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Synopsis:  Two ladies lure a man into bondage and torture and then force him into ultimate humiliation with another man.  Codes = F+/m, MF+/m, torture, humiliation, feet, non-consensual.



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Chapter 1


My name is Nathan and the past several years haven’t been going so well for me.  I am to a decent point finally and decided to write about my strange journey here but it is difficult to look back at these events and to be honest about who I was, who I am, and how I got here.  I have decided to write this from the perspective of who I was at the time because that influenced my motivations.


I don’t have much success with women.  I used to.  In high school I would find a shy girl who was happy to get any attention, get her to like me and agree to date me, and then I would no-show her to hurt her feelings.  I would make excuses and get her all happy again only to break her heart again.  This may seem overly-dramatic but at that age girls can feel that way.  This one girl after playing yo-yo with her feelings for a few weeks I told “You think I would really be interested in an ugly girl like you?  Ha!”  I said it right to her face and felt great all week just seeing the anguish in her crying face.


In community college I decided that I wanted to take it further by having sex and I was surprised at how easy it was to find a shy girl who I could take down the path of humiliation.  It felt almost like rape when I would enjoy my conquest of a girl based upon her false hope that I actually wanted a relationship, especially when she would agree to give me a blow job.  I would never want to actually rape a woman, though, I wanted to make sure that she gave herself freely to me so that I could enjoy her humiliation after I rejected and insulted her once I had enough of her.  In community college before word got around about me, I enjoyed several girls this way and in my second year I almost lost count of the number of freshman girls.  I like to think of it as the “dance of humiliation on her face” and whenever I would masturbate at home I would think of the faces of the girls who had suffered the dance.  I was very happy during these days.


After two years of community college I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with myself and my parents basically didn’t care about this or anything else about me so I tried going to a major college.  I had a part time job and some stay-away-from-me money from my parents so I could afford college once I took out a student loan.  The women there were amazing looking but it was difficult for me to find a woman gullible enough to go out with me.  I’m not particularly good looking and don’t bother trying to make myself look all nice plus I’m not very suave when I talk.  The problem with major college is that while there were shy women, they seemed to have more self-confidence.


In my first year of major college I did find one woman who allowed me to “dance” and that was great but that was it and I dropped out after one year.  I didn’t have any interest in learning in school and it felt like a relief to be out of the prison of school.


My parents kicked me out of the house at about this time and in a way I was glad to be out of the prison of home but I was worried about how I would afford to live on my own.  I never really felt the freedom from school and home which I had hoped for because now I had the prison of having to work full time.  Worse than that, though, was the prison of having to live in a run-down tiny apartment.


I found a job as a mail room clerk delivering the daily mail to other departments within a big office building and I have been doing that now for 10 years.  It’s not so bad.  I don’t like gabbing with all of the people in the other departments like my co-workers seem to enjoy, and while many of the women in the other departments are really beautiful they don’t give me the time of day and I hate that.


I also hate Jason.  Jason works in the Telecom department helping other departments with their phone issues and whenever he enters a room it seems like all the women get all flustered greeting him and treating him like he’s something special.  He is just a nerdy guy who is overly respectful and nice, mostly sickening if you ask me.  I figured that he has no self-respect because he should not be so humble and I believed that if he could see himself in the mirror while he talked with people he would feel ashamed and humiliated.


Part of me wanted to find some way to completely humiliate him in a public way but I never acted on that, although I was close.  I thought about putting a sign on Jason’s back without him knowing but that would be too mild.  I thought about how it would be for him to have a tattoo on his head saying something like sissy boy but that was just a fantasy.  Also, most anything I could think of would probably make the women feel sorry for him and give him more attention.  Unless maybe I could slip a note with horrible insults to one of the women pretending it is from Jason.  But I am not evil so I wouldn’t actually do something like that.  So I just lived with my hatred of Jason and my fantasies of humiliating him.


I hated that Jason was getting the attention I wanted and also he was getting promotions from level 1 to 2 to senior and recently to Telecom manager.  My bosses, on the other hand, don’t seem to believe in promotions and when one leaves the head boss just hires another middle manager boss.  I have asked for a promotion but I’ll be damned if I grovel before anyone.  I’d rather keep my self-respect.  Looking back now, this is an ironic statement but it was how I truly felt.


All through my twenties I never had any sex, unless you count masturbation or a couple of times with prostitutes.  I couldn’t afford the prostitutes and it wasn’t satisfying anyway, there wasn’t much of a conquest when they were just doing it to get paid.  My sexual frustration contributed to my bad attitude overall.


At work this woman Jenny started to talk with me from time to time.  It was pretty clear that she was interested in Jason since she would ask me questions about him as if I would know anything.  I think she wanted me to act as a go-between to fix her up with Jason but there was no way I would do that.  I asked Jenny if she would be interested in having sex with me and that was the end of that, she didn’t speak to me again after that.


A week later this other woman Susan in the same department started talking with me from time to time.  She seemed to be interested in me asking how I was and whether work was going okay.  After the rejection from Jenny I was a bit gun shy but the third day in a row receiving attention from Susan I asked her if she would like to go out with me.  I figured that this approach would be less likely to be rejected out of hand than asking for sex and I was right.  Susan agreed to go out with me.


I didn’t want to get too excited about it because it meant that now I had to spend time just talking with her at a movie and dinner and also I would have to pay but if I played my cards right I might get what I really wanted.  I decided that I would not reject her after having sex the first time, Susan was very attractive and I could enjoy sex at least a few times with her before breaking her heart.  Maybe just maybe I could reject and humiliate her and then make her crawl back to me where I would accept her again.  This was just a dream of mine, though, and it didn’t seem all that realistic to be lucky enough to find a woman with enough of a low self-esteem as that.  Regardless, I was really looking forward to the weekend of our “date.”


Susan had agreed to watch the latest marine shooter movie which is really a guy’s movie so I felt that my chances were good for tonight.  Plus, fast food was fine for dinner and that helped my finances.  As I drove her from the movie to the fast food place she surprised me by asking if I would be able to spend some time with her at home when I dropped her off at home.  At this point I felt that I had hit the jackpot and wow was I excited.  I didn’t even need to fear rejection at her door.


Her house was small but enough to fit her needs living on her own.  It was in a good neighborhood at the end of a cul-de-sac and I felt jealousy at having to live in such a run-down apartment on a big boulevard with traffic and noise.  I wondered who she had to sleep with to get her job which apparently paid well.


Speaking of which, Susan seemed to be on the fast track to having sex with me, touching my knee and being very suggestive.  I was sure it wasn’t my looks or my suave manner and I figured that she was probably just horny like I was.  That was fine with me, Susan is quite a looker and even if I didn’t get my ultimate satisfaction of humiliating her once I was done with her I could enjoy sex with her.


It didn’t take us long to go into her bedroom.  It had been 10 years since my last conquest and I was ready.


She told me to sit on the bed while she took her clothes off and I eagerly agreed.  I enjoy the moments before sex when my clothes are still on while a woman’s are off as it really increases my feeling of being in control.  Usually I am the one who has to bring this up but Susan was giving me everything I wanted by her own suggestion.  I was in heaven.


Once she was done slowly stripping the clothes off her beautiful body she told me that she wanted to take my clothes off.  That was an interesting experience, it felt like I was being worshipped and I liked it a whole lot.  My body is okay, maybe a bit of a beer gut but not bad at all.  Tonight I felt like a Greek god as Susan caressed me all over as she removed my clothes one at a time.


Susan told me that she would like to give me a blow job while I lay on the bed and before I came she would enter me from on top.  I have never had a woman on top before and it didn’t seem like it would be natural but the feeling of her hand on my dick and the thought of receiving a blow job was way too exciting for me to do anything but agree.  She told me that the blow job would feel best if my hands were tied to the bed and that’s when I almost balked.


I’m not into that kinky shit and besides if anyone is to be tied down it would be the woman so I almost told her no way but the way she was stroking my dick with her hand as she was talking to me just felt so good and did I mention that it had been 10 years for me?  So I lay on the bed and allowed her to tie each wrist to a separate bed post.


