DreamLover 2000


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Synopsis:  My husband is looking forward to the fantastic DreamLover 2000 fulfilling his submissive fantasies.  Be careful what you dream, my hubby!!!



Copyright © Ted Underfoot



Chapter 1: Secret

“So Margie, I have a secret I need to tell you.”

Carol and I meet at the same coffee house twice a week after work to discuss our marriages, current events, nonsense of the government, and life in general.  It’s very cathartic to get out our frustrations in a safe environment with each other without being judged.  Today, though, Carol seemed very excited about something and I wanted to know about it.

I said “What is it?”

Carol said “So you know that Tom and I don’t always see eye to eye.”  That’s for sure, some days I’m not sure how Carol puts up with all of the things she says about Tom, though none of them are major on their own.  Carol continued “I found a way to resolve all of our differences.”

She paused so I said “What, therapy?  A machete?”

Carol seemed both excited to tell me about it and hesitant as if it was something bad.  For a moment I had a fleeting thought that my second guess was spot on but she said “Yes, a sort of therapy.”

Carol explained “Tom really isn’t all that bad but he has some … behaviors which could use some … adjustment.”  I nodded and waited for her to continue.  She said “I found something which could fix all of that.”

This seemed silly and I started to think Carol was joking with me.  You can’t fix behavior problems with “something” but I indulged her by saying “What is it?”

Carol blushed a bit and that really increased my interest.  What on earth is Carol’s secret?

She seemed to change subjects as she leaned in to me and lowered her voice a bit to say “I told you a couple of months ago that Tom likes me to tie him up from time to time.”  There wasn’t anyone near us but Carol wasn’t taking any chances of being overheard.  She continued “He would actually like me to do much more than what we do.  He wants me to dominate him.”

I know that some men like a woman to dominate them but I don’t quite know what that entails, probably something with whips and chains.  I wanted to hear more but I didn’t want to pry too much for details so I said “Is that what you want?”

Carol replied “Well, until now I didn’t want that.  I don’t mind tying him up and doing what we do but I don’t want nearly what he wants, if you know what I mean.”  I didn’t quite know what she meant as she seemed to be talking in circles but I nodded my head anyway.  “But I found something which will fulfill his domination fantasies and also fix all of his behavior issues.”

We were back to being silly now, this something she found seems to be the cure for everything.  I said “What is it?”

Carol blushed a bit again and said “It’s a device which attaches, no it doesn’t just attach, it locks itself to his penis so that only I could remove it, and then gives me a remote control which I use to give him electric shocks.”  Carol was full-on blushing by now and had to take a drink of cool water to regain her composure.

I laughed.  The thought of Tom being shocked in his private parts whenever he did something Carol didn’t like seemed very ridiculous.

I said “If only there was such a thing, we probably wouldn’t have any more wars or adultery or a million other bad things!”

Carol said “Well, there is such a thing and it’s arriving within the next couple of days.  I ordered it yesterday.”

I looked at Carol and said “You’re joking.”

Carol said “No, I swear it’s the truth.  Tom looked over the device’s web site and said that he was excited for me to purchase it.  Of course, I didn’t tell him about the attitude adjustment part, he thinks it’s a way for him to receive the domination he craves.  He’ll get what he wants and a lot more.”  Carol giggled in delight.

I didn’t know what to believe but it was fun sharing a laugh with Carol as I pictured Tom being all meek and respectful to her, as if that would ever happen.  Carol agreed to let me know how it goes and I eventually believed her that she wasn’t joking and did find something which claimed to do what she described, although claims are often a long way from reality.

Carol and I went on to discuss other issues and I went home hoping that Carol wouldn’t be too disappointed when her device did nothing to modify Tom’s attitude.  Tom is an okay guy to be around from time to time but I couldn’t imagine living with him and there are times when he is downright disrespectful.  I am lucky that my Chad doesn’t have any attitude problems at all … and then I laughed at my own sarcasm.

Chapter 2: Research

I don’t think Margie quite believed me when I told her about the DreamLover 2000 but that’s okay, I just needed to share my secret with my best friend so that I wouldn’t need to pinch myself to believe it’s real.

Several nights ago during one of my bouts of insomnia I was running searches on the internet to try to see if others were having the same type of dream I had that night.  So it was by accident that I encountered www.dreamloverlabs.com and was immediately fascinated.  At first it seemed like a joke, a device which locked onto a man’s penis with a wireless remote control to deliver electric shocks didn’t seem real, but after looking into the details of the device and finding a few positive reports of it on other sites from those who have purchased it, the DreamLover 2000 is real and it apparently works just as advertised.

I still almost couldn’t believe my eyes so I went through every article on the company web page, and there were plenty.  The focus of much of the web page was about male training, conditioning men to be respectful and even subservient to their wives.  Each page sent a thrill through my heart, and other areas of my body (!), fantasizing about what it would be like to have Tom conform his attitude and even his actions to my wishes.

Tom is a decent husband.  He works hard in his career though rarely does any home chores despite the fact that I too work hard in my career.  I have tried to get him to mow the lawn but we had to hire someone for that twice a month.  Tom never cheats on me and I feel safe there, but I catch him frequently looking at young ladies as we pass in the street or in a restaurant and he probably flirts with women when he meets his friends at the bar some nights.

Tom never raises a fist to me and is not an alcoholic but his voice gets very loud when he is angry and especially after he has had a drink or two.  So I am a lucky woman to have Tom in my life although I wish he would clean up after himself and not leave his clothes around for me to have to pick up after him.

Tom does not get too pushy about wanting to have sex as some husbands do so I should be glad about that.  Actually, I wish we had sex more often but Tom tells me that once a week is as much as he can handle and when I suggest talking to a doctor Tom says that he doesn’t want anything to do with a doctor.

Tom has a handsome face and his body was attractive except that he has let himself get a beer belly and completely brushes me off when I ask if he would be interested in exercising.  Instead, he just plays his computer games which I guess I prefer compared to going out to a bar where I don’t know who he is talking with.

I am the frugal one in the family.  It gets frustrating clipping coupons and looking for deals at the supermarket only to come home and find that he has purchased another computer game or stopped at a local convenience store to pick up some more snacks.  We are okay financially but when I talk to Tom about saving and investing for retirement, he scoffs and says that we could win the lottery by then and we shouldn’t have to scrimp and save just for some unknown future almost 30 years from now.

Probably my biggest issue, but not a deal-breaker, is that he doesn’t talk with me much.  I like to unwind by talking about everything which happened to me during the day but he doesn’t have much patience for listening to me, and more annoying is that he rarely talks about his day.  It seems that all he wants to talk about is baseball or his computer games and I would be glad to talk with him even about that but he doesn’t talk much about those with me, although I have seen him get very enthusiastic talking about those things with his friends.  I understand that it’s not the same when talking to your wife but I still wish that we would talk more about something.

I guess I could continue on a laundry list of issues but none of them are major and whenever I talk with Tom about any of them it seems like I am nagging.  I really do love Tom despite these issues and I am confident that he loves me.  I just wish that I didn’t have to nag about these issues.

If what I am reading is true, though, I don’t have to nag at all with the DreamLover 2000, I just say what I feel and press the buttons a few times!

For the first few days after I encountered the web site I simply fantasized about what would happen if we had the device.  I kept going back to the site to re-read some of the information, not only because I wanted to understand all I could about it, but because it was really hot to read about.  I would get excited just reading about it.

Because I don’t get as much sex from Tom as I would want, I have been using a vibrator regularly and from reading the web site my vibrator was getting used every night.  I enjoy using my vibrator but it isn’t nearly as good as having a real man.  I would never cheat on Tom, though, and I don’t understand how people could do that and look in the mirror.

The DreamLover Labs web site has links to male training sites and on one of those sites I saw mention of female domination and I put two and two together.  For years Tom has tried to get me to dominate him and I agree to tie him up and whip him a bit from time to time but I don’t want to do more than that.  Now, though, it seems as though the DreamLover 2000 could be used as part of domination so I decided to talk with Tom about it.

When I showed the web site to Tom, he was very surprised that I might be interested in it and he couldn’t stop smiling.  Clearly, this was firing up his submissive desires as I hoped it would.

We talked about how we would incorporate the DreamLover 2000 into our lives.  The device attaches itself to several different male chastity device models so I had included that in my research and there is plenty of information to help guide me on that subject.  Male chastity involves locking a man’s penis in a cage of some sort and the key holder controls when the man is allowed release and orgasm.  Most male chastity devices don’t even allow an erection due to the size and shape of the cage.  Some men like to include male chastity in their submissive fantasies and many men enjoy chastity for its own sake.  I don’t understand the psychology behind it but it helped me to know how it could fit into what Tom might enjoy.

During our conversation about the DreamLover 2000, Tom indicated to me that male chastity is something he has been interested in for some time but he never mentioned it to me because he didn’t think I would have any interest.  I told him that I am not really interested in male chastity but this electronic device seemed somewhat interesting.  I didn’t want to show too much enthusiasm about it so I played it cool.

I was prepared to negotiate with Tom to entice him into agreeing to purchase the device but Tom was already excited about it.  I guess it did fit his need to be dominated.  He ended up trying to convince me as if I was the doubtful one.

Tom bought my act of indifference hook, line, and sinker and when we agreed to purchase the DreamLover 2000 and one of the compatible male chastity devices, he was very happy and has been nicer to me in the days since we placed the order.

Before we agreed to purchase the device, Tom wanted to make sure that it wouldn’t go to waste so I assured him that I would use it.  Poor Tom, I really will use it and use it.

I have been giddy ever since.  I can’t wait!


Chapter 3: Fantasy

Carol surprised me big-time with that.  I have felt submissive desires for all 20 years of my adult life and even went to a professional dominatrix a few times when Carol was out of town.  Whenever I brought up the issue of domination with Carol, though, she just didn’t show much interest.  A few years ago she finally agreed to tie me up and whip me lightly from time to time but there isn’t all that much pleasure in it for me because it’s too mild.

