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Synopsis:  My wife wants me to star in BDSM videos of male submission.  Codes = F/m, F+/M, torture, consensual.



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Chapter 1


My wife wants me to be a porn star.  Not really a star but we could use the money and I’m willing to try a session.


My wife Dawn and I got married a couple of years ago once we earned our degrees from college.  Due to the economy, though, I have not been able to find employment and it has been a strain on our marriage having just one bread winner.  We would like to someday get out of this dump of an apartment and buy our own home.


Other than finances, our marriage is great.  We met in college and hit it off, finding that we are compatible in every important way, including our sex life.  We each began our fascination with BDSM in our early teens and in the past few years have explored it with each other with her dominating me.


Dawn is very patient with how skittish I get when trying new things.  She tried a dozen times doing anything remotely painful to my penis before I wouldn’t freak out and now I am okay with that.  I enjoy trying new things but with our budget and my skittishness, we don’t get to try out new things that often.  We haven’t joined any BDSM clubs or been to any social events, we don’t know that we would feel comfortable with that yet.


And yet she wants me to submit myself to strangers doing all sorts of things to me and posting a video.  I think it turns her on thinking of me doing that, as if she owns me and is pimping me out.  I admit to being turned on by it somewhat, too.  But it’s also very scary.


We completed the interview and everyone at the filming studio was very nice.  Despite my nervousness I felt a very warm feeling and a comfort level that nothing would be done without my consent.  We discussed my limits in some detail and agreed that my mouth would be free to safe word at any time, although my pay would be reduced if the scene was not able to be completed once we resumed.  And it was damn good pay.


Good pay and very exciting.  We didn’t go over what would be done in the scene because from what they told me a submissive’s reactions are much better for video when not knowing beforehand, not to mention that it is more exciting to me not to know, and I felt okay with it because of our detailed discussion about limits.  I’m scared as hell but I’m okay.


Dawn has been very comforting in the days before the shoot, calming my nerves and being even more loving than usual.  One of my concerns has been whether Dawn would be okay with me having all sorts of acts committed on me by another likely beautiful woman but she doesn’t seem to have a problem with it at all, maybe due to the pay or maybe that is part of her turn-on in showing how much she owns me and knowing that I am a faithful husband.


What if I freak out?  That is my biggest fear.  I really don’t want to safe word because I’d hate to go through all of this only to mess things up and not end up getting paid.  I brought this up in the interview and they said that it was no problem, I could safe word and we could resume the scene but I still feel worried about it as I might not be able to resume without freaking out again.  I’m also a bit worried about BDSM in public but in my early college years I went to a few alcohol-friendly group parties which were not BDSM-related and so I am okay with being watched while having sex.


Dawn and I agreed not to engage in BDSM activities in the few days before the shoot and from the advice of the interviewer we did not have sex for three days leading up to video day.


Chapter 2


I arrived at the filming studio and was nervous as hell.  Dawn had to work that day and couldn’t be there so I was on my own which I think I preferred anyway and as soon as I met the director again I felt that same comfort level from our interview.  There were a few others on the set such as cameramen and someone taking care of the lighting plus I had to sit in a chair to have some make-up applied.  I felt like a Hollywood movie star being treated this way, but still quite nervous.


I was told to be myself on camera and not to act or role play.  This would be a simple scene and not one which has a made-up story.


The filming area had equipment I recognized such as a Saint Andrews bondage cross, a spanking horse, and different types of whips hanging from pegs on a board and some I didn’t immediately recognize.  My attention was drawn to the bed and the eye bolts on the wall behind it and on the ceiling to allow for bondage.  It was intimidating just entering the area not to mention the cameras, and it was also very exciting.  I was told to just stay in my clothes and I would be given instruction once the scene began.  I stood with my hands clasped behind my back as someone in the room looked at the main camera and said lights, camera, action.


The star of the show entered the room.  She was beautiful.  Somewhat petite but with large breasts emphasized by the black dominatrix outfit she was wearing.  I had to focus my concentration not to just gape at her as her appearance combined with the camera and situation almost made me freeze up.


She walked towards me and said “What the fuck are you doing clothed?!”  I quickly stripped naked.


