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posted September 8, 2013



The following details the experiences of a 60yr male service sub, going to his 4th multi day event, being in the scene for over 6 yrs. For each of the  8 or 900 hundred attendees, they each would have a very different version of their own experiences. And, a person who is in the scene, or has attended multi day events before, would have a very different view of this compared to someone who is not in the scene.



Reflections on my weekend at Fetfest 2013


  I am still processing my thoughts of the weekend. There is much to process. I only left the camp 7 hours ago.


   It was a large range of activities and emotions and ‘firsts’ and expected things and unexpected things. Something that cannot be processed into one word – like great, or hardly even a sentence.


   As I advised some of the people I met who were at their first event, the one thing that you do NOT want to do, is to arrive back home and say to yourself, “damn, I wished I had done blank”.  And I am happy to say that I did not get home and say that.


   Some of my more fond memories of Fetfest were very subtle ones and some that were hardly kinky. Some scenes that I participated in, as they would have seemed like my greatest potential fantasies, did not turn out so rewarding.


   The easiest thing to categorize, is my biggest regret of the weekend. It happened on Saturday, maybe 7pm or so. A friend of mine, also about 60, someone with interests mirroring my own, he attended the event with a 22yr Asian beautiful Domme, fairly new to the scene, a young lady I have pedicured twice thus far.


  On a grassy area, very close to where I was hanging out, but oblivious to me at the time, this young lady, consensually, was literally beating the shit out of my buddy. He likes that sort of stuff. Though I did not get to witness it, I did talk to some people who did, and I also talked to the principals involved. There on the grass, with a small crowd looking on, she : punched, slapped, kicked, pushed to the ground, probably other things as well. A 22yr old taking advantage of a 60yr old. I happened to see it immediately after it ended, and certainly my 60yr buddy looked as though he could barely walk or even think clearly. He actually messaged me within the last hour as I write this, to say, humorously, that “watching it is more rewarding than participating in it”. I am so sorry that I missed this. My biggest regret by far.


   This was my first year, of the 3 thus far, that I stayed in a cabin. A wooden building that had about 24 beds, divided in half, with a bathroom in the middle, that included 2 showers, 2 sinks, 2 commodes, and a urinal. With my ‘early’ hours, waking up and going to bed, I never personally had to wait much for anything. Especially the advantage that males have of opting for a urinal.


  My biggest concern with the cabin was sleeping. Especially with my probably going to sleep before every one else, and the noise in camp, such as screaming and drums beating, and people coming in at all hours, snoring, etc. Everyone suggested ear plugs, which I brought, and my aforementioned beat-up buddy brought me sleeping pills, which I took on the first night. But, as I was so exhausted from doing 7 hrs of pedicures each day, I think that helped me sleep more than anything else. In short, though I woke up often, I was able to go back to sleep and get sufficient sleep. I also brought vodka, but ended up hardly drinking much.


   I am 60, and for the first time in my entire life, I was treated to the oddity, quite often, of walking into the bathroom, to shower or pee, also wearing at least underpants, and looking up and seeing a naked woman. I never lost the awareness of such an unusual, for me, situation. I laughed silently each time. I never got physically aroused over it, but let me reinforce here, that my being 60, and these naked women ranged from probably 25-45, it was quite a treat.  Actually, more voyeuristic for me, was walking by the beds of women in my cabin as they slept, I took long looks at those whose feet extended past the blankets while they slept. That was a much more exciting sight to me than seeing them walk into or out of the shower in the bathroom. To each his own.


   Not to go off on a tangent here, but the above made me believe that if I had somehow been in a similar situation once, in my teens of 20s, that it would have had the positive effect of making me less shy towards women. Just my two cents. Still, even though this did not happen ‘til I was 60, I am glad it DID happen.


  For whatever reason, the events of Friday, the 1st day, seem clearer in my mind.


   The first best thing, was seeing that they had a new photo option, regarding what color band is worn on your wrist. The new option was ‘yellow’, which meant that photographers could take your photo, but could not post it without permission and would email the photos to you. In the past I wore ‘red’, meaning no photos, but always did encourage photographers to take non-facial photos of me doing pedicures. Which they did.