So I have to fulfill my submissive fantasies elsewhere.  I would never cheat on Carol so I would go to online chat rooms to have some fun over the internet.  It isn’t cheating because there is no physical contact, even though online I am often given orders and fulfill them by sending a video of my submissive obedience via e-mail, including some rather sexual situations.  And I rarely have fun with the same partner so there is nothing Carol could be concerned about even if she were to find out about it.

In the past year I have found webcam chat rooms which are even more fun than sending videos through e-mail, that way I see the real woman on the other end of the connection giving me orders and watching me hurt myself at her direction.  The cost of these sessions is surprisingly low and they really help me have a happy ending, if you catch my drift.

But now that Carol has introduced me to the DreamLover 2000, I have hope that Carol will actually help me fulfill my submissive fantasies.  In fact, I don’t see how she could avoid it since the device is a submissive fantasy dream, true to its name.  Or at least it is if it works as advertised.

One facet of male submissive fantasies is male chastity, something which I had not heard of until around five years ago.  At first I didn’t particularly understand why it would be exciting but as I read testimonials from men in chastity it became very exciting.  I began to fantasize about being under the control of a beautiful woman tormenting me and forcing me to beg for release.  I have read stories of men being denied orgasm for weeks or even months but that is too extreme for me, I think I could probably go a few days or maybe even up to one week if the woman was especially dominant, but no more than that.  I masturbate on average once a day so a week would probably be too much.

I never considered Carol as the target of my male chastity fantasy because she just doesn’t seem very dominant but Carol’s agreement to purchase the DreamLover 2000 has caused me to look at her in a different light.  Could she be dominant enough to want to keep me in orgasm denial for more than a day or two?  I don’t know if she would want that but if so, I think that would be fun.  She is an attractive woman for her age in the late 30s, and I could see being very happy with her if she decided to dominate me the ways I like it.

Carol is a good wife overall and doesn’t mind my sitting around the house playing my computer games, as well as the other things I do on the computer although she probably doesn’t know about some of it.  I like to keep her happy so I don’t tell her everything.

I get tired after work and it is good to be able to just veg out when I am not meeting my friends at the bar that night.  Sometimes I reward Carol by agreeing to go out to dinner so she doesn’t have to cook.  We have a decent marriage which is fair to both of us and neither of us wanted kids so we are compatible in that way.


Chapter 4: Dream

The package delivery web site said that the devices would arrive today which is Friday so I left work early to open the DreamLover 2000 and the male chastity device before Tom was home.  I knew that Tom was also excited about these devices so I wanted to get home early enough to beat him home even if he also left work early.

I had researched as much as I could on how to install and operate both devices but I knew that there might be some trouble with installation as there is nothing like seeing the real thing.

By the time Tom pulled his car into the driveway of our small house, earlier than usual, I felt confident that I could install and operate the devices although I would probably need Tom’s help.

Tom was surprised to see me and happy that I was so enthusiastic about the devices, especially the DreamLover 2000.  If he only knew!

He wanted to start installing the devices but I told him that we need to talk.

We sat on the couch and I said “You want me to hold the keys and the remote controls, right?”

Tom said “Yes, completely.  You need to be the one to decide when I take this off and everything about the remote control, that’s the whole point.”

I knew that he would agree to this because this was his submissive fantasy.  I said “What if later tonight you ask me to get the key so you could remove the devices?”

He paused and said “I won’t do that.”

I persisted and asked “What if you do?”

He thought about it for another second and said “I guess that’s a good question.  If the device is chaffing or causing damage or something, it might need to be removed for adjusting.”

I hadn’t thought about that.  I should have because it’s in the online owner’s guide of the chastity device.  We agreed that for the first night he could ask for the key at any time and I would retrieve it but I would hold the remote and could do anything I wanted with it.

I should point out that while the DreamLover 2000 gives electric shocks, the shocks are not a high level of torture which stop a man dead in his tracks.  Instead, the shocks are pulses which are generally used for training and correction so while the medium and high levels are supposed to be painful, they are apparently not excruciating.  This meant that if I got out of line tonight in giving him pain he could just ask for the key and that would stop the whole thing.

So Tom was not going out on a limb by giving me full control of the remote since he could have the key at any time before the pain became too great.

This meant that my fun would not start until tomorrow.  I resolved to talk with Tom about the rules tomorrow morning and at that time the training would begin.

My heart was beating fast and I was almost out of breath just thinking about it.

As it turns out, the combined device was not difficult to install, including the optional harness belt which wrapped around his waist to better hold the electricity box in place just above his groin.  His limp penis fit into the solid plastic cage which curved downward to prevent an erection and the padlock made a nice click as I locked it but after 15 minutes and even before I used the remote control we had to take it off to adjust the chastity device as it was uncomfortably pinching Tom’s scrotum from time to time.  It took us three tries to adjust the chastity device to a comfortable fit which more or less what I expected.

I must say that Tom was very good to work with during this time.  He sometimes gets impatient and cranky when he’s away from his computer games for more than 15 minutes but he was patient and I could even sense gratitude that I was willing to do this for him.  As an added bonus I became comfortable putting on and taking off the device on my own.

I asked Tom to put on his pants and while I could see the extra bulge in his pants from the chastity device, it wasn’t bad.  He said that he would just loosen his belt a notch and avoid his tightest pants and he would be fine going to work like this.

I had been worried about that because if he couldn’t wear the device full time then that would be a big setback since I wanted to be in full control of his imprisonment inside the device.  I decided to tell him that because that fed into his submissive fantasies and I laughed when he said that his groin was uncomfortable from being excited at my talk of dominance.

With Tom’s approval I tried the demo setting on the device and he confirmed that he felt a very slight tingle.  He had me set the device to the low setting and he flinched a bit as he felt the single pulse.  He said he liked it and I should try the medium setting as he sort of braced his body for it.  He jerked and said “Ow!” loud when I initiated the medium setting pulse.  He reached for his groin somewhat involuntarily but realized that he couldn’t rub the pain away due to the chastity device’s cage.  After Tom took a breath he said “Wow that really gives off a jolt.  I’m getting uncomfortable again!”

I laughed that Tom was getting aroused by this.  Tonight he would be living the submissive dream of his fantasies.  Tomorrow would begin my dream!


Chapter 5: Reality

Tom had some difficulty sleeping due to getting used to the chastity device and his tossing and turning woke me up, which isn’t unusual anyway due to my intermittent insomnia.  But on this night I didn’t mind because I used the quiet time to think of all of the ways I could torture Tom tomorrow.  I stopped myself from thinking that way, it isn’t torture, it is guidance and training.  On second thought, Tom wants me to torture him so maybe I should think of it as torture to help with his submissive fantasies.  After an hour of lying awake while Tom fell back asleep I decided to get up and read some more about male chastity.

As the computer was booting up I grabbed my vibrator.

I started looking at more male chastity web sites but that was really not the focus of my excitement.  I really was more interested in the DreamLover 2000 attachment so I tried to find more testimonials from those who have used it.  I was side-tracked by accounts of other devices such as dog shock collars and complaints about various issues associated with those, not the least of which is safety.  I don’t want to damage Tom or cause him any lingering pain.

When I got back in bed an hour-and-a-half later, Tom was snoring as usual but I had sweat dreams nonetheless.

I had just recently awakened with the morning light when I heard Tom stir on his side of the bed.  My heart began beating more rapidly due to my excitement about the upcoming day.

I said “Good morning Tom.”

Tom said “Hi sweetie, ready for our big day?”  He doesn’t usually call me sweetie, and he seemed as excited about this as I am.

I said “You bet, honey, I’m very ready.  Let’s talk about the rules again one last time before we start, okay?”

Tom sat up and looked at me, saying “Sweetie, I am so happy that you are going on this journey with me.  It makes me feel closer to you than I have since we were married.”  He leaned towards me as if he wanted to kiss me.  At first I had no idea what he was doing because this was not like him at all but once I realized what was going on I leaned towards him and we had a great kiss.  Who is this man in my bed?  It’s wonderful.

Once the kiss was over he leaned back and let out a loud burp in my direction.  I understand that we all have bodily needs but at least cover your mouth or turn away!  I wanted to get the remote control and give him a lesson now but we needed to establish the key and remote holder rules.

I said “So are we ready to talk about the rules?”

Tom said “Yes, I would like you to have both remote controls and both keys.  You should probably hide one of the remotes and both of the keys somewhere I would never think to look and then hold the other remote.”

I asked “And do you have any guidelines on what I should do with the remote or how long I should hide the keys?”  I knew that he wanted me to have control so I felt comfortable that he would not limit me too much on these issues.

Tom replied “Sweetie, thank you for being considerate about this but I don’t want to give you any guidelines because I want you to have control.  For the key I am thinking about somewhere in the neighborhood of several days but whatever you want to do is perfectly fine.”

I said “So if I want to keep you in chastity for five days, -“  I knew he would interrupt my question, he frequently does that and I expect it by now.  In this case I didn’t mind.

He said “That is perfectly fine.”

I said “Great” and got up to retrieve the keys and remotes.  Tom said “I love you, sweetie.”

Seriously, who is this man?  I said “I love you too, honey.”

I already knew where I would hide the keys and spare remote control, behind a beam in the attic where he wouldn’t go for a million dollars due to his fear of bugs.  Once when I asked if he would be willing to clean the attic he didn’t even let me finish the word attic before he interrupted me and said “No way in hell” in a loud voice.  He says he doesn’t have a phobia, though.  I don’t like bugs either but I don’t think we have a problem with those and I guess his fear is worse than mine.

I decided to hide the keys and spare remote in a cabinet for now so he wouldn’t hear me get the ladder and know where the keys and remote were hidden.  I would wait until he is outside to hide the keys and remote in the attic.

I returned to the bedroom where Tom was lying down again with the covers on.  He likes to lie in bed for hours on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

I sat on my side of the bed and asked “How is the device feeling this morning.  Is it still a bit uncomfortable?”