She pointed to the ground and commanded “Kiss my boots.”  This was something I really hoped would be part of the scene so I quickly dropped to the floor but she walked away and laughed while saying “You wish!  Now crawl over here.”


She had me lay myself over the spanking horse as she fastened my wrists and separated ankles in place.  As she started whacking my butt with a crop she said “You think this is going to be fun but you’re wrong, we’re going to torture and fuck you until you’re black and blue.  You’re going to regret coming here.”


Between the pain from the crop and her trash talk, I knew that I was in for a very exciting hour.  She seemed like a natural.


I had expected a sort of build-up of pain but I guess with a time limit of an hour there wasn’t time for build-up.  I knew that I couldn’t take a full hour of non-stop pain but from the interview that didn’t seem likely to be the case.  I was already grunting from the pain of the crop and then I heard the door open again and someone approach.


The woman who had just entered said with a somewhat high-pitched and girlish voice “What do we have here?” and the first woman answered “Your fuck toy.  Go for it, honey!”


I was not told that there would be more than one dominatrix!  My excitement level just jumped to another level but so did my fear.  I have a tough enough time handling the ministrations of one woman, I don’t know if I could handle two!


I knew that this site had some videos with two or even more dominants but in our interview all they talked about was “she”.


My butt was no longer feeling the whack of the crop and there appeared to be some adjustment of equipment behind me, I was thankful for the brief respite.  Then, a somewhat heavy flogger was working on my upper back.  For some reason my upper back is more sensitive than my butt, I don’t think this is what most others experience from what I’ve read.  In any case, after just a few blows I was grunting from each stroke of the whip.


I felt my butt being touched and then a lubed finger entered my ass.  I expected that this would be part of the scene, especially with my ass so exposed, but I didn’t know how I’d be able to handle being whipped and fucked at the same time.


She put two and then three fingers in my ass and it started to hurt from the pressure as she wiggled around.  The sensation of two different areas of pain in my back and inside my ass was strange, like being violated.  For one area I could concentrate and withstand the pain but for two areas at the same time I felt like I had no protection, I couldn’t concentrate on both.  As the upper back whipping continued, the fingers pulled out of my ass and I was glad.


And then my relief turned to anguish.  The woman behind me started to push a huge dildo inside of my ass.  It felt like I was being stabbed with a drill press as she pushed slowly and relentlessly inside of me.  I gasped and then screamed once.  I was also freaking out, something I had been afraid of.  They’re going to force that huge thing all of the way inside of me!


On top of its thick size, the dildo was ridged and made me feel as though my insides were being scraped.  As the dildo pushed its way inside of me and the burning pain on my back became unbearable I lost control.


I screamed non-stop as the lady with the girlish voice yelled several things at me such as “Take it bitch!”  A part of my consciousness was thinking that the torture would stop now that I was screaming but it did not stop and I kept screaming.  My body was trying to flail wildly but I could barely move.  During this time I vaguely remembered that a safe word would stop this but I didn’t want to make a decision without being able to think straight, and I wasn’t remembering the safe word in any case in my agonized state.


I stopped screaming once the whipping stopped and the dildo stopped moving inside of me.  The ladies were laughing at me and joking about how much of a wimp I am.  They said that this has been nothing so far and that they were anticipating what was to come.


I felt like a wimp and my eyes began to tear up.  I usually do not cry during BDSM or any time.  Part of my enjoyment of BDSM is in being able to withstand pain and humiliation, it gives me sort of a sense of power and accomplishment.  I felt no power now and no accomplishment.  I was just a victim.


Chapter 3


During this few moments between tortures, although with the thick dildo still inside my ass, I thought about whether I should safe word but I decided against it.  In fact, I knew that I wasn’t going to be harmed or injured and I wished that I would be gagged so I would not even be tempted.  I noticed that there was a camera now looking right into my face and I wondered what I looked like out of control screaming a bit earlier.  I resisted the temptation to wink into the camera to try to show that I was able to take the pain.


I took a deep breath and gritted my teeth as I heard some movement just above me.


