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Synopsis:  Wife threatens to leave unless allowed to try something different.  Codes = F/m, FM/m, cuckold, humiliation, feet, torture, reluctant.



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Chapter 1


My husband of 5 years Ted is a great guy.  We met through an online dating service and we hit it off once we met in person.  He is very steady, trustworthy, kind, intelligent, honest, and sane, which is part of the problem I am having now.  I can’t really say anything bad about him except that I’m bored with our marriage.


Sex with Ted is okay but it has become more and more of a weekly obligation than fun.  I have always had a fascination with dominance and submission D/S but I could never think of asking Ted if he would be okay with me dominating him so I just fantasize and read D/S stories online.  I think if I would ask to tie him to the bed he would just give me that unintentionally condescending look which tells me that I’m being silly.


But I need to do something so I’m going to ask.  I am a somewhat attractive woman and need more in life than what I am getting.  I won’t tell him that, of course.


“Ted,” I said, “have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be tied to the bed and made love to?”


He gave me that look and replied “Sweetie, you know I don’t feel comfortable even being pinned down, being tied up would be awful.  Would it be okay if we talk about making love when we are in the bedroom?”


That was all I needed to know.  I wasn’t going to dream about giving Ted an ultimatum, he would just use his logic to turn it around and make me feel guilty for bringing it up plus I didn’t know that I was ready to give an ultimatum.  He is a good guy and I could do much worse.


But then I met someone online through one of the D/S sites.  I hadn’t meant to even participate in the forums but there was another woman who was in a situation in which she wanted to spice up her marriage’s sex life so I typed a few words of encouragement.  A man on the forum “Hans” agreed with me and then e-mailed me.  I was careful not to respond with anything too warm but his e-mails had a good sense of humor and well, once he sent me his picture one thing led to another.


“Hans” wrote such great e-mails and made me imagine that my life would be better with him.  It was only imagination, though, because for all I knew Hans could be a horrible person but I let my imagination run wild as it made me feel good inside.  I did not let Hans know what I was feeling or even about the state of my marriage but I think he knew that I was reaching out emotionally.  I’m sure that Ted didn’t even realize that during this time I was experiencing more pleasure in our weekly lovemaking sessions, I even experienced an orgasm every week instead of just once in a while.


Hans sent me a link to a story he had written about a woman who ties up her husband and makes him watch her have sex with another man.  The story called it “cuckolding.”  I could not imagine doing anything like that in real life but in a story or a daydream it seemed exciting to me.  Very exciting.  I started looking at Ted and wondering in the deep recesses of my mind what it would be like to “cuckold” him even though I knew it would never happen.


One morning I decided to think in some detail of what cuckolding would really do to Ted.  In the cold light of day I could see that it would not be exciting at all, it would completely devastate him and in turn devastate me.  I abandoned my fantasies and abandoned the web site, I stopped responding to Hans’ e-mails and after a while he stopped e-mailing me.


For the next few months I became depressed due to boredom from our marriage.  I didn’t want to say anything to Ted or anyone but when he finally noticed I could not hide the truth from him.


I told Ted that I was bored and unhappy with our marriage.


Ted said “Is there anything I can do to help?  Should we see a marriage counselor?”


I replied “No, I just need some time to think” and I went into the bedroom to cry in solitude.  Ted and I stopped having weekly sex, he allowed me the distance I needed to sort out my emotions.


I thought in detail about what a divorce would be like although I was not seriously considering it since marriage is until death do us part.  I am sure that divorce would be painful plus there were all sorts of financial and living details which would need to be worked out although we do not want or have any children and lawyers could take care of the details.  All in all I figured that divorce actually might not be so bad other than the stigma I attached to it.


I let that thought simmer for a few weeks and in that time realized that I was right, divorce would not be so bad.  One plus would be that I would be free to explore my dominant side with whomever I wanted.


I then started to think about what it would be like to dominate Ted.  It would make me laugh inside to think of serious and fussy Ted being chained up, humiliated, maybe in some pain, and having to watch me make love to another man.  I would never do such a thing, of course, but it was a fun fantasy.  Ted would be absolutely aghast at any of this sort of treatment, that thought would make me chuckle again although I did not want to truly hurt him.


Another few weeks went by and the situation was not getting better.  I would think about divorce all of the time.  Divorce would be my road to happiness.  It seemed inevitable and I started to focus on a reason why not to divorce … but I couldn’t find any.


Ted was a much better husband than many other husbands, but he was not right for me.  We don’t even have that much in common and it’s difficult to remember the magic at all from when we first met, or if there even had been any magic.


I do not like ultimatums so I decided to approach the issue as a discussion for a Saturday morning.


I said “Ted, I’m not having a fun time in our marriage.”


He said “Yes, I know, I am sorry.  Is there anything I can do?”


I paused and said “Well, that’s really the problem.  No.”


Ted said “If you think of something please let me know” as if that was the end of the conversation.


I said “Ted, it’s not working.”


He said “Should we go see a marriage counselor?”


I replied “No, that wouldn’t help” and I paused.


He paused, I could see that his next automatic response was to ask if there is anything he could do but he already used that line.


I said “Ted, I want a divorce.”


I was surprisingly able to avoid becoming emotional.  I had expected to cry or at least have difficulty but that was one of the easiest things I have ever said.


Ted was floored, though.  And devastated.  He tried variations on his “Is there anything I can do?” line but when that wasn’t working he left to go into the bedroom.


I had a strange feeling right after this discussion.  I felt bad for Ted as he was a good guy who did not deserve such pain but I felt good for myself.  I did not have any second thoughts, this was the right decision for myself.


After 15 minutes Ted emerged from the bedroom crying.  I had never seen him cry, not even at our wedding, and it was quite a sight to see him broken like this.


Ted flung himself on the floor in front of where I sat and hugged my knees.  He begged “Please let’s not divorce, let’s work this out, I swear to you that I will do anything you want to work this out, please I swear it.”


One thing I always liked about Ted was his honesty and sincerity.  I believed him when he said he would do anything.




Chapter 2


I let Ted cry into my knees for a minute or two as I could not think of what to say.  Once he calmed down a little and brought his eyes up to look at me, I said “Ted, I am sorry, there is nothing I can think of to make our marriage work.”