   As for my pedicures, it actually did go about as I had anticipated. Certainly busy, no question. I decided days before the event, that I would have a daily sign-up sheet. Basically, noon-6pm time slots each day, ending my service at 7pm. Surely, I ended up turning people away. The ones who said they lived in MD, I offered to make house calls to, and some others I even invited them for pedicures if they visited friends in the area during the year. I gave out a lot of my foot cards. They are always a big hit.


   One of my pedicures of the first day, ‘L’, we had had already about 3-4 pedicures over the past couple of months. She chose a polish, one of 4 that I had recently added and was very excited over. I am not ashamed to say I can get excited over polish – lol.

Anyway, this particular color, a multi-colored mosaic finish, with filament-like pieces in it, it was unbelievably great. We both were amazed over it. Even though this had little to do with Fetfest, discovering this polish, seeing it on toes, was a highlight for me. It was that neat.


   There is a very cute young lady, R, whom I had seen at maybe 4-5 parties over the past year, and for whatever reason, she never got a pedicure from me. I once gave her a foot card, and I messaged her a couple of times, telling her that i would be attending a party that she would be at, and hoping that we could have a pedicure. But it never happened. Well, I still can’t believe it, she came by for a pedicure on the first day of the event. It was important for me to assure her that I was not obsessing over her, just that I enjoy pedicuring ALL beautiful young women, of which she is one. We had fun, and I would guess that she will call on me for pedicures in the future.  It was fulfilling for me.


   It was about 9pm or so. I was sitting on my bed in the cabin, I chose a corner for less exposure to noise. I couldn’t decide for myself, should I go to sleep, as I was very tired, or should I summon up some energy, and go out to maybe one of the dungeons, and see what trouble I might find for myself. 3 beds down from me, there was a woman of maybe 35-40, she was sitting on her bed doing whatever on her device. Texting, maybe.


   We struck up a conversation, and ‘K’ was very new to the scene. She liked the concept of femdom. I gave her some basic advice, like what groups to gravitate to, and she did know some people who I know, so we had that in common. I decided to show her the small collection of toys that I brought with me, half were homemade.


  Then, I did something that would have been unusual in my younger days, I asked her if she wanted to go somewhere and ‘play’. She accepted. She said she had NEVER played before. Wow. She was probably the only person, out of 900 at the campgrounds, other than food vendors and camp staff, who had never played before. How exciting for me, to be someone’s FIRST.


  We walked a short distance, halfway to the main dungeon, to a barn area that had some pieces of equipment in it. Only 1-2 other couples were in the building, so we had several to choose from. I had brought rope with me, but since she knew nothing about rope, and I briefly had the notion to tie myself, but decided that I don’t really know much about rope tying either, I would just hold on to the beams instead of being restrained.


   I only gave her some brief advice, about starting slowly, and trying to not have things ‘wrap around’ cause you aren’t always sure where they are going to end up. She did great. She tried most of the things I brought, and she later told me she had a great time and that at that point, she enjoyed flogging the most. For me, it was not a meaningful scene, except to be her first. Otherwise, it wasn’t overly painful or memorable for me. But I was real glad that I took the first step.


   Two of the things on my checklist for the event, I did not do. One was that on Friday night they were doing ‘human torch’ at the pool. Two women put alcohol on your lower legs, then lit your naked self aflame, then pushed you into the pool. I had seen this once and figured that there aren’t many places to try it at. But, seeing that it really held no dynamics of dom/sub for me, I decided to forego it.


  Another very small item on my checklist was to visit the Honey Badger Club. It was a room set up for stripping, like a private club. They had competitions, and lap dances, and pole dancing and drinking. But, I figured that since you saw naked women walking around everywhere, even in my own communal bathroom, what was the sense of seeing women strip in a club? So, I skipped it.


   Let me interject here, as I told many of the ladies during the event, that at any party I attend, EVERYONE who wants a pedicure gets one. But here, I was only able to pedicure a fraction of those who came by to inquire about one. 7 per day roughly. I added one at the end of Friday, the woman who beat up my friend, and on Sunday, I kept one slot open, for a play session with the previous pedicure appointment. Some of the ladies who came by early on Saturday or Sunday morning, and actually ‘scored’ a time slot, I told them how lucky they were. Because most were not so lucky.