The dildo in my ass started to move outward and in again and also wiggled a bit.  I could focus on this and was able to avoid groaning out loud despite the pain of its size and ridges.  But then I felt a sudden agonizing freezing sensation in the middle of my upper back as ice was applied.


I had never felt such sudden pain before.  First I yelped in surprise and pain and then I screamed.  I lost concentration on my ass and that too became unbearable pain which increased the pitch of my screams.  Both ladies were now berating me but I could not hear them over my own screams.  Their mocking tone of voice did make me feel even more like a wimp, though.


The ice pain receded and so I stopped screaming as I could concentrate on the pain of movement and pressure within my violated ass.  The dildo was now fucking me non-stop without a break.


The first dominatrix I had seen, the one with the lower voice and holding the whips and ice, said something to mock me about running hot and cold but I didn’t pay much attention until feeling the first drop of wax on my back where the ice had been.


My wife has applied hot dripping wax on my stomach several times before but not on my back and the pain this time was more intense.  Add to that the contrast between the ice and the wax and I thought the skin of my back would burn off.  Plus I still had the dildo violating me.


As more hot wax dripped onto my back several drops at a time I panicked and screamed “Stop!  I can’t take this! Please Please!!” but I was out of control and did not think about the safe word.  I was completely freaked out and felt like I was about to die from the excruciating pain.  My yelling pleas turned into whimpers as tears were pouring down my face.


The pain from the wax receded and then I remembered the safe word.  I was just about to say it when I noticed the camera looking at my face and I just managed to scrunch up my face and avoid saying it.  I felt like I was being interrogated, tortured until I would say the safe word though I knew that this was not the intent.  Thankfully, the dildo pulled out of my ass and I was no longer being tortured, although I was still feeling pain in and around my ass and all over my upper back.


I felt ashamed at having screamed, ashamed at all of the tears running down my face, and ashamed that my shame was being caught on camera.  I started sobbing as I was crying.


I desperately hoped that the hour was up.


One of the ladies leaned in front of my face and asked “Poor baby, are you okay?”  It seemed like a setup line to me but I said anyway “No, please let me go.”  My pleading voice was not due to any acting.


Sure enough, she slapped my face hard and said “Too fucking bad!” and laughed.  Then behind me I heard a loud continuous machinery sound like a power drill had just been turned on.  I panicked and shouted “Fuck no!  Fuck fuck fuck.  Please!” as the lady right in front of my face laughed.  The drill sound stopped and she patted my head and said “Just kidding, you fucking wimp!”


I thought about how out of control I was.  I enjoy the feeling of my wife Dawn having control of me and pushing me towards my limits but this was way beyond that.  It felt like my entire life was now in the hands of these two sadistic women who wanted nothing more than to destroy my ego.  I felt destroyed already and this was all going on video for the world to see.


If I safe word now, I think they have enough to publish a video and I would get paid some, if not the full amount.  How would I feel afterwards, though?  I already feel like a horrible wimp and regret ever agreeing to this but if I quit now, probably only a few minutes before the end of the hour, I would probably never forgive myself.  I’m a fucking man and I can fucking take this.



Chapter 4


I am a fucking man but I’m really feeling fucked at this point.


The ladies removed the restraints and guided me to another area of the room.  It felt good to not be restrained in such a humiliating position as bent over the horse and I hoped that I would be guided to the bed.  But no such luck.  I was guided to an area near the center of the large playroom and my wrists and ankles were shackled to the ceiling and floor so that I was standing spread-eagled.


Both of the ladies looked like angels to me even within their leather dominatrix outfits.  They were so beautiful that for a moment I almost looked forward to what was going to happen.


I still thought that I had only a few minutes left in the hour so I did not have that much fear when one of the ladies brought out a violet wand.


In the interview when asked about electrical pain I said that my wife had applied electrodes to me several times and I liked medium intensity settings, even in my groin.  I said that I had never experienced a violet wand but with medium settings and from what I had read I was sure that it would be fine.


I was looking forward to the experience of feeling the static electricity from a violet wand in the hands of a cruel and beautiful dominatrix but I was also scared considering how cruel these women are.