I almost freaked out at first but with her fingers worshipping my dick I felt good again.  She told me to close my eyes but they were already closed so I could concentrate on her fingers with the anticipation of feeling her mouth on my dick.


With one hand still caressing my dick I felt another hand on my lower left leg.  I didn’t want that to distract me but it was interesting trying to figure out what she was doing with her other hand so I kept my eyes closed for a few moments.  I felt something on my left ankle and then I felt my right ankle being pulled towards the side of the bed, spreading my legs further.


Something was wrong.  There was someone else here!


I opened my eyes to see both Susan and Jenny at the foot of the bed!  She was finishing up tying my right ankle to the bed as my left ankle was already tied down by Susan.


Jenny is that bitch who tried to get to Jason through me and then threw me away like nothing when I asked to have sex with her.  But here she was smiling along with Susan standing over my naked and ready body.


Susan stopped touching me and laughed with Jenny at my predicament.


Shit.  These bitches are humiliating me.  This was a fucking setup.


I said “Okay, you’ve had your fun.  Very fucking funny.”


Jenny said “Shut the fuck up, we haven’t even begun to have fun with you yet.”


I moved my wrists to test the bonds but the rope was tied way too tight for much of any movement so I would have to let them play their game.  I said “What do you want?”


Susan said “We’ve got what we want” and she and Jenny laughed some more.


My face was red with shame and anger but I kept my cool for the most part.  I was sure that they wanted to see me beg for release but it would be a cold day in hell before that happened.


Calmly, to let them know that I wasn’t going to be playing their little groveling game, I said “Fuck you.”


I was expecting an angry reaction but they both just laughed a bit.  Susan reached into a drawer and brought out a small handheld device with two prongs.  I had no idea what it was until she pressed a button on it and an electrical spark jumped from one prong to the other.


My eyes went wide and I felt like I lost all color in my face.  Is this shit for real?  The bitches wouldn’t use that on me, would they?  No way, they just wanted me to beg and plead.  Well fuck that.


After a few seconds I calmed down and repeated “Fuck you.”


I figured that at worst they would give me a speech and then threaten me with the electric shock and I would have a chance to ask them to be reasonable but there was none of that.  Susan thrust the device against my thigh and I screamed due to the sudden excruciating pain.  It only lasted a second but it took me probably 15 seconds to fully regain my senses and I heard one of them say to the other that she should have started out at a lower setting and the other replied “Yeah but he had it coming.”


They both stood over me and Susan asked “Say fuck you to me again” while she held up the device.


I felt a turning point within me.  I could not go down the path of more pain so I decided to be more reasonable.  I said “No, I’m sorry, I won’t say it again, I promise.”  I wasn’t begging, though, I was just indicating that I wouldn’t say that again.  It was a rude thing to say anyway and I was fine without saying it any more.


Susan said “Good boy.”  Her demeaning attitude really made me seethe but I kept my cool on the outside.


Susan and Jenny adjusted so they were both sitting on the bed looking down into my face with very pleased looks, relishing the situation.  Jenny said “Nathan, we are going to teach you some lessons this weekend.  Would you like to learn the easy way or the hard way?”


My first impulse was to lash out verbally again but I was still feeling the burn from the electric shock earlier so I paused and said through almost clenched teeth “Easy.”


Jenny said “Say please.”


I felt my face turn a darker red but I managed to say “Please” and Susan said “Good boy.”  Susan then went over to a drawer and took some time deciding on a set of whips and crops which caused me to be even more alarmed.  They untied my ankles and then tied them together and to the bed, and then they untied my wrists and held them tight preventing me from struggling loose, ending up by turning me over and tying me spread-eagled and face down on the bed.


In writing this now I have spent the past several minutes trying to muster the courage to document what happened once I was tied to the bed but it was too painful.  I can’t even handle thinking about the pain from the whip, and the crop was just … I can’t.


But I need to try.  I need to have some semblance of strength.


They took turns whipping all of the resistance out of me.  They whipped my butt until each blow was agony causing me to scream into the pillow and then they continued way beyond that point.  They paused several times but that only extended the ordeal.  The crop felt like it literally bit into my skin.  Then they whipped my upper back with a strap focusing right in the middle of my shoulder blades.  That hurt so much that I couldn’t help but cry, it was just a physical reaction.  I screamed and screamed but they kept whipping me.


And they were laughing at me.  During the pauses I was still in agony and the humiliation I felt seemed even worse.


I spent some time sobbing into the pillow and shaking in pain, hoping that the ordeal was over but they were not done with me.  They used the crop on the soles of my feet and that caused a whole different level of agony.  Almost every part of my body wanted to flail in pain with each blow to my feet but I couldn’t move at all, it was by far the most helpless feeling of my life.  Even now I vividly remember not only the pain but especially the feeling of helplessness.




Chapter 2


They untied me to turn me over again onto my back and I was too weak to give any resistance at all.  My back and butt were not hurting as much but I didn’t notice that as my feet were really stinging.  I was still whimpering and tears ran down my face as they looked down at me again while I was spread-eagled.


Susan slapped my face to get my attention and said “Nathan, listen, we are going to torture you all night.”  I remember feeling panic and I looked straight into her eyes.  I didn’t have the energy to say anything but with my eyes I begged from deep in my soul.


I think I got through because Susan said to Jenny “I don’t think he can take any more.  He’s toast.”  Jenny replied “You’re right, we’ve barely spent 20 minutes and he’s already a basket case.”


That couldn’t be right.  They had to just be trying to humiliate me further.  They had paused several times during the whippings and it went on and on and on, it had to be at least an hour or two of torture.  I managed to say “That’s not true” through my tears.


Jenny said “What’s not true?  You aren’t a basket case and you want more?”


My voice went up at least an octave as I begged and whimpered “No, please no please please please I will be a good boy” and I kept blubbering like that until Jenny stopped me with a hand over my mouth.


Jenny said “What did you mean when you said that’s not true?”


I managed to calm down enough to focus on the question and said “It wasn’t 20 minutes.”


Jenny said “You think it was longer?  Here, I’ll show you the time” and she brought a nearby clock into view.  To my horror, it had only been 20 minutes since this first started.


Jenny and Susan laughed at me.  They laughed not only at my confusion about the time but about how much of a wimp I am in not being able to take pain.  I felt like shit and started crying again which made them laugh even harder.


Once they had calmed down Susan looked into my face and said “Nathan, are you going to be completely obedient this weekend?”


I felt like a different person from just 20 minutes ago.  I didn’t even think about making a snide comment.  All I wanted was to do whatever these sadistic young women wanted so they wouldn’t torture me anymore.  I said “Yes I will be obedient, I promise.”


Susan quickly said “We don’t believe you” and went over to the drawer to bring out another device.  I was shaking in fear as she returned with a small but wide leather strap tube with small silver studs inside and the tube was attached to a sturdy leather belt which had more small silver studs on the interior.


Susan and Jenny wrapped the belt around my waist as I cooperated by lifting my hips a bit off the bed and then once they had pulled it tight and looped one end through the other, on the side they attached and locked a padlock keeping the belt in place.  Then they wrapped the small wide strap around my limp dick and one small ring of the strap around the base of my dick and under my balls so that the sheath would not fall off my dick.  The small silver studs were cool against my dick.  I figured that they were making it clear that I would not be getting any sex this weekend which was fine with me because I was the opposite of turned on.  This wasn’t a long term belt anyway because the leather could probably be cut by a strong knife.  I felt so helpless being tied up and tortured that putting a belt over my dick seemed the least of my concerns.


Soon it would become the most of my concerns.


Susan and Jenny each held up a remote control and Susan said to me “Now Nathan, I think you’ve figured out what this is for, right?”


I hadn’t yet figured it out.  I said “Does that tighten the belt?” which brought some more laughter from them.


Jenny said “Poor Nathan, you’re such a stupid idiot.  Maybe we shouldn’t be torturing you for being an evil bastard, we should feel sorry for you.”  Jenny and Susan looked at each other and they both said “Nah!” and laughed.


I felt the worst I had ever felt about myself.  Here I was being tortured and humiliated way beyond what anyone should suffer and it was meant as punishment for me being the way I am.  I am a fucking stupid jerk.  Maybe I deserved this.  But I couldn’t take any more.