  So, I don’t recall exactly when it was arranged, but one of my Saturday pedicures was a woman whom I have played with 3 times in the past 6 mos. I’d say without a doubt, the closest I have to a regular play partner. V. She also enjoys getting pedicures from me.


  So, we had our pedicure, and during which, I asked her about us playing at the event, and when would be a convenient time for her. At the time, I had my Sat and Sun nights completely free, and my Sunday morning free as well. She said she hoped to be available on Sat, that night, about 8pm. I texted her my number so she could contact me. So, in my mind, instead of looking around the festival for someone “new and exciting”, I had better arrange a play date now, to ensure that I don’t leave the event without having played, as happened last year.


  So, on Saturday night, I had long finished my pedicure shift, and eaten dinner, and I was sitting around my ‘village’, the Goddess Village, waiting to be contacted by V for our play. I happened to see her male partner in life, a friendly guy I know of about 40 I guess, and also a very young lady in their ‘group’, K. Very pretty and very young, like 20 or so. Well, we were sitting there talking, and the male knew that I was waiting to play with V, and of course, that was no issue, because each of them play with others. K, the pretty young lady, well she was barefooted, and though I had just spent 7 hrs each of the last 2 days doing pedicures, I could not help myself but to reach over and also ask, if I could massage her feet while we were waiting for V to come by for our play. She allowed me, certainly, though cautioned that they were dirty from her walking barefooted through the camp. It was funny, to me, that even though I had so many feet in my lap the last 2 days, this was very erotic for me. I think it was because it was out of my normal environment, of doing pedicures. But, very very fun for me. I could barely even see her feet, cause it was quite dark.


   Well, V was running a bit late, doing a play session with another guy in the main dungeon, and her male friend who was with me texted her to get an update on how long she might be. As it was about 940pm now, I said to the guy that one of the things on my ‘list’ was attending a gang bang that was supposed to happen at 10pm Sat night. They were going to have 2 other gang bangs, this same couple was putting on, and if I missed the Sat night one, I could attend the Sun am one. But, we all decided that the 3 of us would walk over to the ‘sex village’, the building known as Fuckingham Castle, where the gang bang was to take place.


  My reasons for wanting to see the gang bang were several. I’d never seen one before, and where else can you go to see one? Also, I was hoping that the perceived humiliation of the female, being used by a line of males with other watching, that I would associate with those feelings of humiliation. Unfortunately for me, it was quite obvious the ‘victim’ was having a wonderful time, we were close enough to hear her conversation with Number 1, as he entered her, so it did not turn out as fun for me as I had hoped. Not that I regret seeing it. The 20yr old K also was with us, and I thought that here I was seeing my first gang bang at 60, and this young lady was seeing one at 20 yrs of age. Maybe she’d even seen one before. Not fair.


   V texted that she was finished with her play session, so we all got together, and then I went back briefly to my cabin to get my toys ‘cause I had thought that V already had a toybag with her. No problem. We entered the main dungeon and it was not that crowded.

     There were a multitude of places to play at the event, some outside and lighted, some indoors. You could watch any scene you wanted, just as long as you didn’t interfere. The scenes with women screaming drew the biggest audiences. But I am not inferring that anything was going on that was non-consensual.


   So, V asked me if I had anything in particular in mind, and I told her that I wanted to receive some CBT, but to be careful with my sensitive testicle, and also to feel my TAzapper, the shocking device looking like a BBQ lighter. The last time we started to play with that thing, it  ran out of batteries. I put fresh batteries in before the event.


  She chose a red padded spanking bench for me to lay over, and she simply tied each wrist to an eyebolt in the sides. Not that I would ever try and go anywhere.


  V is so skilled with play, that she knows exactly when I am getting near my limit with a particular implement, she senses my body language, then pauses, runs her hand over my body, puts the item down and chooses another, then begins again. She is very talented in this regard.


  This session went on for a long time. I can’t say exactly, but I would say at least 30 min, maybe 45. I wasn’t exactly looking at my watch, even if I had worn one.