The woman with the girlish voice held the wand in front of me and I felt good about not flinching or cowering.  That seemed to please her as she smiled and began to apply it to my skin.  I fell into my own trap again of thinking that they would ramp up the settings but instead she zapped me on my left nipple with a very intense zap.


I yelped like a little girl.  Why does she have to hit me with full force like that?  She then zapped my nipple again and kept the zap going.  Damn that hurts like hell!  I groaned and wriggled trying to move my body away but it was no use.  After probably 20 seconds she pulled away and moved to the other side of my body to attack my right nipple.  I was gasping to catch my breath.


Just as I was about to be zapped again I felt a very painful whack from a cane on my butt.  In the interview I indicated that a cane would be fine as long as it was no more than 10 blows but being assailed with two tortures at the time would really test my limits.


Sensory overload!  I started yelling as soon as the static electricity connected with my right nipple and then my pitch momentarily jumped higher when the cane whacked my butt again.  The electricity continued on my nipple as I yelled and then my pitch momentarily went up again from the cane.  The ladies started laughing hysterically at me and built a rhythm of my screams but then had to stop as their hands were unsteady from laughing.


This gave me another brief respite which I very much appreciated.  My butt was in agony from the cane.  I was exhausted and wanted to just slump on the ground but I was shackled to the ceiling.  I figured we were done as the hour certainly seemed to be done but they had more in store for me.


The ladies put away their toys and brought one more toy which I didn’t see at first.  The dominatrix with the girlish voice started to stroke my penis which for the most part had not responded much during this session, which didn’t seem right for a video session.  Then again, I had thought that there would be more sex and not nearly as much pain.


My anxiety about the next torture subsided as my penis was being stroked and I wondered if they would finally give me a happy ending, as I had seen in several of their other videos.  The rest of my body was exhausted but being stroked felt great and I knew that it would not be long before I would cum, in fact any moment now.  I was in an almost dream-like state from the pleasure after so much pain and was just about to cum.


Again without warning, though, I felt the whack of a small crop right on the shaft of my penis.  I was too tired to yelp, I just slumped further and groaned loud in agony.  But I had gone past the point of no return.  My hips thrust and I ejaculated into her hand just as the crop whacked my penis a second time for a jolt of agony.  Despite my exhaustion I let out a combination of loud moan and scream and my body shook all over for a moment.  I had never felt strong pain and pleasure before at the same time.


I just hung in my bonds, completely spent, and I whimpered for a bit.  For some reason at that moment I became acutely aware of the cameras recording all of my out of control reactions and felt ashamed that I was such a lightweight.  I wanted to crawl home with my tail between my legs but I didn’t even think I had the energy to crawl.


The ladies were thankfully done with torturing me.  With words to console me they unbound my ankles and wrists and physically helped me to sit on the bed.  They caressed my shoulders and back to help me feel human again and told me that I had been great.


A minute later the director walked up to me and asked if I was okay.  I guess I was okay by then but I couldn’t help the feeling of wanting to crawl home ashamed.  I feared that he would point out how bad I was at this which would further humiliate me.


Instead, he was compassionate and lied, telling me that this was one of the best shoots he had seen in a while.  That helped me feel a bit better so when he told me that we need to record one last shot of the three of us talking about how good of a time we had, I was able to participate in that.


I have to hand it to the ladies for their acting ability.  They weren’t acting when they were enjoying torturing and trash talking me and they didn’t seem like they were acting now when they said how great of a time they had but I knew that they were lying into the camera for the benefit of my almost shattered ego.  I was very thankful that the ladies didn’t humiliate me by saying out loud how terrible I was, I could sense that we all knew it but I was glad it wasn’t stated out loud.


I managed to say into the camera that the ladies were great and very sadistic and that I enjoyed it.  I’m sure that anyone watching could tell that my smile was forced.


Once we were done I got dressed and the cameras were shut off.  The ladies and director were still around talking with each other and trying to encourage me but I just wanted to get out of there and crawl into a hole somewhere.  The director, seeing me hurry to get out, wrote out my check and I left, very glad that I had made it through to get such a big paycheck but sad that it had been so horrible.