I had to take more and it got worse.


Susan said “Nathan, this belt has electrodes on the inside and we can give you a shock any time of any intensity we want.”  Jenny added while pointing to the leather sheath around my dick “And this strap has a separate set of electrodes.”


At Jenny’s comment my eyes went wide with shock.  Electrocute my dick?!  I started to beg and whimper again but Susan put a big plastic ball in my mouth.  Once I stopped whimpering into the plastic ball in my mouth Susan removed it and said “Shut up and concentrate on the feelings when we use these remote controls.”


I kept quiet and watched as Susan pressed a couple of buttons on the control and I closed my eyes in fear as I felt the first mild blips of pain around my waist.  The blips seemed to revolve around and around my waist as each electrode fired only for a fraction of a second followed by the next electrode.  It felt like a hula hoop was circling around my waist over and over, although a bit painful.  Susan pressed another couple of buttons and then the electrodes fired on for a second, off for a second, on for a second, and so on.  This hurt more because the electrodes were on more often.


I got the picture that I would apparently need to be obedient or else suffer higher settings so I hoped that their demonstration was over but Susan upped the electricity level and I was squirming and groaning in pain, making sure not to beg because they had told me to shut up.  Susan pressed a button and the pain became somewhat intense causing me to yell until she lowered the setting back to 2.


Then Jenny said my name to get my attention as she pressed a few buttons.  This is the most painful memory of the night and it makes me feel like I want to stop writing about it altogether.  My dick started to feel the blips of pain but they didn’t seem like blips, they seemed like explosions of agony.


I screamed my lungs out even after a pillow was put over my face.  After probably a few seconds all of the electricity stopped but I kept on screaming into the pillow.  After I don’t know how long I heard one of them yell into my ear “Shut the hell up already!” so I closed my mouth though still kept screaming inside for another few seconds.


Once I had quieted down the pillow was removed from my face but I was not aware of my surroundings, all I could feel was the memory of that burning and pounding pain on my dick as I panted to catch my breath.  Jenny grabbed my chin with her hand to get me to focus on her.  She said “Nathan!  Earth to Nathan!” and she could see that my eyes responded back.


Jenny said “That was only setting 1.  Why are you such a baby?”


Susan said to Jenny “How about we give him a break and start up with step 2?”


I regained my senses.  I knew why they were torturing me like this.  It’s because I’m a jerk and an idiot.  Here I am Mr. jerk idiot who can barely rub two coins together and never has any fun in life because I’m a loser but they feel the need to punish me.  How fair is that?  Nothing is fair.  Nothing at all.


Did they say step 2?


I am a jerk, I know it, but I could apologize and change my ways.  When they return I will tell them how sorry I am.  I will fawn and beg and they have to show mercy.  They can’t have a step 2 on me, I just can’t take it anymore.  Tears were falling down the side of my face.


Jenny returned several minutes later to check on my hands and feet to make sure there was still circulation.  I hadn’t realized until now that she was checking on that earlier when she and Susan were working me over.  As she got near me I said “I am sorry” but she shushed me so I shut up.


Several minutes after that Jenny and Susan returned to the room and I said “I am sorry” again.  Susan said “Sorry for what?”


I said “I am sorry that I am a jerk.  I know that I am not a nice person.  I’ve had a difficult life and that is no excuse I am very sorry.”


Susan said “Look, that’s nice of you to say but that’s not going to make a difference.  We don’t think you’re a jerk anyway.  Do you Jenny?”  Jenny said “No, not a jerk, when he asked me to have sex he wasn’t pushy, he accepted no as an answer.”


For the first time tonight, I felt a bit better about myself, maybe I wasn’t such a jerk.  The downward spiral to hell had just hit a detour.


Jenny continued talking to Susan “I guess he thinks we’re doing this as some sort of punishment for asking me to have sex with him.”  She turned to me and said “Is that it?”


I replied “Yes, I am sorry for saying that.  I am very sorry.”


Susan said “Nathan, we lied.  We are punishing you for being such a shit but also because we like it.  You deserve it and we deserve to have fun.  Make sense?”


I said “Yes, makes sense.”


Jenny said “Nathan, we are going to untie you.  Are you going to try to fight us or escape?”


I am stupid but not that stupid.  One press of the remote and I would be in agony.  Actually, it was more than just that logic which hit me, I felt traumatized like I would never be able to forget the pain of the electricity.  I felt owned not only by these two sadistic women but also by my memory of the agony.


I said with resignation “No, I won’t try at all.”  They both looked at me, trying to gauge my sincerity, and then they removed the rope from my wrists and ankles freeing me from the bed.


It felt like I had been tied up for several hours even though it had only been one hour.  At first I could not move my arms at all, I felt like a weakling, but they helped me move my hands towards my chest and then I was able to begin to move.  They backed off and held the remotes threateningly but I had no fight in me as long as the belt was on me.


I managed to sit myself up on the bed.


Susan said “We’re going to have another visitor here tonight.  It’s going to be a lot of fun.”


Another visitor?  I guess step 2 is where I get group tortured.  I decided to try a little begging.


I said “Susan, Jenny, please don’t hurt me anymore.  I will be a good boy.  I am sorry.  I will do whatever you want me to.”


Susan said “We know you will.  That’s part of the fun, knowing that we have you by the balls and still we’re going to torture you anyway.”


This gave me a sour taste in my mouth as I had no response to this.  After a few more seconds the doorbell rang.  Susan went to the front door while Jenny held the remote threateningly.


Into the room walked my worst nightmare.  It was Jason.




Chapter 3


He was too nice and too popular with the ladies at work but I decided right away that I had to let go of all of my hatred for Jason.  With the electrode belt from hell around my waist and dick, I didn’t have a choice but to play along with their games.


Jason smiled when he saw me.  I guess he had been told that I would be naked because it didn’t seem to bother him.


Jenny said “Jason, watch this” and she pressed a couple of buttons on the remote.  I almost panicked in not knowing which set of electrodes would be torturing me but fortunately it was the ones around my waist.  However, there was no on and off of the pain this time, the electricity stayed on and I could do nothing but close my eyes and groan in pain.  After a couple of seconds I instinctively tried to pull the belt off but it was too tight for me to get my fingers underneath and it was too sturdy for that anyway.


After probably only 6-8 seconds, although it felt like 30 at the time, the electricity stopped and I gasped to catch my breath.


Jason said “Oh my gosh, is it as painful as it looks?”


Jenny replied “No, he’s just a baby.  It’s only on setting 2 out of 10 and most guys can take at least up to setting 5 or higher.”


Susan added “It’s good, though, because he’s really our slave just from fear of it.”  She moved closer to me and stroked my hair, saying “He’s such a good boy knowing that we can torture him with a much higher setting any time we want.”  She said the last few words right into my ear and I felt the threat with every nerve of my body.  I kept my mouth shut so I wouldn’t get in trouble and I had to stop myself from whimpering and begging for mercy.


Jenny said “Nathan, tell Jason what you would like to do.”


I did not know what she meant and figured I was just being stupid again but Susan said “Jenny, we didn’t tell Nathan about that yet.”  Jenny moved her hand to her mouth and said “Oops.”


Jason said “How about if I tell him?” and the ladies agreed.


Jason moved closer to me as Susan backed off and Jason cupped my chin in his hand to look me in the eyes.  Jason said “Do you talk or are you too scared?”


I said “I am very scared” and looked pleadingly into his eyes, hoping that he would stop this entire ordeal.  At this point I noticed that his eyes conveyed a great deal of compassion and I could see where a woman could get “lost in those eyes”, so to speak.  I am 100% heterosexual so I wasn’t looking at him with any sort of attraction but I think I could see why women oogled over him at work when he entered the room.


Jason was not here to end my pain, though.  He said “In that case you are smarter than you look.  I have been under these ladies’ care before and even though they assure me that you have not been tortured all that much, I am sure that it was an ordeal for you.  Am I right?”


I was afraid of contradicting the ladies but I answered with the truth, “Yes”, as I continued to look pleadingly into his eyes.