  I lay on my stomach on the bench, but in a position that she could reach under to my genitals. She was very gentle, and I trust her completely, and in fact, she probably was too gentle, because I cautioned her so. Still, it was nice for someone to even touch my genitals. I jumped, figuratively so, whenever she reached under me, but in fact, it was not a painful grab or anything.


  So, my body was sore from the blows, but not to the degree of welting or residual pain. Just worn out.


  Walked V back to her trailer, then I retreated back to my cabin and slept very soundly, for obvious reasons. I was worn out.


  Sunday would probably be the most ‘eventful’ day, not to make a pun purposely. Not that each ‘event’ was wonderful, just that it had the most number of things going on for me.


  Before my pedicure shift on Sunday morning, my buddy whose beating I described earlier, asked me if I were still interested in receiving a golden shower from S, the young Asian woman who kicked the shit out of him the night before. She was still sleeping in his tent, but he would ask her when she woke up if she would give me a golden shower.


  Soon thereafter, he gave me a ‘thumbs up’, and I knew what was about to happen. I ran inside my cabin to grab an old towel I brought, to wipe myself off before I got into a regular shower, so as not to drip any pee on the cabin floor before I got to the bathroom.


  I was nervous, but I didn’t come to Fetfest to avoid doing things. A young man who was socializing next to me, of about 30, asked me if he could watch. “Of course”, I told him.


  So, it was the 4 of us. We walked behind the cabin area to a shady and grassy place. I removed all of my clothing and lay down in a spot that S approved of. All the time she was saying that she wasn’t sure she had to ‘go’. She wasn’t saying this to tease me, I doubt, but as it turned out, she had no trouble going whatsoever.


  It happened very quickly. She  aimed right at my face, as requested, and I clenched my mouth closed, whether voluntarily or involuntarily I can’t exactly say. Then it was over, just like that. I toweled myself off, she said that I could hug her only after a regular shower, and I went back into my cabin to take a regular shower.


  Later that day, I joked with several people that I had had 3 showers that morning already: a morning shower, a golden shower, then another shower to rid myself of the golden shower.


  It was a great fantasy of mine, largely because of who was doing the showering, her being a Domme, but the actual act was not the most thrilling for me. I was quite fine afterwards, not needing any time to recover emotionally or anything like that.


   Before I continue with Sunday’s pedicures and other events, let me make a couple of random observations.


   On Sat night, walking on the main camp road, I passed the village called Bouncytown, it is for ‘littles’, who mainly are people who like to pretend they are little kids of different ages. Well, it was dark, and they were all sitting on a long table, covered in case of rain, and they were watching a large screen and projector, that played Despicable Me, a child’s film, while drinking grape juice and eating kids snacks and candies. It was a sight I will never forget. Hardly the weirdest sight in camp, but one I will remember.


  Also, I met a young man who was from Egypt. He was doing foot massages next to me for much of the time, and he was fairly new to the scene. But, we bonded with one another, and it was fascinating to hear how restrictive life is in Egypt, and how you just cannot participate in any kink there, with legal ramifications. I was surprised that they don’t even have pro Dommes. He left Egypt to seek his place in kink. He wants to be a slave, not an oft-used term I hear in the lifestyle. We had a nice time socializing. Not competing whatsoever, just that we both deal with feet.


   One of the very fun things I did, was Saturday night. The lady whom I had her first play with, the previous night, asked me to help take some photos of her feet for her, to send to a buddy who liked feet. I was very happy to. I looked around the room for different props, and I think we took some amazing shots. Unique ones. It was very fun for me, and I am sure she appreciated it.


  First pedicure on Sunday, a different V. This very pretty young lady looked to be all of about 17, and wore kitten ears and some of her hair was greenish or bluish. I had guessed that she was a ‘little’, from Bouncytown, or definitely a sub. How wrong I was.


 I will never forget when she told me she had an interest in learning waterboarding, to do it to others. Heavy stuff. She knew some of the safety precautions and some of the variations to do it, like tilting the victims head back so the water does not go into the lungs. It is not something I think I will ever do, but she hardly seemed the type to do anything like that.


