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Synopsis:  A Mistress sets out to convert a “do-me sub” who cares only for his own gratification into a full submissive who cares about his Mistress’ pleasure.  Codes = F/m, torture play, humiliation, consensual.



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Chapter 1: Session


Mistress, this is my report from the assignment you gave to me to find a “do-me sub” and attempt to turn him into a real sub.  As you likely anticipated, this assignment was extremely enlightening to me and led me in directions I did not dream it could go.


Since you will be posting this on your web page I will add some explanation for its readers.  A “do-me sub” is, from the perspective of some female dominants such as Mistress and me, a male who labels himself as a submissive and has a specific list of things he would want a female dominant to do to him.  Typically, though not always, a do-me sub considers himself to be a real sub but in the view of Mistress and me he is not a sub at all since he does not submit to anything other than the specific acts he desires.


A do-me sub’s approach is similar to going to a restaurant and ordering specific items and this to Mistress and me has nothing to do with submission which is about transferring power from the submissive to the dominant.  Just as an example, if a male requests to be whipped with a particular implement then that is a top/bottom situation and generally not a dominant/submissive interaction unless there is power exchange in some other way.  However, if a male requests to be tortured within certain limits and the method is open to the determination of the torturer, then that is more in the realm of submission, although there is typically much more to submission than just torture and pain does not even need to be involved for submission.  That said, I require the application of pain, as does Mistress.


A do-me sub often misleads a dominant into thinking that he would submit by indicating desires such as “I want you to dominate me” when in reality he does not want to be dominated at all and only wants to be topped.  This creates frustration for some dominants such as Mistress and me because the mis-communication often causes us to spend time getting to know the potential sub only to find that the time was wasted.  By contrast, when a bottom tells us up front that he is a bottom, Mistress and I respect this as may quickly move on and not waste time and effort.


There is nothing wrong with a male wanting specific things done to him and nothing wrong with calling himself a sub, even though in our view he is not submitting, but this is not the type of sub Mistress and I enjoy dominating and since in our view he is not submitting at all we do not consider him to be a “real” sub.  We understand that “real” means different things to different people and we only use the word from our own perspective and opinion.


With the disclaimers out of the way, Mistress, I want to let you know that I was reluctant at first to follow through with this assignment.  There was never a time when I felt that I wouldn’t do as you indicated but I did not initially think that it would be an enjoyable experience.  While at first I figured that it might be fun to break down a male into true submission or at least teach him a painful lesson, I did not think that it would realistically occur.  Fortunately, I was wrong, very very wrong.


It was not an easy assignment, Mistress.  We both receive plenty of messages from do-me subs and other males who are even less appealing so I had no shortage of potential candidates for this assignment.  I began to look in detail at the messages and user profiles to attempt to identify my subject but I became numb and each male seemed similar to each other.  I decided to choose the most outlandish male I could find who appeared to be a do-me sub and that was a mistake.


The male I chose named slave256225 sent me a picture of his cock.  This is not unusual, Mistress, as you know, but what was particularly outlandish is that he spliced together a picture of an attractive woman making it appear that she was giving him a blowjob.  Also, the shaft of his cock had a discontinuity and when I looked closer it appeared as though he had made his cock appear longer by doctoring the picture.  What sealed it for me was his profile picture in which he had a look on his face attempting to be a debonair and mysterious figure but instead looked like he was acting in a comedy play, an effect which was clearly unintentional.  I couldn’t help but laugh.


I envisioned laughing at his face and making him feel very bad about himself but the reality of that thought did not appeal to me because I am not a mean person.  Many subs, both do-me and real subs, ask me to be mean but that is not who I am.  Still, the fantasy of completely humiliating the ridiculously outlandish slave256225 was exciting to me and I figured that since his presentation was so over the top there was a chance that he was a legitimately interesting person.  I was wrong.


I quickly learned that slave256225 was about as boring as it gets.  He was very clearly a do-me sub in my view but would not make a good subject because I needed to have at least some fun and I could never have any fun with slave256225.  To get to know him I responded to his initial seven-word message, which he had included with the picture of his cock, with the message “Hi slave256225, you seem interesting, please tell me about yourself and feel free to go into detail.”


I guess detail to slave256225 meant that he would expand his thoughts to a message of a whopping 31 words with almost all of them listing acts he would like done to his body.  I didn’t want to write him off completely so I wrote back asking him if there was anything else he could tell me about himself such as how much experience he had and whether or not he was looking for a long term relationship and the response I received told me all I needed to know.  He wrote “No, nothing.”


Back to the drawing board, I selected another male and found that he had the same problem with a lack of communication skills and I became discouraged.  My next potential subject did not have that problem and he quickly opened up about many of the emotional problems he has had in his life.  It was certainly too much information and I did not want to get involved with someone who apparently needed a significant amount of professional help so I politely indicated to him my hope that he gets help and his situation improves.