Jason then held my hair at the back of my head and moved his face closer to mine.  I was frozen in a moment of conflicting emotions:  I felt panic that he might kiss me, I felt fear that I might be punished if I blocked him with my hands or if I tried to pull his hand off my hair, and I felt terror that the electrodes would fire again.  I could not make up my mind quickly which is why I didn’t move as he pressed his lips to my lips and opened my lips with his tongue.


Once the kiss began I was frozen in horror and did not try to keep his tongue out of my mouth.  Fortunately, it did not last long.  Jason kept hold of the hair behind my head as he pulled back away from the kiss and smiled while looking into my eyes.  He quietly stated with confidence “You like that, don’t you” and I said “No” with more than a bit of inadvertent whining in my voice.  He laughed at me and stepped back.


Susan said “Jason, that was hot” and Jenny agreed.


Jason said to the ladies “I think I’m going to let my friend Nathan here know what’s next because I think it’ll be more fun that way.  Do you agree?”  They agreed.


I was having a bad emotional reaction to being kissed by a guy, especially by Jason and the smarmy way he lorded it over me.  I felt completely humiliated.  I wanted to get down on the floor and hide under the bed in shame.  His tongue was probing in my mouth and just thinking about that almost made me gag.


I did not realize that I was crying until Jason said “Nathan, your tears of joy are so touching!”  Jenny added “Jason, I think he likes you.”


Jason said to me “Because you are having such a good time I am going to give you a choice.  What would you like to suck?”


Oh shit.  No.  I lowered my face and covered it with my hands as I sobbed.  Jason, Jenny, and Susan all laughed.


After a few seconds Jason reached between my hands and lifted my chin with his hand so he could look into my teary eyes.  He said “C’mon, it’s not so bad, I’m giving you a choice.  My dick or my toes?”


I broke out of my stupor to finally say something as this was an easy decision.  It seemed like Jason’s natural compassion was showing up knowing that having anything to do with his first choice would just destroy me.  I said “Toes.”


Susan said “Get on your knees and beg him.”


When I was a kid I had to do things I really didn’t want to do, it seemed ridiculous for me to have to do chores when I wasn’t good at it and had better things to do.  I hated the feeling of “voluntarily” doing something I hated to do.  I had that same feeling now, although to the nth degree.


I wanted to do anything but this, be anywhere else.  But I knew the consequences.  I simply could not take any more of that electricity on my dick and I knew that eventually I would have to obey in the end anyway.


I felt like I was pushing myself down to the ground because I hated it so much but I made it onto my hands and knees.  When I sat up a bit I saw that all 3 of them were getting out their cell phones getting ready to take videos or pictures.


I felt sick to my stomach.  I felt like any remaining energy I had was being drained and I almost started crying again.


I grew a set, then.  I said “There is no way I’m doing anything with pictures being taken.  No way.”


Jenny laughed and Susan said “What is your alternative?  Hello!!”  She held up her remote and Jenny held up hers.


I raised my hand to fend off the attack for a moment and said “Please, listen for a moment.  If you take pictures you could blackmail me and torture me every day and night.  What kind of life is that?  I can’t live like that.”


Jenny said “Nathan, we can kidnap you forever anyway and torture you day and night.”  She built up the momentum with her argument as she said “If we blackmail you there is always the risk that you could go to the police but if we kidnap you and take you someplace, the risk is less because if the police ever found out that you had been here we would just tell them that you left, and we would have you under permanent lock and key to torture you whenever we want.  Is that what you want?”


I felt horror growing within me but I had a hard time believing that they would kidnap me.  Still, the possibility was sickening to me.  I said “No but I can’t live being blackmailed, either.”


Susan said “Listen, we promise not to blackmail you unless you try to get back at us for this weekend.  Once we let you go tomorrow night we will never reveal these pictures to anyone not in this room and we will never torture you again unless you want it.  We promise, right Jenny and Jason?”  They both agreed and said they promise.


What did she mean “unless you want it”?  Who the hell would want to be tortured?  I know that there are some people into S&M who like to be whipped or whatever but not to the severe level I was whipped.  And only gay guys would want to suck another guys toes.  I don’t think anyone would want to be electrocuted.


I was skeptical about their promises and felt like they would laugh in my face for the umpteenth time if I agreed.  But I didn’t have much choice as this seemed to be the best way to stay as far away as possible from these sick sadists after this weekend.  I asked “Would you mind putting that in writing?”


Jason said “Nathan my pet, exactly what would you have us put in writing?”


Why does he have to call me that?  Yechh.  I hadn’t realized that Jason was gay but he sure seemed attracted to me and that made me even sicker to my stomach.  I tried to focus on the goal at hand, though.


I said “That you will not reveal those pictures to anyone.”


Jason said “Nathan, that’s stupid, if we show the pictures are you going to go to the police and tell them ‘Oh look, they showed pictures of me, waaaah!’?”  Jenny and Susan laughed a bit at Jason’s characterization of me.  It wasn’t funny at all so they probably just laughed to increase my humiliation.


I said “That’s fine.  Even if the piece of paper isn’t meant to be read, at least I will have some peace of mind.”


Jason said sarcastically “Well, my toy, that’s what we’re here for, your peace of mind.”  Jason asked Susan to type up a statement on her computer with places for the 3 of them to sign and print it out.


We waited a few minutes for Susan to return and the statement met what I was looking for, all 3 of them signed it and placed it on a nearby table.


Jason said “Okay Natey-boy, we’re ready for you!”  He is so smarmy, it hurts me just to listen to him talk to me but I have to get through this.  Focusing now on what “this” is made me stop for a moment and consider the horror of the situation.


I was about to crawl on my hands and knees, beg this smarmy disgusting nerdy guy if I could please suck the sweat off his toes, and then I would have to do what I begged for, all with 3 cell phones taking videos of every second of my humiliation.


They all had their cell phone cameras pointing towards me and recording.  I felt like I was walking to my execution.


I sat forward to put my hands on the floor which helped lower my face away from the cameras as I crawled towards Jason and said “Please Jason, please let me suck your toes.”  I waited, hoping that was enough.


Jenny said “No no no, that’s ridiculous, let’s stop recording” and they all set their phones aside.  Jenny continued “Nathan, you need to be fully into begging, like this is your life’s dream to be sucking Jason’s toes and you want to convince him.  You need to tell him that you would love to suck his toes.”  Susan added “Tell him that you love sucking toes and it is your life’s dream to suck his toes.”


I was aghast.  They want me to beg for an hour or what?  I couldn’t say all of that.  I had trouble saying what I said.  Besides, I’m no actor.  Did they really expect me to convince the cameras that I was really begging to suck Jason’s toes?


Jenny noticed my reaction and said “Nathan, you need this.”  She pressed a couple of buttons on her remote and my dick exploded in pain.  To be honest, it was on setting one and it was not agony but it still hurt a lot and freaked me out.  The electricity only lasted for a fraction of a second but I got the message.


I whined as I knelt “Please, I can’t say all of that.  Please.”


Jason said “There, now that’s real begging!”


Jenny said “Nathan, think of it this way, when you are begging to suck Jason’s toes you are begging not to be tortured by the belt.  That’s not fiction, if you don’t beg well enough then you will feel the pain and it’s only going to get worse as we turn up the volume.”


Susan added “And when you tell Jason that you would love to suck his toes it is absolutely true, because if you don’t suck his toes then I guarantee that you will regret it.”


They could easily back up the guarantee.


I was screwed.  I started crying and was too weak from humiliation to even put my hands in front of my face.


Jason moved to sit on the floor next to me and he hugged me to console me, patting my shoulder.  I wanted to pull away from him but even this humiliating comfort was better than the cold viciousness I was being put through.


I stopped crying and quietly and sincerely said “Thank you” to Jason.  He responded in my ear “It’s my pleasure” and I could hear the compassion in his voice.


Nevertheless, he got back up onto the bed and the depths of my humiliation were to begin.  Jason got his cell phone ready but Susan said “Jason, he’s going to need a few rehearsals to make sure he does it right” so Jason put his phone down.


Great, now I would have to go through this multiple times.  I wonder if Robert Redford had to be punished for each bad take during his acting lessons, probably not.  Why do I have to go through this?  I had another brief bout of self-pity before I was ready to begin crawling.