Another thing about Ted is that he is persistent, that is one of the reasons he almost always gets his way in life and in our marriage.  But not today.


Ted said “If you want me to do more of the chores around the house, I swear I will do whatever you want.”  We had already evenly split the chores so that was not a problem in our marriage.


Ted continued “If you would like to have children, that would be no problem.”  Maybe he thought I had been just giving in on this issue but I truly did not want to have children.


Ted got up on his knees and clasped his hands together as if he were praying to me, he said “I swear to you with all of my heart, if there is anything you want, anything at all, I will do everything I can to give it to you.”  He was no longer crying at all and I believed that he was completely serious.  “Anything you want at all, I swear it.  I will do anything.”


This was quite a convincing display.  I had never seen him nearly as passionate about anything before, not even when he proposed to me.  I looked in his eyes and said “Ted, thank you.  I need to think about this some more.  How about if we talk about it tomorrow?”


Ted’s eyes lit up like I had never seen before.  Was this finally the way through his icy exterior?  He was glad for that one day reprieve as it gave him hope that we could stay together, hope which had been crushed when he was crying for 15 minutes in the bedroom.  I did not particularly have the same hope but I wanted to think about it.


The rest of the day Ted was a whole new person, it seemed.  We did not discuss our situation but he was very attentive to me all day, making lunch and a chocolate milk shake for me, taking care of the laundry even though it was my turn this weekend, and generally looking after my well-being.  Ted is very good at doing whatever is necessary to get his way and when I thought that I could get used to being treated like a queen I realized that it probably wouldn’t last, he would probably revert to his old aloof ways after a week or two.  In the meantime I enjoyed the treatment including two long massages which felt heavenly.


I had never before allowed myself to be as selfish as I was today.  I didn’t reciprocate with kind deeds although I did thank him from time to time.  I figured that he needed to step up to the plate and I would let him do what he needs to do.  Besides, I was enjoying it.


I fantasized about having Ted as my personal servant always being attentive to my needs.  It was a fun thought but I knew that it was only a fantasy.


But it couldn’t hurt a girl to try so I said “Ted, why do you want to stay married?”


He said “Because I love you” as if that is all that mattered.  I still love Ted but I also need to have fun in life.


I asked “Do you have fun with me?”


Ted said “Yes, I love being with you.  You listen to all of my stories and philosophies.”  This was true, I enjoyed listening to him.  He continued “You appreciate when I do something nice.  I don’t do nearly as many nice things for you as I should.  I mean that.  Not just because you are not enjoying our marriage but because I enjoy making you happy.”


Ted started to cry and said “I need to make you happy, please help me do whatever I can to make you happy.”


He seemed convinced, albeit somewhat emotionally unstable, but I needed more from the conversation so I said “You are making me happy today.”


His face lit up again with hope, he said “Thank you, I am so glad you feel that way!”


Who was this person?  From Mr. No Emotion to suddenly all emotions.  Maybe I should threaten divorce every day!  Except that I meant it about the divorce, it was not just a threat.  I am not sure what to think now, though.


He’s still the same Ted, he will revert back once the threat of divorce goes away.


But what if I can make the threat never go away?  Could I be so manipulative?  Is it being manipulative?  I’m not happy in our marriage but if Ted is willing and able to change like he has today, then maybe I’m willing to stay with him.  Maybe.  We’ll see.


I said “Ted, you seem like a changed man today and I like the change.”


Ted said “Thank you for noticing.  I want to change.  I don’t like who I was before.  Would you please give me a chance to stay changed like this?”


I was game so I said “I guess so but how long do you think you can stay like this?”


He thought for a moment and said “How about if we make a deal?  If you stay with me then I will do anything you want, any time, anyhow.  I’ll be your slave, if you don’t mind my using the term.”


I said “Servant is the right term but hey if you’re willing to be my ‘slave’ then I like it.  For how long do you think you can be my slave?”


He looked me in the eyes and said “Forever.”


I liked where this conversation led.  I’m sure that our marriage couldn’t last with Ted as my slave but I could certainly have a lot of fun and see where it goes.


Ted said “And I really want you to feel free to treat me as your slave.  It would make me happy to make you happy because that would give me the best chance to stay married.  Does that make sense?”


I said “Yes.  So if I am hesitant about asking you to do something …-“


He finished the thought “- you should think about how glad I would be if you would get rid of all of your hesitation.  Command me, please!”


I said “Ted, do you really think you could be my slave for any extended period of time?”


He replied “I don’t know, honestly, but I’m not exaggerating when I say that I would do anything to keep our marriage and I know that you are not exaggerating in feeling that you want to leave me now.  Being your slave seems the only way to keep our marriage alive and if that is the case, I am ready, willing, and hopefully able!”


I said “Let’s sleep on this.  Tomorrow morning when I wake up you will be my slave, okay?”  He cheerfully replied “Absolutely!”


That gave me the rest of the evening to think about the situation.  Did I even want a slave?  I know that I didn’t want Ted as a standard husband any more, maybe if he wasn’t my slave but he was way-over-the-top attentive like he was today I could live with that but I’m not even sure about that.  That was sort of like being a slave except without using the term, it’s probably just better to use the word.


What should I make a slave do?  I looked through some search pages on the internet but other than fiction stories all I found were situations in which the husband enjoying being a slave for its own sake, not to try to save a marriage.  I didn’t want to whip him or humiliate him just to make him feel bad, that wouldn’t be fun for me or for him.


I sat back and thought about it for a while.  I should have a slave take care of all of the chores.  He should massage me whenever I want because I enjoy that a whole lot.


Sex with Ted would be strange, though.  To me, sex is a sharing of our love but it doesn’t seem like it would be enjoyable to command him or to otherwise have sex with him when he may not want it.  I would probably never be able to determine what Ted wants as my slave since he would say anything to please me.  Sex with Ted wasn’t any fun anyway so I won’t miss it.


I was looking into space thinking about these things when I received another e-mail from Hans, asking if I was doing okay the past few weeks.  This made my mind fly off in a different direction altogether.




Chapter 3


What if I took Hans up on his poorly veiled suggestions to cuckold Ted?  I couldn’t possibly participate in that but I wanted to think about that as a good fantasy.