 We had a very fun pedicure together, very much, and she chose alternating colors on each toe, blue and green, but I am all about what the customers want, not that I think is proper. It made her happy. Very fun pedicure.


  I had a 2pm pedicure with B. Now, this woman, a 40ish Domme, I was supposed to have a session at an event in May with, but she failed to connect with me there, as she promised, a couple of times. However, she remembered me, and she told me that she wanted to schedule a pedicure and that she would engage in a scene I had mentioned before to her. The scene is that I want to put my partial dental plate in a glass, and have her piss in that glass, then I would hope to forever associate her piss everytime I put the plate in my mouth. I was actually flattered that she remembered, and indeed, she did show up for the pedicure. I kept the following pedicure slot open for our ‘session’.


  She seemed very mellow during the pedicure, not sleepy, and cordial, but maybe a bit exhausted from driving back and forth to camp the past couple of days.


  She told me that she formerly was a cosmetician and we did engage in nail talk and polish talk, which I greatly appreciated. She offered me a couple of tips, which I was grateful for.


  Then came the time for our scene. We walked into my cabin, and I showed her the glass I bought just for the occasion. A nice looking wide-mouthed cocktail glass, but from the Dollar Store. I think she started to enter the bathroom with the glass and I asked her if it was ok to first put the dental plate in the glass. I probably would have preferred to SEE her piss in the glass, but there would be no doubt that it was her piss she was coming out with. And she did.


   Now I don’t want to sound ungrateful, and in fact I was flattered that she remembered my scene from months ago, and I was also grateful for the nail tips she gave me during our pedicure, but she hands me the glass, says “thanks for the pedicure”, then goes off.


  Glass, piss, and dental plate in hand, I walk in back of the cabins, near the area where 4 hrs ago, I was pissed on already, and I put the dental plate back in my mouth, no issue, but was completely unable to bring myself to drink any of the pee. So I poured it out. I filled that glass with a small amount of vodka that I brought, not sure why, then went back to wait for my 4pm pedicure appt. And, that was it. Definitely a disappointment. I thought we were going to do other play as well.


   My last pedicure of Sunday, and of the event, was E. I met her a few months ago at an event in PA. She really enjoys using my remote control dog shock collar. Maybe 5 or so of the Ladies used this on me during their pedicures. Always fun.


  I like parts of E, but I am definitely afraid of her. I have contemplated playing with her, and even trying needles for the first time with her, but she is the type who playfully wants to exceed people’s limits. And I don’t think I am a good person to have my limits exceeded non-consensually. I do not regret not playing with E, though our pedicure was sort of fun. I know she had fun, shocking me to the highest levels of the device.


  This brings me to a sort of sad ending to a wonderful event. It was Sunday night, about 9pm or so, and it looked like most of the attendees were staying the night, as they had off of work for Labor Day. I sort of wanted to leave Sunday night, drive 1 hr home, and have a full day, last day of my vacation, on Monday. I had no further things planned for the event, though if I tried hard enough, I am sure I could have found one more play session. But I was content, it was a productive event for me.


  I don’t know to what degree other people have issues with this, but at any gathering or party, I hate the process of saying goodbye to people when leaving. One theory I have is that there is a standard social expectation for what to say to people, and how, that I think I fear I might fail at the socially acceptable process. And feel bad about it. So, at this time, there were many people in the cabin area, so that meant that if I did leave, and no one else was actually leaving then, then I would have to say goodbye to everyone, in my cabin and village. Maybe 15-20 people or so. I wanted to avoid that.


   So, during the process of putting away my pedicure supplies in my car, since I definitely wouldn’t be doing more pedicures, I came up with a plan. Ok, a dumb plan. I decided to fall asleep in my car, wake up in the early hours of the morning while everyone else was still sleeping, then sneak into the cabin, pack my back quickly, then leave without having to say goodbye to anyone. This plan actually did work, though a couple of people were leaving, but since most folks were sleeping, no one conversed. I feel dumb about it, but it just represented an awkward social scenario for me, especially my being the only one leaving at the time, the previous night.


  Who knows what mischief I will get into at next year’s Fetfest?