My next potential subject with the name HowAreYouDoing lasted longer than the first three.  His responses were actually interesting and covered a wide range of subjects.  He was very opinionated on many topics and while I did not agree with several of his views and I felt that he blew some issues out of proportion, his messages were interesting to read.  He also was a do-me sub although he knew that that he was not a real sub.


I was considering taking on HowAreYouDoing as the subject of my assignment when I realized that his name was the opposite of his reality.  He never cared for any of my opinions and usually did not even acknowledge that I had made a point.  I didn’t think much of it at first because his messages were interesting but after a few messages I felt more like a sounding board rather than a person and when I asked him whether he had read one of my sentences expressing my view he gave me a snippy response as if I had said something to anger him.  With that red flag flying high, I ended our association.


I was discouraged to say the least, Mistress.  I wanted to fulfill your assignment but I almost gave up because I didn’t want to spend weeks communicating with males who would lead me down a garden path only to leave me empty-handed.  Then I received a message from Peter10 “I want to be your slave, no limits.”


Mistress, you and I have talked about the “no limit” males who just don’t have a clue.  It is just too easy to respond “If you have no limits then cut off your arm and send me a picture” but we both know that those males never learn and it only makes them think of us as mean.  We don’t want to be fodder for their fantasies and it’s just best to ignore those messages completely.


I decided to take a different approach.  I wrote back “Hi Peter10.  If you would like to tell me something about yourself, maybe we could enjoy some time together.  Please let me know.  Take care.”  I expected to get no response or to get a response which didn’t appreciate my non-dominant style but instead Peter10 wrote “Thank you, Ma’am, for writing back.  I apologize for the impersonal first message.  I am not sure where to start but I enjoy the following things” and he proceeded to give me his grocery list of things he would like done to him.  He was personable and polite and was definitely a do-me sub, thinking that being a sub meant having these specific things done to him, so he seemed to be a good candidate as a subject for my assignment.


Mistress, I will fast forward past our exchanging personal photos, our long nice phone call in which we both agreed that we were looking for an ongoing play partnership but not a romantic or long term relationship or a one-time session, and our meeting at a coffee shop although I want to make it clear that I was up front about wanting a male who submitted to my authority and I would accommodate his needs as a compromise.  At first he didn’t understand the distinction I was trying to make between experiencing sensations such as whipping and real submission but it didn’t take him long to get it and he understood that I was going away from my usual preference when I top him.  I did not say that I would not dominate him in my own way so I did not lie to him, although I admit to withholding my main purpose for wanting to interact with him.


Peter also told me that he had some experience as a sub but when I asked for details he admitted that all of his experience was online only.  I started to explain to him that there is a big difference between typing about what will occur, which is how he experienced online BDSM, and actually feeling it with your body and mind but I figured that it might hurt his confidence so I did not continue that discussion.


I decided that the best approach would be a slow one, first providing for all of his needs and desires and then later integrating my own desires.  In part this was due to my own caution at the potential dishonesty of withholding my purpose from him and also due to my concern that I might lose him if I became dominant too quickly.  So for our first brief playful encounter I played the role of a good do-me top and gave him a few of the things he wanted in the list he gave me.  He wanted a longer session but I didn’t want to top for long without any of the domination I enjoy so we agreed on a 30-minute session in his home.  Mistress, I am sure that you do not want to know the details I had set up for what turned out to be an unnecessary safe call.


Peter did not own a flogger even though it was on his list of wanted activities so I brought my own pair of floggers.  When I first brought out the heavy flogger I often use to begin a session, due to its being almost more of a massage than torture, Peter almost freaked out and I had to start with the smaller stinging sensation flogger instead.  After just a minute of light warm-up flogging I started to put a bit more force into the blows, though not even more than one-half strength, and Peter began to squirm and groan as if we had been going for at least 5 minutes.  Just about 10 seconds later he began yelling and then took his hands off the wall and moved away, unable to take more of the so-called pain.  I shouldn’t belittle Peter’s pain threshold, it is not his fault and I wouldn’t want someone to pretend to take more pain than they could, but I found it strange and somewhat frustrating that he specifically said that he wanted to be flogged on his back and yet he could barely take any of it.


If I did not have ulterior motives of completing this assignment, I might have ended the session but I forged on to the next activity on Peter’s list.  I picked up the light paddle he had set on a nearby table and as he lay face down on his bed and slid his underwear down, I paddled his cute little butt.  Mistress, I neglected to mention earlier that one of the reasons I chose Peter is that he is a good-looking man, not a stud or outstanding, but he is my type from a physical standpoint.  I was glad to learn that his butt was as cute as it seemed through his pants and took advantage by mixing in some bare hand spanks along with the paddling he had requested.  Peter did not protest and seemed to enjoy the light spanking on his butt with the paddle and my hand.