On the drive home I wondered if I should just say to Dawn that it went okay because I don’t like to seem weak to my wife.  But I decided to spill the beans.


I took a long bath for the first time since I was a kid, just trying to relax and wash away all of the pain.  My skin was still very sensitive in some spots and my butt still hurt somewhat inside and out but once I was lying in the bath it felt great.


Once Dawn got home from work I was unintentionally evasive, wanting to avoid the subject.  My wife knows me well, though.


She said “Honey, what’s wrong?  Was the shoot that bad?”


I calmly stated that it was pretty bad but I got paid and I am glad for that.  In my mind I stated that but what came out was something different.


I burst into tears like an emotional teenager and said “It was horrible!”  I tried to correct myself and say that I would be fine but instead I just let my wife hold my head against her shoulder as she caressed the hair on the back of my head.  Added to my shame from earlier today is the shame now of not even being able to stand up like a man when talking about it.


Dawn was very compassionate, which helped.  Instead of trying to get me to explain what was so horrible or trying to tell me that it wasn’t so bad and I should shape up, things I was already trying to tell myself, she just comforted me and said it’s okay to let out the emotion.  She even reminded me of a couple of times when she was irrationally over-emotional and crying and those memories made me chuckle a bit and get out of my funk.


We sat down and I calmed down.  I told her what happened, all of it.  It felt good to be able to let it out and I knew I would be okay after that.


I did not expect my wife’s reaction.  I had expected more comfort and compassion and some of that was still there but I also sensed an excitement behind her attention and clarification questions during my descriptions.  Was she enjoying hearing about my horrific pain?  I know that she is a sadist and a dominant in our BDSM play but she loves me and cares for me and would not want me to be hurt without my enjoying it.


When I was done, Dawn said “Honey, you said the others in the shoot didn’t like that you were wimpy.  Did they tell you that?”


I said “Not in so many words, they were very solicitous and told me that it was great but I could tell that they were being nice to me, which I appreciated.”


She said “They weren’t being nice.  They were telling the truth.  You said that you completely lost control screaming and crying and you begged for mercy, right?”  I nodded my head.  She continued “They kept torturing you despite your screaming and begging, right?”  I nodded yes again.  She paused a bit and said “What makes you think that viewers wouldn’t enjoy that?”


I was taken aback by this line of reasoning.


She said “Aha, kind of makes you think, doesn’t it?  Sounds to me like you were the star of the show!”


I didn’t have any argument against this.  Could it be that my “performance” was good for the show?  I had a difficult time believing this but maybe the shoot wasn’t so bad.


I said “I guess we’ll see how many hits the video gets.  I still feel like a complete wimp, though.  They did a real number on me and emotionally I just feel like crawling under the bed.”


Dawn smiled and playfully said “That’s what you should do, then.  Get on the floor and crawl into the bedroom.”


After Dawn works me over in BDSM play she often likes to humiliate me such as making me crawl and I enjoy it although it feels partly like I am play-acting a defeated man.  This time there was no play-acting, I felt like a defeated man and it felt natural to crawl.  It felt natural to lie on the bedroom floor under her feet as she watched TV for an hour.


Chapter 5


The next day I received an e-mail from the director letting me know that editing will take several days but he loves what he sees so far.  After I left yesterday, he and the ladies marveled at what a natural I was and they hoped that I was up for another session sometime.


I was feeling better about myself but I didn’t want another session, the memory of agony was too vivid.  I responded with a thank you but did not mention another session.


I could tell that Dawn would like me to think about another session at some point but she is trying not to show it because she sees how affected I still am.  Over the next several days we had a couple of BDSM sessions which were very mild and I welcomed the change for now.


The video was posted and Dawn and I watched.  It was humiliating just watching myself wimp out so royally and to have my wife watch with me made me feel even more embarrassed.  Dawn loved it, she was almost touching herself so I gave her a nice full body massage as we watched from the bed.  As soon as it was done we had great sex.


The video received great ratings and comments from patrons of the site.  They especially liked how sadistic the ladies were although a few commented that there should have been a scene of me servicing the ladies sexually.  They seemed to like my crying and pleading reactions, but I think most of them thought that I was acting although a couple of comments were rather humiliating in describing me as a wimp, which was true.