I crawled on my hands and knees toward the tennis shoes on Jason’s feet and sat up to look at him.  I felt a wave of humiliation as he looked down at me with obvious joy.  I said “Please Jason, I love sucking men’s toes.  Please let me suck your toes.  Please Jason, please.  Please.”  I had run out of things to say so I paused to stop repeating myself.


Susan said “Not good enough.  Start over and this time tell Jason that you’ve been waiting all your life for the privilege of sucking his toes and licking his feet.”


This was going to go on forever at this rate.  I don’t think my stomach could handle much more sickening humiliation.


I repeated the crawl and beg and, putting everything I had into the effort, added “Jason, I have been waiting all of my life for the honor of sucking your toes and licking your sweaty feet.”


Susan and Jenny were laughing while Jason just looked into my eyes with an expression that said we both knew he owned me.


Jason told me to go back where I was and do it again.  I felt lower than dirt as I obeyed.  All 3 got their cell phones ready as I repeated my performance.  Only it wasn’t really a performance, I meant every word of my begging as I just wanted this horrible ordeal to end.  Susan and Jenny were holding back their laughter so the videos would pick up everything I said.


I must have been convincing again because when I was done Jason said “Nathan, you may suck my toes, I will allow it” and he removed his shoes and white socks.


Up until now I had thought that crawling and begging over and over was the worst experience of my life, even worse than the electricity or the whipping earlier in the evening.  But the night was getting even worse.  It’s almost unthinkable to me what I had to do next.


Jason crossed his right knee over his left knee so that his right foot was somewhat off the ground with his toes pointed at me.


Based upon my earlier difficulty in making myself do something I didn’t want to do such as getting down on the floor to begin with, I had thought that it would be very difficult for me to force myself to actually approach my mouth to Jason’s toes.  But I guess I had been so degraded by this time that this was almost par for the course.  I simply opened my mouth and moved my face forward to close my lips over his first two toes.  The cell phones were moved to get a good angle for recording as I caressed the tips of his toes with my tongue.


The taste of Jason’s toes was beyond horrible.  Tears were streaming down my face as I sucked his first two toes and licked up and down each toe.  I knew that a half-assed showing of this would just make me have to do it again so I tried not to take a shortcut but it was so humiliating that it took every effort not to just pull away and start spitting all over the floor.  Jason moved his foot a bit to the side to allow me the privilege of sucking his last three toes.  Every now and then Jenny or Susan would laugh at me.


It occurred to me that I did not know how long I was supposed to do this.  The last thing I wanted would be to stop and then have to start all over so I just kept it up.  After at least another minute of having his toes sucked, Jason pulled his toes out of my mouth and lifted his foot a bit, saying “Lick all over the sole of my foot, Natey-boy.”  I pushed my tongue out of my mouth and ran it from his heel up to his toes, back again, and up again.


I was done.  I felt like I completed my task and just kept my tongue lingering on the ball of his foot until Susan said “Keep licking and sucking.”  I wrapped my mouth around his toes again and sucked each toe.  I guess I was focusing on the tips of the toes because Jason said “Lick in between each toe.”  I licked between each toe while the cell phone cameras caught all of it.  I let loose a few more tears.  This was just going on forever.


Finally, Jason said “Okay, Nathan friend, you’ve had enough” and I gratefully dropped my head to the ground.  I was drained.


Jason said “Now the other foot” and crossed his left knee over his right knee.


Please let this end.  Please.  I silently whimpered with my head on the floor under his foot.  After just a few seconds I pushed myself up a bit to avoid angering the ladies with their remote controls.


I repeated my humiliation this time with his left foot.  Every excruciating inch.  I felt like I had spent my entire life licking his bare feet.


Later, finally it was over when they said it was over.  I lay on the floor as Jason rested his bare feet on my face and I just closed my eyes and cried in humiliation.  They were all checking their cell phones and thankfully they all had a clear view so I did not have to repeat what I had done.  They were talking with each other gloating over what they had made me do and how enthusiastic I looked to the cameras but I barely heard what they were saying as I was ready to just go to sleep to shut out the world.


They had other ideas, though.  My horrible night would continue, and get even worse.




Chapter 4


Jenny said “Now it’s time for the other choice.”


Jason gently poked my face with his bare foot and said “Sit up, boy.”


I sat up and both Jenny and Susan laughed at my face.  Jenny said “His face is all red from crying” and Susan joined in with “Poor baby, crying without even being given pain.”


I couldn’t believe that such cruel human beings existed in the world.  I immediately reconsidered this thought and gave it a reality check as there are millions of people in worse situations than mine.  That didn’t help me get through it, though.


As I knelt in front of Jason, Jenny lifted my chin to look me in the eye and said “Are you looking forward to this?”


I didn’t know what she meant.  What was the other choice?  Then I remembered.  Oh no.  They had given me a choice of what to suck.  And now I would have to ….


My heart sank to the floor.  My eyes lost focus and I stared into space even though, once Jenny took her hand from my chin, my eyes were pointed at Jason’s knees.


Jason stood up right in front of me and unzipped and dropped his trousers.  I felt like a zombie, like I was controlled by someone else.  I can’t adequately explain the feeling but I truly felt like a slave with no thought towards rebellion as I sat up a bit to line my head up with Jason’s dick.


One time years ago I witnessed a big head-on collision on the freeway.  As one car smashed into another which was going the wrong way in the fast lane, I watched in horror what seemed like slow motion.  People in both cars were thrown around like rag dolls and a couple of them flew through the windows.  Not to compare that situation with this but I had the same feeling in the pit of my stomach.


I watched in horror as my mouth moved closer towards a collision with Jason’s dick.


I enclosed the head of his dick with my mouth, holding my tongue back.  I had no idea what I was supposed to do until I thought about what I enjoyed when girls used to give me head back in high school.  Why I thought about maximizing Jason’s pleasure is beyond me now but it seemed like the right thing to do at the time as I was in a haze of fear and humiliation and wasn’t thinking straight.  Or maybe it was because I was remembering the brief moment of compassion Jason showed me earlier.


In any case, I began to lick around the tip of Jason’s dick and he moaned and grew bigger.  Compared to Jason’s foot, I guess his dick didn’t taste as bad but that wasn’t any consolation.  Jason grabbed the back of my head and slowly pushed a bit more of his dick more into my mouth.  I felt the tip of his dick on the top of my mouth and started to gag but managed not to.  I continued to lick his shaft and could tell that he was enjoying this a whole lot so I just kept licking all over.  The ladies were having a good time commenting and joking with each other while keeping the videos running but I did not hear what they said.


Jason was getting close to orgasm and I tried to pull back but he held my head firm and kept thrusting his dick in and back.  Basically, he was fucking my mouth.  Fortunately for me, his dick was not all of the way in my mouth so I managed not to gag but his thrusts were getting more and more forceful until finally he thrust all of the way to the back of my throat and I gagged.


With his dick pushing against the back of my throat I frantically struggled for oxygen as my eyes filled with tears.  Several seconds later the pressure was quickly receding as he was pulling out, with cum squirting into my mouth.


I was about to start spitting onto the floor when a female hand covered my mouth and told me to swallow.  She said “Swallow or I swear we will electrocute the hell out of you!”  I felt a light touch on my Adam’s apple in addition to the hand pressed firmly against my mouth.


I swallowed.


I felt certain that I would gag and throw up at any moment but I had already just gagged and maybe that prevented me from gagging again.  For whatever reason I did not gag again.


I did, however, faint.


I woke up on the bed and all 3 of them had looks of concern as one of them gently pressed on my face to wake me.  Jason asked if I was okay and I nodded yes, though I had no idea whether or not I was actually okay.  My senses were returning and Jason met my eyes with his own.


Jason said “Nathan, that was wonderful.  Thank you for a wonderful evening.  Thank you two for a great evening.”


Jenny said “Jason, thank you, without you this wouldn’t be nearly as fun.”


Susan said “Jason, is 9 a good time for you tomorrow?” and Jason replied “Yes, that will be great.”  Turning to me Jason said “I look forward to it” and he gently placed a quick kiss on my lips.


I was still recovering from fainting and didn’t really even notice Jason’s lips on mine but I did hear the part about tomorrow at 9.  Was Jason coming back tomorrow to rape me again?