I increased the amount of force and whacked his butt with increasing rapidity and while he squirmed and groaned in pain, he enjoyed it and did not move away.  I decided to go outside of the playbook a bit again, this time whacking the back of one of his thighs a once with the paddle.  All of the sudden, he acted as though I had placed electrodes inside his ass and he screamed and jumped up towards the front of the bed, facing me in fear but with his groin covered in modesty by blankets.


My first inclination was to laugh at how ridiculous this was, literally 1 whack from a flimsy paddle on his thigh caused him to jump as though he had been shot out of a cannon.  And on top of that he was covering his groin as if he had never been seen before in his life.  It was actually kind of cute.  There is that word again, cute.  I wanted to laugh and pinch his cheeks even though he is the same age as I am, 29.


But I didn’t laugh.  At times a person may have a trigger which might be from some memory from childhood or might just be a reaction for no reason.  A trigger can cause a person to react with a great deal of unexpected emotion such as fear or anger.  And that is no laughing matter whatsoever.


I didn’t think I had any triggers, and Mistress I hope you forgive me for not telling you about this earlier but I just remembered it now, five years ago when I was in an amusement park there was an attraction which was pitch black inside and there was the noise of a monster approaching.  I do not have any fear of darkness, noises, or monsters but for a few seconds I had a sudden fear and wanted to run away screaming.  I suppressed my reaction and it passed after a few seconds but from the time you warned us about triggers I always took it to heart in part because I take everything you say to heart but also because triggers seemed scary from a philosophical standpoint.


Mistress, I don’t know why I wanted to write about triggers in this report.  Peter had not suffered a trigger.  He had just suffered more pain than he wanted.


As Peter was backed up to the headboard of his bed, I said “What’s wrong?” without a hint of a laugh.  He replied “That hurt!” with some anguish in his voice.  Now that really tested my ability to avoid laughing.  I contained myself and said “I thought you wanted pain?” and he replied “Yes but that really hurt bad.”


I was in the wrong because I had diverted from his script.  On the one hand I was very disappointed because I wanted to transition to something fun but on the other hand I knew that Peter was the right male for this assignment.  It would be a challenge to get Peter to submit to me the way I wanted and I was ready to accept the challenge.


I said to Peter “I am sorry.  I really apologize.  Are you okay?”  Peter calmed down and allowed me to resume the session which I did exactly as he wanted.  When we were done he thanked me for dominating him and asked me when we could next meet.


Mistress, at this point I learned why we truly do not like do-me subs.  I felt used.  Peter had little or no thought about what I might enjoy and it was not fun being a top without dominating, even topping a cute bottom on a cute bottom.  I’m sure that Peter felt the illusion of being dominated because he used the words dominance and submission regarding his desires, but I did not feel dominant.  In fact, I felt submissive because he told me what to do ahead of time and I did that.  As you know, Mistress, I do not feel comfortable being submissive to anyone let alone to a male.


I felt used but I knew that the first session was a means to an end.  I just hoped that the end would occur sooner rather than later.



Chapter 2: Scene


Before our second session I called Peter and asked if he would be okay with a role-playing scenario in which I would perform the acts he enjoyed.  He liked this idea and we agreed upon a scene I suggested in which I was a teaching assistant where he used to go to college and his grade would depend upon my satisfaction.  The scene still didn’t seem appealing to me because I would be limited to exactly the narrow range of activities he wanted but at least it would be an improvement over the first session.


I ended up enjoying the scene somewhat and I enjoyed our third time together in which we role-played nurse and patient relying on me to release him from the hospital, a scene I suggested and Peter agreed to.  I realized that due to Peter’s inability to take more than a small amount of pain, in each scene there were a couple of times when the pain got too much and he lost control whether he screamed, jumped out of the way, or both.  I got a real kick out of reaching that point and always stopped whatever was causing the pain.  Plus Peter was an okay male, despite being self-centered, so I got some pleasure out of giving him what he wanted.


Before our fourth time together I asked Peter to come up with a role-playing scene he would enjoy and just from his reaction I could tell that this pleased him greatly.  I realized that he had been shy earlier about telling me his fantasies even though he was not shy about telling me what was on his do-me list.  Males are tough to understand sometimes but the effort is often very rewarding.


Over the phone Peter told me an elaborate story which would serve as our next role-playing scene.  He clearly had thought of this before and I figured that he probably had many of these types of fantasies.  I enjoyed talking with him about it and I added to what he had thought of.  The stories seemed somewhat realistic.  Also, I felt a tinge of power in that I had begun to break through his surface and was getting him to open up to me.


Many real subs have difficulty revealing their fantasies.  Years ago I didn’t understand why but the reason is clear to me now that subs and many others do not want to impose on someone to feel an obligation to do something so they are inhibited from revealing what they want.  For example, if a sub wanted me to humiliate him with my feet and mentioned that to me, and much later I humiliated him with my feet, then the sub might feel as though I was under an obligation to humiliate him and the sub might feel guilty about it which would not be fun.  That doesn’t particularly apply to me, if I’ve been given consent to do something and if I want to do it then I’ll do it or if I don’t want to do it then I won’t but the point is that the some subs don’t want to impose their wishes on another.  I wish the issue were not that complicated but for many subs I have encountered, it is an inhibiting factor in expressing their desires.