Tom replied “It’s not bad at all.  It feels strange from an emotional standpoint because it keeps stopping the erections most men have in the morning and I didn’t sleep well because it will take some time for me to get used to having something there, but that will get better with time and it wasn’t bad at all this first night.”

I like this new Tom already.  That was probably the longest time in the past year that he has talked to me without me having to prompt or nag him with questions.

I said “That’s great, honey.  Do you feel dominated or is it too early yet?”

Tom said “I think it’s too early but just now when you took the keys and remotes I felt some excitement, although I couldn’t get far with that” as he pointed to his groin.  We shared a laugh at his comment.

This was all so surreal.  I felt like an evil devil laughing with her prey just moments before pouncing.  I have never felt sadistic before but I’m letting my hair loose on this one because Tom has told me repeatedly that this is what he would want.  He’ll probably change his tune at some point this morning.

I picked up the remote control from my small bed table and said “Let me see.  I am going to try pressing a few of these buttons.  I set the intensity to demo mode and Tom confirmed that it was still working and he could feel it, though just barely.  I then initiated a pulse at the low setting and Tom quietly said “Ow.”  I think he was exaggerating.

I said “I’m thirsty.  Get me a glass of water.”

Tom said “Sure, sweetie, of course” and he got out of bed.  He stopped in front of the mirror in our bedroom and brushed his hair a bit with his hands so I zapped him again which caused him to jerk his arms in surprise and he said “Water, coming right up!” as he jumped to fetch water from the kitchen.

I liked that and Tom did, too.  I think this is what he was hoping for.

Tom came back and reached his hand out to give me the cup of water he brought but I did not reach to take it so he started to put it on the small bed table when I said “Tom, what did I tell you to get?”

Tom stopped short of setting the cup of water on the bed table and said “You said you wanted a cup of water.”  I glared at him and said “Set the water down here,” motioning to the bed table, and he complied.

I zapped Tom again with low intensity and he said “What?  Do you want it on a silver platter or something?”

I said “Ok that’s two demerits already.”  First he messes up with the water and now he gives me attitude so I gave him a double zap of low intensity.

Tom said “Owww.  What did I do?  I want to fix it.”

I remembered what I had been reading that punishment should be accompanied by an understanding of the reason for the punishment so I said “You need to think carefully and remember what I told you to get me.”

Tom thought about it, clearly agitated from the jolts he had suffered, and I gave him a hint “The water is fine but what about the container?”

The light bulb went off in his head and he said “I’m sorry!  You asked for a glass of water, not a cup.”  He quickly grabbed the cup and went into the kitchen to fetch a glass of water which I accepted from his outstretched hand.

Tom stood there waiting as I drank.  I set the glass down and said “The other thing you did wrong was your attitude when I told you there was a problem.  Is it good customer service to ask if the customer wants it on a silver platter?”  I mock-mimicked his voice when I said silver platter.

Tom said “No, Ma’am, I’m sorry” and he lowered his head a bit.

I said “You know that I don’t like being called Ma’am, it makes me feel old.  Go stand in the corner.”

Tom said “What?”

I gave him the benefit of the doubt that maybe he just didn’t hear me.  I commanded with more emphasis “Go stand in the corner.”

He started to turn but hesitated as if going through an internal debate.  I gave him a double zap of low intensity and he then quickly scurried to the corner while I took another drink of water.

I needed a moment to cool down.  I wanted to get my vibrator but decided against it.

After about 30 seconds Tom turned his head to look at me so I gave him a low intensity zap and he quickly grimaced and turned toward the wall again, looking like a sad little puppy.

After another 30 seconds or so I told Tom “You need to think about your attitude so just stay there until I tell you to go.”

Tom replied “Yes, Carol” and kept still.

I got up and went into his computer room to install the DreamLover 2000 software.  The software controls are one of the more exciting parts of this because Tom is basically addicted to his computer and if I control that then I control him.  As the software was downloading I implemented a password so that the computer could not be used by someone who didn’t know the password.

The download and installation process for the software took a few minutes so I went back to the bedroom to check on Tom and he was still standing in the corner.  I felt a bit of pity for him so I asked how he was doing and he said fine.  I left him there and returned to make sure the software downloaded and installed.

I had been looking at the DreamLover 2000 software on my own PC so I knew what I wanted which was to set an administrator password, make sure the device is able to connect, and set a few customized presets for a few of the device’s modes.

In addition, I installed a blocking application on his PC to restrict him from going to any web sites except the ones I specify.  I entered a few very common web sites including the e-mail site he uses as his home page.  It will be interesting to see his reaction when he tries to go to other sites and I wonder what other sites he will ask me to add.  I can’t wait to see the look on his face!

I thought about setting passwords to run the games he plays but that would be going too far.  I might want to restrict his computer use but I want him to have fun when I do allow him to use it so he will think of it as a reward for good training.

Tom had been standing in the corner for 15 minutes so I went back to the bedroom and told him that his punishment was over.  I asked him “Do you know why you had to stand in the corner?”

Tom replied “Because you told me to?”

I said “Yes but why did I punish you like that?”

Tom said with realization in his voice “Because I had a bad attitude.  I am sorry.  I will have a better attitude from now on.”

I wrapped the DreamLover 2000 harness belt around his waist and he helped me get it in place.

I then said “Good boy, now go brush your hair” and he scurried off to the bathroom.  I noticed that he bypassed the sink area where his brush was and went straight to the toilet area, defying my command, but I decided to let it slide for now as it was only his first hour of training.

This is so much fun!


Chapter 6: Fun

Tom was having fun with this, too.  If I knew that he would have fun with me just telling him to stand in the corner, I would have done that years ago.  I don’t think he would have had fun then, though, without my having a big stick in my hand.  Without the DreamLover 2000 I wouldn’t have any enforcement capabilities and had I told him to stand in the corner without having that he probably would have laughed in my face, and burped.

I went into the kitchen to make my usual coffee and scrambled eggs but decided that since this morning was going well, I would instruct Tom on doing that.  I stood in the kitchen and mentally went over what I would say while Tom finished up in the bathroom and sink area.  When Tom passed by the kitchen on the way to his computer I said “Tom, I have something for you.”

Tom stopped and said “Yes, sweetie?”

I said simply “I want you to make me coffee and scrambled eggs.”

Tom blinked.  I could tell that this was a moment he wasn’t expecting.  Taking him away from his computer games was probably not what he had in mind when he signed up for this.

Tom said “I don’t know how.”

I said “I’ll show you, come here.”

Tom slowly walked into the kitchen and I gave him a low intensity zap so he practically jumped the last couple of steps towards me.

I instructed him on what to get from the cupboards and refrigerator and he did what I told him to do.  It isn’t complicated but when you start giving out exact directions it is a lot to learn at just one time so I think he was glad that I was walking him through it step-by-step.

Fortunately, he already knew how to crack an egg.  The coffee was a bit weak and the eggs were overdone a bit but it was not bad for a first time.  I patted him on the head and said “Good boy” and he gave a forced smile.  He followed me to the kitchen table and pulled the chair out for me to sit.  I was pleased with his courtesy so I did not make him wait any longer and I told him “You may go.”

He practically ran out of the kitchen to get on his computer and I laughed silently.  Poor guy probably just wanted some domination fun and now he’s becoming my slave.

Is that what I want?  Do I want to turn Tom into a fawning slave?

I hadn’t really thought of that until now.  I just wanted him to clear up some of the issues he had with yelling, not cleaning up after himself, not spending time to talk with me, and so on but having him wait on me hand and foot seemed very appealing to me.

No, I do not want Tom to be my slave.  I decided to be careful not to get too bossy around him, as tempting as it is, because I don’t want him to feel resentment.  I already have a list of things I want him to improve on and if I push it then he might push back.

He couldn’t win a push back war because I could probably crush his ego completely with the DreamLover 2000 but I didn’t want that.  I already expect some push back on the issues I want him to improve but hopefully he won’t push back too much.

It sure would be nice to have him make my coffee and eggs weekday mornings but I can live without that.

Tom bellowed at me from his computer room “What the fuck is this?!  Carol!”

I put my coffee cup down and started running towards his room but stopped, realizing that I shouldn’t run, and gave him a double-zap of low intensity instead.  I sat back down as he thundered into the kitchen.

I’ve had enough of his temper and I was going to take a stand now.  I am not confrontational but this is too important to let slide.  He can’t keep yelling at me like this.

He stomped into the room and said “Carol, you blocked my internet access!”

I held the remote and said “Canine mode” as I pressed that button.

Canine mode is a particularly good feature of the DreamLover 2000.  With the harness belt in place to keep the device stationary against his body, canine mode gives repeated pulses until the wearer’s body becomes horizontal with the device facing the floor.  In other words, Tom would feel the pulses over and over until he got on all fours like a dog.  Hehe.

Tom know it, too, he had researched the device almost as much as I had.

He allowed the three seconds of warning to elapse and remained stubbornly upright with his chin sticking out as if he was going to remain defiant.  As he felt the first shock, though, Tom became furious and his face implied a million bad intentions.  He got on all fours like a dog in front of me and the pulses stopped.

This was not fun at all.  I don’t want to make Tom mad and I don’t want to have confrontations like this.  But as I looked at Tom practically groveling in front of me, I began to have a different reaction.  I don’t like confrontations in general because there is a good chance that I will not win but with the DreamLover 2000 I was guaranteed a win.  Tom could rail at me all he wanted but in the end I would win and he would be a compliant puppy.  And I could wipe his anger away, too.

I was beginning to like this.  A lot.

I said “Tom, you need to settle down so that we can talk like rational human beings and not bark like dogs.  Is that understood?”

Tom said simply “No.”

A part of me wondered if he was trying to goad me on purpose but I rejected that idea because I know that he has anger issues with me and he was just angry now.

I said “Do you yell like that at your friends?”