As I was fantasizing about it, I lost the thread of why I could never do such a thing and tried to think about what I already knew.  First, I essentially wouldn’t have sex with Ted for the reasons I thought about earlier, it just isn’t fun.  Second, Ted wanted to do anything he could to keep our marriage.  And third, having sex with Hans while Ted watched was a hidden fantasy of mine from months ago.  So now that I see a reason to do this, I need to focus on why not to do this, my intuition was telling me that there must be a million reasons.


Let’s reason here.  If I participated in this wild fantasy, I would obviously be hurting Ted immensely.  But maybe would a part of Ted be happy about it?  Ted had encouraged me with all of his manipulative efforts to command him as much as possible so that he could make me happy and commanding him to watch this would really be something monumental.  So I’m not sure about how Ted would feel about it overall.  Maybe he would be thankful that I allowed him to make me happy?  This seemed like sophism but I really couldn’t determine what Ted would think of this.  He’s going to need to speak up if he has a problem.


Another reason why not to is that Hans could turn out to be a horrible person.  This wasn’t too much of a reason, I could meet Hans first and judge for myself.  I could take that as slowly as I wanted to.  I’ve had a few one-night stands in my time before I met Ted, and generally I could just tell a horrible person to go away.


Another reason why not to participate in this fantasy is … is … I might lose Ted?  I’ve basically already “lost” him as a husband though that wasn’t much of any prize.  I don’t even know whether or not I would like Ted as my slave so I don’t know that I would miss that.


I’m running out of reasons here.  I’m going to sleep on it and talk it over with Ted.  I can’t imagine how I will bring up the issue with him and I might end up losing my nerve.  It sure will take nerve!


In the morning when I woke up Ted was kneeling on the floor on my side of the bed, just waiting for me to wake up and command him.  What a goof!


I said “How long have you been waiting like that?” and he replied “Only a half hour, Master!”  He seems very happy, like being my slave is his new purpose in life.


I said “You’re serious about being my slave, aren’t you?”


He replied with enthusiasm “Yes, Master!  I know it seems unlikely but I’ve realized that my happiest times have always been in making you happy and I want to make you as happy as you can be!  Please command me any way you want!”


The discussion about Hans can wait.  I am going to have some fun here.  It seems like it would be at Ted’s expense but he wants it!


I know some things he particularly does not like and I think it is time to test his resolve.  I said “Get on the bed, face up, with your hands and arms spread wide.  I am going to tie you to the bed.”


I know that the old Ted would never agree to this in a million years and I figured Ted my slave would balk but he did not hesitate one moment, he jumped onto the bed and lay just as I instructed him.  I found a few unused power cords in a drawer and managed to tie him to the bed.  I have no intention of making love to him but I want to see how he will handle this so I left him there as I went to the bathroom to clean up and put my makeup on.  It must have been uncomfortable for Ted as the cords were not that gentle on his wrists and ankles but I didn’t hear a peep out of him.


When I released Ted from bondage almost an hour later he said “Thank you Master for allowing me to serve you!”  He was still very happy to be my slave!  I hugged my slave and he hugged back.  It was the least I could do for him being so cooperative.


I was now ready to discuss Hans with Ted.


I said “Ted, I am going to tell you about something and I want you to listen before you say anything.  Don’t draw any conclusions until I am done, okay?”  Ted replied, “Yes, of course, thank you for letting me know ahead of time.”


I jokingly said “What, no ‘Master’” and laughed.  Ted was alarmed at his mistake and quickly said “Master, I’m sorry, please forgive me, Master Master Master, I will never forget to say it again!”  I said “I forgive you, it’s not a problem at all” and he sighed in relief.  To my chagrin and pleasure, Ted never forgot to address me as Master again.


I began “You have told me that you want to do everything you can to make me happy, right?”  He nodded his head emphatically, obedient in my command to not talk until I was done.  “I have thought of something which would make me very happy and you would be a full participant.  You would watch every moment of me being happy and you would clearly see that without your participation I would not be nearly as happy with it.  And once we are done we would continue to be married and you would be my slave.”


Ted was listening attentively and trying to figure out where I was going with this.  “Does this sound good to you so far?”  Ted nodded his head emphatically, like a dog.  I patted him on the head.  This is so much fun having a slave dog husband!  Now the moment of truth.


I continued “I would like to tie you to the chair in our bedroom so you can’t move.”  I paused as he nodded his head in agreement.  “I will poke you with my fingers a little, make you feel vulnerable.”  Ted nodded his head again.  “It might hurt a bit” and Ted nodded his head.  “I will make fun of you…” Ted nodded once more as I ended with “… while another man fucks me!”


Ted nodded again to be obedient but his face quickly turned red.  He finally stopped nodding and said in a neutral tone, “May I ask a question, Master?”  I nodded ascent.  “Did you say what I think you said, Master?”


I replied simply “Yes, I want you to watch me have sex with another man.”


Ted paused and said “Master, afterwards we would still be husband and wife and you would let me be your slave?”  I replied “Yes.”


Ted looked me in the eye, clearly struggling to do so, and managed to say “Master, thank you for letting me serve you.”


Wow, that was pathetic.  This hurt me more than I thought it would, to see a man I respected brought so low that he would willingly go along with this was … exciting!  I was conflicted inside but I was definitely having a physically exciting reaction.


I said “Go fetch me a glass of water with ice in it” and he replied “Yes, Master.”




Chapter 4


For the rest of the day I was so excited about setting up my fantasy scenario that I probably ignored Ted’s slavish attentions more than I should have.  It was wonderful being able to relax while Ted took care of the chores around the house, prepared lunch and dinner, and brought me whatever drinks and snacks I wanted plus he massaged my legs and feet for an hour.  He seemed happy about it, too, because he was trying to keep me in his life so it was a win-win situation for both of us.  But my mind was on my e-mails with Hans who readily agreed with my plans and had a few enhancement suggestions of his own.


I met Hans face to face for a snack at a restaurant and was physically attracted to him as much as I thought I would be based upon our e-mails and the pictures he had sent me previously as well as the picture I sent him today.  It is funny, as much as I am excited about being with Hans I am even more excited about humiliating Ted in the process.  Ted is going to willingly allow this to happen right in front of his eyes and that excites me!