With that in mind I wanted to make sure to have fun with the fantasy.  When I arrived in Peter’s home I believe that my appearance exceeded his expectations.  As you know, Mistress, I enjoy shopping and exotic clothes and this experience was a good combination of both.  I found a woman who specialized in exotic belly-dancer outfits and she had in stock all of the pieces we needed to construct what Peter had described in detail.


Peter’s mouth almost hung open as he gazed upon the “slave” he had won in a writing contest, as depicted in our role-playing enactment of his fantasy.  Mistress, before the shock of surprise causes you to become worried, I was in no way submissive or a slave to this male and it was only at the start of the night that I played the role of slave.  I started dancing for Peter and I admit that I was not very good at it, but as per the scene Peter had described I brought out a cloth and lunged at him, covering his face while holding his head in my arms.


In Peter’s fantasy, his newly won slave would drug him and I am certain that in our discussion about role-playing he figured that I would bring an untreated cloth and pretend that it had a drug on it.  But I added my own twist.  This is why I had asked you for a recommendation on the substance and technique a few weeks ago.  In any case it worked like a charm and he was legitimately rendered unconscious for a couple of minutes.


When he awoke he was tied spread eagled and face up on his bed with his clothing removed, just as he had described to me, although I am sure that he thought he would have been awake during our role-playing.  After his cobwebs cleared I noticed that he was gazing at me in awe though it was unclear if that was awe or fear.  Either way, I enjoyed it.  For the first time Peter actually looked submissive.  The expression on his face was very cute.


Mistress, I had a strong yearning to reach for my implements of torture but they were not part of the scene and I had left them at home.  I thought about finding something like a heavy wooden spoon in his kitchen but I stuck with the script.


I won’t describe in detail the hand job I gave him.  I wasn’t feeling the “against his will” vibe which Peter was fantasizing about but it was clear that he enjoyed himself greatly.  Mistress, being true to what you have told me, I do not hide from you my feelings so I admit that I enjoyed providing pure pleasure to Peter despite the discussions you and I have had about it, even though it would have pleased me much more had I been able to include legitimate pain and humiliation in the scene.


Afterwards, Peter was ecstatic and very appreciative of what I had done for him.  That made me feel good, and not only because I felt that next time I would be able to integrate more of my own control into the situation.


Before our next encounter I talked on the phone with Peter about having more freedom while he is tied down to the bed.  Mistress, having just typed that sentence I see that it seems strange.  I was asking for more freedom as if I was a slave.  I blush to think of that because as you know I am not a slave and especially not to any male.  But perhaps I was initially acting as a sort of servant to Peter’s needs.


Peter and I agreed that I would have more latitude for our next encounter.  I had expected resistance to this idea but Peter said that at our most recent encounter that he had what he described as a very unusual and exciting feeling when I made him pass out for real and had a very sadistic look in my eyes.  I had been thinking very sadistic thoughts at the time but my expression was one of pleasure so it was encouraging to me that I did not have to act for Peter to feel the submissive feelings we enjoy.


I felt that soon I would have him in the palm of my hands.


Our next encounter was very different from any of our previous scenes.  I tied him down spread-eagled, naked, and face down to his bed and had at my disposal a few different instruments, any of which Peter had indicated is fine for me to use as long as the sensation was mild.  I could sense that Peter went a long way emotionally to trust that I would not abuse him beyond his comfort level, notwithstanding the safe words we had previously agreed upon.


Mistress, as you know, I am an angel during a scene and would never dream of pushing anyone’s limits <innocent smile>.  I do not dream, I take action!


I must say that I was very excited during this encounter.  I frequently see males in helpless situations but Peter’s situation of strong reluctance overcome with my own weeks of patience made his predicament very exciting to me.  He was scared!  As soon as I stepped back a bit from having tied down his last limb his breathing was accelerated, his head was turned so he could look at me and his eyes were following every move I made, and I could just sense that he was terrified.


I am sadistic but I have a heart.  It felt like weakness on my part at the time as I showed mercy by caressing his back a bit.  You taught me that it is not weakness, though, to do what I want to do to a helpless male whether that is torture, tickling, making love, caressing, or anything else I want to do.  I should have remembered it at this time because I felt a moment of weakness.


Peter calmed down somewhat so I ventured to tease him by whispering in his ear “You will be screaming in agony” before I went to retrieve the first implement.  Peter must have recognized that I was playing with him as his rate of breathing only slightly increased.


His breathing quickened much more over the next minute as I started stroking him lightly with the lighter of my two floggers I brought.  I wanted to start off mostly on his butt with a familiar implement even though the other time I used it caused too much pain, but then before there was enough force behind the strokes to cause much if any pain I switched to the heavy paddle I brought and whacked him on the butt.