Chapter 5


As Jason left the room to Jenny’s and Susan’s goodbyes, I thought did I just go through what I remember going through tonight, all in one night?  Being whipped beyond screaming many times, electrocuted beyond screaming, and all of that even worse stuff?


It took me a few seconds to realize that Susan was asking me a question, “Nathan, we’re going to let you go to the bathroom now before we let you sleep but we’re going to need to go into the room with you so you don’t try anything stupid.”


I was only somewhat coherent when I said “I’m stupid” which brought some laughter in response.


Much later, after I had gone to the bathroom and used mouthwash, Jenny and Susan put a sturdy collar on my neck and attached a chain to it and to a bolt in the wall just above the bed to limit my movement to only the bed.  Tonight I would not be going home.  Then they unlocked and removed the belt around my waist.  I felt almost human again without that horrific belt on.  I was completely free except for the collar on my neck attached to the wall just above the bed.  Yeah right, completely free.


I curled up into a ball exhausted and was already half-asleep when both Jenny and Susan tucked me in by putting covers on me and sort of petting my head.  Why were they being nice to me now?  I didn’t care, I was too tired.  Despite the stinging I still felt from the whippings and the sick feeling in my stomach from all of the humiliation not to mention what I had to swallow, I slept all through the night.  I hadn’t slept this well in years, if ever.


I woke up to Susan and Jenny looking at me and smiling while one of them was gently shaking me.  Jenny said “Hello sleepyhead!”  They sat on the bed on either side of me.  Susan said “How would you like some bacon, sausage, eggs, and an English muffin?”


Were these the same women torturing me all night last night?  At least I was free of pain and free of that damn belt this morning.  I cautiously said “Yes” and Susan went into the other room.  Alone with me, Jenny asked “How are you doing today?”


I felt very strange.  On the one hand I was very angry at not only being put through hell last night but also still being chained up like a dog.  On the other hand, after all I had been put through I was being treated like a prince at the moment and I had never been treated this nice in my life, even for just a few minutes.  I liked it.  A lot.  On the other other hand I was terrified that if I said something wrong these women could make me go through a full day of even worse hell than last night, or they could do that even if I was a good boy.


Then I remembered that Jason was coming back and I was going to be put through some sort of hell anyway.  I felt a bit sick to my stomach remembering last night.


I hadn’t answered Jenny’s question so she asked “Are you in pain?”


I said “No pain.  No physical pain.”  I left it at that and Jenny gave me a look of sympathy although she didn’t say anything.  She got up and went to help Susan in the kitchen.


I lay in bed enjoying being free of pain and the belt.  It felt like that belt had been on me for weeks even though it was only a few hours last night.  That seemed to be a theme for me this weekend, a short time of pain or humiliation seems like hours or days.  I knew I would be wearing the belt again and only hoped that they wouldn’t use the remote controls for sort of a grand finale before they let me go home late tonight.  I wasn’t going to give them any reason to use the remotes as I planned to obey them completely but I sensed that there would be a grand finale which would devastate me in some way.


Jenny returned with a tall TV tray and set it on the floor next to the bed.  It had a glass of orange juice on it, though no food.  I asked her if I could use the bathroom and she said that I would need to wait until after breakfast because they would need to put the belt on me.  I was not in dire need so I didn’t respond.


Breakfast was great as the chain from my collar to the wall allowed me just enough slack to sit up on the side edge of the bed and for some reason the ladies just watched me eat for the first minute until they went into the other room.  As they left the room I thanked them for breakfast and tried to smile but failed.  I had never been served like this before and the food tasted great.


Later, after the belt had been put back on me and the chain removed from my collar and after I had used the bathroom and put on deodorant they had me use, I noticed that the bedroom clock said 8:30am and figured that Jason would be arriving in a half hour though I wasn’t sure if they agreed to 9am or 9pm.


I was worried that the ladies would turn back into their sadistic selves once he arrived and I would miss the compassionate side I was experiencing now.  I wasn’t sure how I would feel if, hypothetically, I was kidnapped for real and I experienced only the compassionate side of the ladies and not Jason at all.  It was great being treated like a prince.  Why haven’t I ever experienced this before?


I guess I should be careful what I wish for.  I wouldn’t take a million dollars to go through last night again.  Well, maybe a million but not a thousand.


Susan and Jenny guided me back into bed and sat on either side of me, getting ready for some sort of talk.  They were paying more attention to me than their remote controls and I wondered if I should try to overpower them and take the remotes.  I don’t know if it was a good or bad decision but I decided that it seemed too risky to attack them.  Once the moment was over I felt partly ashamed that I didn’t take my chance and partly relieved that I didn’t have to suffer the consequences of failing.


They put a hand on each of my knees.  I was still naked other than the belt and the sheath for my dick but I was getting used to being naked in front of them even though it contributed to my feeling like property.


Jenny said “Nathan, we’re concerned about how you are doing after last night.  How do you feel?”


A part of me wondered if this was a game they were playing, pretend to be compassionate and then throw it back in my face while laughing.  That was the type of thing I used to do in high school.  But I decided to enjoy the compassion now even if it turned out to be false.  I don’t remember ever feeling much compassion from anyone, my life has been rough blah blah blah I know people complain all of the time about their lives so I’ll try to stop doing that for now.


I said “I am having a rough time to be honest.  I can’t take any more.”


Jenny said “You’re going to need to take more but I am going to help you through it.  Okay?”  Jenny caressed my knee.


I think she was trying to feel okay with her sadistic actions.  I said “No.  I can’t take it anymore.  I need to go home.”


Susan took her hand off my knee and held her remote control up.  She said threateningly “Nathan….”


I managed to control my panic though my heart skipped a beat or two and my voice caught in my throat at first.  I said “I’m sorry.  I will be good.”


Susan laughed briefly and put down the remote to put her hand back on my knee.  She said “How about being good without us having to threaten the remote?  Do you think you could do that the rest of the weekend?”


I replied “Yes, I will be good.”  Susan patted my knee and said “Good boy.”


Jenny said “You know that Jason will be here soon, right?”  I nodded.  Jenny said “How do you feel about that?”


I gave a sideways glance to Susan and tentatively asked Jenny “How should I answer that?”


Susan said “Always tell the truth.  ‘Can’t take it anymore’ wasn’t the truth, you were just being defiant.  You know that you will take anything we give you this weekend.  You could have said something like ‘It is very difficult for me’ or just left it at ‘I am having a rough time’.”


They were waiting for my answer to Jenny’s question so I cautiously said “I am having a rough time.”


Jenny said “It will be over today so try to look forward to never having to be with us again after that.”


This seemed like an awkward thing to say.  Was she trying to fish for me to say that I wanted to see her again?  It was the type of thing I manipulated girls to say to me when I was in high school and I would assure them that I did want to see them and they felt all happy until I chewed them up and spit them out.  Those were the days.


Jenny started caressing my knee and moved her hand back and forth slowly up my thigh.  Susan started doing the same.  We weren’t talking and it seemed strange because there was nowhere good for them to go since my dick was wrapped in that electrode covered leather sheath.  Their hands caressed up my inner thighs and then Susan started tickling my balls which made me jump at first but then felt okay and even good.  I wasn’t getting turned on until Jenny started gently caressing the head of my dick which was not covered by the leather sheath.


Then for the first time since before this ordeal began my dick started to get hard.  But the sheath was wrapped tight and my hard-on could only go so far before it was constricted.  Once my dick felt pressure it started to get limp again and then Susan and Jenny stopped touching me.


They guided my shoulders down to the bed so that I was lying face up and they each started to gently caress my nipples.  That sent an immediate rush to my dick which tried to become erect but was denied by the sheath.


At this time the doorbell rang and the touching stopped.  I had to catch my breath for a moment before I sat up while Susan went to bring Jason into the room.


Jason said hello to Jenny and then said to me “My love, you look wonderful.”  I put all of my effort into not gagging and just sitting there without making a face as he leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek.  What the hell is this guy doing?  Gay or straight, people shouldn’t make unwanted advances like that.  Then again, people shouldn’t torture and humiliate other people.