My job search continued to go nowhere and this week it irked me more than usual.  I started to think back to the video session and started to convince myself that it may not have been so bad.  Thinking of each activity separately, none of them were bad on their own.  The crop on the butt was fine and then the whip on the upper back was par for the course.  Being fucked in the ass was pretty much accepted and I think I could learn to take that and whipping at the same time.  Ice and hot wax on my back and the violet wand on my nipples may be too much and maybe I could negotiate those out of the scene.  A cane should be fine, although very painful.  I don’t know about the crop on the penis, that hurt like hell but it was exciting to think about.


I remembered that they forced me to orgasm while in intense immediate agony.  I am getting excited just thinking about that but also fearful.


I took a step back in my thoughts.  If I negotiate in and out what I want and don’t want, that would ruin much of the excitement.  Were those things really so bad that I wanted to ruin the excitement?  And that’s assuming the director would agree not to have any surprises which, according to my wife, probably really spiced up the scene.


Dawn said “Honey, how about if I negotiate for your next session?  That way you won’t need to ruin any surprises and I can make sure that they don’t push you too far.”


That was the answer!  On top of what she indicated, I could enjoy the scene more if I knew that Dawn was sort of the ones behind the scenes.  With each stroke of the whip I could know that Dawn approved of it and that would make it more enjoyable.  In addition, outside of the video session this arrangement feels like I’m Dawn’s whore to be rented out at her whim.  I love it!


Dawn and I agreed that she would pimp me out by going over in detail with the director what would be done to me and modifying it based upon what she knew I could take.


I couldn’t make a living as a porn star because I couldn’t just keep doing these painful scenes week after week.  Or could I?  The thought was intriguing.  Maybe I could stop searching for jobs and work on perfecting my craft, so to speak.  I’ll hold my horses for now, though, I’ll just cut out the occasional potato chips and work out a bit more than usual.


Chapter 6


I couldn’t believe that I was walking into this video studio again.  The last time I was here three weeks ago I was an absolute mess and wanted to just crawl out of here.  But the director and others were ready for me with a new scene and they even increased my pay.  My wife held my hand as we walked up to the director.


I had no idea what was in store for me and I was nervous as hell.  I was excited as hell, too.  All I knew is that it would last for an hour.  I trust Dawn not to let things get out of hand so I’m going to try to enjoy this and not get so emotionally worked up about it.  It seemed strange to be doing this in front of Dawn but I would probably be so into the intense scene that I might even forget she is watching.


The director seemed very pleased to see me and thanked me for being here.  I think Dawn must have hinted to him in the interview how difficult the first scene was for me.  Dawn watched as the make-up lady worked her magic on my face.  The make-up lady even had me pull my pants down a bit to dull the shine of a small mole on my butt, which embarrassed me some until I realized that this would be the least humiliating thing of my day.


Dawn seemed to be gazing at me, enjoying my slight discomfort or maybe visualizing the scene which was about to begin.  I felt like allowing my knees to melt to grovel at her feet for mercy but that was just a playful thought.


As the scene was about to begin I had major butterflies in my stomach.  Just like before, I wasn’t given any direction such as a role to play except to remain clothed until the scene begins.


As soon as the scene began, my heart jumped as a man entered the room.  There’s no way I’m doing anything with a man and this is a femdom video site anyway, what the hell is going on?  How could Dawn have allowed this?!  Just stay calm.  He wasn’t showing much skin so I figured I could play it cool for now but if he got near my naked body I was going to safe word.


With his deep voice the man told me to take all of my clothes off so I did.  I thought about how my facial reactions would look to the video, probably very apprehensive and a bit angry.  Then a woman entered the room and I breathed a sigh of relief.  She was wearing an orange leather outfit and of course she was very attractive.


She had me bend over as she shackled me to the horse and then she poured hot wax on my back with one quick drop at a time.  It hurt like hell and I yelled but I wasn’t out of control.  I wondered if doing the same things as the first session a few weeks ago would be boring to web site visitors but I’m sure the director knew best, maybe my reactions to the last session helped dictate what would occur in this session.