Peter yelped and his body jerked.  I paused after the one whack to give him time to react and to my relief he did not panic and seemed ready for more.  I felt almost drunk with freedom, considering all of our past encounters.  Peter turned his head with fear to watch me stroll from one side of the bed to the other and his body tensed as I slowly raised the paddle for him to see.  I brought the paddle down with a huge amount of apparent windup and force and he jerked his body but the blow I delivered was light and not painful, causing him to exhale in relief.


It was so delicious to watch Peter’s cute butt tense and relax as he lay there at my mercy.  I almost wanted to simply continue to tease and not hurt him but that would go too much against my sadistic nature and given the freedom to apply pain I did not want to waste the opportunity.


So I let him have it, albeit slowly.  From his perspective I wailed away on his butt rotating among the two different paddles and the crop but there wasn’t much force behind the blows and I decreased the force even further whenever he started groaning in pain.  It was in reality a very light scene but it was fun because I was able to adjust the level of pain at my whim and I could feel the power transfer.  Peter was a lot of fun, too.  He seemed to be enjoying himself the entire 20 minutes and the times between blows when I was just stalking him or purring threats in his ear elicited some good begging for mercy, clear indications of his enjoyment.  Mistress, you know that I enjoy good male groveling!


When the scene was over and I untied him, Peter lunged at me and we hugged for a long time.  He was so grateful that I felt certain he would continue to loosen the restrictions we had on our playtime for future scenes.  I wanted to throw him on the bed and use him for my own pleasure but I held off until a future encounter.  In retrospect, I probably could have taken my pleasure from him but at that time I did not want to go beyond what we had agreed upon because I was concerned about pushing him too far.



Chapter 3: Submission


In our next encounter Peter allowed me increased freedom and we experimented with something which scared him.  I brought my violet wand and at first he was almost freaked out.  It was adorable to see him sweating and nervous just from the thought of electricity but I assured him that it was very safe and the settings I would use caused little pain.  He was shaking like a leaf as I applied static electricity to his arm but his entire body relaxed as he realized that there was no pain, only a tingling sensation.  I increased the intensity and still he was fine with it.


Then Peter surprised me and asked if I would tie him up and use the violet wand on him.  At my whim!


This was a big moment between us because it not only told me that he trusted me with a very scary device which was new to him, even though we had the safe words in place, but also that he actively wanted to submit to me.  I almost had a tear in my eye but managed not to reveal too much of myself to this male.


I tied him down face up spread-eagled on the bed, naked of course, and he looked at me with sincere terror and pleading in his eyes.  What a lovely sight!  I just sat on the bed and smiled at him for a minute, taking in the pleasure of his submission and the sight of his obvious fear.  I moved a bit suddenly to turn towards him and his body jerked in fear.  He tried to laugh off his needlessly fearful reaction but he was clearly embarrassed about it.


At this point I was tempted to caress his body to calm him down but I went in the other direction.  I smiled and, brandishing the wand, I looked at him as a torturer looks at her victim.  I moved closer and could feel the fear emanating from his body as he strained against the rope.  I powered on the electricity and Peter whimpered at the buzzing sound.  I slowly moved the wand towards the side of his upper torso and his eyes followed the wand’s every movement while his breathing was very erratic.


Mistress, at this point I gave in to my primal instincts.  Typically that would mean applying extra pain because you know how much I enjoy that but this time it meant lunging at him and covering his mouth in a long kiss.  At first Peter pulled back in fear that I was going to hurt him but he quickly adjusted and it was a wonderful kiss.  When I ended the kiss he clearly wanted more.


Then my typical primal instincts activated and with the violet wand I zapped the hell out of his fully erect dick.  His screaming and thrashing was delicious!  I should have been more reserved because after all Peter was new to submission, not counting what he used to call submission, and he was not a pain slut at all.  He didn’t safe word and remained erect so I allowed myself to keep going, although I gave him breaks between zaps and did not zap him for more than a half-second at a time.  I was proud of him for taking the pain and not using the safe word.


When I was done with him in that area I caressed him there and his thrashing and screaming in pain turned into thrusts and moans of pleasure.  I used the wand on other areas of his skin while continuing the hand job.  I could see the conflict in Peter’s facial expression between the pain and fear from the wand’s zap on his skin and the utter joy he felt from the hand job.  I enjoyed the moaning and groaning sounds he was making.


In Peter’s mind I believe that he was certain I would continue this mixture of pain and pleasure to climax but, Mistress, I learned from the best.  Thank you for your tutelage.  I set the wand aside and he was getting closer and closer to a happy ending but I stopped all contact and his moans turned into whining and whimpering, thrusting himself into empty air.  I stepped off the bed and Peter begged me but I paid him no apparent mind and went into the kitchen.


