A Day on the Job



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Synopsis:  A professional dominatrix gets ready for her next session.  Codes = F/m, torture.



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Chapter 1


I looked at the interview notes for my next client and was glad for something light this time.  My arms get tired from using the different whips clients often like but in this case there wasn’t to be any pain whatsoever.  This is a refreshing change.


I noticed too that there will be no safe word for our session since there will be no reason for one.  Many of my clients either have a preference for me to wear a fetish outfit such as a corset or tall boots or if there is no mention of dress I wear something appropriate for the scene.  In this case this first-time client has specifically requested that I wear non-fetish casual clothing.


As I entered our one-story building I made some small talk with the receptionist and office manager Helga and then went into my room 20 minutes before the client Dexter would arrive at noon.  Normally at this time I would be preparing the scene and my outfit but there was almost nothing to prepare here so I simply sat and considered some of the details of the upcoming scene.


Dexter entered the room and closed the door behind him.  At first he was clearly nervous but once inside he started looking around as if he was a bit confused.


I enjoy meeting a new client for the first time, whether someone older such as Dexter or young, it doesn’t matter.  The group I work with interviews clients ahead of time giving me the delicious experience of interacting with a client only during a scene, without breaking the mood with all of the pre-scene discussion and negotiation with the client.  This way, I can focus solely on my craft and I am able to handle more sessions in a day.  I don’t claim that this is a better approach than talking directly with the client, only that it works for me.


I pointed to the floor and told Dexter to get on his hands and knees.  He hesitated a bit and then complied.  Typically, hesitation in the first moment means either that the client is inexperienced and nervous or else that the client is setting the tone to be broken into submission but this was not the type of scene in which there would be any breaking.  It was a simple scene, really.


I walked towards Dexter as he stayed on his hands and knees.  I commanded him to sit up on his knees as I put on his hands the fingerless dog mittens he had requested in the interview.  On his neck I put the thick leather collar which he had left with the interviewer, it said Dexter spelled out in small rhinestones on the collar in big letters.  I attached a chain leash to a metal ring in the collar.


I said “You’re a good doggy and you and I are going for a walk!”


I was expecting an enthusiastic reaction or at least some reaction but instead he didn’t react at all.  Some guys like to be stoic during a scene which is fine but usually that is during a painful scene, some guys feel more macho when they can take pain without groaning.  But this isn’t that sort of scene.  Doggies are always happy to be given attention but this one was different.


I pulled the leash and Dexter crawled on all fours to the other end of the room.  He seemed to be having problems with his knees crawling even on the thickly carpeted floor of the room which was chosen for this scene.  It seemed strange to want to be a doggy and have trouble crawling but I guess he just likes to crawl slowly.  Maybe he likes to play an old doggy.  I slowed the pace and wondered whether we should play fetch at all, although it was specifically requested in the interview.


I had him roll over and I scratched his tummy but he didn’t seem to be enjoying that at all.  Something was wrong.  Maybe he wasn’t feeling well or maybe he never tried this before and incorrectly thought he would enjoy this?  The interview notes indicated that this was not his first time as a doggy, though.  Clients sometimes embellish but they don’t lie about what they would enjoy.  I’ve done a few scenes with doggies before but I guess you can’t please all of the people all of the time.  I need to change up what I am doing.


I didn’t want to break the scene so I had him beg and walk backward with his elbows to the ground but he clearly wasn’t getting into it.  I threw a ball to the other side of the room and said “Fetch!”


Dexter didn’t fetch.  Instead, he said “What the fuck is this?”


Taken aback, I said “Excuse me?”


Dexter said “How the fuck did you get this out of my interview?”


I stammered a bit and said “I didn’t conduct the interview, I only see the results.”  I sounded defensive.


Dexter got up and said “Well, you fucked it up and I want my money back.”


I’d never had a customer break a scene like this before or want his money back.  I’ve heard of clients who maybe were having a bad day or even were pushed harder than they were comfortable but never something like this.


I said “Let’s go to reception and talk with Helga, okay?”