Hans agreed to show up tonight and I decided to surprise Ted.  After Ted had washed the dishes after the dinner he had made, I told him that I wanted to tie him to the chair to make sure I knew how.  At my command Ted stripped naked and I used thick soft rope which I had picked up today from a sex toy store Hans had recommended.


It took me some time to tie Ted firmly to the chair fastening his ankles and legs to the front legs of the chair, his wrists to each other behind his back and to the back of the chair, and several strands around his upper torso so that the only parts of his body he could move were his head, his knees a bit, his fingers, and his toes.


I asked him “So how does it feel?”


Ted replied “I feel very helpless, Master, thank you for letting me serve you.”  That thank you for letting him serve me seemed to be his favorite saying today and mine as well.  He was being such a good boy!


At Hans’ suggestion I put a ball gag purchased today from that sex toy store in Ted’s mouth and he accepted it like the good slave he is.  I then changed into a thin negligée which Ted seemed to be enjoying at the moment judging by his soldier standing at attention.  That is a sight he used to rarely let me see, such a prude.


I went into the other room to watch TV until Hans arrived a half hour later.  Excited like a school girl on a first date, I led Hans into the bedroom and said to Ted whose eyes were open wide with surprise “Ted, this is my partner Hans!”


Hans said “Hello Ted, it is good to meet you” and Hans held out his hand as if for a handshake.  We both laughed at Ted’s facial expression of frustration.  Ted seemed to be trying to say something, maybe begging, but the gag blocked it and I really didn’t care what he had to say anyway.


Hans and I faced each other in front of Ted.  Hans and I began to undress each other.  I felt my excitement growing and couldn’t help but watch Ted’s anguished expression, I loved every moment of it.


From what we had agreed upon earlier, just before I removed his pants Hans brought out two clothespins from his pocket and once I had removed all of his clothes he went toward Ted who was trying to avoid looking at the attractive naked man approaching him.


Hans commanded to Ted “Look at me, bitch” and pinched one of Ted’s nipples.  As Hans brought one of the clothespins towards Ted’s nipple Ted whimpered into the gag and tried to squirm away but he could not move at all.  Hans let go of the clothespin so that it grabbed Ted’s nipple and Ted let out what would have been a loud scream but it was muffled by the gag.  Poor Ted was thrashing about with the little maneuvering room he had.  A part of me started to feel sorry for Ted as I didn’t think the clothespin would hurt so much but I saw that Ted’s soldier was again standing full at attention.  I had no idea why Ted would be aroused by this but that was fine with me, it removed any guilt I may have been holding onto at the moment.


Hans clipped Ted’s other nipple with another clothespin, to Ted’s obvious agony, and then turned his attention to me.  Hans and I kissed and ran our hands over each other’s body.  We then fell onto the bed and had sex in three different positions.  I had never experienced more than one orgasm in a night but tonight I had several.  It was amazing!  Every time I looked at Ted squirming in pain both physical and emotional as he watched Hans and me, it made me all tingly inside and heightened the passion I was feeling.  I loved it that Ted was crying!


On my fourth orgasm Hans also reached his climax and after that we were spent.  Hans and I lay together but after just a minute of that I didn’t feel very comfortable lying with Hans so I sat up, told Hans that it was wonderful, and after we put on our clothes I walked Hans to the door.


When I returned to the bedroom poor Ted had tears running down his face and he was making a constant whimpering sound.  As I pulled off each of the clothespins he yelped into the gag and jerked in pain against the restraints.  I told him “I want you to stay there for a while longer to make sure that you have an appropriate attitude.  What you say next could determine whether or not our marriage will survive.”


I figured that a threat would be the best way to get what I wanted in this case.  I desperately wanted him to thank his Master because I wanted to do this again.  And again and again!


About 30 minutes later I returned to the bedroom to remove the gag from Ted’s mouth.  It’s funny how casual it seems to me to leave him there tied up as if it was natural but I knew he wouldn’t think about complaining about that.


Once the gag was removed I said “So what do you think of all this?”


Ted looked me in the eye and confidently said exactly what I had hoped, “Thank you Master for letting me serve you.”  That made me so happy!  And excited again!


I had an idea and thought about how best to implement it.  I said to Ted “You are going to lick me.  Understand?”


Ted replied “Yes, Master.”


I had never even thought about having this done to me but I had read about it and wondered whether or not it was all it was cracked up to be.  Up until now I didn’t think anyone would ever agree to do this for me but with the predicament Ted was in, I knew that he would be eager to please me.


I tipped his chair back being careful not to let it slam and I slowly laid it down so that he was face up on the ground with his legs in the air still bound to the chair.  I lifted up my negligée and set myself on top of his face with my arms keeping my upper body up from the floor and I said “Lick, slave!”


Oh.My.Word.  I can’t even begin to describe how great it was.  Ted worked his tongue like there was no tomorrow and the sensations were amazing.  Let’s just say that Ted will be doing this frequently.


Once I had enough and was sitting down on the floor trying to catch my breath Ted said “Thank you Master for letting me serve you.”  Then I realized that other than a few paper towels I had not cleaned up after Hans had entered me.  I wonder if Ted thought about how he was licking not just me, in a sense?  Oh well, too bad for Ted!


I wonder if there is anything at all which would make me want to go through the humiliating ordeal Ted went through tonight?  I guess he is making up for all of the years of not showing his love much for me.  I could certainly get used to 5 years of this!


Ted was still tied up.  I finally took pity on him and untied him from the chair.  He had difficulty standing up as he was stiff.  Ted threw himself onto the bed and curled up into a ball, something the rope had prevented for a couple of hours.


I said “Rest there for a while and when you’re ready come out into the den so we can talk.”  He replied “Yes, Master.”


As I waited for Ted I just sat in the den and savored the giddiness I was feeling.  This man who was mostly aloof for the half dozen years I had known him was now my willingly obedient slave-boy, apparently ready to suffer anything just to be with me.  Now that’s my idea of a good husband!


Ted only rested for a few minutes.  As he entered the room I commanded “Crawl,” he said “Yes, Master” and immediately dropped to his hands and knees and crawled to kneel in front of where I sat, looking up at me with inquisitive eyes, just hoping for me to accept him as my slave.  I did not disappoint him.


I said “Slave, you have been a very good boy tonight” and Ted smiled.  I could picture him wagging his tail, maybe I should explore that image at a later date.  I continued “I want you to tell me in detail how you feel about everything which has happened tonight.  You need to be honest with me.”