I returned with a bag of a few ice cubes and applied one directly to the underside of his package.  He made that cute breathy sound males often make when ice is applied there, not just from the physical pain of the sudden temperature change but from the emotional dismay of going from heaven to hell.  I love it!


After a minute his manhood was reduced to a flaccid state and poor Peter was whimpering.  I hovered over his face and asked him if the baby would like a pacifier while he cried, then he did actually cry after I put the pacifier in his mouth and told him to suck on it.  As you know, Mistress, I love to reduce a male to tears with a binky in his mouth.


Having satisfied myself at Peter’s expense I rewarded him with the hand job he craved and deserved.  I could not help but laugh at him as he continued to weep and suck on the pacifier as he moaned in pleasure.  Probably for the first time in his life his emotions were out of control and I felt great satisfaction and pleasure as though I had deflowered a virgin.  But that would actually be for our next session.


Afterwards, I allowed Peter to bask in the afterglow before I removed his pacifier and untied his hands and feet.  He did not move at first and I wasn’t certain whether or not he wanted help sitting up but he looked at me with an expression of, well, I can’t describe it except as an expression of love.  Or perhaps it was an expression of gratitude.  I opened my arms as an invitation and he sat up and then hugged me as he laid his head against my breast.


Mistress, I know that some males might do this as a way to access my breast but that was not the case here.  Peter was emotionally devastated in a way and needed comforting, which I was very happy to provide.  Indeed, he cried and sobbed as I hugged him to my chest.


We stayed in our aftercare embrace for 15 minutes which is almost a record for me and usually only needed after the most extreme torture scenes.  In truth, I believe that Peter was fine after a few minutes as he had stopped crying and his breathing had returned to normal but his soft purring of pleasure made me want to hold him and pet his head forever.


Once our embrace ended and I asked Peter if he was okay, he and I talked for at least a half hour about the scene, his new feelings of submission, and life in general.  As I mentioned earlier, Peter is wonderful to talk with.  He told me that this was the best day in his life by far and that really warmed my heart.


Mistress, I am going to send this assignment report to you now even though I am not finished with my subject.  If you see any errors or issues, please do not hesitate to let me know.  I greatly value your input and could not dream of having a better mentor.  Thank you.



Chapter 4: Respect


Mistress, as you know I have the highest respect for you.  You are beyond just being an expert.  You are truly a Goddess whom I admire and trust.


However, in this case I humbly submit that you are mistaken in your judgment and I place the blame for that squarely on my shoulders.


I am not falling in love with this male.  I know that my writing makes it seem as though my emotions are out of control at times but it is just that I am not used to working with someone as raw and new as this male.  This is my first time attempting to convert a do-me sub and it has been an enlightening experience for both of us.  But it is not love I feel, only pleasure and satisfaction.


My work is not complete.  The male has made great progress but it remains to be seen whether or not he could be a true submissive for more than just one or two scenes.


Thank you for your concern and for not ending my assignment prematurely.  I will be vigilant for what you suggest and will continue to maintain control of my emotions at all times.  I very much appreciate your continued guidance and wisdom.  I will be careful.



Chapter 5: Work


Mistress, I did remain vigilant for what you cautioned against.  In my next encounter with the male I wanted to focus on emasculation which I felt would be difficult for the male, Peter, who had made it clear in our previous conversations that he was not turned on by the thought of wearing women’s clothing or other male ego endangering activities.  This was my game, though, and I was in charge as Peter allowed me freedom to lead him with surprises.


Peter agreed to set aside several hours for our next encounter.  When I arrived and opened the large bag of goodies I had brought, Peter positively blushed.  He seemed close to objecting but after his face showed initial protest it then gradually transformed into submission, a look which I know very well.


This time when I told Peter to strip he was hesitant but compliant.  I started out by putting a small bra on him.  His face was a very cute shade of red and I couldn’t help but laugh at him which added a bit more color to his face.


When I pulled out from my bag bright red nail polish, Peter was visibly shaken and his face turned somewhat white.  Trying to avoid protesting, he instead gave a small whimper and then pulled back his hands and asked if we could skip this part.  Really, his voice was a whine which was exciting for me to hear compared to his usual deep voice because it re-affirmed his acknowledgment of the power I had to show or deny him mercy.  Mercy was not on the agenda!  I gave him a stern look and he quickly reached out his hand for me to apply his paint of torment.


Peter’s facial expression was priceless, like a puppy which had lost his Master.  As I applied bright red polish to his fingernails I could feel the power being drained from poor Peter’s psyche.  It was a delicious feeling.


And when I knelt and started to paint his toenails he did not move an inch.  His legs were slack with resignation as I moved his feet around to complete my work.  Peter was not able to meet my gaze as I applied base, blush, eye liner, eye shadow, and mascara to his beautifully humiliated face and it looked like he was holding back from crying at times.


