Lisa just wanted to hug him and hold him to make the hurt go away.  Instead, she touched his arm and asked if he was okay and he just nodded.  Other than the one thank you, Ted had not said a single word since his helmet was put on a couple of hours ago and he seemed content to just express his emotions through his face and body language.


Lisa hugged Ted’s naked body and held back on her urge to throw him back to the ground and have sex with him.  After Lisa’s hug, Kari pointed to a bag containing Ted’s clothes and he started putting his clothes on, seemingly reluctantly.  To Lisa, Ted looked strange dressed in normal clothes.  Kari then handed Ted the bag with his $1000 and said to him “You might not believe this but we were going to give you back your money whether or not you agreed with our demands.  We aren’t thieves.”


Ted looked at Lisa who nodded her head in confirmation and said “That’s right.  I hope you don’t mind our deception too much but we never intended to keep your money under any circumstances.  It was just a way to get you under our spell.”  Even after this, Ted still didn’t say anything and just smiled and nodded.


Kari went towards the door to the outside and said “Okay Ted, don’t let the door hit you in the ass.”  She watched the touchy-feely Lisa caress Ted’s upper arm and say “Bye Ted, if you feel like it, send us an e-mail through the web site and I will contact you.”  Ted touched Lisa’s hand and nodded again.  The puppy was obviously in love.  Kari tried not to gag from the over-wrought emotions but couldn’t resist pointing a finger down her throat behind Lisa’s back.


Ted walked in a daze back to his car.  Before he turned the ignition he just sat and reflected on what he had been through.  He had not survived the experience emotionally intact.  He was changed in a way he could not yet fathom and he would need time to sort it out.  In the meantime he felt a warm glow throughout his body, a glow of utter joy.  He started the car’s ignition and then turned up the volume on the radio, singing the song lyrics as loud as he can.  After the car pulled away and stopped at the first traffic signal, Ted turned the radio off but kept on singing.


Chapter 5: Aftermath


Even after Ted arrived at his apartment he felt euphoric and after using the bathroom he jumped into bed to wrestle with the pillows and writhe against the blankets.  He might have been better off going to a gym to work off some of his excess energy but instead he just lay in bed and wrestled.


Ted woke up in the near midnight, starved and clutching his groin in pain from a nightmare he could not remember.  Once we was fully awake he realized that there was no physical pain but his memory was still very fresh of the electricity carving through his dick and he had a tough time keeping straight that it was just a memory.  A couple of hours later after he had eaten and typed into his PC journal glowing words about his day, he fell asleep again.


The next day Ted was still in a state of bliss.  He couldn’t get over how great it felt to fly.  He figured that suspension bondage would feel great just watching videos of it and reading peoples’ descriptions of their experiences.  But he had no idea that being wrapped up in a tight latex suit with a sensory deprivation helmet snug on his head would feel so liberating and exhilarating.  To add torture from beautiful women, even today it made his body shiver to think about the joy he felt.


Lisa was surprised not to have heard from Ted at all for the next few days.  She had hoped for an e-mail which said bark bark or at least something saying he looked forward to seeing her again but Tanya assured Lisa that Tanya had not purged the website e-mail inbox.  Lisa decided to send Ted an e-mail but the response she read from Ted shocked her “Fuck off and die, bitch!”


A couple of days after Ted’s nightmare euphoria he crashed to earth.  Being lifted off the ground was great and the helmet was fine but to be tortured far beyond the point of screaming was hell.  Ted couldn’t get that one moment out of his mind, when he was unable to breathe and every bit of his body felt like it was being crushed.  His eyes and ears were being pressed on by their padding, his nose was clamped, his hands and feet felt like they were being crushed by the mitts and boots, his neck was being choked by the suit’s collar, and his entire body was being squeezed by the latex suit, and he couldn’t breathe.  He just couldn’t breathe.


Ted called in sick to work that day and spent much of the day wrestling the covers in bed again, though this time not in the exhilaration of extra energy but in the horror of remembered torment.  It was the worst day of his life by far and his throat was sore from all of his screaming into the pillow.  He tried taking showers, watching TV, and even typing in his journal but he could not shake the irrational feeling that his body was going to cave in on itself in a million different places.


Ted barely slept that night and did not have much of a better day.  He considered going to the hospital but by late in the morning began to feel a bit calmer and was able to sleep.


Once his life returned to almost normal, another thought crept into Ted’s mind.  He should never have agreed to put himself through that.  Ted would pay $1000 or $10009 right now if he could just forget the experience ever happened and the idea that those women would have given him his money even if he did not agree to be subjected to such torture made his decision even worse.  He hated himself for being so weak.


To Ted, Kari was a sadistic bitch.  She had no compassion and it just seemed to Ted that she rubbed his weakness in his face and held contempt for him as a human being.  But Lisa was worse.  She feigned caring and lured Ted into thinking that his well-being was important.  Ted thought “I even crawled and barked for her, like a fucking puppy!”


Focusing his anger on these sadistic bitches helped Ted get over hating himself.  And when he had a chance to e-mail Lisa just how he felt he was glad.  “Fuck off and die, bitch!”  That felt good to Ted, the first even remotely good feeling he had in the past few days.


Over the next week Ted calmed down and realized that he did not fit into the BDSM lifestyle.  Even the thought of being whipped no longer held any appeal to him and he no longer had an interest in watching BDSM videos.  He decided to see start seeing his therapist again, thankful that his work’s health insurance covered the cost of his visits.  With his therapist’s help, Ted was able to avoid thinking about Lisa and Kari and he blocked any potential e-mails from their web site’s e-mail address.  Soon after, though, Ted lost his job and had to stop seeing the therapist.


When Tanya’s venture of luring guys for non-consensual BDSM fun did not bear any more fruit and after Ted did not respond to Lisa’s multiple e-mails, Lisa ended her participation with Tanya and Kari.  Lisa doesn’t usually have a problem finding play partners through web site matching sites or sometimes through a social networking site, but she decided to take some time off from BDSM altogether due to the bitter taste in her mouth from the non-consensual experience with Ted.


It turned out that Lisa never regained her interest in BDSM.  When from time to time she thought about why, she did not have an answer other than sometimes people just move on to other interests.


A few months later Lisa was delivering unneeded supplies to a local food bank when she saw Ted picking up food for himself.  Her heart was jumbled with several emotions but she decided to approach him.  She said “Hi Ted, I am sorry about earlier this year.”


 “Shit, you startled me,” Ted said, and continued “You have a lot of nerve talking to me.”


A confrontational person might have responded with anger.  Instead, Lisa said “I am really sorry, I will go” but Ted said “Wait, I didn’t mean it that way.  I was trying to compliment you on having guts but it didn’t come out right.”  There was an awkward pause as neither knew what would be appropriate to say.  Ted pointed to a container of juice he had picked up and said “Buy you a drink?”



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