Ted was a bit reluctant at first but then said “Master, I am overwhelmed with emotion and I’m not sure where to begin.  Yesterday I was hit with by far the biggest shock of my life and I felt as though my life would become a disaster.  I love you with all of my heart and I want to be with you forever.  If you left me I would be a broken man.


“I’m not exaggerating, you know how unlovable I would be to any other woman.”  Ted is a very closed person and difficult to get to know.  He was right in being concerned about finding another woman although he probably eventually would.  He continued “I should have shown you more gratitude because I always felt thankful that you married me and put up with me.  I’ve thought about this and I would be truly miserable if you left me.”  Ted looked up at me with sad and hopeful eyes, he looked like a pathetic broken man.


I said “Continue.”  He hesitated and looking down said “Master, I know that you have probably lost a lot of respect for me and to be honest I have deserved every moment of it.  I have been such an idiotic fool during our marriage and now all I have left is whatever you let me have.”  He looked up at me and said “You probably think I am crazy but even after tonight feeling what it is like to be a slave, I want to be your slave for as long as you will have me.”  There was definite pleading in his voice.


I said “How did it feel to be my slave?”


Ted looked down again and said “Master, I don’t feel human any more.”  Tears were running down his face.  “But I would go through it all again and whatever else you wanted, if you would please just stay with me.”  Ted cried and actually kissed my feet over and over.


I felt bad for poor Ted but overwhelming that emotion was a great sense of power.  I felt like the queen of the world.  After a minute of letting Ted grovel at my feet, I decided to be magnanimous.


I said “Ted, get up on the couch and sit next to me.  I think we can make this marriage work for both of us and stay married for a long time.”


Ted looked at me and smiled as he wiped away his tears.  He said “Thank you, Master, thank you thank you.”


I said “And now I want to tell you how I feel.  Our marriage up until this point was hell for me.  I still feel love for you but you eroded that with your uncaring attitude.  You really needed to be as contrite as you could be in order for me to stay with you.  I was this close to kicking you out of the house.


“I didn’t think you could be contrite enough but I want to compliment you because you really came through tonight.  You were a very very very good boy.  As long as you stay that way, I am willing to stay together.  Would that make you happy?”


Ted responded “Master, yes I would be very happy.”


I pressed on “Even being my slave 24/7?”


He replied “Yes, Master, 24/7 even suffering pain and humiliation as much as you want.”


I said “You would be happy suffering pain and humiliation 24/7?”


He said “Yes, Master, if that is what it would take for you to stay with me I would gladly suffer as much as my body could take.”


I commanded “Then get on your knees and propose to me.”


Ted went back on his knees in front of me and said “Master, would you please accept me as your adoring slave 24/7?”


I replied “Yes!  Now kiss my feet some more, I liked that.”




Chapter 5


This doesn’t seem real.  Ted obviously doesn’t enjoy pain and humiliation like the men in those dominance and submission stories.  Or maybe a part of him does, I almost forgot about that he was standing at attention even though he was tied to the chair, tortured by clothespins, and seeing me with Hans.


Ted was still on the floor kissing my bare feet so I said “Ted, why were you hard when you were tied to the chair?”


He paused groveling for a bit and said “Master, I don’t know.  I wasn’t enjoying it.”


I said “You must have been enjoying it, you were very aroused.”


Ted said “Master, I don’t have an explanation.  I am sorry.”


I said “It’s okay.  I’m going with the assumption that you enjoy it, and I’m going to give you more of what you enjoy.”  He didn’t respond and just kept kissing my feet.


I commanded “Get my book from the bedroom, next to my side of the bed.”  Ted crawled into the bedroom and came back on his hands and knees with the book.  He then resumed kissing my feet while I read.


A half hour later I decided that I had enough and left him off the hook from slave duties for the rest of the evening.


I started to write an e-mail to Hans but it felt strange.  I enjoying having sex with Hans but mostly because Ted was being made to watch.  I didn’t want to have any attachment to Hans, emotional or otherwise, and if Ted were not in the picture I would probably move on to someone else.  But Hans was good at cuckolding, he really helped rub it in Ted’s face and that was part of my enjoyment.


Before I finished the e-mail I took a step back in my thoughts.  Is this really what I want, to have Ted literally reduced to a foot-kissing fulltime slave and go out of my way to hurt and humiliate him?  I can’t think clearly.  My passion for the dominance I am feeling is relegating everything else to second or third string.


What is life about?  I don’t know how I got into such a basic question but I had to start somewhere.  It’s about happiness.  I had a choice here, to dominate and cuckold Ted or not to.  I wouldn’t be happy with anything in between, just playing at dominance part of the time doesn’t seem interesting to me and it would still have the negative effects on Ted I was thinking about.  So it was yes or no.


Could I be happy with Ted but without dominating him?  Maybe he is a changed person now, actually there is no maybe about it.  He would be loving and attentive and I would be loving … but not attentive.  I guess that’s a stumbling block.  I don’t feel any need to cater to his needs.  Does that mean I don’t love him any more?  Maybe.


But I love dominating and cuckolding Ted.  I absolutely love it.  And I would not love doing that to anyone else, I was sure of that.  Ted was just the right one for me.  In a strange way Ted was just right to be my husband if we continued to go along with this.


I guess that settles it then, at least for now.  I would not be happy with Ted unless he remained as my 24/7 slave and the moment he stopped being that our marriage would be on a quick path to the end.


So I guess another question is whether and how much mercy I should show him?  The only answer I can see in now in my heightened sense of domination is only enough mercy so that he wouldn’t quit altogether.  That didn’t seem to be at risk but I’ll keep an eye on that.


So I get to keep my doggy slave Teddy?  Yes!


Last decision for the night, Hans yes or no?  Yes, he’s very good at this and I want to take it even further.  I finished the e-mail to Hans and he replied with an affirmative just a few minutes later, we worked out a few details.


Hans suggested something which seemed like a great idea.  When we were ready to get in bed for the night I asked Ted “Do you masturbate from time to time?” and he responded “Yes, Master.”


“How often?” I asked.


Ted seemed reluctant to answer and said “Somewhat often, Master” while averting his eyes.


I said “How often?!”


Ted kept looking down and said “Master, maybe once per day, maybe not that much.”