I always enjoy applying makeup to males, especially if it is emotionally difficult on them.  I gave Peter words of encouragement – or humiliation as he likely interpreted it – such as how good he is beginning to look and how he will get so used to it that he will want this done every day.  When I used the word cute it seemed to perk him up and he gave me a shy smile before he quickly looked away.  That lightened his mood and I could see that the application of makeup became more bearable.  Once his toes were dry I had Peter put on black fishnet stockings and a pair of my pink panties.  I had decided not to risk ruining his attractive hair.


I pretended that we were done and Peter seemed relieved.  We then moved on to the main event.


I helped him step into bright red high heels.  As I wrapped the extra straps and began to apply padlocks Peter nervously asked what I am doing.  With two pronounced clicks I felt the satisfaction of ownership and told my feminine male to walk around inside the room.  His balance was poor and a couple of times he needed help to retain his balance.  As he passed by the bed for the fifth time around I made my move.


I lunged at him and roughly threw him on the bed.  I sat on his stomach and slapped his face, chest, and arms several times as he feebly tried to protect himself.  During this time I yelled at him “Bitch you can’t fuck with me!  I’m going to hurt you bad you fucker!  You’re my bitch and I’m going to fuck your brains out!”  Then I grabbed his wrists together and handcuffed them to a loop in the headboard.  Once he was secured I pulled his ankles up and cuffed them to the headboard one at a time, which was not difficult as he had stopped struggling once the handcuffs had clicked into place.  I stepped back and watched his cute ass held in position and ready for me as he was lying on his back with his body was folded in two with his wrists and ankles cuffed to the headboard above his head.


Mistress, I want to thank you again for helping me see that bigger is better, regardless of the level of discomfort.  A dildo does not need to represent a real male’s cock and the one you helped me choose works great, thin at the end, ridged with those unusual shapes along the shaft, wide at the base, and 10” long.  I stepped into the strap-on and lubed it up.


I fucked my feminine male.  I pulled his panties down and fucked him long and hard and it was great.


When Peter first saw the dildo his eyes popped wide and he started struggling again but he could barely move.  All during our encounter so far he had resisted attempting any real protest because he was trying to please me and instead would simply whine and beg, acknowledging my authority.  But the site of the dildo moving closer to his virgin ass broke his resolve and he used all of his vocal skills to convince me not to violate him.


It’s too big.  It will hurt.  I can’t handle that.  How dare you.  You don’t have the right.  I respect his persuasion skills and allowed him time to attempt to change my mind but it was of course to no avail.  He was sweating and shaking in fear so I reached through his legs and caressed his head which calmed him down as he pressed his cheek against my hand.  His protests turned into just some whimpering as I pulled my hand back and prepared to enter him.


Mistress, the moment my cock enters a male is just breathtaking to me, especially when I take a male’s anal virginity.  It is as though every remaining ounce of power still held by the male is transferred to me and I feel a rush of exultation and triumph.  With Peter those feelings were amplified, considering where he was emotionally just a few weeks ago, and I wanted to sing with joy.


Peter’s whimpering of dread quickly turned to groaning as I slowly inserted my ridged cock inside him.  With every ridge of entry his groaning became loud and his ass tensed for a moment so I took my time in violating him and enjoyed the view of an almost crying very attractive male in lipstick, nail polish, fishnet stockings, and eye shadow.  Halfway inside of him I began to use my hands to caress his flaccid dick and his groans of pain took on an undertone of pleasure.  I paused entry for several seconds to allow his erection to complete and then I pushed more quickly into him until I was all of the way in.


The sounds emanating from Peter’s mouth were varied and wonderful, a mix of groaning in pain, gasping in shock, and whimpering in humiliation.  Once I was fully inside he began to cry in earnest and his sobbing matched the pace of my mild thrusting so that with each forward thrust he gasped.  It was almost like playing the notes on a musical instrument.  His face seemed to change expression slightly as he felt each ridge of my dildo inside of him, with an increasing amount of surprise and violation.


As I was thrusting I was also caressing his dick with my hands and becoming more forceful with my strokes.  It appeared that he was ready to explode in my hands but I stopped all contact just in time and his gasping groans added a whimper of disappointment but his attention then returned to the increasing power of my thrusting inside of him.  Then as his dick began to lose some of its hardness I resumed stroking.


Mistress, I do not usually fuck a man for very long, typically preferring to get on with the next and more pleasurable activity, but with Peter I extended the experience for approximately 10 minutes, even though it was his first time.  I just couldn’t get over how violated he seemed and his victimized reactions were just priceless.


The exit was slow and Peter’s groans increased intensity with each ridge of the dildo until finally it was over.  Peter was exhausted and slack against the cuffs.  I went into the bathroom to wash my hands of his cum (Mistress, I know that we have talked about this issue but this was a special case) and remove the strap-on, then I un-cuffed his ankles so that he was lying flat on his back.  I straddled his face with my knees and commanded him to pleasure me.