He paused and replied “No” in a tone of voice which told me that he was starting to realize the problem here.

I said “Then why do you like to yell at me?”  It was strange having a conversation with someone who was on all fours and looking at the floor.

Tom thought a moment and responded “I don’t like to yell at you at all.”  He paused again and said “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that I was yelling that loud” and I could hear the sincerity in his voice.

I turned off canine mode and told him that he may stand up.  I stood up and we hugged each other briefly.  I said “Let’s talk about why you came in here in the first place.”

Tom calmly said “Thank you.  Why have you blocked my internet access?”

I said “Let’s go into your room to talk about it” and I brought my coffee.

As I sat next to Tom on the couch, he tried to navigate to a computer gaming web site but it was blocked.  I had Tom get up to let me sit in the spot where the keyboard and mouse was accessible and I typed my password to add the site into the allowed list.

Tom sat back down and then he was able to access and navigate within the site.  He said “What about all of the other sites I visit?”

I replied “Just give me a list of sites and I will gladly add them.”

Tom set his mouse down and looked at me to say “Thank you, Carol, I am sorry I yelled at you earlier and I am grateful that you are dominating me.  Please accept my apology.”

I said “Tom, I accept.  I don’t want to hurt you or stop you from doing things you enjoy.”

Tom said “I know.  Thank you.”  We kissed.  It was an awesome moment.

Tom mentioned a few more web sites he would like added and I gladly unblocked those while he went into the kitchen to heat up one of his usual frozen small TV dinners for breakfast.

With Tom back at his computer and eating his TV dinner, I set my empty coffee cup in the kitchen sink and went to the living room with the intention of curling up and reading more of the book I had been enjoying lately but instead I sat there and thought about the events of the day so far.

I loved where this was going.  I think that Tom was being nicer to me because he perceived that I was participating in his submissive fantasies but the angry confrontation in the kitchen would have ended very differently without the DreamLover 2000.  If we didn’t have that and instead I had just tried to restrict his internet access, then I am certain that he would have bullied me into unblocking everything, even if I was dominating him in some other way.

I took that thought further.  Let’s say that we didn’t have the DreamLover 2000 or chastity device and I agreed to tie him up and whip him every other day or whatever.  Judging from the past day or two I think he would be nicer to me but what would happen if I tried to train him to adjust his bad habits?  I could threaten to withhold my domination efforts but then it would become a war of words and he would try to bully me, and if I did withhold then he would use his emotional blackmail manipulation bullshit on me.

I am tired of having no power in our relationship.

This morning was very different, though.  The confrontation ended with not only his not yelling at me but I believe that he truly saw the error of his ways and we even had a very close moment at the end.

I got up off the couch and went into Tom’s room.  I waited a few seconds as he got to a point where he could pause his game and then I sat down next to him and rubbed his left shoulder, saying “You can go ahead and continue playing.”

Tom stopped gripping the mouse with his right hand and said “Forget the game, that feels good” and he just let me rub his shoulder and arm for a couple of minutes before I kissed his cheek and got up to go to my room and check e-mail on my computer.

A few hours later, a bit before noon, I started on writing out a grocery list which included a lot of unhealthy snacks and frozen breakfasts for Tom.  He likes those over real food I would offer in their place because of all of the fat, salt, and sugar but I decided to see if I could eliminate some of those.

Tom was still playing the same computer game and I waited for almost a half-minute as he said “One moment please” until he got to a point in the game where he could pause the game. I sat next to him and said “I would like to modify the snacks and breakfast choices you eat.”

Tom said “We have already discussed this, I like –“  I interrupted him with a double-zap of low intensity.  His face expressed surprise and he said “Really?  Really?”

I hate that Really Really crap.  Tom says it from time to time and I hear others say it.  Why do people think it’s okay to question what someone says in such a rude manner?  How about I don’t understand instead of Really Really in their face.

I said “Let’s try that again” and I turned up the setting to medium and gave Tom a single zap.

He said “Oww!!” and grabbed his groin area though it was blocked by the device.  He took a moment to compose himself and seemed about to say something when I repeated in the same neutral tone of voice “I would like to modify the snacks and breakfast choices you eat.”

Tom visibly steadied himself as he said through almost clenched teeth “What do you have in mind, sweetie?”

I said “I would like to prepare for you a decent breakfast, not anything heavy, and I would like to buy replacements for those awful sugar snacks you eat.”

Tom thought about it and said “Okay, I can try it.”

I added “And don’t say Really Really to me anymore.  If you don’t understand what I am saying then just tell me that you don’t understand.”  I gave him a single low intensity zap to punctuate my statement.  He turned toward his computer to resume playing but I stayed there on the couch so he turned back to me and said “Anything else?”

His tone of voice wasn’t the best so I double-zapped him with low intensity and told him “Attitude, dear.”

Tom held his hand up to placate me and said “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.  Is there anything else that I may do for you?”

I almost laughed at Tom’s attempt at being attentive.  I said “Will you be saying Really to me anytime soon?”

He replied “No, never sweetie, I won’t say that anymore.”

I said “Good boy” and left him to play his computer game.


Chapter 7: Games

While I was at the supermarket I decided that I was being too lenient.  This was like a game to Tom in which he would be told to do something, give attitude, and then receive a shock or two.  I wanted to stop that cycle so that he could grow and not give attitude at all.  I reminded myself to have patience because this was just the first day and even though it wasn’t a game to me, I held all of the cards and it was enjoyable.

I decided to buy fruits and fiber-rich granola bars for Tom to enjoy for breakfast and small bags of almonds and vegetable chips for Tom to snack on.  That way he would satisfy his hunger in more healthful ways.  And for his lunches I would replace the pastrami, salami, and other unhealthful meat and extra cheese slices he usually eats with more healthful options such as turkey with cranberry, chicken with vinaigrette dressing, and veggie sandwiches with no cheese.  I selected whole wheat bread for the sandwiches, whole wheat pasta for a couple of his upcoming dinners, and ground turkey for spaghetti sauce plus I had found some good healthy vegetable soup recipes for a few of our dinners.  I knew that Tom would hate me at first for this but this was clearly for his own good and I had the power to back it up if he tried to protest.

When I got home I decided that I wanted some help in carrying in the groceries so I gave Tom a single zap of low intensity.  Several seconds later he ran to meet me at the front door, obviously wanting to avoid a second zap.

He helped me carry the groceries to the kitchen and helped unload the bags.  When he unloaded the lunch meats I told him that I had purchased healthier meats than his usual.  I wasn’t looking at his face at the time to see his reaction but he didn’t say anything about it.  I showed him the fruits and fiber-rich granola bars I had bought for his breakfasts as well as the almonds and vegetable chips.  When he saw the whole wheat bread and pasta Tom’s face clearly showed his distaste.

Tom couldn’t take it anymore and said with some petulance in his voice “These won’t fill me up.  I’m going to be hungry all day!”

I said “No, honey, this isn’t about portion control.  You can still have as much as you want.  It’s just about making smarter choices.”

His face expressed acceptance despite disapproval so I stopped talking about what food he would eat.  But there was still the issue of the attitude so I told Tom to sit on the living room couch and I would join him in a moment.  I put away the rest of the groceries and once I sat next to Tom I told him “Your attitude still needs a lot of improvement.”

He seemed surprised and said “Why?  I am okay eating all of these healthy things.”

I said “What did you tell me after I showed you the whole wheat pasta?”

Tom reflected a bit and quietly said “I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to raise my voice.”

I said “For attitude issues I am going to use the medium setting from now on” and I gave him a medium single zap causing his body to jerk in pain as he groaned and then he said again “I’m sorry.”  His face no longer had any rebellion in it but I knew that would not last the next time he became agitated.  Training may take a while but it is going to be oh so fun.

Tom had already eaten his salami sandwich which was good as that was the last of those.  After Tom went back to his room I counted the number of TV dinners remaining and threw away the last of the opened containers of unhealthful foods such as awful salt- and fat-filled potato chips.  I put the remaining unopened bags of potato chips in a different cupboard so that all he would see on the snack rack of the cupboard are the many small bags of almonds.  I didn’t say he could have only one bag at a time so we will see if he figures that out.  I threw away the spaghetti and penne pasta remaining and replaced it with the whole wheat pasta.

A few minutes later I heard Tom yell from his room “Carol!”  It wasn’t an angry yell.  I gave him a medium single zap and several seconds later he walked into the kitchen and said “Why is there a password on my computer?”

I looked at him and saw that he was doing an okay job of controlling his anger.  I waited and he looked at me with an expression wondering what is going on.  He said “Carol, are you okay?”

I replied “I will be after you apologize for yelling and assuming I would just drop everything to run to your beck and call.”

I could see the rebellion building in him and almost hoped for it so I could use canine mode again but he simply said “I’m sorry” without much sincerity.

I said “Tell me what you wanted to say and then I am going to punish you for yelling.”

He was about to start telling me whatever prompted him to yell my name but he instead said “Why do you need to punish me some more?  You already gave me a big zap.”

My initial reaction was to punish him for questioning me but I put a stop to that right away because this was a very reasonable question from what I remember reading in the male training sites.  His tone of voice was respectful and he truly didn’t understand why he was being punished.

I said “That is a very good question.  The big zap was to call you in here.  The punishment will be to help you understand that it is not acceptable to yell except in rare circumstances or an emergency.  A husband and wife should not yell at each other.”

Tom didn’t respond to that.  After a few seconds he said “Why is there a password on my computer?”

I replied “Did you reboot your PC?”

He said “Yes I had to … there was an application stuck and I had to reboot.”

I have known Tom for over a dozen years and could tell when he is glossing over something.  For the past several years I have given up on calling him to the carpet when this occurs because he just gets defensive and angry but now I had the power in my hands.  I said almost as if to a child “Now Tom, tell me the truth of why you had to reboot your PC.”

Tom had a look of being caught with his hand in the cookie jar, quite a difference from a defensive angry reaction if we didn’t have the DreamLover 2000.  He said “Do you promise you won’t be angry?”