I said “Once per day??!!  What on earth?!” but then I quickly calmed down.  Hans had suggested this is the case with many men and I guess I believe him now.  I asked “When was the last time?”


Ted seemed a bit less uncomfortable and said “Friday night, Master” which was two nights ago.


I said “Okay, good.  Listen carefully” and Ted raised his head to look at me.  I continued “From now on you are not going to touch yourself there for any sexual purpose without my direct permission.”  Suddenly, Ted looked like a dear in the headlights.  I asked “Do you hear me?”


Ted had a somewhat glazed over look but managed to say “I hear and obey, Master, thank you for letting me serve you.”


I reached out to touch his arm and said “Ted, I am not going to be evil and make you wait a long time each time but I want control of that as I have control of just about every other part of your life.  I enjoy having control, in case you haven’t noticed.”


He said “Thank you Master, I am perfectly good with you having control.  Everything is fine and of course I swear to you that I will obey.”


I said “Good.  However, if you disobey this command it is very important that you tell me the same day.  To be clear, disobeying this one order to not touch yourself there in any sexual way without my direct permission does not affect the status of our marriage – I won’t leave you for disobeying this order even if you repeatedly disobey it – but if you fail to tell me of your disobedience then our marriage ends.  Is that clear?”


He replied “Yes, Master, if I touch myself then it won’t affect our marriage as long as I tell you about it.”


I said “Good boy.  If it does happen, it won’t affect our marriage but I will find ways to punish you so that you will regret it.  I’m sure you believe me now, just try to remember it whenever you feel a need to touch yourself.  You will regret it, I promise.”


Ted said “I believe you, Master, I swear I will obey.”


For the next few days in the early morning and evenings after we both got home from work, Ted functioned well as my slave.  He shopped for dinner during his lunch hour, greeted me at the door on his knees and then massaged my neck and shoulders, prepared dinner and washed the dishes, and massaged my legs and feet for a couple of hours as I watched TV.  I wasn’t particularly cruel to him, other than generally commanding him like a slave, and he seemed to be happy not once even hesitating to obey me completely.  I know that I was happy with the situation.


Ted didn’t bring up our conversation about touching himself so I assume that he just didn’t do it.  He wouldn’t risk it without telling me about it.


Early Wednesday evening after Ted washed dishes after dinner, I had Ted kneel naked on the carpet in our bedroom while I handcuffed his hands behind his back.  I told Ted to wait there for a minute.


Ted did not seem surprised to see Hans walking into the bedroom.


Hans said “Well, if it isn’t our little slave boy.  Are you ready for another session?”


Ted averted his eyes and replied “Yes, sir.”


Hans sat on the bed and grabbed the back of Ted’s hair with one hand.  Hans looked into Ted’s eyes and slapped Ted’s face several times.  As Ted whimpered, Hans removed his shoes and socks and held the sole of his bare foot in front of Ted’s face.  Hans commanded “Lick all over the sole of my foot, bitch.”


I had not told Ted to obey Hans and I was not certain what Ted would do but I watched with great pleasure as Ted stuck his tongue out and licked Hans’ foot from the heel to the toes and in between the toes.  Hans was laughing at Ted during this humiliating display and taunted Ted with “That’s a good slave, lick your master’s foot.  I worked out today and my foot was really sweaty.  I’m sure you are enjoying the taste because you are a foot slave.”  Hans kept Ted licking his foot for a few minutes.


Hans repeated Ted’s humiliation with the other foot and when Hans had enough he slapped Ted’s face hard and said “You are a worthless piece of nothing” which was my signal to join in on the fun.


When Hans’ e-mail had described this scene to me I was instantly hot and now seeing it in action, I was on fire.  I almost asked Hans to prolong it but wanted to get to the main course.


Ted was leaning back while on his knees and his face had a sour look on it as he looked downward in shame.  I grabbed his hair and pulled him forward as Hans removed his pants and underwear.  Ted could see where this was leading and he started to whimper again.  He had not been given permission to talk and all the poor boy could do was whimper as a way of begging for this not to happen.


Hans’ dick was standing at attention in front of Ted and I told Ted “Suck his dick, slave.”  It was one of the most fun things I have ever said in my life, it was all I could do to stop myself from laughing with joy as I said it.


What would Ted do?  All three of us knew he would obey, and he did.  Ted wrapped his lips around Hans’ dick and I moved a bit to the side so that my face was watching closely, just inches from the action, to increase Ted’s utter humiliation.  As Hans moaned in pleasure, Ted’s eyes dripped tears of anguish.  It was amazingly exciting to me!


Apparently, it was exciting to Ted, too, as he was also at attention.


Hans said “Stop and watch” as I jumped on the bed and had sex with him.  I looked at Ted several times which increased the intensity of three orgasms, the last of which was simultaneous with Hans.  I was out of breath but I still wanted more so I grabbed Ted’s hair and had him eat me which prompted Hans to say “Slave boy here likes the taste of my cum.”


Once I had enough and Hans was ready to leave I decided to go beyond the playbook at bit.  Hans agreed to stay for a few more minutes as I removed the handcuffs from Ted and had him lay on his back on the floor next to the bed.  I asked Hans to use his bare feet to caress Ted’s face and then I commanded Ted to masturbate.


Ted, of course, obeyed and it did not take him long at all to approach his climax so I asked Hans to insert his big toe in Ted’s mouth at that moment.  Ted’s orgasm occurred with his face covered by Hans’ feet and his mouth sucking on Hans’ toe.  Hans and I both laughed uncontrollably for a while as poor Ted lay on the floor drowning in tears of humiliation.  It was great!


After Hans left and Ted and I had both cleaned up I began to worry that this was too much humiliation for poor Ted.  How could he possibly want to be in a marriage having to suffer through this from time to time not to mention be a slave all of the time?


I said to Ted “This was an amazing great experience for me.  You were a very good boy again tonight.”


Ted said “Thank you, Master, I am very glad that you enjoyed it.”  He seemed to mean this, not just saying it to be subservient.  He had told me that he wanted to make me happy and maybe I would believe it someday.  But that was extreme, I still have a tough time believing that he is glad to have gone through that or that he would be glad to keep being treated this way.




Chapter 6


The rest of the evening and the next day Ted was still very subservient and happy-seeming without a hint of complaint.