Where did I get this sense of fairness?  Life isn’t fair and I’ve known that for a long time.  That helped me in community college when I was taking advantage of girls but now that the shoe is on the other foot, I guess I’m wishing that life was more fair.


Jason sat next to me and put his hand on my knee.  He said “So Nathan my pet my sweetie, are you ready to take one for the team?”  I didn’t know exactly what he meant though I knew it would not be pleasant.  He clarified “Have you ever been fucked in the ass before?”


No.  Fuck.  Please don’t let this happen to me.  I looked down at the floor.  During my brief pity party Jason said “It’ll be fun!  It won’t hurt that much.  We’ll help you, right girls?” and they eagerly agreed.


Jenny and Susan took hold of my upper arms and guided me to lie down on the bed on my stomach while Jason removed all of his clothes.  I wanted so much to resist that I almost screamed in frustration but I felt the belt against my dick and my terror of the electrodes won out.  I lay down waiting to take it in my ass.


This was another time that a few seconds seemed like forever.  I guess this was one of my hidden fears, that I would be raped in the ass.  When I think about committing a crime and getting caught, I don’t think about lack of freedom being in prison, I think about being involuntarily raped in the ass by another inmate.  In a way, that scares me out of committing crimes.


I had committed no crime and allowed my fear of this rule me up until now.  And yet, I was going to get raped in the ass anyway.


I didn’t believe for one second that it wouldn’t hurt.  I knew that it would hurt like hell.  Also, I knew that my life would never be the same after this.  Not only everything which has gone on this weekend causing me to suffer emotional issues maybe for the rest of my life but being ripped in half by Jason’s dick would completely ruin me.  I would probably never want sex again and I would probably never be able to look anyone in the eye again.  Maybe I should become a hermit after this and just bury my head in the sand.  This was one heck of a pity party.


Jason caressed my bare butt and was commenting on how nice of a butt it is.  I grabbed a pillow because I knew I would be biting it soon.  I tried to take deep breaths to be calm.  Added to the caress of Jason’s hands was the caress of my butt with his hard dick.  I cringed and buried the side of my head into the pillow.


Then I felt fingers opening my butt cheeks and rubbing a cream just outside of my crack.  Jenny was lubing me up.  One finger actually entered my crack and it felt very strange, a place where no-one should go was being entered and I squirmed in discomfort, though it wasn’t painful.  A second finger entered and the inside of my ass was rubbed for a few seconds.


Jenny then stepped back and in the corner of my eye I could see that she and Susan were caressing Jason’s nipples as he was caressing my butt.  Jason was moaning in pleasure and then he slowly pushed his dick into my ass.  I turned my head to bury the front of my face into the pillow as hard as I could, stealing myself for the agony.


At first it didn’t hurt.  His dick invaded my ass which felt stretched and uncomfortable, but thanks to the lube it was not painful at first.  This allowed me to focus on the actual feeling of him inside of me and the utter humiliation and violation I felt from it, not much of an alternative but I least I wasn’t screaming.


How could I even try to pretend this was okay?  I was sick to my stomach.


Just bite the pillow and it will be over soon, it’s not so terrible.


Then it became terrible.  Jason pushed his entire dick inside of me and I felt like I had been stabbed from behind and into my stomach.  The lube was still working but the pressure inside was painful.  Then he slowly pulled out somewhat and pushed back in, giving me another wave of pain.  I groaned into the pillow while he moaned in pleasure.  He kept pulling somewhat outwards and thrusting in full, out and in, and each in was painful.  His rhythm sped up with each thrust until I was screaming into the pillow and when I needed air I was screaming out loud.


Finally Jason gave one last big thrust and adding to my full-throated scream he moaned very loud as he came inside of me.  Once he was done he let his body rest on mine.  I felt like throwing up but I managed not to.


I heard the sound of a cell phone being put away.  Jenny or Susan must have video recorded this.  They probably got my face into the picture.


Under Jason’s dead weight I became depressed.  I could feel the corners of my mouth droop down and I didn’t feel like getting up or struggling.  I felt like dying.  I didn’t even cry.


After a few minutes of Jason’s afterglow, he kissed the back of my neck a few times and then got up off the bed.  Jenny or Susan used paper towels to wipe off lube and Jason’s cum dripping out of my crack and Jason went into the bathroom to clean himself off.  The ladies tried to guide me by my shoulders to turn over and sit up but I felt catatonic and did not move.  I felt a caress and pat on one shoulder and the ladies backed off a bit to let me wallow in despair.


Jason returned and started to say something with a taunting voice but I heard Jenny shush him and they all left the room.  I guess I was experiencing the compassionate ladies at this moment but I was too depressed to be thankful for it.  Technically, with apparently no-one else in the room at this point I could have maybe tried to make a run for it by breaking through a window but I was not aware enough to think about it.  I tried to pass out but failed.


After a couple of minutes someone came back into the room and caressed my back in a comforting way.  It may have been Jason for all I knew but it felt good and I needed comfort.  The caress continued for a minute and I began to think that I need comfort not only now but probably for the rest of my life, I wonder if I could rob a bank to hire someone to just caress my back for the rest of my life.


I was starting to feel better as the caressing continued for several minutes.  Jenny finally said “Nathan, are you doing okay?”


I replied honestly “I am doing better now” and she said “Good.”  I really liked this compassionate Jenny, much better than sadistic Jenny.  Despite the amazingly horrific ordeal I was going through this weekend, Jenny’s caresses caused my dick to respond a bit even though it was in the sheath and trapped beneath me on the bed.


After several more minutes of just lying there having my back rubbed Jenny asked “Would you like to take a shower to clean off?” and I replied “Yes please.”


Jenny called Susan into the room and said that I needed a shower.  They discussed with each other that this would mean trusting me without the belt on and agreed that this would be okay because of all of the videos they took as long as they could make one more video.


They had me sit up and look into their cell phone cameras to say with as much cheer as I could muster “I really loved having Jason’s dick in my ass.  It was like the fulfillment of a dream.”  It took me a few takes to do this without starting to cry.


The shower was wonderful even though Jenny, Susan, and Jason watched me through the glass “to make sure that I don’t escape.”  It felt as though I washed away much of the hurt and humiliation, though not nearly all of it.  I was surprised not to find a single mark on me.  I had thought that the whippings would have left me with welts but I guess my pain threshold was much wimpier than my skin’s ability to avoid marking.


Once I was done they guided me back to the bed but did not put the belt on me.  I didn’t seriously think about escaping since it would be 3 against 1 and they had the videos anyway.


Jason and Jenny sat on the bed next to me while Susan retrieved the paper they had signed indicating that they would not reveal the pictures to anyone and, standing in front of me, she ripped the paper into shreds.


I looked up at her with pleading eyes and she and Jason laughed at me.  Jason said “The look on your face is just priceless” and Susan added “We’re just kidding, we won’t show the pictures.  We just had to see the look on your face” and she laughed some more.


Jason said “Nathan-pet, I have a surprise for you.”  The 3 of them looked at each other and agreed that they were ready for something they had planned and which I was sure I would hate.


Jason got up off the bed and Susan replaced him next to me.  Susan and Jenny each put a hand on my knee and started caressing my thigh up and down slowly moving towards my dick which was no longer in the sheath.  I looked at Jenny and she smiled back at me.  I noticed that Jason had stepped back.  I let my gaze just stay at the floor in front of me and as the caressing continued and moved closer my dick began to get bigger.  With no constraint on it my dick grew until by the time Susan touched my balls and Jenny touched the head of my dick, it was at full attention.


I breathed in deeply and tried to relax to enjoy the touching.  But then I saw Jason get on his hands and knees and crawl towards me.  The caressing felt too good for Jason’s presence to ruin the moment.  Jason leaned his head down and kissed each of my bare feet once.  This gave me a strange sensation because it was opposite of everything which had gone on before.


I remembered that Jason hadn’t whipped or electrocuted me and even seemed squeamish about my pain being mentioned last night.  All Jason had done was sexual acts.  As my feet were being kissed I started to feel okay about Jason but then I put his acts into context that he had raped and humiliated me with great pleasure at my expense.  A quick fantasy jumped into my mind of whipping Jason until he kissed my feet but I closed my eyes and focused on the ladies caresses to push the thought of Jason out of my mind.