I almost laughed.  Anger has nothing to do with it.  I said “No but you need to tell me the truth, always the truth.”

Tom said “I tried to stop and uninstall the program you use to block internet sites but it didn’t work and my PC froze so I had to reboot it.”

That was a difficult admission.  I don’t think Tom has ever come clean about something without my finding out about it already.  This was a big step forward.  With his admission he put the power in my hands, to add to the power of the device on his penis.

I wanted to reward him so I said “Tom, that was very brave of you to come forward and admit what you did.”  He was visibly relieved as I continued “I expected you to try to uninstall the block and it is not a problem.  Because you did well I am going to unlock your computer before I administer punishment for yelling and for initially trying to cover up your attempt to uninstall the block.”

I did not mean to give such a complicated mixed message with two punishments and a reward mentioned all in the same sentence but I couldn’t let the punishments slide so I didn’t have much choice.  We went into his computer room and I typed the password so it would boot up.

I then said “Now I will initiate the punishment which is medium strength pulse mode for an amount of time I specify.”

Tom’s face has a pained expression.  He said “Carol, please don’t do that.  Medium strength is very painful and I’m just getting used to it.  It’s just my first day with the device and I can’t take that many pulses.  Please?”

He was respectful, I will give him that.  I asked him “Do you know exactly what you did to deserve punishment?”

He responded “Yes and I am very sorry.  I should never yell at you except in an emergency and from now on I will walk into the room where you are to talk with you like a civilized adult.  And from now on I will always tell the truth.”

That was a good performance and he delivered it with sincerity.  I didn’t believe for one second that he would always tell the truth going forward but it was good that he realized now what he had done.  I said “Very good.  Because you are doing so well I am going to reduce the punishment to canine mode for five minutes.  Is that better than pulse mode?”

His facial expression said no but his mouth said “Yes, thank you” and he got down on the floor on all fours even before I pressed the canine mode button.  I pointed to the clock and said “I will be back in five minutes.”  As I left the room I turned and saw my husband on the floor like a dog and said “Tom, you are doing very well” and he gave a bit of a smile and a thank you.


Chapter 8: Thrill

I admit that I feel a thrill putting Tom on the floor like that.  For years he has wanted me to dominate him and I am starting to see the appeal of it, though I don’t think he had quite this in mind.  I am going to work on not letting these feelings get in the way of training, him, though.  It is too important to me to train him the right way and not overly humiliate or hurt him because he really needs to correct his issues for us to have a better marriage.

I made a point to return in four minutes which is one less than I had told Tom and found that he had hopped up on the couch while still on all fours, trying to use his PC’s mouse to view web sites with only marginal success due to the position he was forced into.  I felt another thrill at the control I had already over him but I stopped canine mode and told him that he may sit normally.

To my surprise he gave me a wide smile and a sincere thank you which made me happy.

Before I left his room he asked “Sweetie, what if I need to reboot my PC or the power goes out while you are gone?  How would I login?”

I was about to tell him that I would give him the password on the phone but I had second thoughts because that would give him too much access which he could use install a hidden way around the controls I put into place.  I said “Good question.  I will get back to you on that.  By the way, dinner will be at 6.”

He replied “Thank you” and I left the room.

Tom has been thanking me frequently today and I like that.  I don’t remember the last time he thanked me for making dinner let alone thanked me ahead of time.

I made a healthier dinner than normal and Tom and I enjoyed it, or at least he seemed to enjoy it.  During dinner I said to Tom “How would you feel about spending some time tonight just talking?”

Tom said “Is there something specific you would like to talk about?”

I replied “No, I just remember when we used to sit and talk and I miss that.”

He put down his knife and fork to look at me and say “Sure, sweetie, we can talk.  I would enjoy talking with you.”

Who is this man?  I expected him to try to make excuses or subtle hints that he didn’t want to talk and it was a bit unnerving to have him look me in the eye to take my concern seriously.  Unnerving isn’t the right word.  It’s sexy.

We smiled at each other and resumed eating.  Between bites I got up and walked behind Tom to massage his shoulders for a few seconds and he gave me a couple of pats on the hand before I returned to my seat.

After dinner Tom actually helped me clear the table and complimented me on the new recipe.  I decided to do dishes later.

Tom and I sat on the living room couch and he waited for me to talk.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to talk about but I managed to find topics.  When I asked him about his view of a specific political event from yesterday he gave me his opinion.  We talked about a few different current event topics and it was nice not to just hear a quick response.  It was nice just to sit and talk with my husband.

At one point I asked “So you seem to be more willing to talk with me more than usual.”

Tom said “You don’t usually ask me about my opinions.”

I gently refuted that by saying “Yes I do, you don’t usually say more than two words.”

Tom looked down, a bit embarrassed, and said “You’re right.  I guess I am just so glad that you are willing to dominate me today.”

I said “More than just today” and he smiled.  I asked “Are you enjoying this?”

He replied “Yes, very much.  I am sorry I’ve given you attitude earlier but it takes some time adjusting to this” and he pointed to the DreamLover 2000.

I said “I read a couple of web site reviews from guys who said that this is the cruelest thing ever invented.”

Tom said “I saw those too, they are funny, they just don’t understand the mind of a submissive man like me.”

We had been talking for over a half hour and it seemed a good place to stop so I got up and Tom and I hugged before he went back to his computer room.

Later, Tom went to his weekly Saturday meeting at the bar with a couple of his buddies and I moved the chastity device keys and spare remote to a hidden spot in the attic where Tom would never go.  When he returned he was slightly drunk.  Normally he only drinks enough for a buzz but not enough to risk driving under the influence but tonight he pushed the limit and I don’t condone that at all.

As Tom was getting out of the bathroom I decided to confront him about it.  “Are you drunk?”

Tom said “A little.  My buddy Kurt bought us a couple of extra rounds because of the promotion he got at work.”

I said “And you were driving.”

He said “I was fine.”

I was ready for a confrontation this time.  With the remote in hand I’m always ready but earlier today I wasn’t emotionally ready, unlike this time.

I said “You had twice the number of drinks but didn’t think about potential consequences, did you?”  Tom could see that I meant business so he kept quiet.  I continued “Do you think you deserve any punishment?”

I knew that would push his buttons.  This was not the same man who was sitting so nicely with me on the couch after dinner.

Tom said “My buddy buys me drinks and I should be punished?”  His voice had become louder and for the first time ever I was looking forward to it.  I didn’t have to push any more buttons as he was getting on a roll.  I stayed quiet while keeping a disapproving stance with my arms folded across my chest.

Tom continued “Why do you try to stop me from having fun?  Why!”  His voice was too loud and right in my face so now was the time for me to stop it.

I stepped back a bit and set the remote to pulse mode at level three, the highest setting.  The first pulse caused him to yell “Owww!!” and clutch at his groin with both hands.  It took him a few seconds to recover and then with a pained expression it looked like he wanted to say something and he paused to think about it but the next pulse hit and he yelled again, crouched down, and clutched at his groin.  As he was recovering I said “It’s on pulse mode” and he got on his knees and begged “Please turn it off, please” so I turned off pulse mode.

Still on his knees he said “Thank you, Carol, thank you.  I am sorry.  I am very very sorry.  Please forgive me.”

I said “Do you deserve punishment?”

Tom said “Yes.  I am sorry I yelled at you.  I was just … I’m sorry.  There are no excuses.”

I said “Exactly.  You must never yell at me, do you understand?”

Tom replied “Yes.  I swear I will try to never yell at you again.  I’m really sorry.”

He said something which impressed me.  He didn’t promise never to yell at me, I would not have believed that.  He said he would try and for now that is a great start.

I said “Get up” and then we hugged and he leaned down a bit to lay his head on my shoulder.  I patted his back to let him know it’s okay.

When we separated I said “What punishment do you think I should give for your drunk driving?”

Tom seemed momentarily surprised and then hung his head a bit.  He said “That was wrong.  I screwed up.”

I said “15 minutes of level 2 pulse” and he nodded his head in resignation.  I felt like a judge who had passed down sentence except that a real judge would throw his ass in jail.  I initiated pulse mode which caused Tom to groan and clench his body in response.  I patted him on the shoulder and he went back to his computer room for an hour before we went to bed.  10 minutes later I walked by his room without going in and I heard him groan in pain.

I did not fight the reactions I felt at all this newfound power and went into the bedroom to use my vibrator.

Later when we went to bed I noticed that Tom was leaving his clothes on the floor so I gave him a single level 2 zap and he immediately picked up his clothes and put them in the dirty clothes hamper, giving me a sheepish look.  He knows what he should do and I just need to get him to pay attention to it.

This day has gone as I had hoped but not quite what I expected.  I was thinking that Tom would try to rebel against the control I am exerting over him but, while there have been a few moments of rebellion, they were brief and overall he seems quite happy for me to control him.  This must be fitting into his submissive fantasies.

I am going to ratchet the control up a notch or two to get quicker results.  Just before bed I typed up a list of all of the ways in which Tom could improve and my list included many issues which I didn’t think were realistic but I am thinking now that maybe I can attain all of what I want.

Interesting.  Exciting!

Let’s try something now.  I made a point of getting into bed before Tom and once he was about to get into bed I said “Wait” and he stayed standing next to the bed.  I said “You know what I would really like?” and I waited for him to respond to see from the tone of his voice what attitude he would have.

Tom paused and said “Sweetie, what would you like?”  His attitude was servile so this was probably still fitting into his submissive desires.

I said “Kneel by the bed and rub my feet for a while.”  It takes a bit of concentration but I am trying to make sure not to phrase my desires in the form of a question.

Tom didn’t say anything as he complied.

I rarely get a pedicure but I love it when I do.  There aren’t many feelings better than getting my feet caressed and massaged.  Well, maybe one or two are better.