Providing pleasure to a woman in this way was another first for Peter but after what I had put him through he was putty in my hands.  He performed wonderfully and I counted 8 orgasms, helped by the knowledge that he had become a true submissive.


Since that encounter Peter and I have had 4 other encounters and of course pleasuring me is always the centerpiece as you taught me, Mistress.  I can now say that Peter is consistently a true submissive and is no longer a do-me sub.


Mistress, do you agree that my assignment is complete?



Chapter 6: Responses


Mistress, why do you doubt me?  I do not understand.  You do not require a subject’s presence for assignments given to your other devotees.  What have I said which makes you feel that you need to personally witness proof of this male’s change in attitude?  Peter is shy and would not feel comfortable submitting in front of others.  Please let me know.  Yours truly, Cassandra.


No, Mistress.  I am not in love with this male but I will not allow you to treat him unkindly.  He would be devastated being forced to submit to anyone other than me or in the presence of others.  I do not accept your decision.  Please reconsider.  Yours truly, Cassandra.


Mistress, I thank you for your tutelage and appreciate the wisdom and training you have given me.  I will forever be in your debt.  I respectfully resign and I wish you well.  Yours truly, Cassandra.


Mistress, I have done as you have asked.  I hope that you reconsider because my life now is sad and empty.  But I know that you will not reconsider soon and it will be 2 years before my contract expires.  In that time Peter will certainly have found another woman to submit to and I am certain that he will be happy, now that he has found his true inner self.  Was this your plan, Mistress?  To make me fall in love and then crush me under your thumb with the terms of our contract?  Do you expect that after 23 months of hopelessness I will crawl back to your feet because I realize that there is no happiness for me elsewhere in life?


I have obeyed your command to change my phone number and e-mail address and I will not have any contact whatsoever with Peter.  I applaud your lawyers for their thorough and evil attention to detail.  I am sure that your watchdogs would find out if I disobeyed any of your commands so I will not circumvent them.


I will try to maintain decorum and not continue these thoughts.  I will obey you to the letter of the contract and mark off the days when I may leave this horrible sisterhood.  Yours to the letter of the contract, Cassandra.



Chapter 7: Epilogue


It’s funny.  I found Mistress Cassandra’s story posted on that sisterhood’s web site.  I must say that the site is rather exciting to look through with all of the personal testimonials and erotic videos of male domination.  I would probably have doubted the veracity of many if not all of the personal testimonials had I not experienced one of them firsthand.  It is very strange to read about your own experiences through another person’s eyes and words.


Mistress Cassandra did a great job of reading my emotions.  I was a do-me sub as she described, although I hadn’t heard the term before and hadn’t realized that actual submission meant to give up a big amount of control.  Silly me.


Mistress Cassandra was wrong about one thing, though.  There was no chance that I would find another woman to submit to.  She had imprinted herself on my soul, claimed ownership in a manner of speaking.  I was spoiled and ruined for anyone else and I have never been with or wanted to be with anyone else since meeting her.


When I did not hear from her again and her phone number and e-mail address had been shut down without any forwarding, I became despondent.  I tried to find her but I had no other information and I didn’t even know her name other than Mistress.  I tried inquiring in a couple of local BDSM clubs and received a few interesting invitations but I was not interested in being with anyone but my Mistress.


I had given up looking for her because there was nowhere else for me to search.  I was still interested, though, in the dominance and submission lifestyle which I felt could have been mine and one night while browsing sites I encountered the fascinating web site of that sisterhood.  After reading the accounts of several of its members, I was captivated at how realistically the stories were portrayed although I was somewhat certain that they were mostly or all fake, fictional stories just to titillate readers.


Until I read my own story.  There I was, Peter did this and Peter did that.  It was amazing.


I considered contacting the sisterhood but figured that if my Mistress were restricted under contract then I did not want her to suffer by my breaking rules to contact her.  For her sake I remained patient, happy in the hope and belief that the ending of the story was true and she would try to find me in 11 months from the date I saw the story until the end of her contract.


I debated my decision dozens of times but to reach out to her would risk something potentially horrible, if the ending of the story were true.  Perhaps the contract stated that she would be clapped in irons and tortured for disobeying her Mistress.  Or worse.  I simply could not bear that.  As it turns out, I never did find out the potential consequences.


Anyway, I wanted to post our story and this epilogue on my own blog, 3 months after she and I met again.  I am certain that this will be the first of many years of blog posts recounting the experiences of my dominant wife Mistress Cassandra and me.


We will be transitioning to a total power exchange relationship once we feel more comfortable with each other.  I feel comfortable enough now to officially hand her the keys to my life because she has that already anyway but she knows best practices much better than I do and she tells me that we will wait another several months before holding a collaring ceremony.


My Mistress has even told me that she has forsworn playing with anyone else despite my assurances that I did not want to be a shackle to her desires.  That she pins the blue ribbon on me, though, makes my life complete and there is no power that I could possibly withhold from her.





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