Helga talked with Dexter who said that his name is actually Darrel and he never chose the name Dexter.  He said “I told the interviewer that I enjoy intense pain, not this dog shit.”  Helga refunded Darrel’s money and he left.  Helga called the interview office to see what should be done about my pay and left a voicemail, telling me that they should return from lunch soon and she would let me know.  I was determined that I would be paid for the full hour including standard tip and considering how this company works I felt confident that I would be taken care of so I didn’t mind waiting the half hour for the office to call back.


The office confirmed that I would be paid for the hour including tip and told Helga that Darrel’s and Dexter’s files had apparently been accidentally swapped with each other as both appointments were at the same time.  In alarm, Helga rushed down the hall towards another playroom.




Chapter 2


I was really looking forward to meeting Darrel and working him over.  Many guys say that they enjoy pain but in reading their file further they put in all sorts of limits and areas to stay away from.  Limits are great and I enjoy scenes no matter how intense but Darrel presents a challenge to my pain-giving abilities and I love a great challenge, especially with a whip in my hand.  Nothing was going to hold me back within the very loose limits Darrel proscribed.  I didn’t want to make him use the safe word he chose because that’s not fun but I wanted to bring him close and that would be very tough for me from what he indicated in the interview.


I geared up and got into the most sadistic mood I could.  When Darrel entered, I was almost shocked at how young and cute he was, almost like a lost puppy dog.  I was expecting someone older and experienced with pain.  To severely torture a young pup like this would be a whole lot of fun.


As soon as he closed the door Darrel got on his hands and knees and started crawling towards me.  His interview file said that he wants a lot of pain regardless of how he acts and I figured that meant he would be defiant but I guess he wants to be tortured despite groveling.  I don’t think I have experienced that before, typically a guy who likes to be tortured despite groveling waits for me to break him down somewhat before groveling.  I like this different approach of immediate groveling, though.  Fear within a scene is one of the things I most enjoy about certain types of scenes.


I met Darrel a few steps from the door and kicked him in the side, not hard but enough to startle him.  I like the feeling of meeting a new client and just starting the scene, this arrangement we have in which an interviewer discusses the scene with the client ahead of time makes the scene more exciting for me.


Darrel went “Ow” like a little girl.  How ridiculous.  He’ll soon be saying a lot more than just “Ow”!


I grabbed him roughly by the hair and pulled him to his feet.  I dragged him to the spanking horse and bent him over it, shackling his wrists and ankles.  I unzipped his pants and pulled down his pants and underwear so that his bare butt was vulnerable to my whips.


I enjoyed the way he protested and begged.  As I started to drag him by his hair he said with alarm in his voice “What is going on?  Please let me go.”  He struggled a bit but I have a good grip and with quick movement usually don’t give my victims much of a chance to fight back.  When I bent him over the horse he said “Please, why are you doing this to me?  I don’t want this.  This wasn’t in the interview!  Please, please don’t, please stop.”


He was already whining.  I love that.  And bringing up the interview is a clever idea to make it seem like he really was begging, even though I knew he wasn’t because he wasn’t using the safe word.  I felt warm inside once I had him restrained and ready for the whips.  I half expected him to say please don’t, stop, don’t stop, don’t stop as I had one victim do a couple of weeks ago, that victim’s topping from the bottom had almost made me laugh.


The interview notes indicated that Darrel likes to be gagged at times and almost against his will he agreed that the gag should be removed later in the session just in case the pain is too much to bear.  He indicated in the interview that he is very experienced with intense pain but we do not feel comfortable working a painful scene without a safe word so he relented in the interview.


I didn’t want to gag Darrel just yet, though.  It was making me hot hearing him whine and beg before even feeling any pain.


I flicked my crop against his bare butt.  He yelped about as loud as I have ever heard a yelp just from the single blow.  It sounded like a dog had been stepped on!  I whacked his butt with the crop and he yelled again, this time more like a human yelling in pain.


I wasn’t expecting a screamer.  From the interview notes I expected one of those stoic macho guys.  Screaming is fun to hear, though, and our walls are sound-proof enough.  I gave him some verbal jabs at how much of a wimp he is, as requested in the interview notes, while he begged and pleaded with me to stop.


By the time I was almost done with the crop, my ears were ringing from all of the screaming so I put a ball gag in his mouth and tied it tight.  He was whimpering constantly between screams into the gag.  He was shaking in pain and his cute little butt was redder than I would have expected for someone with a lot of experience.