I had a difficult time enjoying the horse, though, as some of my concentration was on the man in the room while my naked butt was vulnerable.  He hadn’t moved from the edge of the room, though.


While I was trying to recover from the pain of hot wax, the dominatrix waved a shiny metal device in front of my face.  I didn’t get a long look at it but it seemed like a hook which would replace a ship pirate’s hand, although it was not pointed or sharp in any way, and I couldn’t immediately think of what it was for.  I quickly learned as my ass crack was lubed up and one end of the metal device with a small ball at the end was inserted into my ass.  That strange curved thing is going inside me?


I became scared that it could rip my insides even without any sharp or pointy parts but I figured that the director, dominatrix, or manufacturer knew what they were doing so I just clenched my teeth, loosened my butt muscles, and took it, not that I had any real choice.


That really feels like an invader.  It didn’t have a small entry point and didn’t have any give in the material plus it was cool steel.  I could feel the coolness not only reach deep inside of me but due to the shape it was giving me a sensation I had never felt before.  I had read about prostate stimulation before and figured that it was similar to the feeling of a butt plug or dildo but man this is much stronger than that.  And the dominatrix is trash-talking me all the way, making me feel really fucked.


Is this pain or pleasure?  Or both?  Whatever it is, it is intense and I’m suddenly out of control!  I let out several loud noises, I guess they were moans or screams.  My dick was as hard as it could get and I felt like I was going to cum even while pressed up against the horse.


The fucking stopped as the device was quickly pulled out of my ass.  But then it was pushed in again and my insides were being massaged again.  With one hand the dominatrix held this butt device inside of me and with the other hand she started whipping my upper back with a small cat-o-nine-tails, while yelling trash talk at me.  I lost control again and screamed but not from agony like a few weeks ago, I don’t know what it was this time pleasure or pain but it felt great and made me feel completely owned.


This seemed to go for a few minutes and I loved every moment of it, even when the whipping became extremely painful and I was gasping for breath.  Once it was done the dominatrix rough-handled me, pushing me onto the bed while yelling at me that she was going to put me through hell.  She climbed on top of me and, pinning my arms to my side, slapped my face, chest, and arms as I struggled.


This scene had a different tone from the one a few weeks ago which was about two carefree sadistic ladies torturing me.  This lady was brutalizing and overpowering me.  Both styles had their appeal from my point of view and both were challenging to withstand.


After my chest and face were red from all of the slapping, she turned me over and pulled me over her lap.  I heard the door open and someone walk into the room.  As my butt began to be spanked with an open hand the woman who had just entered sat on the bed and put her bare foot right up against my face while the spanking woman yelled at me to suck those toes.


With my butt still sensitive from that metal probe having done its work earlier, I was in a lot of pain from the basic spanking.  Normally I would enjoy sucking a woman’s toes although I had never done that for anyone but my wife before and I thought at that moment what Dawn must be thinking.  After all I have done on camera so far and all approved by my wife, it was ridiculous to think at this time about whether or not it was unfaithful to be sucking another woman’s toes.


At first it was difficult to concentrate on toes with the painful spanking but I managed to enjoy it.


The woman whose toes I was sucking moved closer to me and had me go down on her as the spanking of my butt continued.  I was almost screaming with each blow by now and the spanking slowed down to allow me time to provide tongue service, which I did with pleasure.  The woman was very ready for me and did not take her long to experience two orgasms.


Once she pulled away from me I was pushed off the other woman’s lap and flipped onto my back on the bed.  My butt hurt from the spanking as the women pulled my arms and legs to tie me spread-eagled and face up on the bed.  And then they worked me over.


Both women slapped me all over with their open hands and alternating with somewhat heavy floggers.  They were now both trash talking me with “Come on fuckhead, scream in pain for us!” and “I thought you said you could handle us!”  One woman kept hitting my right nipple and that became the focus of my pain.


Between slaps and whips I saw the man still standing in the same place on the other side of the room.  I wondered if he received full pay for just standing there and I wondered what the point was of having him at all.  The scene wasn’t over, though, and I worried that he might get involved.