I set my book down while he was rubbing my feet watching TV.  I said “Ted, I want to understand more about how you are feeling.”


Ted muted the TV and asked “Master, how can I help?”  This is another way in which Ted is attentive, he doesn’t just try to jump to do what I say until he understands it after asking the right questions.


I said “How can you let me treat you like this?”


Ted replied “Master, like this?  This is great being able to watch TV and I don’t mind rubbing your feet at all…” and he added “if it makes you happy then it makes me happy.”


I think I get it now.  I completely crushed his self-esteem.  He feels that he is not worthy of much of anything and to have the privilege of being able to watch TV was a great thing.  He seemed happy but inside he must be torn apart.  I felt sorry for him.


I said “I mean, how can you let me walk all over you like last night?”


Ted replied “Oh, Master, I see what you mean.”  He averted his eyes for a few seconds as it was clearly painful to remember.  He continued “I have been thinking about this a lot lately and I think I have a comparison.  Do you remember a last year when we visited the children’s wing of the hospital and ended up donating money to it?  We both felt great.  I have wanted to donate more but I knew that our finances are not the best.  It was one of the few times when I felt like I had sunshine in my stomach, like I was doing exactly the right thing.


“Master, I am feeling close to the same thing now.  When I rub your feet I feel a very small bit of that but last night I felt a warm glow of sunshine throughout my body.  I felt all of the other feelings, too, but as long as –“


I cut him off “What other feelings?  Be specific.”


Ted averted his eyes again and replied “Master, last night was the most humiliating experience in my life, even worse than this past weekend.  The first time I had hoped that you were just trying something new but this time you rubbed my face in it as much as you could and it hurt.”  I could see that Ted was almost starting to cry but I waited for him to continue.


He said “Master, as the events were unfolding I felt that the emotional pain was going to be too much and I felt overwhelmed until I realized that there was no lasting physical harm and there would be no change in status, it was just humiliation.  Behind all of that I felt the sunshine in my stomach and knew that it was all worthwhile because I could see how happy it made you.  Even at the worst moments last night I was glad that you were doing this, and that is why I had a physical reaction.


“And now, Master, that you are allowing me to give you such heights of pleasure I feel more alive and happy than I have ever felt before.  Thank you, Master, I mean that with all of my heart.”


Ted is or was a very logical person and is good at explaining his reasoning to me.  This explanation he gave me made sense from step to step but I could not quite believe the bottom line.


I said “So you enjoy being a slave and having someone treat you like complete dirt?”


Ted replied “No, Master, not at all, only when you do that, or when you cause it to be done.  Only you.”


I let that sink in and then said “You are saying in your own way that you love me.”


Ted smiled and said “Yes, Master, exactly.  I love you so much and I am glad that you allow me to show this great love I have for you.”


I was touched.  And now I was confused.  I said “So you want me to continue to mistreat you?  I need you to answer honestly.”


Ted replied “Master, the honest truth is that I want to stay married to you, that is number one.  To do that, you must remain happy, I would not want you to stay in a marriage without being happy.  So your happiness is number one and only on my list of wants.


“Master, if you could be just as happy not treating me like dirt as you are treating me like dirt, then I would want to not be treated like dirt.  But that is completely irrelevant because I know that you are much happier this way.  Even if our marriage could survive going back to the way it was, I would not want that, I want to continue to make you very happy.”


He looked me in the eyes and said “Please let me continue to make you happy.  Please abuse me as completely as you want to, as long as my body can take it and as long as we stay married and together.”


I said “Ted, thank you for being so open about your feelings, I know that is difficult for you especially considering the topic.  In case you need to do more than just interpret my reactions, I tell you now that in the past week you have made me the happiest woman on earth and I cherish that you are willing to go through this.”


He said “Master, may I ask a favor?”  When I nodded yes he said “Please continue to treat me like dirt.”  He got down on both knees in front of me, clasped his hands together, and said “Please.”  He meant it, he meant every word of it.


I said “I will” and he hugged my knees in gratitude.


Was that pathetic or low self-esteem?  I had no idea, it was beyond anything I’ve heard of.  If it made him happy to make me happy, that was all good.


I said “You need to promise me something” and he said “Master, anything at all.”  I said “If at some point you feel that I am going too far over the course of time, you need to let me know.  I’m not talking about using a safe word or something in the short term, I am talking about long term, if you feel yourself going insane or suicidal from being treated so poorly you need to let me know.”


He smiled and said “Master, I would let you know but I can’t imagine that happening unless it was my body breaking down from torture.”


I said “I guess that is a good point.  If your body is breaking down you need to tell me that too, let’s use ‘red’ as a safe word.  I guess it wouldn’t really be a safe word because you might be tempted to use that just to escape a short term situation.  If you safe word then I won’t necessarily let you go but I will listen to what you have to say.  Unless you are gagged, then you’d have to just suffer and safe word later.  Got it?”


Ted said “Yes, Master, I will never use that color word again except in extreme body breaking circumstances.”


So now we have a spoken understanding between us.  It puts me at ease not having any guilt about treating Ted this way and it turned the situation from somewhat non-consensual to consensual.  I still have my doubts about whether Ted could keep up his subservience indefinitely but I am going to ride the wave as long as I can because I am in heaven.


For Saturday night Hans had a particularly exciting plan, ratcheting things up another notch.  Initially and a few times in the two days beforehand I almost called it off as being too evil but it was too exciting for me to pass up.  Ted was going to be absolutely horrified!


On Saturday night I led Hans into the bedroom where Ted was naked on the floor.  Hans had clearly been running as he was sweaty and we taunted Ted verbally as he licked Hans’ bare feet and sucked his toes.  At Hans’ direction Ted slowly licked up Hans’ legs and thighs.  The look of disgust and humiliation on Ted’s face was priceless!  But we were just getting started.


Hans directed Ted to suck Hans’ dick and after several seconds I said “Oh Teddy boy, look at your new Master” to show myself wearing a big strap-on dildo!  Ted, to his credit, managed to keep sucking Hans’ dick although his facial expression showed increased anguish.  I had put some lube on the dildo and slowly invaded my husband’s ass with it as he groaned in pain.  Still, he took it like the good slave he is.