At first Tom’s hands were tentative on my feet but then he began kneading my heels and the balls of my feet and it felt heavenly.  I moaned and told him that it feels good and he replied that he was glad.

After ten minutes I was seriously unwound and relaxed so I told Tom to get in bed.  Once he joined me in bed I decided to have him snuggle me from behind, spooning me as he lay next to me.

Snuggling is another thing I enjoy but have had to do mostly without.  Until now.  He did not argue or show any negativity.  The snuggling relaxed me even further so I turned over, I thanked him and he replied that it was his pleasure, and I kissed him goodnight and sleep well.

My last thought before I fell asleep was that I was going to really ratchet up the control tomorrow.


Chapter 9: Control

I slept better than I had in a long time.  The rubbing and snuggling seemed to erase the tension I was feeling.

Tom was still in bed, of course, since on weekends he stays in bed late into the morning.  When I woke up he was stirring so I said “Tom?”

Tom said “Yes, sweetie?”

I said “I love you.”

He said “Did you sleep okay?”

I appreciated his concern but I decided to implement another new rule.  I said “Tom.”

He answered with some trepidation, knowing that he was in trouble in some way, “Yes, sweetie?”

I said “What do you think is the appropriate response when I tell you that I love you.”

Tom said “I am sorry, I should have said I love you too.  I am sorry.”  His tone of voice showed sincerity and not cowering fear and I was glad for that.  I don’t want to turn Tom into a weak man.

I said “I am going to give you one small zap so you remember” and I reached for the remote.

Tom said “I understand, thank you” and then he gave a very slight groan as a result of the level one zap I gave him.

I said “And don’t hesitate to initiate saying it.  Women like when their men tell them how they feel.”

Tom said “I love you, sweetie” and I replied “I love you, too.”

I began to have second thoughts about ratcheting up the control to speed up Tom’s training and removal of unwanted habits.

Later when I got out of bed as Tom stayed in bed, I reviewed the list of improvements I had for Tom and re-affirmed my desire to ratchet up the control.  There are too many ways he needs to improve, for his own benefit as well as for mine, to let them go at a snail’s pace as I don’t want to be training him for several weeks.

The next thing I decided to work on was Tom’s lazing in bed for too many hours as it just makes him listless during the day.  So I went into the bedroom near 8:00am.

I said “Tom” and he replied right away since he was awake.

He said “Yes, dear” and I wasn’t crazy about his tone of voice so I prepared myself for potential resistance.

I said “Rise and shine!”

Tom said “I am going to stay bed for now.”

I do not want to discourage Tom from stating his opinions and preferences, as long as I have the final say, but he didn’t state a preference, his words and tone of voice were all about defiance from what I could determine.

I gave Tom a double zap of level 2.

To my surprise, after his groan he did not get up and instead said “Why do I need to get up?  I’m comfortable here.”

I said “Obey” and gave him another double zap of level 2.

After the zaps Tom stood up next to me and said “Shit, you are really pushing it with this.”

I said “Canine mode” and pressed the button.  Tom got down on his hands and knees in front of me.  I said “How long would you like to stay like that?”

This was fun.  It was like a game with the cards stacked in my favor.  I could make him do practically whatever I wanted and I was enjoying the power.

Tom’s attitude softened and he said “I’m sorry.  If you help me learn I will not anger you anymore.”

Remaining standing in front of him, I said to Tom “I am not angry at all, honey.  Once you learn to behave I won’t need to punish you.”

Tom said “Yes, sweetie, thank you for your patience with me.”

I said “My pleasure.  So let’s go over the list of improvements you need to make just from the last minute.  Rise and shine means to get up and if you have any concerns feel free to bring them up instead of just disobeying.”

Tom said “Yes, sweetie, I will obey.”  I felt a tingling inside of me.  This power I held was erotic.

I said “You continued to disobey as you questioned my order.  You may ask questions but disobedience is not acceptable.”

He intoned “Yes, sweetie, I am sorry.”

I continued “You swore at me.”

He perked up and said “I wasn’t swearing at you … but I understand what you mean!”  He was clearly anxious about trying not to elicit more punishment.  He went on “I am sorry.  I won’t use swear words with you anymore.”

That’s a nice bonus.  It just always seems hostile when he uses swear words around me.  I said “Okay, that is good.  Do you see how easy it is to drop the ball?”  It still seemed strange to lecture someone on their hands and knees in front of me but I liked it.

Tom replied “Yes, sweetie, I will try to be much more aware of that.”

I turned off canine mode and told him he could get up.  Once he stood next to me he said “Mind if I ask you a question?”  I said “I don’t mind at all” and he said “You’re enjoying humiliating me, aren’t you?”

I almost protested to say that this was training and not humiliation but he had a grin on his face when he asked the question so I took a different approach.  I smiled and said “Yes, it’s fun.”

Tom smiled back and said “Any chance you would like to move our Sunday night to this morning?”

Sunday night is our weekly time for sex so he was telling me that he was turned on by my humiliating him.  This gave me two thoughts.  One is that I am really going to ratchet up the control today and the other is that I’m going to fuck his brains out now.  Hell, I never said that I couldn’t swear.

I said “Strip and get back in bed, face up.”  Once he had removed his pajamas and was back in bed I used our bedtime bondage Velcro restraint set to tie him spread-eagled.  Usually when we use restraints I tie him face down and sometimes whip his back a bit with the light cat-o-nine-tails whip we have but this time I had something else in mind.

Once Tom’s wrists and ankles were restrained I told him to stay there and then I went up to the attic to retrieve one of the chastity device keys.  I climbed the portable ladder quietly to try to avoid tipping off my hiding place for the keys and spare remote.

When I returned I showed Tom the key and he smiled.  As I was unlocking and removing the device Tom was giving me a very lustful look, like a hungry animal.  He had only been in the chastity device for one day and two nights so the look he gave me was probably due to the way I have been dominating him this weekend and not due to pleasure withdrawal.  Maybe he will stop asking me to whip him since he’s going to be getting plenty of training domination.

I removed the device and as I removed my nighty Tom’s penis rose to attention.  He usually takes time to get erect and I figured that I would have to stroke him with my hands for a while so this was a refreshing change and very welcome as I was ready and did not want to wait.  I mounted Tom and inserted him inside of me.  We were both ready so there was no delay and the fun began for me almost right away.

Wow this was great.  We always use the missionary position and while I like that I always wanted to try different positions.  Being the one on top and in control felt great and brought a new level of joy and feelings inside of me.  I had two orgasms in just a short time and then a feeling came over me.  I felt the devil inside of me.

Tom was almost to his orgasm but I pulled out before he could reach that point.  He stopped thrusting and looked at me, perplexed.  I just smiled at him and spent a moment catching my breath.  He said “Why did you stop?”

That devil inside of me said “I got mine!” and I laughed.

Tom wasn’t laughing.  His face had a pained expression and he said “Sweetie, please, don’t leave me hanging like this.”

I said “You’re right, honey, that would be cruel” and I got up to get an ice pack from the kitchen freezer.  When I returned, Tom’s erection had subsided somewhat and when I applied the ice pack he groaned and his penis quickly became limp.  I wiped him off with a paper towel.

I picked up the chastity device from where I had set it aside and Tom said “What the fuck are you doing?”

As I connected and locked in the device over his penis I said “Are you sure you want to use that tone of voice with me?”

Tom replied “No!  I’m sorry.  I’m very sorry.  Please forgive me.  Please don’t do this to me.  Please let me go inside of you again.”

I said “I will, but not today, you still need to work on your attitude.”

I made sure the device was locked in place and then I removed the restraints on his wrists and ankles.  Tom didn’t move, though, and when I looked at his face I saw tears in his eyes.  I said “What’s wrong, Tom?”

He said “It’s nothing, I’m okay.”

I gave him a level 1 single zap and I repeated exactly “What’s wrong, Tom?”

Tom said “It’s just that I need release.  It usually isn’t this long.”

I said “What do you mean it usually isn’t this long?”

He replied “Please don’t get angry at me.  Please give me time to explain.”  He was fighting back tears.

I lie down next to him and put my arm around his chest.  I said “It’s okay, honey, let’s get it out in the open.  I love you.”  He responded “I love you, too.”

Tom took a breath and said “I usually don’t go more than a day or so between achieving … you know.”

I didn’t know what to say, I was surprised to say the least.  I asked the first thing which came to mind “Have you been cheating on me?”  I didn’t think he was but I wanted it out in the open.

Tom quickly responded “No.  I would never!  Never in a million years, sweetie, I promise.”

I said “So what do you mean, then?”

He sheepishly said “I … masturbate from time to time.”

Thinking back to what he said a few seconds earlier I said “Every day?”

Tom replied “Yes.  I’m sorry.”  I could sense that he was holding his breath, hoping that I would not erupt and put him permanent pulse mode or something.

I wasn’t thinking about that.  I was thinking about why he would want to masturbate when he had me.  I don’t think I have ever turned him down for sex.  He just doesn’t ask any more, other than our weekly sex.

I said “Why would you turn me down when I used to ask for sex, then?”

Tom responded “Because I don’t want pity sex.”

Tom and I talked it through and I helped him realize that I want to have sex with him and do not offer just to be nice.  It was great to get it out in the open.  How could he have thought I was just trying to be nice?  Tom suggested increasing our frequency of sex to twice a week and I said that I would like it to be spontaneous and anyway with me being in control I would decide the day and time.  Tom was happy with that arrangement.

I am really feeling great about our relationship.  I had figured on training some bad habits out of Tom and that seems to be going well but I hadn’t counted on fulfilling his submissive fantasies with all of this.  There has to be a limit to his submissive fantasies, of course, but in the meantime I am glad that he is enjoying this.

Once we discussed our sex life in general he said “So would it be okay if I entered you again sometime today?  I haven’t had any release since Thursday night.”

I said “I will decide that later” and he was content with that.  I went on to say “Do you remember promising to me that you wouldn’t swear at me?”