The beating I was taking was really wearing me out.  I wasn’t screaming uncontrollably like a few weeks ago but it was very painful and I was yelling from time to time between groans.


Then one of the women started pulling my dick and slapping it around.  That pulled away my focus from my right nipple and I really started yelling and thrashing in pain.  She would pull my limp dick up and then slap it hard, pull it up and slap it.


The woman working on my chest started to focus more on whipping than slapping and my chest was red from the beating.  The woman at my groin stopped slapping my dick and starting slapping my balls with her open hand, not strong but enough to really make me jerk in pain.  It was getting to be too much and I was really thrashing in pain.


Finally, the beating stopped and I began to catch my breath.  I was then blindfolded and my painful groin and chest were being caressed with soft hands.  The caressing was a big contrast from all of the beating and I felt like I was in heaven.  I took a deep breath and relaxed, concentrating on the hand which was caressing my dick.  This felt great and my dick was hard in no time.


Then I heard the voice of the man very close to me say “I hope you enjoy this” and the ladies nearby laughed.


I froze up.  That man better not be the one caressing my dick!  I said “Man, I hope you aren’t touching me!”  There was no response other than more laughing from the ladies.


Damn but it feels good.  My only real options are to safe word which would end the scene and I would probably not get to cum at all, to say something else but I knew that would get me nowhere, or to just go with the flow so to speak.  Easy decision.  It felt too good to risk it stopping.


I was very close and someone started whipping my shins hard with a heavy flogger.  It hurt but not too bad.


Then just before I came, the blindfold was removed and I could see that all this time it was one of the ladies who had been giving me the hand job.  The orgasm was long lasting and amazing.


I was exhausted.  The man who had been in the room left and the ladies used a towel to wipe me off and then they caressed my chest and legs with their soft hands while telling me how much fun they had.  I was untied from the bed and the three of us told the camera what a great time we had, and this time I was sincere.


When the camera stopped recording and the lights were lowered I saw my wife and I was a bit worried about how she would feel after watching the sexual activities I had just participated in.  Dawn came toward me and I moved forward to give her a naked hug but she seemed angry so I stopped.


Dawn said “You fucking enjoy being with them more than with me.”


The others in the room got suddenly quiet and looked at us.  I was very embarrassed and tongue-tied.


Dawn pointed one finger near my face and said “You! … were great!  Honey, that was really hot!” and then she hugged me.  Relieved, I hugged back.


Once we were home Dawn confirmed that ahead of time she approved of every aspect of the scene including the man standing there.  Dawn thinks that the man was not an actor but one of the crew who was asked to stand in the scene.  His purpose was to mess with my mind and on that point he was very successful.  The director had recommended this to make my reactions more fearful.


After the video was posted Dawn and I could see that the presence of the man did provide an interesting dynamic and you could clearly see the concern and even some anger on my face.  From the website comments, a couple of the customers didn’t like his presence but most didn’t seem to mind while a few other customers felt that the man added some spice and unknown to the scene.


Chapter 7


I guess this is my career now.  I’m still looking for the type of fulltime job I had thought I prepared for in college but maybe I’ll continue being in these videos even after that.


I am surprised by the variety from one video to the next.  I didn’t think I would be much of an actor but for scenes in which role-playing is involved I seem to do okay and I enjoy them.  Also, the writer or planner seems to come up with all sorts of different ways for me to be tortured and humiliated.


The videos which get the highest ratings from customers are always the ones which push me to or slightly beyond my limits, causing me to be out of control and usually screaming.  I still don’t feel all that comfortable being pushed that far but I feel great afterwards, something about the adrenaline rush.


I occasionally receive proposals for private sessions from customers of the site, female and even some male, but Dawn and I have declined those.  Maybe if I decide to make this a fulltime profession I could take some of those offers.


With this additional steady income Dawn and I decided to buy our first house.  It was uncomfortable sitting in the bank applying for the loan when I explained my source of income but I think I saw a twinkle in the loan officer’s eyes when he wrote down what I was telling him.  I suspect that there are more people who enjoy this sort of thing than we may think.




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