Once the dildo was all the way in I thrust my hips forward to push it in a bit further and then pulled back slowly, pushed in slowly, pulled back slowly, pushed in more quickly, and kept thrusting forward and back.  What a sense of power!  Ted was practically screaming into Hans’ dick.


I pulled out of Ted and then slowly inserted a butt plug all the way in Ted’s ass.  I told Ted to hold it in with his hand while he stopped sucking Hans’ dick and I guided Ted to sit on the chair in our bedroom.  Sitting on the chair pushed the plug farther into Ted’s ass and once he sat back I could see that he was crying his eyes out even though his soldier was standing at attention.  Hans and I tied Ted to the chair with the plug firmly up Ted’s ass and I told Ted to watch as Hans and I had sex.


I was so turned on at seeing Ted’s horrible ordeal that I had four orgasms with the last being simultaneous to Hans’.  Wow.


Once Hans and I were done we went over to Ted who still had the plug up his ass and was still squirming in discomfort and humiliation.  We tilted the chair so that Ted’s head was resting on the ground and I had Ted eat me again.  Wow that feels great.  Hans enjoyed taunting Ted with reminders that Hans’ cum is part of Ted’s dining faire but I was so lost in waves of pleasure that I lost track of what was said.


Once I was done Hans was ready to leave and I almost forgot but I remembered in time to have Hans rub his bare foot all over Ted’s face and insert his toes in Ted’s mouth and this time I gave Ted a hand job while he was still tied up and being violated by the plug.  Poor Ted had his happy ending if you can call it that after what he went through to get it not to mention the plug up his butt and the sweaty male foot in his face and I don’t think it was particularly pleasurable as he was whimpering.


Once we set Ted back in an upright position and Hans left, I was completely worn out.  I felt like I had been to a wild orgy of multiple sex acts one after another.  Ted was still whimpering and squirming from the butt plug.  I thought I was done with victimizing Ted for the evening but I still had a bit of spark left so I told Ted that I would be back and left him for another hour in his predicament.


When I returned, Ted had stopped whimpering but his face was a mess from the dried tears.  He looked up at my with pleading puppy dog eyes and when I asked him “Did you have a good time?” he said “Yes, Master, that was the best time of my life.”


We both knew he was just answering the way I wanted him to answer and because he was a good boy I untied him and let him remove the plug.  He fell down on the floor and kissed my feet over and over.




Chapter 7


The next day after Ted served me breakfast in bed and he had washed the dishes as well as took care of the other Sunday chores of vacuuming and dusting, it was time to implement something I had read about which seemed exciting to me.


I had Ted take off his clothes and put dog mittens on his hands and pads on his knees.  I told Ted that for the rest of the day until it was time for him to make dinner, he would be my little doggy.  The only sounds which could come out of his mouth were dog sounds and he would need to act like a dog all day.  Ted knew not to dream of disobeying me and he was a good doggy.  I had him fetch my rolled up sock and bring it back in his mouth several times, roll over, and beg a whole lot.  This wasn’t as exciting as I had hoped but I did enjoy reading a book while he played dead on the floor while I used his face as a footrest.


An activity I tried the next day was to lie on the bed on my side and have Ted rest his head on one thigh facing my feet as I wrapped my other thigh around his head.  I had Ted try to escape but he didn’t even come close to getting loose as my thighs had a firm grip.  I felt a rush of power knowing that I could physically dominate him only with my legs.  He was clearly in some discomfort but I enjoyed having the back of his head to grind my groin against.  I told Ted to massage my lower legs and feet while I read a book for an hour.  I enjoyed this a whole lot and did this most evenings.


Over the next several weeks, when we were not at work during the day, I experimented with a few other methods of humiliation with some degree of success.  A few of the activities involved torture and while I enjoyed those I did not want to go beyond my own limits as the excitement I received was more from Ted’s humiliation than from his pain.


Through all of it, Ted remained happy as a clam except during the throes of direct humiliation or pain.  During a session it was as though he had two voices one telling him stop this is horrifying but the other telling him please keep going I love making my Master happy.  Between sessions the second voice was the only one I detected.


I decided to break it off with Hans as I did not want any emotional involvement and felt that more experiences together would be too risky.  Instead, I found new playmates for Ted to watch, a different one every session with two sessions every week and always ended with Ted receiving a happy ending of sorts either with the man present or not.  I am surprised at how easy it is to find a man for this if you know where to look.  Each man had different approaches for Ted, some not paying much attention at all while others were very hands on as Hans had been.


One month after our new life began I decided to do something different.  I tied Ted face up spread-eagled to the bed and had him eat me.  He had become very good at that, knowing just the right pacing and movement of his tongue.  There was nothing different about that compared to our other sessions.


He had only once been tied up spread-eagled before and he seemed very uncomfortable with this vulnerability.  Once I had enough of his tongue I caressed his nipples gently and that drove him wild with uncontrollable pleasure.  His reaction was almost the same as being tickled but he was moaning instead of laughing and he was fully erect.  I kept this up for a few minutes and enjoyed the control it gave me over him.


Then we did what Ted never thought we would do again.  I aligned my body with Ted’s and lowered myself until Ted’s full erection entered me.  The look of adoration on Ted’s face was priceless as I grinded up and down until he quickly achieved orgasm.  Afterwards, as I let myself lay on top of him Ted whispered “Thank you, Master” and I felt good.


Later, I told Ted that I believe that any last remnant of guilt I felt at treating him like dirt was gone and he was genuinely glad.  If possible, he became even more subservient and attentive.  Maybe part of his goal was to be such a good boy that I would repeat having him enter me so from time to time I would tease him of this but teasing was not a good tactic with him as he never showed even a hint of frustration, taking with a smile whatever denial I would give him.


I decided to reward him with this every month unless he was a bad boy.  We never missed a month for the rest of our lives.


Putting my experience to computer now is an eye-opener for me.  I have friends ask me how I was so lucky to find such a wonderful husband, that seems to elevate me in their eyes as if I am worthy of envy.  All they see, though, is a husband who is very attentive and I will not reveal to them the truth behind the truth but I wonder how they would react to reading this.


In the first parts of this account I almost cringe at how terribly selfish I was.  Most of us learn not to be selfish all of the time but it turns out that this is what Ted wants and it makes us both happy.



Word count = 11,820.


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