Until I felt Jason kiss the tip of my dick.  I was startled and looked down at him.  He was going to give me a blow job.  I’ll be darned.


I just love being given a blow job by a woman.  I don’t want a man anywhere near me but I knew that I didn’t have a choice here and so I closed my eyes again and tried to imagine a woman doing this.  Jenny’s face came to mind and that helped.


Jason, I mean Jenny, put his I mean her mouth….  I need to face facts, it was Jason.  Jason wrapped his mouth around my dick and used his tongue liberally.  Jason had clearly done this before and knew what felt good.


It did feel good.  I have to admit that, even despite all of the horrible pain and humiliation I had been through.  Jenny and Susan then started gently caressing my nipples and that increased my excitement big-time.  I began to moan and Jason’s mouth action became more fervent on my dick.  Oh my gosh this felt good.  Out of control good with my nipples being caressed and receiving an expert blow job, I started to pump my hips a bit.  This is ten times better than any blow job I’ve ever had.


It did not take me long to get to the brink of orgasm.  Jason slowed down a bit and I was worried that I would be left at the altar, so to speak, but Jason then brought his efforts to full force and I exploded in his mouth with wave after wave of absolute pleasure.


Jenny and Susan stopped their nipple teasing while Jason pulled his head back.  I opened my eyes to see Jason smiling up at me as he swallowed all of my cum.




Chapter 6


I was in a daze.  This weekend has been filled with extreme experiences followed by me being in a daze but this one was all pleasure.  It didn’t bother me that it was done by a guy and in fact, I felt sort of good about it, hard to explain but like I was the master and he was my slave.  He didn’t seem humiliated by it, though, so that wasn’t much of a factor in my pleasure.  Back in college when I wasn’t getting any action I had wondered what it would be like to manipulate a guy into sucking my cock and then to break his heart but I decided against it as I didn’t want any other of that sort of interaction with a guy like touching or even talking.


Jason was reaching for his cell phone but that seemed strange as the deed was done.  I figured that he would probably make me say that I enjoyed it or something.


Instead, Jason showed me as he navigated into the phone menu’s device options and chose reset the device to factory default.  He looked at me and said “Nathan, this is for you my love.”  He pressed the button to completely erase all of the videos, not to mention make his phone unusable until he re-installed the software.


I didn’t have much reaction to this.  He wasn’t the one who seemed to be torturing me the most.  Jason said his goodbyes and left the house.


Once Jason was gone Susan asked me how I was doing.  I said that I was doing fine, not sure how she wanted me to answer.  She asked “Did you enjoy what Jason did for you?” and I replied “Yes, thank you, that was great.”  She said “We enjoyed it too” and Jenny added “That’s for sure.”


Susan said “So overall last night and this morning, are you going to look back and feel that you had a good time?”


I wanted to be very careful here because I was worried that a no would incur her wrath.  It is funny, looking back now I am not sure why I felt this because the belt was not on me.  They still had the videos but they had already promised me that they wouldn’t show those and if their promises didn’t mean anything then my being truthful would not change that.  Looking back, I think I was conditioned and still in the mindset of being their captive or slave.  That is the only explanation I have for still feeling terrified at this point.


I responded “I wish that only the last part happened.”


Susan pressed the issue “But what about overall, everything you experienced or nothing?  Be honest.”


I thought of saying how terrible most of it was but I settled on a simple “No.”


Susan said “That’s fair, I understand.”


Jenny said “How much do you hate us for what we put you through?”


Susan interjected and said “Jenny, he can’t give us an honest answer to that” and Jenny agreed.


Jenny got out her phone and pressed a few buttons, showing me that it was at the reset to default screen.  I looked up at her in surprise.  Jenny seemed to be much more compassionate than Susan who I was sure never would delete the images on her phone.  Maybe it was my imagination but as Jenny and I looked into each other’s eyes there seemed to be “a moment” between us.  Then Jenny smiled and pressed the button wiping out her smart phone’s software and memory.


Jenny and I looked to Susan.  I was just playing along because I knew that she would never agree to wipe out her phone but to my shock and delight she brought out her cell phone and pressed a few buttons to show us the reset to default screen.  Before she pressed the button, though, she said “Nathan, there is one more thing I want you to do for me.”


I said “Anything.”  I wanted her to press that button almost more than anything I have ever wanted in life.  It had been a very dramatic and traumatic weekend and wiping out the videos would give me at least some sense of relief that my life could get back to normal.


She said “I want you to kiss Jenny’s feet.”


Jenny said “Susan!” and blushed.  But she didn’t say no.


I got down on all fours in front of Jenny.  My bare butt being in the air somewhat made me feel self-conscious, especially considering what it went through earlier this morning, but I kissed each of Jenny’s bare feet once and then kissed them again.


I had never kissed a woman’s feet before, I never really thought about it.  Behind all of the pain and humiliation of the weekend I had become attracted to Jenny and was grateful for the compassion she showed me.  It seemed only right for me to kiss her feet a couple of times.


I sat up and saw that Jenny was blushing harder now.  I tried to smile at her but she wasn’t really looking at me as she was the self-conscious one now.


Susan showed us her phone and pressed the button, wiping out the videos.  She then stood up and dramatically said “Nathan!....  You are free to go!”


It was still morning and I was free to go?  What a great surprise!  I had thought that I would be captive here all day and night.  I jumped up and hugged Susan thanking her and then I hugged Jenny who was standing and I thanked her too.


As I got dressed, part of me wanted to stay to ask what the hell this was all about and why they thought they could just do this all to me, part of me wanted to take all of the decorations and figurines on their shelves and throw them to the ground to stomp on them, and part of me wanted to ask Jenny out on a date but I kept quiet and hoped that they wouldn’t change their mind and try to keep me for the rest of the weekend.  They had no hold on me at this point but I was still afraid of them.


I left and drove home in my car, hoping that I could put at least a good amount of the memory of pain and humiliation behind me.





Chapter 7


I guess the human mind is a resilient thing or maybe it is different for different people.  I thought about all of the truly suffering people in the world and how the 15 or so hours I went through, with probably only 6 of that being awake, was nothing compared to others’ pain.  I had never really cared about the people starving in the world or other comments about other suffering people but in a strange way they helped me forget about my own troubles realizing that I am much better off than I could be.


The next day after work I looked into finding a charity which helped suffering people to donate my time to and I found a food bank nearby where I could volunteer my time.  I was surprised to learn that over the next several days and months I had the capacity to feel good when helping others rather than just focusing on myself at the expense of others.


Speaking of work, the next day at work was very awkward for me.  I managed to stay away from Jenny’s and Susan’s department but I passed Jason a couple of times in the hallway.  I didn’t look at him as we passed but I sensed that he was smiling at me with his demeaning attitude.  I was surprised that he didn’t rub in my face all the things he did to me and made me do but maybe I’m being unfair to him and he just needed to have his fun one time.


I thought some more about suffering.  I understand that people without food or shelter suffer and I understand that people who are tortured suffer.  But what about people who do not ever get what they want or maybe only once or twice?  Maybe Jason was like that.  During the weekend I realized that I never seemed to receive any compassion, or to put it more accurately, any love.  Not to feel sorry for myself yet again but am I not deserving of love?


I stopped what I was doing and thought about that.  Maybe I was not deserving.  I used to revel in the suffering of others, namely girls when I was in high school and college, and I would revel still if I could.  I should change that.


For the next several days I went through a crisis of identity.  On the one hand a leopard can’t change his spots but on the other hand maybe I can change.  As I look more closely at my own feelings, especially while helping out at the food bank, I think that I would have a tough time enjoying the suffering of others now.  When I was being tortured and especially later when I was being mercilessly humiliated, that was truly horrible and I feel bad now about having caused the suffering I caused in high school and college.  Maybe I could find my old girlfriends and apologize to them?  Maybe I should apologize to myself.


On Tuesday after that weekend Jenny sent me an e-mail offering to lend an ear if I needed to talk sometime.  On Thursday after days of self-reflection, I took her up on the offer.







There is more to this story as Jenny and I develop an unusual relationship and Jason and I come to a sort of reconcilement.  Someday, I may put that story to paper.  – Nathan.




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