Tom said “You are right, I am so sorry.  I said the f-word to you, I am sorry.”  He seemed resigned to his punishment.  He was sincerely apologizing though not with the frantic urgency of someone trying to get out of punishment.

I initiated pulse mode at level two and told him to get up and start his day.  It was funny watching him groan and stop what he was doing for a moment whenever the pulse hit.

Tom had left his PC on all night in power saver mode so I did not need to enter the password.  After a few minutes I turned off pulse mode as he answered e-mails and he looked at the web sites I had unblocked.  Then I put on my make-up.

Tom was not particularly enjoying the fiber-rich granola bars and fruit we had for breakfast instead of his former breakfasts of unhealthy TV dinners but he knew better than to complain.  I told him that he today he would start an exercise program and he almost talked back but thought better of it and gave me a fake smile instead.

After breakfast I let Tom play computer games for an hour and then I walked into his room and told him to save and quit his game.  It’s time to work on reducing the size of his gut and generally increase our health.  I didn’t want to hurt his feelings but I had to be honest about the point of this and I was honest about wanting to lose a few pounds myself.  We both need more exercise.

Tom and I took a 45 minute walk around the neighborhood.  I think we both did well at our somewhat slow pace and after the first 15 minutes we started talking about different topics, many of which Tom initiated.  Towards the end of the walk Tom was even bringing up baseball topics and while I do not know much about it I am interested in hearing the interesting stories Tom talks about.

When we got back to the house I hugged Tom and after we each took a separate shower we had a lunch of healthy turkey and cranberry sandwiches with a side of almonds which Tom wasn’t too thrilled with but he didn’t complain.

After lunch Tom went back to his computer games.  As I cleaned my bathroom I decided that later today I should get Tom to clean his own bathroom instead of just letting it go for months before I wouldn’t be able to stand it anymore and I would clean it myself.

Tom seems to be taking this much better than I had anticipated.  I decided to reward him so once I was done cleaning my bathroom I went into his computer room and said “Save your game and come with me.”

Tom jumped off the couch and followed me into the bedroom where I set up pillows on the bed for him to lay his body on face down and the space between the pillows was for his chastity device to avoid pressing against the mattress.

I had him strip all his clothes off and I tied him spread eagled face down on the bed as I do from time to time.  I could sense his excitement of anticipation.

I whipped his ass.  I brought out the whip and stroked him with it much more than I usually do.  He was groaning and struggling as the skin on his butt was getting redder and I moved on to whip his upper back.  I knew that he was enjoying this because he had told me many times that this was what he wanted.

Once Tom started yelling loud I stopped and gently caressed his red spots.

After I untied him, Tom hugged me on the bed and thanked me over and over.  It seems that we rarely go out of our way to do nice things for each other and it felt good to do this for Tom as he clearly enjoyed it.  I don’t know why I hadn’t done it before, it wasn’t difficult or too much work.

I also admit to an ulterior motive.  I am going to put him to work this afternoon.


Chapter 10: Work

While we were still on the bed I said “I have some things for you do to this afternoon” and he replied “Anything you want, sweetie.”

I said “You are going to start doing sit-ups every day and I am going to help you.”

I don’t think that Tom was anticipating this but he adjusted his initial facial expression from surprise to acceptance and said “Okay.”

I continued “And then you are going to clean your bathroom with my guidance.”

Tom struggled with this one and when his facial expression did not change to acceptance right away I reached over for the DreamLover 2000 remote.  He said “It’s okay, I’ll clean the bathroom!” to try to stop me from reaching for the remote.

I gave him a level 2 zap and he hung his head and quickly said “I’m sorry.”  I told him it is okay, just a little reminder.

I thought again at how great this is.  I zap his penis and he tells me he is sorry, as if I was the one who was wronged.  I see a long and happy marriage in my future as long as I have the remote in hand.  Or, better yet, after training I may not even need to use the remote.

As we got off the bed Tom smiled and said to me “Sweetie, thank you for whipping me.”  I almost laughed at the irony of that but instead I smiled back and said “My pleasure.”

Tom put on his pajamas and said “Where should I do the sit-ups?”

I helped Tom with 25 sit-ups on the bedroom carpet.  It was definitely a struggle for him and we had to take breaks plus his beer belly got in the way so after a few sit-ups he had to take his pajama pants back off.  I told him he would be doing this every day and he fought off the initial urge to groan about it.

I allowed Tom to play computer games for 30 minutes and then verbally guided him through the steps of cleaning his bathroom thoroughly.  This was all new territory for Tom so I had to give him every detail and I required him to take notes for next time.  It took him a full hour just to clean his small bathroom because of his inexperience but he did not complain once, although I could tell that he wanted to if not for the risk of being shocked.

I told Tom to shower again, because I knew he wouldn’t otherwise, and take me out to our usual Sunday night dinner before weekly sex.

I decided to pick the restaurant we went to, unlike most Sunday nights, and I chose a place which had healthful and inexpensive choices instead of the awful heart attacks on a plate he usually gets.  I had to gather my courage but I managed to require him to get something which was not bad for him.  This restaurant didn’t serve alcohol so I didn’t have to go out of my way to stop him from drinking.

While we were talking during dinner I noticed his eyes wandering to a nearby table which had a couple of attractive ladies so I looked at his face and gave him a level 1 zap, which got his attention back.  I said “I don’t think that is appropriate, do you?” and he replied “No, you’re right, I am sorry.”

At least he didn’t try to cover it up with a lie.  I’m going to let it slide this time without further punishment.

Later, though, as the ladies got up to leave, Tom’s eyes wandered again and even lowered down a bit to take a look at the ladies’ legs so I gave him a double-zap of level 1.

After dinner Tom wanted to order a piece of chocolate cream pie but I told him to get some cantaloupe for us to share for dessert instead.  The look on his face when eating his fruit was priceless, as though someone had put dirt in his favorite food.

I kept my voice low and said “You’re doing very well.  I might give you a reward tonight.”  That brightened his mood and he managed to mostly wipe the discomfort off his face as he ate his cantaloupe.

When we got home I kissed Tom on the cheek and thanked him for a nice dinner.  He continued to seem genuinely pleased when I said nice things, not just to appease me.  That still didn’t stop me from taking care of business, though.

I said “Did you notice those two ladies at the other table in the restaurant?”

Tom hung his head a bit and said “Yes, I am sorry.  I not only looked at them that first time but later when they got up I looked at them again.  I’m sorry.”

I said “I don’t mind you looking but not when I am talking to you, okay?” and he replied “Yes, I am sorry.”

I said “Two minutes of canine mode and pressed that button on the remote.”  Tom quickly got down on all fours and I remembered how much I love canine mode.

I couldn’t help myself and said “While you are down there, you may as well kiss my foot” and laughed.

To my surprise, Tom actually kissed my shoe!  I was stunned and couldn’t believe he actually just did that.  In canine mode he was still looking at the ground so I could not tell how horribly humiliating that was for him but I felt bad so I ended canine mode and told him he could get up and go play on his computer for an hour.

As I was changing into my at home clothes I thought about what had just happened.  Tom kissed my foot just because I told him to.  Just thinking about that, I almost reached for my vibrator but remembered that tonight was sex night so I decided to wait an hour.

Later, when Tom was tied down naked to the bed spread eagled and face up and I was naked and standing over him, I decided to treat him with a few strokes from the whip on his thighs.  I went from a few to several blows until he yelled in pain a couple of times.

I said “Tommy, take a look” and then used the vibrator on myself as he watched with eyes wide in surprise.

I had never done anything like this.  To have someone watch me pleasure myself would be almost unthinkable but seeing Tom under lock and key in the chastity device and feeling the control I had over him even without the bed restraints, I broke through my inhibitions.  As I held the vibrator I also decided to use the arousal induction mode on the DreamLover 2000 remote designed to give him a pattern of timed vibrations, different from the shocks of punishment.

Tom’s reactions were very interesting to watch.  He was turned on by the arousal induction mode and by watching me but he was also frustrated in not being able to participate.  He said “Please baby don’t do this to me” but I could tell that he was loving it.

After my orgasm I felt a bit self-conscious.  I turned off the arousal induction mode and unlocked the chastity device with the key I had retrieved earlier.  As soon as I removed the device Tom’s penis grew and I realized that part of his discomfort had been the pressure of his erection against the cage of the device.

I started fondling Tom’s penis and balls and he was moaning in heaven.  I kept pleasuring him for a few minutes and then I climbed on top of him.  I was about as hot as I have ever been and once I guided him into me Tom was about as big as he has ever been.  I rode him just as I had the previous night and this time alternated between fast and slow, experiencing another orgasm.  During a time of slow grinding I gently caressed the tip of one of his nipples and his back arched as he moaned loud in pleasure.  I then rode him fast and hard and we had a simultaneous orgasm which rocked my world.

I was completely spent so I just flopped on the bed next to Tom and cuddled him as he still lay tied down spread eagled.  He, too, was spent and just nuzzled his face sideways into my breast.

A few minutes later, I reluctantly pushed away from Tom and retrieved paper towels to wipe myself off and wipe Tom’s groin area.  I then re-installed the chastity device, making sure it was locked in place, and removed the restraints from Tom’s wrists and ankles.  Tom leaned up and tackled me, we just lay in each other’s arms for another few minutes with the only words being an I love you from Tom and an I love you too response from me.

I gave Tom the rest of the night off to play computer games but an hour later as I was watching TV, during a commercial break he removed the computer headphones he uses when I am in the room and, smiling, motioned for me to swing my legs in his direction so that he could massage my bare feet.  I thanked him and couldn’t help but give him my most loving look.  As I watched TV Tom continued to massage my feet and I was in heaven.  Just after the next commercial break he put his headphones back on to play his game but continued to rub my foot with one hand.

What a wonderful evening.

Later, when we went to bed I was looking forward to another foot rub and to my delight Tom was already kneeling at the foot of the bed.  He rubbed my feet until I had him stop after a few minutes and then he snuggled me for a few minutes from behind the same as last night, except that I didn’t even have to tell him.