I looked closely at his face and was very happy to see his beautiful puppy dog eyes dripping with tears.  I just love puppy dog eyes, also known as PDE, it feels like the victim is begging with all of their heart for mercy.  To ratchet the pain up a notch at this point is extremely satisfying.  PDE back in your face!


He passed out for several seconds after a few blows from the cane.  I hadn’t even gone full force with it but I guess we’ll have to go without the gag for the rest of the session, in case he wants to safe word.  After quickly removing the gag I used some ice on his lips to wake him up and caressed tears off his cheek.


I was a bit embarrassed for him.  Maybe he bit off more than he could chew in the interview.  The interview notes didn’t specifically list the whip types to use but apparently the cane is too much.  I told him that he could rest for a minute.


He said with great anxiety in his voice “This isn’t what I paid for.  Please stop this and let me go.  I swear this is a mistake, I don’t want any pain!”


That was clearly not true since the interview notes were very clear.  If he was going to use the scene as a way to beg for mercy, I wish he would have said that in the interview just to avoid confusion but his safe word was clearly agreed upon and he could say it at any time.  I guess it just makes it that much sweeter when I shove in his face that he will be tortured at my whim.


I said “It doesn’t matter what you want, bitch!”


He continued to try to tell me that this isn’t what he said in the interview, even saying that he wanted to play doggy which is ridiculous because the interviewer wouldn’t have been that far off in the notes, but with no safe word spoken I wasn’t going to stop.


I unshackled his wrists from the horse and then shackled them together behind his back.  Then I unshackled his ankles from the horse and dragged him by the hair to our customized shock table.  He tried to pull away and even tried to kick me but he was easy to control with his hands shackled behind his back.  I spanked his butt with my hand a few times to keep him in line.  It was fun physically controlling him like this and I enjoyed keeping up with my verbal onslaught to humiliate him further.


I shackled his ankles together, removed the shackles from his wrists and pushed him onto his back on the table while fighting off his hands from trying to push me away, and I shackled his wrists and ankles to the table so that he was spread-eagled.  He called me bitch and asshole as I was doing this but I kept my cool because I didn’t want him to pass out again from too much pain.  I wrapped the leather strips around his calves and thighs and held up the remote control for him to see.


I told him to shut up or else I would electrify the shit out of him and that got his attention.  With his eyes wide and his body shaking in fear he begged me with all of his heart.  Where are my PDEs?  There they are, I love that!


I started applying a shock to the four spots wrapped around his legs and he groaned even at just a mild setting.  There’s my boy, groan for me like a wimp even at just setting two.  At setting four his body was writhing and he was screaming.  I stopped to make sure he was not about to pass out and he didn’t safe word, and then I applied another leather strip around his dick and balls.


The look on his face was priceless.  If I didn’t know any better I would have thought that it was a look of absolute horror.  I was really getting hot and wished that I could get my vibrator but that wasn’t part of the scene.


I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he starts to feel the shock on his dick and balls.  I brandished the remote control near his face so that he could see it.


I heard a loud knock at the door.  This should only happen if there is a real emergency.  I was somewhat frustrated so as I opened the door I said “Really bad timing!”





Chapter 3


Dexter was comforting me again, saying “It wasn’t your fault and I’m fine now, it’s been two weeks.”  I am very thankful that he answered my apology e-mail and I am glad he said that after a few days he got over the trauma, because what I had done to him was truly horrible for someone who didn’t want it.


He had asked me for a favor in addition to having already received his money back for the session and I said I would do anything.  A free doggy session was the least we could do and I told him he could have even more free doggy sessions in private with me any time he wants.  It was fun having a session which involved no pain or animosity within the scene whatsoever, just being playful and happy together as doggy and Mistress.


We were on the phone discussing a third session.  I said “But you didn’t want any pain before, why are you asking me for it now?”


Dexter replied “Because I think some of the pain was okay.  I had never met anyone as dominant as you and I think … I know that I could enjoy feeling some pain at your hands.”


I’ve enjoyed doggy sessions with shock collars on the legs in other sessions before but I was hesitant with Dexter because of what he went through a couple of weeks ago.


After a few more sessions, while we were in bed he told me “I really love it when you brandish the shock collar remote in front of my face” and he nuzzled up against my neck.




Word Count = 3,050.


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