I slept all night.  I wonder if rubbing and snuggling are known cures for insomnia.


Chapter 11: Months Later

“So how is it going with Tom?”  Carol and I had stopped meeting for coffee after work a couple of months ago once she purchased the DreamLover 2000 and started training Tom.  I had started a new exercise class anyway but class is over and I practically insisted Carol meet me today since she kept dropping hints about Tom during our infrequent chats at her cubicle.

Carol said “Marge, you wouldn’t believe him if you saw him.  He is the same Tom I love, only better.  Much better.”

I said “Tell me more!  You seem so energized lately and I can see in your eyes that something has changed.”

Carol said “How about if you and Chad come over for dinner and you can see for yourself?  Is tomorrow night good?”

Tomorrow was Chad’s late night at the office so Carol and I agreed to Friday night.  It would take some arm-twisting for me to get Chad out of the house on a night after work but I figured that I could manage it.

I thought about the effect it would have on Chad to see Tom a bit changed from the last time we saw Tom.  I never really enjoyed going to Carol’s house because of the way Tom would verbally disrespect Carol from time to time but hopefully that is no longer the case.  I mentioned to Chad that we might see a changed man in Tom but Chad was very skeptical.

On Friday night Tom greeted Chad and me at the door with a smile.  Tom seemed genuinely happy to see us and ushered us in, a welcome change from when Carol had to practically drag him out of his room in previous visits.

As we sat on the couch Carol announced “Tom has become a changed man and I want you two to see.  Thank you for coming.”

Chad said even before I had a chance to say anything “This I gotta see.  Tom, what have you been up to lately?”

Tom looked a bit embarrassed but quickly gathered his courage and said “Carol is the love of my life and I would do anything for her.”

I thought that was a romantic thing to say but I could probably get Chad to say the same thing, with some coaxing or bribery.  It didn’t prove a thing.  When Chad and I didn’t respond, Carol said to Tom “Honey, I think you should show them what you mean.”

Tom said “Yes, sweetie, I would love to.”  To my utter shock Tom knelt down on the floor in front of Carol.  His face was red from embarrassment but he moved his head to the floor and, I blush to even type this, Tom kissed her feet.  Chad said “What the fuck?” as Tom removed Carol’s shoes and started massaging her stocking feet.

Chad said “Tom, are you okay buddy?”

I could see the effort it took Tom to turn towards Chad and smile, saying “Yes, Chad, this is the happiest I have ever been.”

I couldn’t watch anymore.  If this poor man has been tortured into obedience, I didn’t want to be part of his torment.  I was expecting a bit of change, maybe a nicer attitude and not being rude, but this was way beyond that.  I said “Carol, we need to talk with the real Tom.  This seems more like brainwashing than anything else.”

Carol’s expression turned from contentment to worry.  She paused and said to Tom who was still rubbing her feet “Tom, honey, sit next to Marge and be open and honest with her about what you feel.”

Tom, too, became concerned and as he sat next to me on the couch I could see that he was going to try to convince me of his happiness.  I don’t know much about brainwashing but I don’t think it could stand up to close scrutiny when looking into the victim’s eyes.

It did stand up to scrutiny.  I asked several open-ended questions and Tom’s happiness passed them all with flying colors, although he admitted that it was very embarrassing this first time to display his subservience to others.  Chad remained skeptical but eventually accepted it, although he did not understand it one bit.

Tom finished by saying “I wouldn’t change my life for anything.  I love Carol more than anything and I know that she loves me.  It is a true pleasure for me to provide her with happiness and I can’t think of any life more enjoyable than this.”

Once he was convinced of Tom’s change of heart, Chad had enough of hearing about this and said “Is dinner ready?”

During dinner Carol did not lift a finger to help Tom in preparing and serving the dishes or in serving seconds and Tom seemed happy to be the energetic and deferential host.  Carol said that Tom had done all of the cooking and setting of the table and he would do all of the cleaning afterwards.  Tom enthusiastically agreed that this was the case and it was his pleasure.  Carol said that she does enjoy cooking from time to time but usually lets Tom take care of it as well as other tasks around the house such as all of the vacuuming, dusting, and scrubbing of the bathrooms.

Chad looked sick to his stomach in listening to all of this but he mostly kept quiet, although he got one taunt in behind Tom’s back, saying to me “Whipped” in reference to Tom.  Carol heard Chad’s comment and winked at me.

After dinner Tom cleared the table and put the dishes in the sink as Carol, Chad, and I sat on the couch and talked.  For Chad’s sake, during dinner and while Tom was clearing the table we talked about something other than our whipped friend.

When Tom returned I was glad that he just gave Carol a kiss on the cheek and sat next to her.  Chad said “Tom, help me understand what is going on, if you don’t mind.  Why?”  Chad didn’t need to elaborate and I was looking forward to the answer.

Tom replied “I don’t think I can adequately explain it.  For years I never really thought much about our marriage.  I mean, I have always loved Carol and enjoyed our marriage but, to be honest, I took it for granted.”  Tom looked at Carol and said “I took Carol for granted.”  If I didn’t know any better it seemed that Tom might cry at what he had been doing to Carol in taking her for granted.  I was touched.

Tom continued “The DreamLover 2000 changed all of that.  I know you probably think I was brainwashed or something and maybe that is a part of it but up until tonight I haven’t even worn it in the past week.”  Carol added “He hasn’t needed it.”

Chad was confused and said “What the hell is the DreamLover 2000?”  I guess Carol and Tom thought that I had told Chad about it.

There was some hesitation and Carol said to Tom “Honey, maybe you should tell Chad and Marge.”

Tom cleared his throat and said “It is a system of electrodes and a remote control, giving a shock.”  I looked forward to how Tom would describe its location on the body.  He continued “When I used to misbehave, Carol would occasionally give me a zap to let me know and over a few weeks I learned how best to please her.”

Chad said “A zap?  She would torture you until you obeyed her every whim?”

Tom said “Not really.  It isn’t all that painful.”  Tom re-thought that statement and said “Well, not on the lower settings anyway.  I guess at first you can say that I felt some torture but it wasn’t much and after just a couple of days I learned how to avoid it.”

Chad added “By obeying, right?”

Tom said “Yeah.  I know how it seems, but right away I could see how it benefits me to make her happy, and not just because of the shocks.  The DreamLover 2000 is not a torture device although I know it could be used that way.  It is a training device for a willing participant and I was not only willing but eager to be trained to make her happy.  And I can honestly say that it has changed our life.”  He looked at Carol and said “I am the happiest man on earth.”

Chad looked sick again.  I thought he might say something crude but fortunately he managed to hold himself back.

I said in an innocent voice “Chad, you wouldn’t want to be happy?”

Chad said “Not that way!  Look, I guess I believe Tom when he says he’s happy but I don’t think you can torture someone into it.  Maybe for a few days or something but ….  Tom, you said you went into this willingly.  Why?”

Tom looked at Carol who nodded.  Tom said “Because I always had a fantasy of Carol dominating me.”  Tom averted his eyes in embarrassment.

Awkward.  I knew this from what Carol had already told me but Chad didn’t.  I looked at Chad and expected to see an even sicker look on his face but instead his face was neutral and his emotions hidden.

Chad said “Interesting.  I guess that explains it.”

I knew that there was a piece of information Chad didn’t have and I wanted to see if it would bring back the sick look on Chad’s face so I asked Tom “Where on your body do the electrodes go?”

Tom looked to Carol who said “His dick.”

I blushed, not expecting such a straightforward answer.  I looked to Chad as he said “Fuck” but his face did not have a look of anger or disgust, it had a faraway look.

Chad said “Buddy, you have a lot of balls to put them on the line like that.  If it has worked out for you then that’s great.”

I had not expected Chad’s reaction and I decided when we got home to ask him about it.  Could he be interested?  That seemed beyond my dreams but if Tom was willing, maybe Chad?


Chapter 12

“Go for it,” I said to Chad on the phone.

Last week when Chad was here to see my change in attitude I thought he would get sick.  When he e-mailed me tonight, though, he seemed interested to learn more about it since Marge had asked him whether or not he wanted to look into it.  Chad called me and I told him about the love I feel from Carol and the amazing sex every other night, although I didn’t tell him about the orgasm denial Carol put me through.  I encouraged Chad to go for it.

“Who was that?” Carol asked once I hung up the phone.

I said “Chad.  He asked me about the DreamLover 2000.”

Carol smiled and caressed my back, saying “I heard you say go for it.”

Carol and I hugged and kissed before I resumed dusting.  I was thankful for the male training course available through the DreamLover Labs web site as it includes a large lesson on dusting and zaps you when you get answers wrong because you weren’t paying attention.

When I first saw their web site it seemed quite exciting to me but I could only fantasize about some woman putting me in it and dominating me.  When I used to look at porn I used to often fantasize about the DreamLover 2000.  But after Carol told me that she was interested from seeing the web site, my fantasies turned into reality.  And now I don’t need porn and I am proud to say that I have never once asked Carol to unblock porn on my PC.

I have read many comments over the years which state that it is difficult when a fantasy turns into reality because the reality does not usually meet expectations.  In my case the reality far exceeded my desires.  I was looking for some submissive excitement and, instead, what Carol and I found was absolute bliss for both of us.

I could see in Carol’s eyes how happy I make her and I am certain that she can see the same in me.  Sometimes I just daydream regardless of what I am doing, whether I am dusting, mowing the lawn every week, cleaning the attic as I did a couple of weeks ago once I got over my phobia with Carol coaxing me along with the remote control, doing my daily exercise routine, making Carol’s breakfast in bed, or just rubbing her body all over and I think of how lucky I am to have such a wonderful woman.

This time I was brought back out of my daydream by a breath of cool air on my legs.  That is one negative about dusting while wearing what Carol told me to wear which is a French maid uniform, if I don’t keep moving I get cold.




Word Count = 18,800


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